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iUniversity ofWisconsin-StevensPointUndergraduate andGraduate Catalog2013-2014(Updated 5/30/2014)In compiling our catalog we have used the most currentand accurate information available to us. However, wereserve the right to change any of the information in thiscatalog at any time and without giving prior notice. Whenthe UW System or UW-Stevens Point deletes or revisesany of the information in this catalog, the changes takeeffect as soon as they are approved.To keep up-to-date with changes in curriculum that mayaffect requirements in your program and the length oftime it takes you to graduate, be sure to check with youradviser regularly during your college career.The provisions of this catalog DO NOT constitute acontract between the student and the university.Libby Raymond, Catalog EditorUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens Point2011-2013 CatalogPublished June 2011 byThe University of Wisconsin-Stevens PointStevens Point, Wisconsin 54481-3897www.uwsp.eduLast Updated May 30, 2014

iiAccreditationUW-Stevens Point is accredited by The Higher LearningCommission, a member of the North CentralAssociation, to offer undergraduate college programsleading to the bachelor's degree and graduate programsleading to the master's degree. They can be reached at:The Higher Learning Commission30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504312-263-0456; 800-621-7440; Fax 312-263-7462www.ncahlc.orgIndividual departments and programs withinUW-Stevens Point are also accredited by the:Accreditation Board for Engineering and TechnologyAmerican Chemical SocietyAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing AssociationCommission on Accreditation ofAthletic Training EducationCommission on Accreditation forDietetics Education of the American Dietetic AssociationCouncil for Interior Design AccreditationCouncil on Academic Accreditation in Audiology andSpeech-Language PathologyNational Accrediting Agency for Clinical LaboratorySciencesNational Association of Schools of Art and DesignNational Association of Schools of DanceNational Association of Schools of MusicNational Association of Schools of TheatreNational Wellness InstituteSociety of American ForestersLast Updated May 30, 2014

iiiUW-Stevens PointAdministrationBernie L. Patterson, ChancellorGregory Summers, Provost and Vice Chancellor forAcademic AffairsGregory M. Diemer, Vice Chancellor for Business AffairsAlfred S. Thompson, Jr., Vice Chancellor for Student AffairsChristopher Richards, Vice Chancellor for UniversityAdvancementJim Barrett, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for EnrollmentManagementKatherine P. Jore, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Personnel,Budget, and GrantsJames Sage, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Teaching,Learning and Academic ProgramsJeffrey W. Morin, Dean, College of Fine Arts andCommunicationChristopher Cirmo, Dean, College of Letters and ScienceChristine Thomas, Dean, College of Natural ResourcesMartin J. Loy, Dean, College of Professional StudiesUniversity ofWisconsin SystemAdministrationRay Cross, PresidentMark A. Nook, Senior Vice President forAcademic and Student AffairsDavid L. Miller, Senior Vice President forAdministration & Fiscal AffairsDavid F. Giroux, Exec Director ofCommunications and External RelationsDeborah A. Durcan, Vice President for FinanceFreda J. Harris, Assoc Vice President for Budget& PlanningTomas Stafford, General CounselBoard of RegentsJohn R. Behling, Eau ClaireMark J. Bradley, WausauJosé DelgadoTony Evers, MadisonMichael J. Falbo, President, HartlandMargaret Farrow, PewaukeeEve HallNicolas HarsyTim Higgins, AppletonEdmund Manydeeds, Eau ClaireRegina Millner, Vice President, MadisonJanice Mueller, MadisonDrew Petersen, MadisonCharles Pruitt, MilwaukeeJosé F. Vasquez, MilwaukeeDavid G. Walsh, MadisonGerald Whitburn, WausauLast Updated May 30, 2014

ivTable of ContentsAccreditation . iiUW-Stevens Point Administration . iiiUniversity of Wisconsin System Administration . iiiTable of Contents . ivCalendar . vCampus Map . viiIntroduction . 1Admissions . 3Advanced Placement, Credit-by-Exam, and Test-Out Opportunities . 6Finances . 7Majors, Minors, etc. . 14Degree Types . 16General Education Program (GEP) . 18More Academic Information . 24College of Fine Arts & Communication (COFAC) . 41College of Letters and Science (COLS) . 42College of Natural Resources (CNR) . 44College of Professional Studies (CPS) . 46Courses of Instruction . 47Graduate Study . 238GRADUATE PROGRAMS . 249Faculty/Staff, Emeritus Faculty and Academic Staff, and University Associates . 265Index . 266Last Updated May 30, 2014

