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PE13-003FORDAPPENDIS ISUBJECT VEHICLESEngineering ReviewNon Conf Engineering Review

Miller, Jessica (.)From:Sent:To:Cc:Subject:Attachments:Harmon, Derek (D.M.)Wednesday, September 26, 2012 2:19 PMLangley, Scott (C.S.); Hwang, Sheng-Jiaw (S.J.)Chabon, Michael (W.); Davis, Andrae (A.L.); Parkinson, Tim (T.M.); Bandoske, Pete (P.F.);Wagner, Glen (G.C.); Ricks, Kevin (K.J.); Meier, Kenneth (K.W.); Garant, Dan (DCG.);Watson, Joseph (J.W.)2010-2012 Fusion/Escape no DTC loss of has forwarded you an FMCDealer Discussion Board topicFollow Up Flag:Flag Status:Follow upFlaggedThe intermittent no DTC loss or RPM problem is getting so much attention on the 10 12 Escape/Fusion I’ve now put this on the QSF emerging deck. We’ve gotten too many phone calls from dealership technicians needing help and fleet confidence concerns about this, it is time to monitor this closer and help our technician and customers. The attachment is a chat board between our dealership technicians. Derek M. Harmon Ford Customer Service Division Powertrain Concern Engineer Email: 313 317 4276 13(

Miller, Jessica (.)From:Sent:To:Subject:AuthorDCPMSGBD, FMCDealer (.)Wednesday, September 26, 2012 2:00 PMHarmon, Derek (D.M.) has forwarded you an FMCDealer Discussion Board topic2010 Fusion wrench light on w/ no DTC's in PCM/TCMPosted: September 25, 2012 9:43:34 AMMichael KirkpatrickUniversity Ford IncDurham, NC(919) 682-9171John IorioBattlefield FordCharlottesville, VA(434) 977-7960Suspect ETB but how to prove it? I know there's more out there because someone else posted it, yet no TSB's orSSM's!!!.a tech drove this vehicle approx 200 miles before any symptoms showed up.finally while cruising @73 mph with the cruise set, it went to idle & no accel. pedal response until the engine was shut down andrestarted.Posted: September 25, 2012 9:47:27 AMThrottle body actual and desired not matching most likelyheather berrierPosted: September 25, 2012 1:06:55 PMKenny Ross Ford South, Inc.Pittsburgh, PAJust put ETB on it will fix it. I have several doing this exact same thing and TB fixed em all.(412) 881-0001Phillip WernerGem City Ford LincolnQuincy, IL(217) 222-8700Steven ClouserMaguire's Ford, Inc.Duncannon, PA(717) 834-3111Michael KirkpatrickUniversity Ford IncDurham, NC(919) 682-9171Michael KirkpatrickUniversity Ford IncDurham, NC(919) 682-9171PAUL CAVENDERPorter FordNewark, DE(302) 738-0800DEKE HOFFMANTri Motor Sales, Inc.Oak Harbor, OH(419) 898-2931Posted: September 25, 2012 2:07:01 PMyep ETB same concern my daughter had and it took care of it. Restarting hers always fixed it but is a pain if yourin st. louis high traffic and have to find a spot to pull over to cycle key.Posted: September 25, 2012 2:20:21 PMWhat about checking the electronic throttle body freeze frame datta should be all 0sPosted: September 26, 2012 11:04:31 AMReplaced the ETB and after 60 miles OK. Steven, I can't find any freeze frame data as it didn't set any codes. Iremember there was some digital numeric code to look for on the 500/Freestyle, but I can't find anything like thatRFRon IDS.Posted: September 26, 2012 11:07:32 AMAnyone remember SSM/TSB related to the 500/FreestyleETB numeric gibberish code?RFRPosted: September 26, 2012 11:19:11 AM23761 under special functionsPosted: September 26, 2012 12:11:32 PMseen it, etb for sure 13(

