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HYDERABAD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ANDTHE FOLLOWING e-BOOKS ARE READILY AVAILABLE IN THE DIGITAL LIBRARYS.No.TITLEAUTHORedFOLDER NO.1Design PatternsDP2Differential Equations for Engineers3Refrigiration and Air ConditionRAI4Remote SensingRS5AlgorithmsTobias Marshal6High Voltage EngineeringNaidu & Kamaraju7CMOSBaker/Li/Boyce8Design for Testability9Built-in-Self-Test10ARM System on ChipFurberARM11Video Processing and CommunicationsWangVPC12Advanced UNIX ProgrammingRichard StevensUNIX13Real-Time-SystemsLiu14Synthesis and Optimization of Digital CircuitMichel215TimingSachin Sapatnekar316CMOS Anolog Circuit DesignPhillip Allen17Algorithms for VLSI physical Design Automation Naveed Sherwani518Analysis Design of Anolog Integrated CircuitsGray/Lewis/Hurst/Meyer4/e619Digital Signal ProcessingProakis720Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL DewsignBrown & Vranesic 2/e8Fundamentals of Digital ElectronicsBarry Patterns922A System C PrimerJ.Basker1223Verilog VHDL SysnthesisJ.Basker1324Designing Anolog ChipHans Camenzind1925Design of Anolog CMOS Integrated CircuitsBehzad Razavi1626Voltage ReferencesGabriel Rincon-Mora2027Flooting Gate Devices:Operation and Compact ModelingPaolo Pavan28CMOS Circuit Design For Biomedical TerimetryDannar Gudnason29EISA System ArchitectureTom Shanley2/e2330Communication Systems;Solution ManualSimon HaYkin4/e2431Low-Power Digital VLSI Design2532Anolog Bi CMOS Design2733Digital Frequency Sysnthesis Dymistified34Radio-Frequency and Miocrowave Communication CircuitsDevendra K. Misra2935Antenna and EM Modelling with METLABSergey N. Makarov3036The Verilog Golden Reference GuideDoulos3137Quick Reference for Verilog HDLRajeev Madhavan3238Verilog VHDLSameer Palnitkar 2/e3339Verilog TutorialDeepak Kumar Tala3440USB System ArchitectureDon Anderson35Jifi LebiDEEALGORHVECMOSDFTEMBEDDED2/e4212122Bar-Giora Goldberg28REMARKS

41RF CMOS Power AmplifiersMona M. Hella/Md. Ismail3642ASIC and FPGA VerificationRichard Munden3743CMOS PLL SynthesisKeliu Shu/Sanchez-Sinencio3844Practical Analog and Digital Filter DesignLes Thede3945Principles of Verifiable RTL DesignLionel Bening/Harry Foster4046A VHDL PrimerJayaram Bahsker4147BSIM4.3.0 MOSFET ModelChenming Hu48Digital Signal ProcessingSteve W. Smith49VLSI Technology: A System ProspectiveKrishna Shenai4550VHDL Programming by ExamplesDouglas L. Perry 4/e4751Digital CommunicationGlover & Grant4852Algorithms for ProgrammersJorg Arndt4953RF MEMS Circuit Design for wireless CommunicationsHector J. De Los Santos5054Real-Time Concept for Embedded Systems5155Logic Computer Design FundamentalsS.No.TITLE432/e44Quing Li/Carolin YaoAUTHOR2/e52edFOLDER NO.56RF MicroelectronicsBehzad Razavi5457Anolog Circuits ans Signal ProcessingMd. Ismail5658Digital DesignWakerly5759A Application-Specific Integrated CircuitsSmith5960Verilog Digital SystemNavabi6061Synthesis and Optimization of DSP AlgorythmsGeorge A. Constantinides6162The VHDL Coock BookPeter Ashenden6363The 8051 MicrocontrollerAyala, Kenneth6464Introduction to ASIC DesignBob Ziedman6565Introduction to CPLD and FPGA DesignBob Ziedman6666Digital DesignMark Balch6767Digital Signal Processing Hand BookVijay K. Madishetti & Williams 6868Digital Signal ProcessingMonson H. Hayes6969Real-Time Digital Signal ProcessingKuo & Lee7070Digital Signal ProcessingWhite71The Application of ProgrammableAlan Gatherer and Edgar Auslander72711/eREMARKSDSPs in Mobile