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AudioCodes Series of High Definition IP PhonesHD VoIPAdministrator's Manual420HD, 430HD, 440HD and 405IP PhonesVersion 2.2.8

Administrator's ManualContentsTable of Contents1Introduction . 19Configuration Tools .212IP Phone User Interface . 232.12.23Web Interface . the Administration Menu . 23Changing Display Language . 24Accessing Web Interface . 25Getting Started with the Web . 26Configuring the Web Interface's Port . 27Configuring User Login Credentials . 27Configuration File. . 29File Syntax . 29Linking Multiple Files . 29Downloading the Configuration File from the Phone. 30Creating Configuration Files using VoIProvision Utility . guration File Format .30Global Configuration File .30VoIProvision Utility Overview .31CSV File .31Template File .31Generated Configuration Files .31Starting the VoIProvision Utility .32Usage.32Using the Encryption Tool . 324. Configuration Files .32Encrypting Passwords in the Configuration File .335IP Phone Management Server . 356Configuring TR-069 Management . 37Automatic Provisioning .397Introduction . 418Updating the Configuration File Manually . 439Setting up Network for Auto Provisioning . 4510 Obtaining Firmware and Configuration Files . 4710.1 Provisioning Hunt Order . 4710.2 Dynamic URL Provisioning . 4710. 2.2.8Provisioning using DHCP Option 160.50Provisioning using DHCP Option 66/67.51Provisioning using DHCP Option 43.51SIP SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY Messages .533400HD Series IP Phones

400HD Series IP Phones10.2.5 Hardcoded Domain Name for Provisioning Server .5610.2.6 Cached Address of Last Provisioning Server Used .5610.2.7 Redirect Server .5710.3 Static URL Provisioning . 58Quick Setup.6111 Quick Setup . 63Networking .6512 Introduction . 6713 Configuring Date and Time Manually . 6913.1 Configuring Daylight Saving Time . 7013.2 Configuring the NTP Server . 7313.3 Configuring NTP Server via DHCP . 7514 Configuring IP Network Settings . 7714.1 Configuring Static IP Address . 7714.1.1 Configuring Static IP Address using the Phone's LCD .7714.1.2 Configuring IP Network Settings .7814.2 Configuring Partial DHCP . 8015 Configuring LAN and PC Port Settings . 8316 Configuring VLAN Settings . 8516.1 Configuring Manual or Automatic VLAN Assignment. 8616.1.1 Configuring Manual VLAN Assignment to the IP Phone .8616.1.2 Configuring Automatic VLAN Assignment to the IP Phone .86VoIP Settings .8717 Configuring SIP Settings . 8917.1 Configuring General SIP Settings . 8917.2 Configuring Proxy and Registration . 9317.2.1 Configuring Proxy Redundancy .9717.2.2 Device Registration Failover/Failback .10017.2.2.1 Failover . 10017.2.2.2 Failback . 10117.317.417.517.617.7Configuring a Line . 102Configuring Shared Call Appearance. 103Configuring SIP Timers . 104Configuring SIP QoS . 106Configuring SIP Reject Code . 10718 Configuring Dialing . 10918.118.218.318.4Configuring General Dialing Parameters . 109Configuring Auto Redial . 111Configuring Dial Tones. 112Configuring DTMF . 114Administrator's Manual4Document #: LTRT-11950

Administrator's ManualContents18.5 Configuring Digit Maps and Dial Plans. 11518.6 Configuring Headset LED to Stay On . 11718.7 Configuring Default Audio Device . 11819 Configuring Ring Tones . 11919.1 Configuring Distinctive Ring Tones . 11919.2 Configuring CPT Regional Settings . 12019.3 Uploading Ring Tones. 12220 Configuring Media Settings . 12520.120.220.320.4Configuring Media Streaming. 125Configuring RTP Port Range and Payload Type . 126Configuring RTP QoS . 127Configuring Codecs. 12821 Configuring Voice Settings . 13121.121.221.321.421.5Configuring Gain Control. 131Configuring Jitter Buffer . 131Configuring Silence Compression . 132Configuring Noise Reduction . 133Configuring Echo Cancellation . 13422 Configuring Extension Lines . 13522.1 Using the Phone LCD . 13522.2 Using the Web Interface and Configuration File . 13623 Configuring Supplementary Services . 13923.1 Selecting the Application Server . 13923.2 Configuring Call Waiting. 14023.3 Configuring Call Forwarding. 14123.4 Configuring a Conference . 14323.5 Allowing the Initiator to Drop out of a Conference. 14323.6 Configuring Automatic Dialing . 14423.7 Configuring Automatic Answer . 14523.8 Configuring Do Not Disturb (DnD). 14623.9 Configuring Call Pick Up . 14723.10 Configuring Message Waiting Indication . 14823.11 Configuring Busy Lamp Field . 14923.12 Configuring Advice of Charge . 15123.13 Disabling the HOLD Key . 15223.14 Configuring Onhook Disconnect when Held . 15223.15 Configuring Ringing on the Default Audio Device . 15323.16 Allowing an Incoming Call when the Phone is Locked . 15423.17 Allowing Call Center Agents to Record Welcome Greetings . 15423.18 Configuring Attended and Semi-Attended Call Transfer .

AudioCodes Series of High Definition IP Phones HD VoIP Administrator's Manual 420HD, 430HD, 440HD and 405 IP Phones Version 2.2.8

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