Drotar, Elizabeth (E.)From:Sent:To:Cc:Subject:Morfin, Miguel (M.A.)Wednesday, June 03, 2009 7:20 PMLearman, Michael (M.S.); Langley, Scott (C.S.)Lardizabal, Sergio (S.); Marinelarena, Juan (J.)clarification on Alert A12247279 ETB.On the Alert for the ETB at Delphi Juarez,Chep need a clarification on the description below:WERS ID: N.ENGENGR.SLANGLE1 *PVD2 IS A SUPERIOR PROCESS TO THE PVD1 PROCESS. FOR THATREASON, IT WAS PLANNED TO SWITCH COMPLETELY OVER TO ONLYPVD2 PRODUCT. DELPHI MADE THAT SWITCH ON 5/27/09 DESPITESTILL HAVING 56,000 PIECES OF PVD1 IN THE PIPELINE. INPARALLEL, THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH MELEXIS TO DEVELOP ASUCCESSFUL SCREENING PROCESS FOR PVD1. THIS RESULTANT SCREENING PROCESS APPLIED TO 20K PIECES WILL ENSURE NOINTERRUPTION IN SUPPLY, ALLOW THE PIPELINE TO BE FILLEDEXCLUSIVELY WITH PVD2 PARTS AND IS EXPECTED TO RESULT IN THERISK TO THE FIELD OF 0.6 ADDITIONAL DEFECTIVE ETBS.THE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION EXPLAINING MORE OF THE DETAILSAND THE RISK CALCULATION WILL BE ATTACHED TO THIS ALERT.THE 20K PIECES OF PVD1 USAGE IS EXPECTED TO BE A MAXIMUM.NOTE THAT WE EXPECT TO CONTINUE TO APPLY THIS SCREENING TOPVD2 LOTS FOR INFORMATION & COMPARISON. BUT THAT INFORMATIONOn the presentation (ppt) says 0.6 ETB (reducing the risk to 30ppm)Could you please clarified (in the alert) in order to obtain Chep permission(copied in the mail) (cause it is not clear 0.6? ppms?, r/100?Or? For them)GraciasZero Defect Mindset - "Don't Take It, Don't Make It & Don't Pass It On!!!"Miguel Angel Morfin HerreraSTA Site Engineer (FOM)mmorfin@ford.comNEW (52) (55) 1103 355213(

Miller, Jessica (.)From:Sent:To:Cc:Subject:Attachments:Godoy, Arquimedes Thursday, August 20, 2009 4:52 PMBos, Ed (E.A.); Chabon, Michael (W.); Parkinson, Tim (T.M.); Hall, Brent (A.)Mikutowicz, JohnDelphi internal review regarding Ford ETB via hole defectTP PCB Panel Location & Via Failures Diagram 20Au09.xls; Ford 9L8E ETB TPS SensorVIAS Hole Contamination Concentration Diagram 20Aug09.xlsFord Team,Attached is the latest update on concentration diagrams. Please keep in mind that lot 923 has been already processedand send and lot 926 is the material currently at Sec and that has been used on most of the experiments.Arquimedes TP PCB Panel Location & Via Failures Diagram 20Au09.xls Ford 9L8E ETB TPS Sensor VIAS HoleContamination Concentration Diagram 20Aug09.xls Concentration : If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or an employee oragent responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, you are herebynotified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication isstrictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify usimmediately by replying to the message and deleting it from your computer. Thank ******************************************13(

PCB Via FailuresTP1-Barrel2TP1-Barrel3Sample ASample ESample ESample 2Sample HSample 10Sample 10Sample 22Total: 5Total: 3TP2-Barrel2Vref-Barrel1Sample BSample GSample CSample 19Sample DCR 92083002588Sample 4Sample 20CR 92173002440Total: 6Total: 3Vref-Barrel2Sample 1Sample GSample FSample 1Sample 9Sample 14Sample 21CR 92083002588Sample 12Total: 9Ford I4 TPS P/N 28110494# of Failed Daughter Boards By Location on Mother 111111111111Please put in each cell the total number of failed daughter boards for that location21 from group of 22 - rejects at SEC (early containment)5 from 1000 parts in TS rejects2 last customer returns3(

Conc Diagram- All FailuresCispa DataAvalon DatePCB Lot NumberIgarashi TPS date ne'0922-June'0923-June '0924-June dLastDateOnly11-Aug'09MB Panel NumberVIAS Hole otal 36Note one less than Nicte Data because info missing on SN 13Page 13(

Conc Diagram from SEC screenAvalon Date PCB Lot une'0923-June '0924-June rashi TPS date 7217217217,218218,219219,220223224,225225226Total Failure142236321 Note one lessPage 13(

Conc Diagram from SEC screenthan Nicte Data because info missing on SN 13Page 23(

Conc Diag from 1000pcs therm shAvalon Date PCB Lot une'0923-June '0924-June rashi TPS date 7217217217,218218,219219,220223224,225225226Total Failure225110Page 13(

Avalon Date PCB Lot une'0923-June '0924-June rashi TPS date 7217217217,218218,219219,220223224,225225226Total Failure112153(

