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SANDVIK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGYADVANCED MATERIALS FOR THE MOST DEMANDING INDUSTRIESCAPABILITIESKEY FIGURES 2015CUSTOMERS40% OFSALES3 World-leading developer andmanufacturer of high-valueadded products in advancedstainless steels and special alloys. Revenues: 14 BSEK Setting the industry standard in themost demanding industries, such asenergy, chemical and aerospace. 6,500 employees EBIT margin*: 8% Cash-Flow: 1.9 BSEK NWC: 25%*) Excluding effects from changed metal pricesand nonrecurring charges

NICHE PLAYERADDRESSING 0.02% OF WORLD STEEL ALLEDCAPACITY INSMT MELTSHOP0.3MtonsMtons4Source:,, SMR - Steel & Metals Market Research, Sandvik Materials Technology

SETTING THE INDUSTRY STANDARDIN 50% OF THE SMT BUSINESSEXAMPLES OF LEADING AND NEXT GENERATION OF MATERIALS:OIL & GAS UMBILICALTUBINGSandvik SAF 2507 Sandvik SAF 3207 HD (new)OIL & GASWIRELINESSandvik SAF 2507 Sanicro 56Mo (new)NUCLEARWELDINGSandvik 19.9.L Sandvik 24.13.LHF (new)HEATINGSYSTEMSKanthal APM etc.Kanthal APMT (new)AEROSPACETUBINGTi Grade 9 (Boeing 787 Dreamliner)Ti Grade 5 (new)FERTILIZERMATERIALSSandvik Safurex Sandvik Safurex (new)ENERGY/FUELEFFICIENCYSandvik Hiflex flapper valve steelPressurfect GDI-tubingSuper alloysNickel alloysPowder metallurgyAdvanced stainlessand duplexStainless steels193051980Carbon steels200820152020

HIGHLY INTEGRATED PRODUCTIONUP TO 30 VALUE ADDING PROCESS STEPSRAWMATERIALSMELTING ANDHOT ROLLINGCOMMONFINISHINGTUBERecycled steelSPECIFICFINISHINGSteamgenerator tubesCoiled tubesFinned tubesUmbilical tubesComposite tubesSTRIPCoated strip steelCompressor valve steelRazor blade steelWIREWireWelding productsAlloying elementsHeating elementsand MOTIVEMININGCONSTRUCTIONMEDICALBar, billets,rock drill steel6Value adding process steps. Tube: 30-50 Strip: 25-50


PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT MODELDIFFERENT BUSINESSES – WITH DIFFERENT CHALLENGES AND AGENDASSHARE OF SHARE OF SHARE OFREVENUES*: EBIT*:TONS*:EXAMPLE OF PRODUCTS:Strategic businesses like oil/gas,nuclear products, heating systems,powder and rock drill steel.Safeguard strong position in futuregrowth areas, e.g. energy andenergy efficiency.More standardized products, e.g.standard tube, bars and billets, stripand wire.Lean business model, capacityand supply chain adjustments,operational excellence,selective exits.IMPORTANT FOR SCALE AT PRIMARYSpecialized product units with limitedlinkage to the Primary system, e.g.titanium tubing for aerospace, medicalwire and fuel cell material.*) Average 2013-20158AGENDALeverage no 1 or no 2 marketposition.


OIL & GAS ORE2%17%

JANUARY 2016SUBSEA PROJECTS OVERVIEWEngineeringDesign12 months Oil project Gas projectTender4-6 monthsInvestmentDecision1-2 monthsAwarded112015201620172018

MAY 2016SUBSEA PROJECTS OVERVIEWEngineeringDesign12 months Oil project Gas projectTender4-6 monthsInvestmentDecision1-2 monthsAwarded122015201620172018

OPPORTUNITIESIRANINDIACHINA Oil production to almostdouble by 2021 Power generation capacityto increase by 30% by 2020 Power generation capacityto increase by 50% by 2035 Capex requirements offshore Nuclear capacity to doubleby 2020 Focus on nuclear and coal Potential largely untapped Sales, production and R&Dpresence today13 Sales, production and R&Dpresence today

