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TENTWritten as per the latest textbook prescribed by the Maharashtra State Bureau of TextbookProduction and Curriculum Research, Pune.English YuvakbharatiCOSalient FeaturesNStd. XIBased on the new textbook Coverage of all Textual Questions Includes multiple Practice Questions A detailed coverage of Drama section An array of Grammar and Vocabulary exercises Includes Things to Remember section Key emphasis on Writing Skills Dedicated chapter for Language StudySAMPLE Printed at: Print to Print, Mumbai Target Publications Pvt. Ltd.No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, C.D. ROM/Audio Video Cassettes or electronic, mechanicalincluding photocopying; recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the Publisher.Balbharati Registration No.: 2018MH0022TEID: 13691P.O. No. 192398

PREFACETENT“Std. XI : English – Yuvakbharati” is a book that comes fresh from our table and is prepared accordingto the new syllabus released this year by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher SecondaryEducation.This new syllabus has segregated the book into different units based upon the nature of its content. Unitone and two are dedicated to ‘prose’ and ‘poetry’ respectively. Whereas, unit three is dedicated to‘writing skills’ and unit four to ‘drama’. An addition of these two, new units, vastly differentiates thisbook from its predecessor.CONAlong with an exhaustive coverage of question and answers for prose and poetry, we’ve included a broadcategory of grammar and vocabulary exercises. A section named ‘things to remember’ highlights the keyfactors of a chapter. The poetry section includes a line by line explanation of every poem and an adequatecoverage of figures of speech. A liberal use of infographics throughout the book has allowed us to presentconcept explanations in a lucid manner. Moreover, we have also paid significant attention to writing skillsand drama section. Concise concept explanation and relevant practice examples make the third unit, adelight to run through. Drama, on the other hand seems like an uphill task for the students. Hence, we’veincluded sections such as summary, drama analysis and character map that foster quick comprehension.Additionally, this book has a dedicated section of grammar, language study and writing skills. Thesesections include topic introductions and numerous practice and solved exercises.Armed with an array of features, we hope students and teachers alike find this book purposeful.The journey to create a complete book is strewn with triumphs, failures and near misses. If you thinkwe’ve nearly missed something or want to applaud us for our triumphs, we’d love to hear from you.Please write to us on: mail@targetpublications.orgYours faithfully,PLEPublisherDisclaimerSAMEdition: FirstThis reference book is transformative work based on textbook English Yuvakbharati; First edition: 2019 published by the Maharashtra State Bureau ofTextbook Production and Curriculum Research, Pune. We the publishers are making this reference book which constitutes as fair use of textualcontents which are transformed by adding and elaborating, with a view to simplify the same to enable the students to understand, memorize andreproduce the same in examinations.This work is purely inspired upon the course work as prescribed by the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, Pune.Every care has been taken in the publication of this reference book by the Authors while creating the contents. The Authors and the Publishers shall not beresponsible for any loss or damages caused to any person on account of errors or omissions which might have crept in or disagreement of any third party onthe point of view expressed in the reference book. reserved with the Publisher for all the contents created by our Authors.No copyright is claimed in the textual contents which are presented as part of fair dealing with a view to provide best supplementary study material for thebenefit of students.

CONTENTSNo.Topic NamePage No.SECTION ONE (PROSE)Being Neighborly11.2On To The Summit: We Reach The Top1.3The Call of the Soil1.4Pillars of Democracy1.5Mrs. Adis1.6Tiger HillsTENT1.11935455669NSECTION TWO (POETRY)Cherry Tree2.2The Sower2.3There is Another Sky1082.4Upon Westminster Bridge1152.5Nose versus Eyes1242.6The Planners135CO2.18898PLESECTION THREE (WRITING SKILLS)Expansion of Ideas1473.2Blog Writing1533.3E-mails1673.4Interview180M3.1Film Review1883.6The Art of Compering195SA3.5SECTION FOUR (GENRE-DRAMA)4.1History of English Drama2024.2The Rising of the Moon2194.3Extracts of Drama4.4(A) A Midsummer – Night’s Dream230(B) An Enemy of the People249UNSEEN PASSAGES262

7299301302304308TENTNMPLE12345678910Word minersVerbsInfinitives, Gerunds and ParticiplesModal AuxiliariesTensesLinking Words or Discourse MarkersActive and Passive VoiceClausesDegrees of ComparisonTypes of SentencesTransformation of SentencesRhetorical QuestionsDirect and Indirect speechFigures of speechLANGUAGE STUDYWRITING SKILLSNote-makingLetter WritingAppealReport WritingView-CounterviewDialogue WritingDrafting a SpeechDeveloping a StoryNarrating an Experience / IncidentCompose a PoemCO123456789101112131415161718Note: 1.* mark represents Textual question.2.# mark represents Intext question.3. mark represents Modified textual questions310313318320322324326328330331