Communications72CDMA RF System EngineeringSamuel C. Yang7373Digital Audio BroadcastingWOLFGANG HOEG7474PRACTICAL RF SYSTEM DESIGNWILLIAM F. EGAN7575JPEG2000 Standard for Image CompressionTinku Acharya7676Algorithms and Data structure in VLSI DesignChristoph Meinel7777Lumped Elements for RF and Microwave Circuits Inder Bahl78Device Modelintg for Analog and RF CMOS CircuitTrongDesignYtterdal.,Yuhua Cheng & Tor79 Fjeldly79Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics80Low-Voltage SOI CMOS VLSI Devices and CircuitsJames B.Kuo & Shih-Chia Lin8181Secrets of RF Circuit Design8282Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple83Introduction to nMOS and CMOS VLSI Systerms DesignAmar Mukherjee8484Schaum's Outlines of Theory land Problems of SignalsHweiandP.HsuSystems8585PCI Express System ArchitectureStan GebiliscoZoher Z.Karu783/ed.8083Mindshare,Inc.,Ravi Bludruk,Don86Anders & Tom Shanley

86An Introduction to VLSI Physical DesignM.Sarrafzadeh & C.K.Wong8787Analog Integrated Circuit DesignDavid Johns & Ken Martin8888Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems89899090The Verilog Hardware Description Language91Ch192Theory and problems of probability,Random VariablesHweiandP.HsuRandom Processes9393Schaum's Outlines Basic Circuit AnalysisJohn O'Malley2/ed9494Schaum's Outlines Electronic Devices and CircuitsJimmie J.Cathey 2/ed.9595Schaum's Outlines Electric CircuitsMahmood Nahvi &4/ed.Joseph A.Edminister9696Signal Processing and Linear SystemsB.P.Lathi9797Signals and SystemsOppenheim Wilsky2/ed9898VHDL made easy !David Pellerin & Douglas Taylor9999Digital Signal Processing in VLSIRichard J.Higgins100100Modern Digital and Analog Communications Systems(SolutionsB.P.Lathi Manual)101101(USB Complete)Everything you need to develop custom USB102102Discrete-Time Signal Processing103RABEY3.PHP104Signals and Systems105Chap9-10 & CMOS Electronics (How IT works,How ITJaumeFails) Segura & Charles F.Hawkins106106Digital Logic Testing and Simulation107Solutions Manual (Introduction to VLSI Circuits and Systems)John P.Uyemura108108Signal analysis Wavelets,filter banks,time-frequencyMartin.Atransforms and applications109109Linear Systems and Signals111110Physical Design of CMOS Integrated Circuits Using L-EDITJohn P.Uyemura113111Advanced Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design Steve C.Cripps11511280486 System per Transport System ArchitectureMindshare,Inc.,Don Anderson,Jay117Trodden114Programmable Controllers Theory and ImplementationL.A.Bryan & E.A.Bryan28-/ed.115Introduction to ProbabilityCharles M.Grinstead & J.Laurie Snell119116Signals and systemsSimon Haykin & Barry VanVeen 121S.No.Donald E.Thomas 5/ed9192Alan V.Oppenheim.,Ronald W.Schafer&John103R.Buck104Alan V.OppenheimTITLE105Alexander Miczo 2/edB.P.LathiAUTHOR107118edFOLDER NO.2/ed122REMARKS117Signals and Systems (Solutions Manual)Haykin118Digital Filter Dlesigners HandbookC.Britton Rorabaugh119The Design of CMOS RFIC120Wireless Access Newworks (part1 & part2)Martin P.Clark125121RF Design Guide (Systems,Circuits and Equations)Peter Vizmuller127122RFID FOR DUMMIESPatrick J.Sweeney II129123High-Speed Digital System Design ---A Handbook of InterconnectStephen H.Hall.,GarrettTheory andW.HallDesign&Practices130James A.McCall124Low-Power CMOS Design for Wireless Transceivers Alireza Zolfaghari125Solutions Manual (Communication Systems Engineering)John G.Proakis & Masoud2/ed Salehi 132126Sedra Solution Manual127CMOS IC LAYOUT Concepts,Methodologies,and ToolsDan Clein128Wireless Communication Technologies (New MultimediaNorihikoSystems)Morinaga.,Ryuji Kohno &138Seiichi Sampei129An Introduction to Microelectromechanical systems NadimEngineeringMaluf & Kirt2/edWilliams139130Circuit Analysis - Theory and Practice141131Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors (realStuartworldR.Balldesign)123124Sedra Solution manual5/edRobbins & Miller 2/ed.131136137142