vCalendar2013-14Sept 3Nov 27, 6 pmDec 2Dec 13Dec 14Dec 14Dec 16-202014-15Sept 2Nov 26, 6 pmDec 1Dec 12Dec 13Dec 13Dec 15-192015-16Sept 2Nov 25, 6 pmNov 30Dec 15Dec 19Dec 19Dec 16-18,Dec 21-222013-14Jan 2Jan 17Jan 202014-15Jan 5Jan 17Jan 19Jan 4Jan 20Jan 18WinterimWinterim beginsWinterim endsHoliday2013-14Jan 21Mar 14, 6 pmMar 24May 9May 10May 12-16May 172014-15Jan 20Mar 13, 6 pmMar 23May 8May 9May 11-15May 16Jan 25Mar 18, 6 pmMar 28May 13May 14May 16-20May 21Second SemesterClasses beginSpring recess beginsClasses resumeLast day of classesReading dayFinal examsCommencement2013-14May 27Jun 16Jul 4Aug 6Aug 7-82014-15May 26Jun 15May 31June 20Aug 5Aug 6-7Aug 12Aug 13-14Last Updated May 30, 2014First SemesterClasses beginThanksgiving recess beginsClasses resumeLast day of classesReading dayCommencementFinal examsSummer SessionThree-week session beginsEight-week session beginsHolidayLast day of classesFinal exams

viCampus MapLast Updated May 30, 2014

1IntroductionThis is UW-Stevens PointWith our roots in the heart of the state, Wisconsin's rightsized public university launches students on meaningfullife journeys through transformational learning in the artsand sciences. Our open-minded, close-knit community,both on and off campus, inspires students to experiencethe world unfolding in new ways.Transforming students' lives through the Pointerexperience in turn transforms our region, our state andbeyond. Through the discovery, dissemination andapplication of knowledge, the University ofWisconsin-Stevens Point stimulates intellectual growth,provides a liberal education and prepares students tolead in a diverse and sustainable world.UW-Stevens Point's primary regions of service touch fiveof the seven economic development regions inWisconsin, opening doors to UW-Stevens Point'sexpanding role in applied research as an engine foreconomic recovery.ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGYSee Disability and Assistive Technology CenterDISABILITY SERVICESSee Disability and Assistive Technology CenterDisability and AssistiveTechnology CenterRoom 609, Learning Resources CenterPhone: 715-346-3365TTY/TDD: 715-3463362 (for hearing impaired)Email:datctr@uwsp.eduWeb: www.uwsp.edu/disability/Pages/default.aspxBoth Disability Services and Assistive TechnologyServices are provided through the Disability andAssistive Technology Center (DATC). If you have adisability, you may obtain information on programaccessibility and accommodations for all UW-StevensPoint programs and courses, as well as physical accessto all campus buildings by contacting the DATC. Youmay also call on the DATC or referral informationregarding counseling, housing, academic advising, andtutoring. We urge you to contact the DATC before yourfirst semester of classes in order to plan foraccommodations. All segments of UW-Stevens Pointcomply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act andthe Americans with Disabilities (ADA) and itsammendments.Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policycreed or religion, color, handicap, sex, national origin,ancestry, pregnancy, marital status, parental status,sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, arrest orconviction record, membership in the National Guard,state defense force or other reserve component of themilitary forces of the United States or this state.UW-Stevens Point is an affirmative action/equalopportunity employer and encourages applications frommembers of ethnic/racial minorities, women, andpersons with disabilities. If you have a question orconcern about our compliance with state or federal lawsor if you have a discrimination complaint, write or bringthe question or complaint to our Equity and AffirmativeAction Office, Room 210, Main Building, or phone715-346-2002. www.uwsp.edu/equity.UW-Stevens Point MissionStatementsUW-Stevens Point shares in the mission of theUniversity of Wisconsin System. The mission of thissystem is to develop human resources, to discover anddisseminate knowledge, to extend knowledge and itsapplication beyond the boundaries of its campuses, andto serve and stimulate society by developing in studentsheightened intellectual, cultural, and humanesensitivities; scientific, professional, and technologicalexpertise; and a sense of purpose. Inherent in this broadmission are methods of instruction, research, extendededucation, and public service designed to educatepeople and improve the human condition. Basic to everypurpose of the system is the search for truth.As an institution of the University of Wisconsin System,UW-Stevens Point shares the following core missionwith other universities. Each university shall:a. offer associate and baccalaureate degree level andselected graduate programs within the context of itsapproved mission statement,b. offer an environment that emphasizes teachingexcellence and meets the educational and personalneeds of students through effective teaching,academic advising, counseling, and throughuniversity-sponsored cultural, recreational, andextracurricular programs,c. offer a core of liberal studies that supports universitydegrees in the arts, letters, and sciences, as well asspecialized professional/technical degrees at theassociate and baccalaureate level,d. offer a program of preprofessional curricularofferings consistent with the university's mission,e. expect scholarly activity, including research,scholarship, and creative endeavor, that supports itsprograms at the associate and baccalaureatedegree level, its selected graduate programs, and itsapproved mission statement,f. promote the integration of the extension function,assist the University of Wisconsin-Extension inmeeting its responsibility for statewide coordination,and encourage faculty and staff participation inoutreach activity,We at UW-Stevens Point affirm your right to equalopportunity in education. We make all our universityprograms and activities equally available to all. In oureducational programs, activities and employmentpolicies, we don't discriminate on the basis of age, race,Last Updated May 30, 2014

