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Historic Aged PropertiesBrought to you byPast to Present Research LLC

Since March 2010We have been living our passion forHistoric Research, Preservation andEducation.

Protect your clients!For your sellers .For your buyers .OldHomesDesignation isn’t alwaysapparent- your sellers mightthink they know and areoften WRONG

Scenario Buyer finds a grand old house, sellers mark theproperty is not designated because it is not on theNational Registry. Buyer closes on the property, a month later beginsreplacing old windows with new vinyl windows. Buyer gets a friendly visit from a city official to beinformed to stop replacing the windows and putthe old windows back in. What happened?

What can you do? Whether you are representing the buyer or theseller, contacting the local preservationdepartment with the property address to find outif it is designated can help your client avoid thissituation. Ask for a copy or link to District Design Guidelines

Line 208 f. CLG- CertifiedLocal Government

What is “Designation”?

Types ofHistoricDesignationNational Register & NationalHistoric District- Potential TaxCredits –Approval by State(SHPO)Local Historic Designation &Local Historic District – PotentialTax Credits and Design GuidelineReview by CLGFederal State Credits are ONLYfor Commercial Use

If it has a plaque, it has rules. FALSE Anyone can put up a plaque Homes on the National Register of HistoricPlaces usually have plaques Other reasons for plaques, such ascommemorating a place or event ofimportance

If it doesn’t have a plaque,it doesn’t have rules. FALSE Misconception, especially in designateddistricts Districts could consist of:– A neighborhood block– Subdivision– Farmstead– Commercial district

It must be over 100 years oldto be “historic.” FALSE Any home 50 years or older is a potential candidate forthe National Register nomination Era built Architecture Surrounding properties (esp. historic district) Integrity of design Association with important figure

BecomingDesignatedLocal Historic Districts- Citymust have a CLG createdthrough the state SHPO andhomeowners vote to approveformation of districtLocal Historic DesignationHomeowner choses to havehome designated, CLGapprovesNational Register- ALWAYSstarts with the state SHPO.Final approval from NRHP.

Historic Survey of DistrictDocument created for designation approvalIncludes specificinformation about districtsuch as:History of districtArchitecural styles and ages ofhomes and buildings in districtPhotos of homes and buildingsCan often be found online in pdf form

Only homes on the National Registerare protected. FALSE Many municipalities will “flag”a permit for rehabilitation ordemolition on any home over100 years old or of localsignificance. Local Historic Districts, TaxAbatements, often haveregulations.

DefiningDemolition Partial Demolitionincluding majorsetback Full Demolition Demolition by Neglect CoA- Certificate ofAppropriateness EH- Economic Hardship

Kansas City National Register and KC Register MapPink- National RegisterPurple- KC RegisterLiberty MissouriFive Local Historic DistrictsSix National Register DistrictsEight Individual NR Properties

Design Guidelines are primarily based onThe Secretary of Interiors Standards for theTreatment of Historic Properties andapproved by the CLGIndependence, MO-Kansas City, MO-Liberty, MO

Buyer Questions Many common myths exist within the realm of historic homeownership. Just as we advise our clients to contact an attorney for legalquestions, an accountant for tax advice, there are localprofessionals to give “old house” advice in regards torehab/restoration regulations. Even if the home is not designated many owners of “old homes”will still want advice as to how to retain/restore their historicproperty.

Being designated means someone can tell youwhat color your client can paint their house,and they can’t change anything. FALSE (with some local reasonable colorrestrictions) Street view of exterior façade is main concern(some local interior reviews) Could include windows Suggested that any necessary changes shouldbe done with like style and materials in mind Specific features may have additionalprotection if home is on National Register

If a home becomes a part of a designateddistrict, your client will have to remove the newstuff and put the old stuff back. FALSE Not around here Any future changes will be reviewed by yourlocal CLG

If your client buys an historic property, they willhave a responsibility to open thier house to thepublic. FALSE Completely voluntary! Plenty of opportunities to participate incommunity old homes tours, but you have thepower to decide whether or not toparticipate.

Back to Social Studies Class Why is knowing our historyimportant? What in history has shapedwhere we live? What is happening now? What could the futurebring?

Why DoesHistoryMatter?A senseof g

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ArchitectureStyles and Stories

What typeof home isthis?

Greek Revival? Antebellum?Yes Antebellum simply refers to a home built duringor before a war, here more specifically the CivilWar Usually referring to homes built 1830-1860 Greek Revivals, Italianates, log cabins, etc. Fun Fact: Americans were politically empatheticwith Greece during this time as they were in theprocess of gaining their independence.

What does this have to do withhistoric architecture?

How do these make you feel?

Crash CourseItalianateQueen AnneVictorianArts andCrafts

BungalowCape CodMid-CenturyModernRanch

AvailableonlineWindow and Roofstyles are themost obviousidentifiers ofarchitectural style

A Few Local ExamplesHarrisonville, Queen Anne1900 /- 1059th St. KCMO ColonialRevival 1922Paseo, KCMO SecondItalian RenaissanceRevival 1899

Architecture References and GuidesA Field Guide to American Houses byVirginia & Lee McAlesterKansas City: A Place In Time, SecondEdition

RestoreTerminologyRehabAdaptive Reuse

Restoration Taking the structure back to it’s original state

Rehabilitation Making necessary repairs to a structure oftenkeeping historic materials in mind

Adaptive Reuse

The agelisted onthe countytax recordis the yearthe housewas built.