132Design Criteria for low distortion in feedback opampBjornarCircuitsHernes and Trond Saether143133A Hand book of Time-Series Analysis,Signal ProcessingDSG.Pollockand Dynamics134Digital Communication over fading channelsMarvin K.Simon and2/ed.Mohamed-Slim145Alouini135Modern Antenna DesignThomas A. Milligan146136PCI Bus DemystifiedDoug Abbott147137Signal processing for Telecommunications and MultimediaTadeusz A.Wysocki.,Bahram Honary148& Beata J.Wysocki138A Wavelet tour of signal processingStephane Mallat 2/ed.149139Data and computer CommunicationsWilliam Stallings 5/ed.150140Practical switching power supply designMarty Brown152141Design of Energy-Efficient Application-Specific InstructionTilmanSetGloklerProcessors& Heinrich Meyr 153142The Design Warrior's Guide to FPGAsClive "Max" Maxfield154143Electric power transformer engineeringLeo L.Grigsby156144Electrical and Electronic principles and Technology John Bird145The Illustrated Dictionary of ElectronicsStan Gibilisco146Electromagnetic field theoryBo Thide147Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups with Applications inRadomirSignal ProcessingS.Stankovic.,Claudioand SystemMoragaDesign161 & Jaakko T.Astola148Engineering Measurements149Introduction to Digital Signal Processing and Filter DesignB.A.Shenoi163150Industrial Electronics Handbook164151Introduction to Electronics152PIC MicrocontrollerNebojsa Matic166153Modern Power Electronics and AC DrivesBimal K.Bose167154OpAmp Applications HandbookWalt Jung168155Managing Power Electronics VLSI and DSP-Driven ComputerNazzarenoSystemsRossetti169156Bibliography and Index170157Power Electronics HandbookMuhammad H.Rashid171158OFDM-Based Broadband Wireless Networks (DesignHuiandLiuOptimization)and Guoqing Li172159Systemc:From The Ground Up1601442/ewd.1578/ed.158160T.A.Polak and C.PandeDr.R.Kretzmann162165David C.Blach and Jack Donovan 173Fabrication and Technology175CMOS Circuits161Transmission Systems Design Handbook of Wireless HarveyNetworksLehpamer177162Ultra low-power Electronics and Design178Enrico ,9 & RecentDevelopments in Switching Theory180Amar Mukhopadhyay165Digital Image ProcessingBernd Jahne5/ed.181166Advances in Silicon Carbide Processing and ApplicationsStephen E.Saddow&Anant Agarwal182167Technicians Guide to 68HC11 Microcontroller168Microwaves and Wireless SimplifiedThomas S.Lavsderghetta2/ed.184169Wireless Sensor NetworksNirupama Bulusu & Sanjay Jha185170C Programming for EMBEDDED SYSTEMSKirk Zurell186171Fundamentals of Wireless CommunicationDavid Tse & Pramod Viswanath183Fundamentals of Wirless CommunicationDavid Tse & Pramod Viswanath 187172CMOS Transistor Layout KungFuLee Eng Ham,Valerio B.perez,Mark188Lambert Cayanes&Mary Grace Salaber173Data Acquisition and Control HandbookKeithley174Electronics For DummiesGordon Mc.Comb & Earl Boysen 1901/ed.189