2g.participate in inter-institutional relationships in orderto maximize educational opportunity for the peopleof the state effectively and efficiently through thesharing of resources,h. serve the needs of women, minority, disadvantaged,disabled, and nontraditional students and seek racialand ethnic diversification of the student body andthe professional faculty and staff, andi. support activities designed to promote the economicdevelopment of the state.The select goals and responsibilities of UW-StevensPoint are to: provide a broad foundation of liberal studies andselected degree programs in the fine arts,humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences,imparting the heritage of human civilization, criticalintelligence, and the skills necessary for a lifetime oflearning and upon which education in theprofessional fields may be built provide undergraduate professional programs incommunicative disorders, teacher education, homeeconomics*, the visual and performing arts, paperscience, and natural resources with emphasis on themanagement of resources provide graduate programs in teacher education,communicative disorders, natural resources, homeeconomics*, communication and other select areasclearly associated with this university'sundergraduate emphases and strengths provide programs in wellness and health promotion provide quality undergraduate and graduateinstruction through innovative methods using printand nonprint library resources, computing,communication technology, and direct studentassistance expect scholarly activity, including research,scholarship and creative endeavor, that supports itsprograms at the associate and baccalaureatedegree level, its selected graduate programs, and itsspecial mission cooperate with UW-Extension in the developmentand coordination of statewide outreachprogramming, integration of the extension functioninto the institution, and appropriate and adequaterecognition of those involved in outreach activities*The former home economics programs are now offeredas child and family studies, dietetics, early childhoodeducation, family and consumer sciences, humandevelopment, nutrition, and interior architecture.Mission Statement and ValuesThrough the discovery and dissemination of knowledge,UW-Stevens Point stimulates intellectual growth,provides a liberal education, and prepares students for adiverse and sustainable world.Values student-centered environmentcritical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learningprofessional preparationcommunity involvement and outreachecological stewardshipThe Stevens Point CommunityBecause of UW-Stevens Point’s central location,students are very much a part of the city of StevensPoint as soon as they come to campus. Residence halls,nearby student apartments and rooming houses blendinto the community.In addition, the local economy depends on UW-StevensPoint students as part-time employees. The Police andfire departments, a hospital, a county library, shopping,and the riverfront all are within easy access. A safe citywith a low crime rate, Stevens Point provides a securehaven for its student residents.Stevens Point is a city of about 25,000 in a metropolitanarea of nearly 67,000. Located on the banks of theWisconsin River, it offers a wide range of recreationalopportunities including the Green Circle Trail, crosscountry ski trails, year-round fishing on the river and innearby lakes, downhill skiing at Standing Rocks CountyPark, and numerous baseball and softball facilitiesincluding Zenoff and Bukolt Parks.The corporate headquarters of Sentry Insurance givesStevens Point a cosmopolitan flavor that is unusual for aMidwestern city of its size. Other major employersinclude Ministry Health Care (including St. Michael’sHospital and Ministry Medical Group), Copps Corp,Stevens Point Public Schools, UW-Stevens Point, NewPage, Del Monte, McCain Foods USA, Lands’ End,Portage County, The Noel Group, and WorzallaPublishing.Stevens Point lies midway between Milwaukee andMinneapolis at the intersection of Interstate 39/Highway51 and U.S. Highway 10. It is served by several airlinesthrough the Central Wisconsin Airport.Last Updated May 30, 2014