1.1SECTION ONE (PROSE)Being NeighborlyTENT– Louisa May AlcottGlossaryWordCONshyness or discomfort with other peoplehere, laze around indoorsinvited or guided someone with a gesture of a handsee; witnessbe a sign ofalmond flavoured milk puddinghere, saying something honestly without trying to be politeenergeticallya building where a carriage is kepthere, guesta greenhouse of glass for growing and displaying plantspolite behaviour or actionmake a deep hoarse sound like a frog or a crowhere, annoyed or angryas a sign of respect; to show respectsad or gloomydistress caused by something unexpectedtaking someone’s attention away from something that they are doingcausing fear, shock or sufferingfrighteningextremely happy and excitedas if under a spellrestless or uneasy because of nervousnesshere, wave something to attract attentionhere, shaking movement due to eagernessran and played around happilya plant with red, pink and white flowersthe quality of being well mannered as a result of being raised wellin a serious or solemn mannerseriouslyserious or gloomyrough and low in pitchfloor of a fireplacea line of bushes or small treesin a harsh or husky voicea large armchairextremely excitedwithout any energyshelf above the fireplaceSAMPLEbashfulness (n)be a pussy-cat (phrase)beckoned (v)behold (v)betokening (v)blanc-mange (n)blunt (adj)briskly (adj)coach housecompany (n)conservatory (n)courtesy (n)croaked (v)cross (adj)did honourdismal (adj)dismay (n)distracting (adj)dreadful (adj)dreadful (adj)elated (adj)enchanted (adj)fidgety (adj)flourished (v)flutter (n)frolicked (v)geranium (n)good breeding (phrase)gravely (adv)gravely (adv)grim (adj)gruff (adj)hearth (n)hedge (n)hoarsely (adv)hollow chairs (phrase)in a flutter of excitementlistless (adj)mantelpiece (n)Meaning1

Std. XI: English YuvakbharatiCONTENTamusement; joyhere, to convince someone to do somethinggratefula drawing room; sitting rooma person’s head; here, hairsat on something highshook or patted to adjust the stuffing of a pillowwalked in an energetic wayformal and socially correctto put on fresh clotheshere, old-fashioned and attractivestrange or unusualhere, extraordinarya large black crow-like birddecidedhere, enjoyed in a lively and noisy way without drinking and dancinghere, loud noiseshort jacket for infantsset out from a place to do somethingshocking someone by one’s behaviour that is considered as immoral or wronga difficult situation caused due to one’s own actionsharshlycunning or mischievousfriendlyhere, lonesomesawrichness; magnificenceseemed extremely interestinghere, craving; longingto report someone’s misdeeds or bad behaviourblush due to embarrassmenthere, warming feet at a fireplaceto attend to someonehere, walking by making a noiseslightlytremblinga velvet-like fabricmoved quickly and suddenlyfeeling of longing with a little bit of sadnessMPLEmerriment (n)mind (v)obliged (adj)parlor (n)pate (n)perched (v)plumped (v)pranced (v)prim (adj)putting on a fresh colorquaint (adj)queer (adj)queer (adj)raven (n)resolved (v)revelled (v)row (n)sacque (n)sallied (v)scandalizing (v)scrape (n)sharply (adv)sly (adj)sociable (adj)solitary (adj)spied (v)splendors (n)struck her fancysuffering (v)tell on (phrase)to color up (phrase)to toast feet (phrase)to wait on (phrase)tramping (v)trifle (adj)twitching (v)velour (adj)whisked (v)wistfully (adv)SAIntroductionThe extract, ‘Being Neighborly’, is from the noveltitled ‘Little Women’ that was first published in1968. The novel revolves around the lives of foursisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy and their Marmee(their mother), who move into a new neighbourhoodin Massachusetts. They find a friend in Laurie, theirneighbour, who belongs to the well-to-do Lawrencefamily. The extract gives us an entry into the lives ofthese relatable characters and their struggles. Theexcerpt unfolds how an energetic and sensitiveteenage girl, Jo, befriends a shy and timid lad Laurie.22About the PoetLouisa May Alcott (1832 – 1888) was an Americannovelist, story writer and poetess. Her literary workshave garnered immense popularity amongst massesand critics alike. Her novel ‘Little Women’ and itssequels ‘Little men’ and ‘Jo’s boys’ have beenengaging readers for more than a century and a halfnow. Set in the Alcott family home, ‘Little Women’is loosely based on Louisa’s childhood experienceswith her three sisters. Alcott was known for herfeminist views and many considered her works to beahead of her time.