S.No.TITLEAUTHORedFOLDER NO.176Linear & Switching Voltage Regulator Handbookon SemiconductorTheory and Applications of OFDM and CDMAHenrik Schulze & Christian Lijders192177Low Level Measurements HandbookKeithley6/ed.193178Starting ElectronicsKeith Brindley3/ed.194179Programming Embedded Systems in C and C Michael Barr195180PIC Microcontroller project BookJohn lovine196181Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCsHugh Jack182Computer Systems A programmer's perspectiveRandal E.Bryant &David R.O'Hallaron198183The Quintessential PIC MicrontrollerSid Katzen184Switching HandbookKeithley1858051 Interfacing and ApplicationsPractocal Statecharts in C/C -Quantumprogramming for Embedded SystemsMiro Samek187Linux for Embedded and Real-time ApplicationsDoug Abbott188Telecommunications Handbook for Transporation Professionals204189Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Excel 2003 Paul McFedries205190Op Amps for everyoneRon Mancini206191Introduction to RF PropagationJohn S.Seybold192Signal detection and estimationMourad Barkat193Circuit Techniques for Low-Voltage And High-Speed MikkoA/DconvertersWaltari194Space-Time Processing for MIMO Communications A.B.Gershman & N.D.Sidiropoulos211195Handbook of Science CommunicationAnthony Wilson212196Troubleshooting Analog CicuitsRobert A.Pease213197Networking Wireless SensorsBhaskar Krishnamachari214198Electronic Circuits for the Evil GeniusDave Cutcher215199Fourier Transforms in Radar and Signal Processing David Brandwood216200Engineering Problem Solving A Classical Perspective Milton C.Shaw217201Programming PIC Microcontrollers with PIC Basic218202Biffer Op Amp to ADC Circuit Collection203Telecommnication Circuits and Technology204Chapter 1 TO 63205Electrical Engineering Dictionary A-ZA Brief Survey of Vectors and VectorCalculus.,Chapter 1 TO 25175186206Introductory 032072/ed.209210Chuck Hellebuyck221Andrew Leven222223Laplante P.A.224225Zoya Popovic & Branko D.Popovic207Chapter 1 TO 24208Analog & Digital Control System DesignChi-Tsong Chen226227209Advanced Control EngineeringRoland S.Burns228210Radio Frequency TransistorsNorman Dye & Helge Granberg 229211Embedded System DesignPeter Marwedel230212BASIC for PIC microcontrollersNebojsa Matic231213Optical Switching and Networking HandbookRegis J. "Bud" Bates234214VHDL-Coding Styles and Methodologies215Cisco Certified Network Associate Study GuideTodd Lammle216Optical Communication Theory and TechniquesEnrico Foresthri2355/ed.236237REMARKS

217JanickBergeron,Eduard CernyAlan Hunter& AndrewVerification Methodology Manual for System VerilogNightingale238218Wireless Communications219Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless SystemsRowan Gilmore & Les Besser240220SATELLITE CommunicationsDennis Roddy241221Radio and Electronics CookbookGeorge Brown222Design and Control of RF Power AmplifiersAlireza Shivani & Bruce A.Wooley243223Image Processing in CDwayne Philips2/ed.2442242/ed.245225Introducttion to Electromagnetic CompatibilityClayton R. PaulDigital Modulation in Communications Systems AnIntroduction226Relativity:The Special and General TheoryAlbert Einstein227Adaptive Blind Signal and Image ProcessingAndrzej Cichocki & Shun-ichi Amari249228Wireless Data TechnologiesVern A.DubendorfS.No.TITLEAndrea Goldsmith2393/ed.242247248250AUTHORedFOLDER NO.229Chapter 1 TO 11251230Digital Signal Processing: A Computer - Based ApproachSanjit K.Mitra252231Fundamental Limitations in Filtering and ControlMariaM.Seron,JulioH.Braslavsky& GrahamC.Goodwin253232Unsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and ControlVincentTheoryD.Blondel & Alexandre Megretski254233Interference Analysis and Reduction for Wireless SystemsPeter Stavroulakis255234Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and