3AdmissionsAdmission ApplicationProcedureYou may apply for admission to UW-Stevens Point bysubmitting the UW System electronic application or thepaper application form available through the followingwebsite: (https://apply.wisconsin.edu).Office of AdmissionsRoom 102 Student Services CenterUW-Stevens PointStevens Point WI 54481-3897Phone: 715-346-2441Email: admiss@uwsp.eduWeb: www.uwsp.edu/admissionsNew Freshman AdmissionPolicyAdmission to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Pointis competitive. All applications are reviewed on anindividual basis with both academic and non-academicfactors considered. The university will give strongconsideration to applicants with successful academicbackgrounds who have demonstrated achievement bothinside and outside the classroom. The potential tocontribute to a diverse educational community is alsoconsidered.NOTE: Admission is subject to program capacity limitsand institutional enrollment limits.A. You must graduate from a recognized highschool or the equivalent.1. A recognized high school is one which either (a) isaccredited by a regional accrediting association orstate university or (b) is recognized or accredited bya state department of public instruction orequivalent.2. An applicant who has not graduated from arecognized high school must provide evidence ofability to begin college work. Such evidence mayinclude, but is not limited to: transcripts verifyingcompletion of a home-schooled educationalprogram, GED/HSED test scores, ACT/SAT scores,and/or transcripts of coursework completed in highschool. Additional documents, testing, and apersonal interview may be required.B. Academic Unit RequirementsMinimumRequiredRecommendedEnglish4 units4 unitsMathematics3 units4 unitsSocial Science3 units4 unitsNatural Science3 units4 unitsForeign Language0 units2-4 unitsElectives*4 units4 units*At least two of the elective credits must be from foreignlanguage, fine arts, computer science, English, math,social science, or natural science.For acceptable courses in each academic area, pleasevisit “Admission Criteria” on the website an.aspx.C. Academic Criteria1. Class rank2. Test scores: ACT or SAT (UW-Stevens Point doesnot require the ACT Writing Test.)3. Cumulative high school grade point average (GPA)4. Rigor of high school courses5. Trend in grades: the pattern of grades including thepattern in academic coursesD. Non-academic CriteriaIn addition to academic achievement, the followingnon-academic factors will be considered: demonstratedleadership; involvement through work experience,extracurricular activities, and volunteerism; personalcharacteristics and accomplishments including honors,awards, special talents and abilities, and personalqualities; diversity in background and experience; andlife circumstances.While non-academic qualifications are considered in thecomprehensive review process, they will not necessarilymake an applicant with a weak academic background astrong candidate for admission.Admission requirements and criteriaare subject to change.Orientation for New FreshmenAs a new freshman at UW-Stevens Point, you participatein a two-day orientation program. Through the program,you learn how to quickly and easily adapt to universitylife by getting to know UW-Stevens Point's customs,traditions, curricula, policies, and services. You meetwith an academic adviser and prepare your classschedule for your first semester. You also meet withupperclass students and other new students in smalldiscussion groups.We encourage your parents to attend Orientation withyou. Your parents hear presentations by UW-StevensPoint faculty and staff on such topics as student healthprograms, health insurance, financial aid opportunities,and housing and dining programs. You and your parentsare invited to stay in a residence hall and eat at ourdining facilities. For more information, write or visit theAdmissions Office, Room 102, Student Services Center,or call g/Orientation.aspx.If you are a nontraditional student, you may getadditional information about orientation and registrationby writing or visiting the Diversity and College Accessoffice, Room 209, Student Services Center, or degree (Special) StudentsIf you are a high school graduate and want to take alimited number of courses, and you are not seeking aLast Updated May 30, 2014

