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Cal FactsTransforming livesFueling social mobilityChanging the world

Embracing tradition and thefuture, resilience and excellenceThe best public university in the world,UC Berkeley projects a brilliant light. Bothparts of its identity — its comprehensiveexcellence and its public mission — set itapart from its elite private peers. Berkeley iscommitted to serving the public good, andthis is reflected in the priorities and vision forLight the Way: The Campaign for Berkeley.By focusing on those priorities — facultyand fellowships, opportunity and excellence,research for the public good, and placesof possibility — Berkeley is challenging thephilanthropic community to partner with theuniversity to help illuminate new possibilitiesfor a better tomorrow.To learn how the entire Cal community ismobilizing to stand together, demonstrateits collective power, illuminate knowledge,and realize a common vision for our future,visit’s growing lightThe campaign, which runs through the end of2023, has been a shining success so far. 4.3 billion 6 billionRaised as of March 2021Goal

Faculty honors30,79925811,54890undergraduatesgraduate studentsBerkeley is internationally renowned for excellenceand pioneering achievements across all disciplines.At the heart of its preeminence are Berkeley’sprofessors, highly distinguished researchers andscholars — and leading experts in their fields.1#public universityin global rankingsIn 2021, Berkeley was the No. 1 public institutionin U.S. News & World Report’s global rankings.1. Harvard2. MIT3. Stanford4. Berkeley5. OxfordPreeminence at a good priceIn the most recent rankings compiled by Forbes,Berkeley was the No. 5 institution in the Best ValueColleges category.American Academy of Arts and SciencesNational Academy of Engineering14National Medal of Science144National Academy of Sciences49American Philosophical SocietyNobel pursuits25faculty Nobel Prize winners,including nine currentfaculty members31alumni Nobel Prize winnersRANKINGS AND HONORSA university of great distinction

A research powerhouseBerkeley educates, challenges, mentors, and inspirestomorrow’s leaders in academia, arts and culture,business, government, and the professions.Berkeley’s world-class reputation andperformance in academic research reflectsits expertise in addressing pressing globalchallenges in the areas of health, energy, andthe environment. The university offers more than10,000 undergraduate and graduatecourses in more than 300 degreeprograms, and it is the top Ph.D.-grantinginstitution in the U.S. Cal offers nearly 60 foreign languages,including Amharic, Catalan, Mongolian,and Yiddish. 48 percent of Berkeley undergraduatesresponding to a 2020 student survey assistedfaculty in research or had completed at leastone research methods course.Library excellence13 million volumes400 languages representedin the collections1.3 million items scannedAcross 31 subject ratings in U.S. News & WorldReport’s 2021 Best Global University rankings,Berkeley ranked first in chemistry; third inbiotechnology and applied microbiology,environment/ecology, economics andbusiness, space science, and physics; fourthin civil engineering and plant and animalscience; and fifth in biology and biochemistryand computer science.NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION2020 Graduate Research FellowshipsBERKELEY 106STANFORD 77HARVARD 50YALE 36Drawing brilliant young facultyBerkeley’s commitment to hiring the very bestyoung faculty is reflected in the university’shigh number of junior faculty who receivecoveted research fellowships from theAlfred P. Sloan Foundation each year.Sloan Fellowships awarded in 2021STANFORD 8MIT 8BERKELEY 5PRINCETON 5HARVARD 4TEACHING AND RESEARCHWorld-class education

A leader in sustainabilityCal is well known for its tradition of public service,which plays a key role in the university’s teaching andresearch. Outside of the classroom:95% More than 6,000 graduate andundergraduate students servedcommunity-based organizations,government offices, and schools in2019–20. Berkeley has produced the mostPeace Corps volunteers — more than3,700 — since that organization’sinception in 1961.Commitment to public serviceFounded by students in 1967, the UC BerkeleyPublic Service Center partners with the community,student leaders, and faculty to engage nearly6,000 students each year as volunteers, andthrough jobs, internships, and courses.14social action programs475 community partners1better worldof students walk, bike, or takepublic transit to campus6sites with solar panels,contributing toward a campus goalof carbon neutrality by 202514%of food served in our dining halls is sustainablysourced, and 31% is plant-based55 environmental studentorganizations on campusPUBLIC SERVICEAn impact beyond the classroom