AnttiSensorV.RaisanenApplications& Arto Lehto256235Technology Trends in Wireless Communications236Nonlinear System Theory237Ramjee Prasad & Marina Ruggieri257Wilson J.RughRadomirS.Stankovic.,ClaudioMoraga &Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups with Applications Jaakkoin Signal Processing and System DesignT.Astola258259238Digital Image ProcessingRafael C.Gonzalez & Richard E.Woods260239Schaum's outlines Differential EquationsRichard Browson261240Circuit Design with VHDLVolnei A.Pedroni262241Abstract State MachinesEgon Borger and Robert Stark263242Studies on CMOS Digital To-Analog ConvertersJ.Jacob Wikner266243The Circuit Designer's CompaniorTim Williams244High-Speed Circuit Board Signal IntegrityStephen C.Thierauf245Chapter1 TO 23246Embedded C2/ed.267269270Michael J.Pont271REMARKS

247Neural Systems for ControlOmid M.Omidvar and David L.Elliott272248Oracle PL/SQL ProgrammingO'Reily273249Perl for system AdministrationO'Reily274250Oracle Database 10g SQLJason275251Oracle PL/SQL Built-ins pocket ReferenceO'Reily277252Learning PythonDavid Ascher & Mark Lutz278253Advanced Formal VerificationRolf Drechsler279254Digital Modulation TechniquesFuqin Xiong2802553G CDMA 2000 Wireless system EngineeringSamuel C. Yang281256Introduction to RF Equipment and System DesignPekka Eskelinen282257Essential Elctronic Design AutomationMark D.Birnbaum283258Functional Verification Coverage Measurement and AndrewAnalysis Piziali284259Design Verification with eSamir Palnitkar285260Professional VerificationPaul Wilcox286261Verification Methodology Manual Techniques for VerifyingDavid DempsterHDL Designs& Michael Stuart287262Microelectrofluidic Systems Modeling and SimulationTianhao Zhang,Hrishnendu Chakrabarty288 & Richard B.Fair263Computer NetworksAndrew S.Tenenbaum4/ed.289264Computer Organization & ArchitectureWilliam Stallings 6/ed.290265SPICE A Guide to Circuit Simulation and Analysis UsingPaulPspiceW.Tuinenga291266Chapter 1 TO 8292267Error Control Coding From Theory to PracticePeter Sweeney294268Fundamentals of Semiconductor FabricationGary S.May & Simon M.Sze295269VLSI Interconnect Layout OptimizationCheng-Kok Koh296270Mobile Fading ChannelsMatthias Patzold297271Signal Processing and Linear SystemsB.P.Lathi298272Statistica and adaptive Signal ProcessingDimitrisG.Manolakis,Vinay K.Ingle& StephenM.Kogon299273Millman - Intgegratyed Electronics274Java,J2ee,Perl,TcpIp, Unix,Linux,Completed HTML help file275Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours300Joe CasadAdolfoRodriguez,JohnGatrell,JohnKaras &RolandPeschke3013/ed.302303276TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview277TCP/IP and Data Communications Administration Guide304278Google Hacks 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & ToolsTara Calashain305279The Little Black Book of Computer VirusesMark A.Ludwig306280Perl 6 EssentialsAlli8son Randal,Dan Suqalsi & Leopold307 Totsch281Oracle 9i: The Complete ReferenceKevin Loney & George Koch282Advanced Visual Basic 6.0S.No.283TITLEProgramming Visual C AUTHOR3082/ed.310edFOLDER NO.REMARKSDavid J.Kruglinski,Scot Wingo and311George Shepherd