4degree, you may be allowed to register for courseswithout formally applying for admission. Please contactthe Admissions Office for information regardingregistration.High School (Special) StudentsIf you are a qualified high school junior or senior whowishes to take university courses while still enrolled inhigh school, you may be permitted to do so on aspace-available basis. You will need to submit aUW-Stevens Point Youth Options Program/High SchoolSpecial Student Application form and an official highschool transcript. Additional information is available atwww.uwsp.edu/admissions/YOPapp.aspx. You mayalso contact your high school counselor or theUW-Stevens Point Admissions Office for moreinformation.Returning UW-Stevens PointStudentsIf you have been away from campus for one or moresemesters, complete the UW System admissionapplication form (see Admission ApplicationProcedure in the beginning of this section) to apply forreadmission to UW-Stevens Point. Ask any collegesyou’ve attended since leaving UW-Stevens Point to sendan official copy of your transcript to our AdmissionsOffice so we can determine your eligibility forreadmission.Because we must limit enrollment at UW-StevensPoint, all admission regulations for undergraduatestudents are subject to change at any time.If you left UW-Stevens Point under academicsuspension, a letter of appeal must accompany yourapplication for admission. The letter should explain thecircumstances which affected your academicperformance (include documentation if available), howyour problems have been resolved, youractivities/occupations since your attendance here, andwhat has changed so that, if you are readmitted, we canbe assured that you will not be suspended again. Youare eligible to apply for readmission as follows:1. First suspension: You may apply for readmissionone semester after you are first suspended, butplease note that readmission is not automaticallygranted. You may apply even earlier if you show thatyou were suspended due to circumstances youcould not control and that those circumstances havechanged.2. Second and following suspensions: You mayapply for readmission two years after you aresuspended for a second time. Again, you may applyearlier only if you show that you were suspendeddue to circumstances you could not control and thatthose circumstances have changed.3. Appeals: If we deny your request for readmission,you may appeal our decision. Address your appealletter to Director of Admissions with a request thatyour appeal be forwarded to the Chancellor'sAppeals Committee.Admission of TransferStudentsFollow the instructions under Admission ApplicationProcedure to apply for admission to UW-Stevens Point.You will need to submit the UW System application formand have official transcripts from your high school andeach college you have attended forwarded directly to theUW-Stevens Point Admissions Office.Admission to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Pointis competitive. Our Office of Admissions reviews alltransfer applicants on an individual basis, consideringboth academic and non-academic factors. We payparticular attention to college-level course work you havecompleted, including your cumulative grade pointaverage, the rigor of your course work, and grade trendsand patterns. We also consider non-academic factorsthat demonstrate how you will enrich our campuscommunity, including your extracurricular andemployment experiences, personal characteristics andaccomplishments, special talents and abilities, and lifecircumstances. While non-academic factors areconsidered, they will not make an academically weakapplicant admissible.Due to enrollment limits, admission regulations fortransfer students are subject to change at any time.For further information regarding admission eligibility andenrollment, please contact the Admissions Office, Room102, Student Services Center, 715-346-2441.www.uwsp.edu/admissions.Transferring Credit toUW-Stevens PointTo transfer credits you have earned at another institutionto UW-Stevens Point, ask each college you haveattended to send an official transcript of your credits toUW-Stevens Point’s Admissions Office. The AdmissionsOffice determines whether credits earned at anotherinstitution will transfer to UW-Stevens Point and howthose credits will apply toward the UW-Stevens PointGeneral Education Program. Please note the following inregard to credit transfer: An official evaluation of your transfer credits will becompleted after you are admitted on a final basisand have confirmed your intention to enroll atUW-Stevens Point. Credit is generally awarded for college-level coursescompleted with grades of D or higher at institutionsaccredited by a regional or national accreditingorganization recognized by the Council for HigherEducation Accreditation (CHEA). Courses must besimilar in nature, level, and content to course work inour undergraduate curriculum. Continuing educationcourses and courses that are remedial, technical,vocational, and doctrinal in nature are nottransferrable.Last Updated May 30, 2014