Miller, Jessica (.)From:Sent:To:Subject:Pulay, Kirk (K.)Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:52 AMBarwick, Matt (M.E.); Zimlich, Glenn (G.A.); Sims, Ivan (I.D.); King, Brian (B.M.); Hall, Brent(A.); Chabon, Michael (W.); Hwang, Sheng-Jiaw (S.J.); Davis, Andrae (A.L.); Parkinson,Tim (T.M.); Tran, Dan (D.H.); Shimon, Richard (R.L.); Fey, Stephen (S.H.); DeAngelis,Joseph (J.M.)ETB Clean Cycle Vehicle DV planBased on Oct 09, 2012 meeting the following DV plan was proposed. Vehicle: (Glenn Zimlich) 1) Perform cold starts at DTF at the following temps: 40F, 20F, 0F, 20F, 30F, 50F, 68F Vehicles: 20xx Fusion 2.5L 20xx Escape 2.5L 2009 Escape 3.0L 2010 Fusion 3.0L 20xx 2.5L Fusion with E22 FSAO cal 20xx 3.0L Fusion with E22 FSAO cal Vehicle Availability: 2010 3.0L Fusion Bld 1 Instrumented and ready to test 2010 3.0L Fusion ? 1 unit available 20xx 2.5L Fusion ? 2 units available 20xx 2.5L Escape ? Not mentioned during meeting – is unit available? 2) Perform running restart test Vehicles: Manual trans. 2.5L Fusion Auto trans. any vehicle / engine Bench: (Kirk Pulay) 1) Ratch Accuracy and Repeatability test (EH 0040) at 40C, 25C, and 125C Kirk PulayComponent C - Hardware/Controls InterfaceBuilding 1, 2nd Floor, Cubical 12B098Phone: 313-805-9370 13(

Miller, Jessica (.)From:Sent:To:Cc:Subject:Harmon, Derek (D.M.)Friday, September 03, 2010 2:25 PMSoper, Todd (R.)Osepchook, William (W.R.)ETB no DTC loss of RPMTodd, sorry for the delay. These are all of the GCQIS reports of a stall w/ no DTC's built after 3/1/10. Not sure who elsewas interested in the file, feel free to send to others.Thanks,Derek M. HarmonFCSD Concern EngineerFord Motor Companyemail: dharmon3@ford.comphone: 313-317-427613(

ODOMETERREPORT DATERedacted for relevanceVEHICLE LINE DESCENGINE DESC593608/25/2010EDGEDURATEC 35296508/24/2010EDGEDURATEC 351344908/24/2010EDGEDURATEC 35221508/24/2010EDGEDURATEC 35380208/23/2010EDGEDURATEC 351349108/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 35438408/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 35288908/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 351365208/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 35191208/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 35335008/19/2010EDGEDURATEC 35277508/18/2010EDGEDURATEC 35398308/17/2010EDGEDURATEC 35402708/17/2010EDGEDURATEC 35375508/17/2010EDGEDURATEC 35452708/17/2010EDGEDURATEC 35314108/16/2010EDGEDURATEC 35234808/13/2010EDGEDURATEC 35679208/13/2010EDGEDURATEC 35733508/13/2010EDGEDURATEC 353(

Redactedfor relevance131308/13/2010EDGEDURATEC 35131908/13/2010EDGEDURATEC 35403608/12/2010EDGEDURATEC 35188508/12/2010EDGEDURATEC 35485908/11/2010EDGEDURATEC 35673208/11/2010EDGEDURATEC 35263008/11/2010EDGEDURATEC 35201508/09/2010EDGEDURATEC 35613608/06/2010EDGEDURATEC 35149208/04/2010EDGEDURATEC 35357108/04/2010EDGEDURATEC 35247908/04/2010EDGEDURATEC 35416608/04/2010EDGEDURATEC 35401908/03/2010EDGEDURATEC 35433607/30/2010EDGEDURATEC 35352807/28/2010EDGEDURATEC 35331407/28/2010EDGEDURATEC 35223007/27/2010EDGEDURATEC 35325307/26/2010EDGEDURATEC 35116907/23/2010EDGEDURATEC 35415407/22/2010EDGEDURATEC 353(

Redactedfor relevance146307/22/2010EDGEDURATEC 35163307/21/2010EDGEDURATEC 35319807/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 35146507/19/2010EDGEDURATEC 35248707/19/2010EDGEDURATEC 35105707/16/2010EDGEDURATEC 35613107/16/2010EDGEDURATEC 35450607/16/2010EDGEDURATEC 35251207/13/2010EDGEDURATEC 35264007/12/2010EDGEDURATEC 35476807/12/2010EDGEDURATEC 35181707/12/2010EDGEDURATEC 35288807/12/2010EDGEDURATEC 35208407/10/2010EDGEDURATEC 35213907/08/2010EDGEDURATEC 35259207/08/2010EDGEDURATEC 35611807/06/2010EDGEDURATEC 35692507/06/2010EDGEDURATEC 35150706/30/2010EDGEDURATEC 35221706/30/2010EDGEDURATEC 3597706/30/2010EDGEDURATEC 353(