The age listed on the county tax record is theyear the house was built. FALSE Fire, tornado, or any form of destruction can cause aloss of a home New home is built on top of the existing foundation Structure built before records were kept

The age listed on the county tax record is theyear the house was built. Sometimes homes have been moved Schoolhouse moved with mules, served newpurpose in new location

Architecture References and GuidesA Field Guide to American Houses byVirginia & Lee McAlesterKansas City: A Place In Time, SecondEdition

Lending,Value andInsurance

No comps means no sale. FALSEComps may be difficultHelp your appraiserExample: 1856 GreekRevival Homes in Jackson, Cass, andBates County burned down Homes of this age exist inareas less affected by war,natural disasters and orUrban Renewal Appraisal doesn’t add valuefor being historic

You can’t get insurance ona designated house. FALSE Replacement value policies can be expensiveand are not based on designation regulations. More expensive to take out policy to covercomplete replacement of interior and exterior. Market value replacement insurance is whatmany homeowners use.

Specialty items such as hand paintedimported tileLet’s talkwalnuts,roofs andotherrarities.Wood that was common in 19thcentury and is now extremelyexpensiveFinding similar materials to originalsuch as modern roofing that lookslike historic roofing materialUsing restoration hardware forrepairs

There are historic loans. FALSE Not here, but there are incentives Federal Tax Credits for commercial use ofHistorically Designated buildings State Tax Credits for commercial and residentialuse of Historically Designated homes Grants for Public Use Abatements

Federal Income Tax Credits- 20% for 20Years for Designated Commercial UseKansas State Income Credits 25% credit Must exceed 5000 (cancombine sm projects) hasfees Transferable for 10 years Must follow rehabilitationplan approved by KS-SHPO Must be certified historic Has capsMissouri State Income Credits 25% credit of approvedcosts Must be 50% total value ofpurchase 3yr backdate/ 10yr forward 10% work w/in 9 monthsw/proof of finance DED & MO-SHPO approval/has fees and capsTax Credits Can Be Stacked/Brokered/Sold/Transferred

TaxAbatements Provided by municipality Typically, will still pay tax onland and or value beforeimprovements Primarily used to increasehome-ownership in blightedareas Can be managed by anAbatement Board withoutCLG guidelines Does not require historicdesignation

Old homes have less value. FALSE The surrounding environment can make themmuch more valuable than any other type ofhome Their protection often protects their value The restoration of old homes has manybenefits

Historic district designation leads to increasedlevels of home ownership and longerresidence by both homeowners and renters. Designated historic districts tend to havehigher rates of participation in neighborhoodassociations and improvement projects, whichprotects shared spaces from decline.

Nationwide, property values in local historicdistricts appreciate significantly faster than themarket as a whole. Study in Phoenix, AZ noted that historicdesignation increased the average marketablesales price of a house by 31%. Study in Memphis, TN, combined local/nationaldesignation added 18.6% to assessed propertyvalues over a 4-year period, compared to a 13%added by national designation alone.

A 2000 study in South Carolina found that homeswithin a historic district sold 26% faster thanoverall market, while nearby Beauport saw a 21%greater sale price. Historic designation typically increases residentialproperty values by 5-35% per decade over thevalues in similar, undesignated neighborhoods. Local historic district designation decreasesinvestor uncertainty and insulates propertyvalues.

FiliopietisticMerriam Webster- : of or relating to an oftenexcessive veneration of ancestors ortradition.

QuestionAre there any environmental or economic benefits torestoring an old property?YES.The Extreme Green Campaign

Who would want to live in one ofthese old homes? WalkabilityCommunity ConnectivenessShorter CommuteUniqueness in character The September 2013 NationalAssociation of REALTORS 2013Community Preference Surveyfound sixty percent of Americanswanted a neighborhood with a“mix of houses and stores andother businesses that are easy towalk to over neighborhoods thatrequire greater driving amonghome, work, and recreation.”

Restore? Remodel?

Update Update Update Just as we help our sellers determine whatupgrades are the best value for resale, thesame applies to historic aged properties Check solds, most often buyers of thesehomes prefer homes that have had theoriginal details kept and preserved orrestored. Quite often too many updates are the lastthing buyers want.

Today’sMaterialsvsYesterday’s No one ever said restoring an oldhome was easy, inexpensive or withoutpotential dangers– Lead based paint– Asbestos Insulation in walls, attics, pipesand ductwork, also sometimesfound in flooring– Electrical & Plumbing Get an inspection!! Electric andPlumbing has evolved manytimes since it’s inception, quiteoften upgrades beingperformed by non-licensedhomeowners or contractors.

Old Materials

Owning an old home with original windowsmakes you an earth hater. FALSE FTC Ruling Where is energylost?

Surprises In TheYard Outhouses, old septic “tanks”and wells Graveyards– Headstones and markerscannot be disturbed– Must remain accessible tofamily members of thedeceased– Unmarked graveyardshave regulations– Local & State laws candiffer in all additionalgraveyard regulations

Restoration Resources:City Preservation Department or Local CLGRepresentative & Design GuidelinesThe Craftsman BlogNARI (National Association of theRemodeling Industry)

Local CLG Resources https://dnr.mo.gov/shpo/jackson.htm https://www.kshs.org/natreg/natreg ry:/keywords:/records:all/submit:SEARCH w/2135

Local Resources & Links Missouri State Historic Preservation Office– http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/index.html Kansas State Historic Preservation Office– http://www.kshs.org/portal shpo Missouri Preservation– http://www.preservemo.org/ National Trust for Historic Preservation– http://www.preservationnation.org/


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