5 The appropriate academic department willdetermine which credits apply to your major andminor.We accept a maximum of 72 credits from two yearcolleges. You will receive lower division (100-200level) credit for any of these courses. Exceptionscan be granted by the appropriate dean. There is nolimit on credits accepted from four year universities.Credits transferred from other institutions are notused in calculating the UW-Stevens Point gradepoint average. The UW-Stevens Point grade pointaverage is determined only by credits and gradepoints earned at UW-Stevens Point. However,transfer credits and grades ARE included in thecalculation of the grade point average in mostmajors and minors and in the determination ofgraduation honors.If your previous institution awarded “split” grades(AB, BC, etc.), those grades will appear on yourUW-Stevens Point degree progress report asfollows: AB B , BC C , CD D .To graduate from UW-Stevens Point, you must earnat least 30 of the total number of credits required forgraduation in residence at this university.Transferring Credit fromanother UW System Institutionor Wisconsin TechnicalCollegeYou may transfer up to a total of 72 credits in UWCollege or other two year college courses. You willreceive lower division (100-200 level) credit for anycourses you transfer from UW Colleges. Exceptions canbe granted by the appropriate dean. We recommend thatyou consult the UW System’s online TransferInformation System (TIS) for timely and accurateinformation on course equivalencies between the UWCollege campuses and UW-Stevens Point.Access TIS at http://tis.uwsa.edu.Using TIS you can determine how your UW Collegecourses will transfer and which UW-Stevens Pointgeneral degree requirements they will fulfill.If you transfer from a UW College and are enrolledcontinually (excluding summers), you will have theoption of observing UW-Stevens Point degreerequirements that were in effect when you first enrolledat the UW College.Transferring Credit from WisconsinTechnical CollegesCollege, Chippewa Valley Technical College,Western Technical College, or Nicolet AreaTechnical College, you may be eligible to transfer upto 72 credits toward your baccalaureate degree. If you earned an approved bachelor or associatedegree from another UW System institution or anapproved associate degree from one of the LiberalArts Transfer programs at Madison Area TechnicalCollege, Milwaukee Area Technical College,Chippewa Valley Technical College, WesternWisconsin Technical College, or Nicolet AreaTechnical College, you will automatically satisfy theUW-Stevens Point General Education Programrequirements, except for the Communication in theMajor and Capstone Experience in the Majorrequirements. If you have attended a WTCS institution sinceSeptember 1, 1985 (not in a college parallelprogram), you may be eligible to transfer approvedWTCS general education courses in communication,social sciences, behavioral sciences, mathematicsand natural science. You also may be eligible totransfer certain technical support or occupationalcredits if they have been approved for transfer byour academic departments or if there is an approvedprogram-to-program articulation agreement betweena WTCS associate degree program that you havecompleted and a program offered at UW-StevensPoint. You also may be eligible for credit by earningappropriate scores on national standardizedexaminations and/or UW-Stevens Point test-

Council for Interior Design Accreditation Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory . Dec 2 Dec 1 Nov 30 Classes resume Dec 13 Dec 12 Dec 15 Last day of classes Dec 14 Dec 13 Dec 19 Reading day Dec 14 Dec 13 Dec 19 Commencement Dec 16-20 Dec 15-19 Dec 16-18 .

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1800 North Point Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54481 1-800-739-3344. WC-80-10-0010 (Ed.7/06) 10-06 Sentry Insurance Group . Sentry Insurance Group Name 1800 North Point Drive, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481 1-800-739-3344 Address Phone IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT THE STATE BOARD OF WORKERS' COMPENSATION AT 404-656-3818 OR 1-800-533-0682 .

4 School of Business and Economics University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 5 The UW-Stevens Point School of Business and Economics (SBE) has made great leaps in recent years. It still offers the same educational foundation many of its proud alumni reflect back on, but the school has grown and evolved. Since 2008, increased demand and new

1974. The normal school which opened in Stevens Point in 1894 became a part of the University of Wisconsin System with the actions of the legislature in the early 1970s. It is the intent of this book to trace the history of the campus at Stevens Point, created as a normal school in 1893, opening in 1894, and

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14. Stevens, S. S. On the problem of scales for the measurement of psychological magnitudes. J. Unif. Sci.,1939,9,94-99. 15. Stevens, S. S. On the theory of scales of meas-urement. . because its authors "do not follow the Stevens dictum concerning the precise relationships between scales of measurement and permissi-ble statistical operations .

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