284Thinking in Java (ebook-pdf)Bruce Eckel2/ed.312285The Complete Reference Java2Programming with Objects: AComparativePresentation ofObject-OrientedProgramming with C and JavaHerbert Schildt5/ed.313287Hardware BibleWinn L.Rosch288Laptops for DummiesDan Gookin316289C Standard Library : A Tutorial and referenceNicolai M.Josuttis318290The C Programming LanguageBrain W.Kernighan and Dennis M.Ritchie319320C PROGRAMMING : JUST THE FAQSPaulS.R.Chisholm,DavidHanley,Michael Jones &MichaelLindner292The C Library Reference GuideEric Huss321293C for DUMMIESStephen Randy Davis5/ed.322294Effective C Scott Meyers323295Expert C Programming Deep C SecretsPeter Van Der Linden324296Industrial Strength C Mats Henricson & Erik Nyquist325297C Foot print and Performance OptimizationR.Alexander& G.Bensley326298Technical Aptitude Questions299Thinking in C Buce Eckel300Advanced Linux ProgrammingMark Mithell,Jeffrey Oldham and 329Alex Samuel301Unix Linux Reference302From DOS/Windows to Linux HOW TO303Howlinux Woks304My SQL:Essential SkillsJohn W.Horn & Michael Grey305Beginning ASP.NET 2.0Chris Hart,John Kauffman,David Sussman335& Chri Ullman306Beginning Visual C 6 & Introduction to Visual C 6.0Ivor Horton336307Beginning Visual C#337308Solaris 9: Sun Certified System Administrator Study GuideQuentin Docter338309Programming C #Jesse Liberty339310Linux hacker's guideMarkt & Technik Verlag340311HACKING LINUX EXPOSED: LINUX SECURITY SECRETSBrian& SOLUTIONSHatch,James Lee & George Kurtz341312Linux Certification BibleTrevor Kay342313Red Hat Linux 9 Professional SecretsNaba Barkakati343314Sams' Teach Yourself LINUX in 24 HoursBill Ball & Stephen Smoogen344315Learning the ViLinda Lamb & Arnold Robbins345316100 Linux Tips and TricksPatrick Lambert346317Linux Complete Command ReferenceJ.Purcell347318Linux Directory Structure348319Linux For Dummies349320Linux Troubleshooting BibleChristopher Negus and Thomas 350321Understanding the LINUXKernel322Linux ProgrammingKurt Wall, Mark Watson and Mark352Whitis323Guide de de'marrage Mandrakelinux 10.1286291314Avinash C.Kak6/ed.3/ed.315327328330Guido Gonzato331333Karli Watson & David Espinosa334351353

324RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide Michael Jang325Red Hat Linux Pocket AdministratorRichard Petersen & Ibrahim Haddad355326Red Hat: The complete ReferenceRichard L.Petersen327Migration Guide Version1.0 - July 2003328LINUX Device DriverAlkessandro Rubini & Jonathan Corbet358329Linux in a NutshellStephen Figgins,Ellen4/ed.Siever& Aaron359Weber330Linux UnwiredEdd Dumbill,Brian Jepson & Roger360Weeks331Linux Ebook using Samba332Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux & FedoraBill McCarty4/ed.362333Learning Red Hat LinuxBill McCarty3/ed.363334Red Hat Linux Reference Guide364335Red Hat Linux Security Guide365336Red Hat Linux Customization Guide366337Red Hat Linux System Administration Primer367338Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide368S.No.TITLE4/ed.354356357361AUTHORedFOLDER NO.REMARKS339Red Hat Linux Networking and System AdministrationTerry Collings & Ku

93 Schaum's Outlines Basic Circuit Analysis John O'Malley 2/ed 94 94 Schaum's Outlines Electronic Devices and Circuits Jimmie J.Cathey 2/ed. 95 95 Schaum's Outlines Electric Circuits Mahmood Nahvi & Joseph A.Edminister4/ed. 96 96 Signal Processing and Linear Systems B.P.Lathi 97 97 Signals and Systems Oppenheim Wilsky2/ed 98 98 VHDL made easy !

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8 Design guidelines for IIT Hyderabad logo The design philosophy of the logo is based on the two key words 'Inventions and Innovations', the foundation and vision of IIT Hyderabad. It is depicted using two i's with common dot above them. These letters emanates outwards on either directions signifying expansion and growth of that knowledge.