Chapter 1.1: Being NeighborlyPassage 1Ice BreakersRead the following statements and markthose that apply to you.Read the passage from line 1 to 54 on page2 and 3 of your textbook and answer thefollowing questions:i.I make friends easily.Ans: Yes, this applies to me. I make friends veryeasily.ii.iii.Someone has extended a hand of friendshiptowards me and I have not accepted it.Ans: No, this does not apply to me. I accept andwelcome new friends in my life.I have a large group of friends but no bestbuddy.Ans: No, this does not apply to me. I have a largegroup of friends. Yet one of my school friendsis my best buddy.Complex Factual / Global Understanding1.Complete the following sentences based onthe extract.Meg advised Jo to .Jo swept a path around the garden forThe walls of the March’s house looked as if .To Jo, the fine house seemed likei.*ii.iii.*iv.Ans:i.stay back at home and warm herself by the fireii.Beth to walk in when the sun came out and theinvalid dolls needed airiii.they were robbed of the vines that coveredthem during the summeriv.kind of enchanted palace, full of splendors anddelights, which no one enjoyedCOiv.A.NI wish to be friends with someone but myfriendship is rejected.Ans: No, this does not apply to me. I am a veryoutgoing person and my friendship is oftenaccepted.[“ “What in the world old gentleman so!” ”]TENT*1.v.I have a small group of close friends and haveno wish to interact with anyone else.Ans: No, this does not apply to me. Although I havemany friends, I am open to interacting witheveryone.I have cordial relationships with all but Icannot connect with anyone.Ans: No, this does not apply to me. I have cordialrelationships with everyone. But I can alsoconnect at a deeper level with anyone.PLEvi.M*2.Complete the following web diagram.Ans:CriticisingconstructivelyHaving longconversationsFriendship tome meansSAGiving andreceiving giftsMotivating eachother*2.i.ii.iii.Comforting duringtough times*3.If you see someone lonely or sad you will –Ans: If I see someone lonely or sad I will –i.Greet him/her with a genuine smile and askabout his/her well-being.ii.Offer to go out for a walk with him/her.iii.Ask him/her whether I can extend my helpwith anything that has been bothering him/her.House of MarchOld, brown houseChildren playingall aroundiv.House of Lawrencea.b.c.d.Well kept groundsNo motherly facesmiled at the windowsAns:i.ii.iii.iv.Sharing momentsof joyBring out the contrast between the twohouses with the help of the following points.3.i.ii.House of MarchOld, brown houseBare and shabbyChildren playingall aroundA warm householdwith an elderly ladyHouse of LawrenceStately stone mansionWell kept groundsLonely and lifelesssort of housed. No motherly facesmiled at the windowsa.b.c.Write who said the following sentences towhom.‘Going out for exercise’.‘I should think two long walks this morningwould have been enough!’‘That boy is suffering for society and fun’.iii.Ans:i.Jo said this statement to Meg.ii. Meg said this statement to Jo.iii.Jo said this statement to herself.3

Std. XI: English YuvakbharatiB.1.lifeless look. To Jo, this occurred as a mysterythat she wanted to solve on her own. Hence, thesplendors and delights of the palace are referredto as ‘hidden glories’.Inference / InterpretationDraw a table listing the description of theLawrence house and how Jo fancied it.Ans:iii.It was full ofsplendoursanddelights which noone enjoyed.It was full of hiddenglories that wantedto behold.PLEJo concluded that old Mr. Lawrence didnot know what’s good for Laurie. Explain.Ans: One day, when Beth and Amy were snowballing one another, Jo observed that Lauriewas looking at them with a sense of longing,as if he too wanted to have some fun. Jobelieved that interacting with friends andmeeting lively people could cheer Laurie up.But for that he needed to be let out by hisgrandfather, who kept him shut up in thehouse all alone.SAM3.#4.Ans:44Jo doesn’t want to be a pussy-cat becauseShe can’t keep

SAMPLE CONTENT 1 Word Meaning bashfulness (n) shyness or discomfort with other people be a pussy-cat (phrase) here, laze around indoors beckoned (v) invited or guided someone with a gesture of a hand behold (v) see; witness betokening (v) be a sign of blanc-mange (n) almond flavoured milk pudding blunt (adj) here, saying something honestly without trying to be polite

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