Redacted2895for relevance06/29/2010EDGEDURATEC 35182706/29/2010EDGEDURATEC 35169706/29/2010EDGEDURATEC 35156106/24/2010EDGEDURATEC 35291906/22/2010EDGEDURATEC 35218006/21/2010EDGEDURATEC 35400706/19/2010EDGEDURATEC 35218506/18/2010EDGEDURATEC 35279006/17/2010EDGEDURATEC 35161606/17/2010EDGEDURATEC 351178006/15/2010EDGEDURATEC 35174006/14/2010EDGEDURATEC 35117506/09/2010EDGEDURATEC 35380306/09/2010EDGEDURATEC 35156906/08/2010EDGEDURATEC 35257506/07/2010EDGEDURATEC 35221906/02/2010EDGEDURATEC 35300706/02/2010EDGEDURATEC 35245906/01/2010EDGEDURATEC 35307505/28/2010EDGEDURATEC 35342205/26/2010EDGEDURATEC 353(

2026Redacted05/21/2010for relevanceEDGEDURATEC 35182005/06/2010EDGEDURATEC 35183305/03/2010EDGEDURATEC 35156604/20/2010EDGEDURATEC 35379108/26/2010FLEXDURATEC 35127708/17/2010FLEXDURATEC 35926508/20/2010FLEXDURATEC 35631608/20/2010FLEXDURATEC 35268907/15/2010FLEXDURATEC 35732806/18/2010FLEXDURATEC 35320506/09/2010FLEXDURATEC 35392808/10/2010FUSION3.5L 4Vfor relevance07/20/2010MKT3.7L 4V1134407/29/2010MKT3.7L 4V407708/05/2010MKXDURATEC 35742708/02/2010MKXDURATEC 35183807/29/2010MKXDURATEC 35266307/12/2010MKXDURATEC 35335507/08/2010MKXDURATEC 35416106/23/2010MKXDURATEC 35179608/20/2010TAU500DURATEC 35377608/12/2010TAU500DURATEC 35307108/02/2010TAU500DURATEC 35Redacted25933(

105207/29/2010Redactedfor relevanceTAU500DURATEC 35210307/14/2010TAU500DURATEC 35174607/12/2010TAU500DURATEC 35154706/11/2010TAU500DURATEC 352612708/24/2010TAU500DURATEC 351427708/17/2010TAU500DURATEC 352434708/17/2010TAU500DURATEC 35986108/12/2010TAU500DURATEC 351537708/09/2010TAU500DURATEC 352437508/04/2010TAU500DURATEC 351533008/03/2010TAU500DURATEC 35463307/26/2010TAU500DURATEC 351985307/21/2010TAU500DURATEC 351479006/30/2010TAU500DURATEC 35725806/25/2010TAU500DURATEC 35925206/24/2010TAU500DURATEC 35225306/23/2010TAU500DURATEC 35335006/15/2010TAU500DURATEC 35171106/15/2010TAU500DURATEC 351417406/02/2010TAU500DURATEC 352272205/22/2010TAU500DURATEC 35302105/19/2010TAU500DURATEC 353(

Redacted for relevance1434905/05/2010TAU500DURATEC 351225804/22/2010TAU500DURATEC 352061305/18/2010ZEPMKZDURATEC 353(





Conc Diagram- All Failures Cispa Data Avalon Date PCB Lot Number Igarashi TPS date codes. MB Panel Number VIAS Hole Location Failure 9-June'09 11-June'09 923 162 12-June'09 923 163,164 TBD TBD 1 13-June'09 923 164 15-June'09 923 166 16-June'09 923 167 17-June'09 923 168,171 18-June'09 923 171 19-June'09 923 171 20-June'09 923 171 22-June'09 923 173 23-June '09 923 179 24-June '09 923 .

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pickup pickup pickup pickup pickup s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 s10 silverado silverado silverado silverado silverado silverado silverado silverado silverado silverado venture . 85 ford . 86 ford . 87 ford . 88 ford . 89 ford . 90 ford . 91 ford . 92 ford . 93 ford . 94 ford . 95 gmc 96 gmc 97 gmc 98 gmc 99 gmc 100 gmc

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Description Logic Reasoning Research Challenges Reasoning with Expressive Description Logics – p. 2/40. Talk Outline Introduction to Description Logics The Semantic Web: Killer App for (DL) Reasoning? Web Ontology Languages DAML OIL Language Reasoning with DAML OIL OilEd Demo Description Logic Reasoning Research Challenges Reasoning with Expressive Description Logics – p. 2/40. Talk .