First-year students (Fall tic achievement28%living Berkeley alumnialumni gave to Berkeley in 2019–20Cal Alumni Association membersCal Parents families30men’s and women’s teams850 student-athletes97team national titles all-time in 15 different sports, aswell as 313 individual titles300 current and former Cal athletes,coaches, and staff have earned207 Olympic medals, including 117 goldaverage SAT math scoreaverage SAT reading/writing scoreof applicants admittedfrom Californiaof new freshmen from familiesin which neither parent has afour-year college degree3.91average unweightedhigh school GPATHE CAL FAMILYEngaging alumni and parents

State support for Berkeley has plummeted in recentyears, placing California’s world-renowned systemof public higher education at risk. The State ofCalifornia is projected to provide only 11 percentof Berkeley’s 3 billion annual budget in 2020–21 —with the remainder coming from tuition, researchfunding, philanthropy, and auxiliary activity.Undergraduate budget 2020–21*Tuition/feesRoom/boardOther expensesTotal budgetResidents 14,312 19,620 8,528Nonresidents 44,066 19,620 8,528 42,460 72,214Graduate budget ition/feesHousing/utilitiesOther expensesTotal budgetNonresidents 29,348 15,646 18,274 48,166 63,268* Tuition figures for 2020–21 are accurate as ofMarch 2021. The graduate tuition/fees figure is a basenumber that can be higher depending on the program. 14,312 1,545State fundingResidents 14,246 15,646 18,27411%47%Leaving Cal with less debtOn average, Berkeley undergraduates graduatewith less debt than their peers at institutionsacross California and the nation.Average debt at graduationThirty years ago, the state provided nearly half ofBerkeley’s funding.Attracting scholarsfrom California and beyondApproximately 23 percent of Cal’s undergraduatesare out-of-state and international students — andthe additional nonresident tuition that they payhelps keep Berkeley affordable for lower-incomeCalifornia students.Berkeley 19,773California 21,485U.S. 28,950FUNDING AND COSTSThen and now: the challengeof state funding

A public mission madepossible by private supportScholarship support from private donors enablesCal to fulfill its public mission to accept studentsbased on their ability to achieve, not on theircapacity to pay.More than 61,000 donors — including alumni,parents, corporations, and foundations — gavea record-shattering 1.04 billion in gifts,pledges, and private grants in the 2019–20fiscal year.Financial support for students61%of all undergraduates receive someform of financial aid 44.5 millionin privately funded undergraduatescholarships were offered in 2019–20,supporting 5,351 recipients 50.8 millionin privately funded graduatefellowships were offered in 2019-20,supporting 4,500 recipientsUndergraduate Pell GrantrecipientsAccording to U.S. News & World Report’s analysis ofeconomic diversity at national universities, a higherpercentage of Berkeley undergraduate studentsreceive Pell Grants than those at our private peerinstitutions.Berkeley29%MIT, Yale18%17%Harvard, StanfordBerkeley’s endowment:a lasting legacyThe university’s 4.9 billion endowment isthe solid foundation upon which Berkeley’sexcellence is built. A long-term, reliable sourceof funding, the endowment allows us to realizeour mission of teaching, research, and publicservice for generations to come — and to seea clearer picture of what lies ahead for Cal.Berkeley’s endowment generated 158 millionin payout to the campus in 2019–20.One day, big impactOn March 11, 2021, Berkeley held its seventh24-hour campuswide fundraising blitz —Big Give. Fueled by a variety of contests,widespread social media participation, and acollective desire to keep Berkeley among thebest public universities in the world, donorsmade nearly 16,000 gifts totaling more than 12.3 million. This global outpouring of supporttouched every Berkeley school and college, andprograms as diverse as our great university.POWER OF PHILANTHROPYKeeping educationalopportunity alive

Connections and supportEveryoneParentsLight the Way light.berkeley.eduLearn all about Berkeley’s historic 6 billionfundraising campaign.Cal Parents calparents.berkeley.eduFind information about visiting campus, academics,finances, how to get involved, and more.Give to Berkeley give.berkeley.eduChoose from hundreds of online giving funds that supportour extraordinary students, faculty, research, and more.Social mediaTwitter berkeleyAlumni & Friends Gateway alumni-friends.berkeley.eduLinks to campus services and events for alumniand donors.Berkeley Online berkeleyonline.berkeley.eduCheck out our monthly email updating you on the latestresearch, alumni, and campus news, as well as what’shappening in innovation and entrepreneurship.Berkeley News news.berkeley.eduDaily news and stories on research, faculty, students, artsand culture, opinion pieces, and more.Events Calendar events.berkeley.eduMark your calendar with lectures, sports, performances,films, and other public events.Alumni@cal Alumni Network cal.berkeley.eduCreate a free email forwarding address, search the alumnidirectory, and network with alums and students.University of California, BerkeleyUniversity Development and Alumni Relations1995 University Avenue, Suite 401Berkeley, CA 94704–1058510.642.1212ureditor@berkeley.eduCal Alumni Association alumni.berkeley.eduA great resource for alumni chapters, California magazine,volunteer or educational travel opportunities, careerservices, and other alumni programs.Information current as of March 2021.J14674International Alumni Network tworkClubs and regional representatives in 41 countries,offering alumni, parents, and friends opportunities toengage with their local communities through activitiesand programs.

Alumni @cal Alumni Network Create a free email forwarding address, search the alumni directory, and network with alums and students. Cal Alumni Association A great resource for alumni chapters, California magazine, volunteer or educational travel opportunities, car

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The following Fact Fluency Card labels are included in this pack: 1. Plus One Facts 2. Plus Two Facts 3. Plus Three Facts 4. Minus One Facts 5. Minus Two Facts 6. Minus Three Facts 7. Facts of Five 8. Doubles Facts (Addition) 9. Doubles Facts (Subtraction) 10. Near Doubles Facts (e.g. 6 7 6 6 1 12 1 13) 11. Facts of Ten: Addition 12.

for ages 10 and under 10.75 per meal includes kid's drink drink choices of milk (119 cal), apple juice (156 cal), orange juice (153 cal), pineapple juice (198 cal), soda coca-cola 12oz (75 cal), diet coke 12oz (1 cal), coca-cola zero sugar 12oz (1 cal), fanta 12oz (82 cal) or water (0 cal). headliners

doubles-plus-one facts, doubles-plus-two facts, plus-ten facts, plus-nine facts, and then any remaining facts. For multiplication, the suggested sequence is the times-zero principle, times-one principle, times-two and two-times facts, times-five and five-times facts, times-nine and nine-times facts, perfect squares, and then any remaining facts .

Starbucks Coffee, Decaf and Hot Tea 0 Cal/8 oz. serving AM Perk Up Granola Bars 190 Cal each Assorted Individual Yogurt Cups 50-150 Cal each Iced Tea 5 Cal/8 oz. serving Iced Water 0 Cal/8 oz. serving Starbucks Coffee, Decaf and Hot Tea 0 Cal/8 oz. serving Power Up Lunch Tomato and Cucumber Couscous Salad 120 Cal/3.75 oz. serving

No statement or other information provided in connection with the FBBC 6 Week Vegan Meal Plan (including on this or any related website, in any email or electronic message or via any . WEEK 2 MEAL PLAN Week 2 250-300 Cal 180 Cal 250-500 Cal 150 Cal 300-500 Cal 170 Cal Total Cal Breakfast Snack #1 Lunch Snack #2 Dinner Dessert

appetizers Build Your Own Sampler 906-2974 cal. 10.29 11.99 Chicken Tenders 361 cal. Fried Cheese Curds 508 cal. Brew City Fries 590 cal. Onion Rings 552 cal. Crispy Green Beans 351 cal. Zesty Pickle Fries 302 cal. Served with your choice of two sauces:

Math Bee Practice . 1st Round Mixed Multiplication and Division Facts 2 seconds. Multiplication Facts 6 x 6 _ Multiplication Facts 6 x 6 36. Multiplication Facts 32 8 _ Multiplication Facts 32 8 4. Multiplication Facts 7 x 6 _ Multiplication Facts 7 x 6 42. Multiplication Facts 56 7 _

Dance Dance Revolution Study In 2007 researchers at Wisconsin University found that players burned on average 5.9 cal/min in light mode (354 cal/hour) 6.7 cal/min in standard mode (402 cal/hour) 8.1 cal/min in difficult mode (486 cal/hour) In 2009 researchers at the University of Oklahoma