THE ENERGY ANDCLIMATE CHALLENGE40 000TWhWE ARE PART OFTHE SOLUTION SANDVIK SANICRO 25TM reducing CO2emissions by 24% in coal-fired power plants. KANTHAL APMTTM for increasing safety andefficiency in next generation nuclear power plants. SANDVIK SANERGYTM for fuel cell technology,reducing CO2 emissions.23 000 CO2TWh 32 GtCO220 Gt SANDVIK HIFLEXTM compressor valve steelfor improved energy efficiency in refrigeratorsand air conditioners. SANDVIK SAF 3207HDTM next generationmaterial for ultra-deepwater oil exploration. SANDVIK SAFUREXTM next generation fertilizermaterial, also for powder-based components.20152020202520302035References: IEA – World Energy Outlook 2015 & Energy andClimate Change 2015 & Key World Energy Statistics, IPCC – Climate change 2014142040

SUMMARYSANDVIK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY WORLD-LEADING developer and manufacturerin advanced stainless steels and special alloysfor selected market niches. CHALLENGING MARKET expected to continueand contingency plans are in place tomanage different scenarios. LONG-TERM MARKET FUNDAMENTALSremain solid as world faces the energy andclimate challenge.


Kanthal APM etc. Kanthal APMT (new) AEROSPACE Ti TUBING Grade 9 (Boeing 787 Dreamliner) Ti Grade 5 (new) . Wire Welding products Heating elements and systems Coated strip steel Compressor valve steel Razor

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Sandvik CH860i and Sandvik CH865i offer production flexibility and depending on crushing application, they perform up to 30% better compared to other crushers in their class. Sandvik CH860i is dedicated for high capacity secondary crushing thanks to its 500kW motor delivering higher power and more crushing force at maximum throw.

Choosing Sandvik bandsaw steel can mean increased productivity and profitability. Sandvik Multishift –Our best snig bel l andsaw steel Sandvik Multishift is a steel that keeps blade tension longer and can work under high load. It has been devel-oped to increase saw ut

8 Sandvik Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools THE SANDVIK GROUP Sandvik was established in 1862: today, it is a global industrial group with advanced products and world-leading positions in selected areas. In 2013, we had about 47,000 employees and sales of just over 87 billion SE

13:45 - 14:10 introduction to sandvik – and titanium as an element mikael schuisky 14:10 - 14:35 titanium and nickel powder production by sandvik martin mueller 14:35 - 15:00 titainum and nickel powder by sandvik – the additive advantage keith murray 15:00 - 15:20 swedish ”fika”

disimulasikan, simulator menawarkan kontrol otentik yang dipadukan dengan perangkat lunak yang sama yang diinstal pada rig pengeboran yang sebenarnya. KABAR SANDVIK 4 SOLID GROUND 2-19 SANDVIK MINING AND ROCK TECHNOLOGY Mengotomatisasikan El Teniente Melanjutka

1862, Sandvik is a high-technology engineering group and the world’s leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide tools for the construction, mining and drilling industries. We take special care in the manufacturing process to ensure that the cemented tungsten carbide in Sandvik’s tools

Sandvik UH440i and US440i come with the highly productive cone crushers Sandvik CH440 and CS440, respectively, plus many added features. The process is continuously and automatically moni-tored by the intelligent control system. For optimum performance, the unit is also equipped with the crusher control system, ASRi, as standard.

Sandvik’s jaw crushers provide an excellent choice when high production and low total cost are sought. 33 ROBUST CONSTRUCTION The Sandvik jaw crusher is a single toggle jaw crusher, character-ized by attention to detail, in both design and manufacture. We

Sandvik reserves the right to update specifications and part numbers without prior notice. Core drilling, diamond products C2-570ENG:1 is valid from March 30 2012. Sandvik Exploration overview 2 Equipment 2 Core drilling tools 3 Reverse circulation t

4 sandvik dth tools Sandvik DTH drilling tools RH550r hammer 3” Weight Outside diameter Hammer length Hammer length with bit Bit closed Bit extended kg lb mm inch mm inch mm inch mm inch 25 55 81,3 3.2 823 32.4 875 34.4 911 35.9 Air consumption, cfm Air consumption, m3/min 150 psi 250 p

sandvik rc hammers & bits sandvik reverse circulation hammers sandvik reverse circulation hammer model re035 re004 re542 re543 re040 re545 re052 re054 hammer outside diameter metric 82mm 107mm 109mm 117mm 121mm 122mm 121mm 130mm imperial 3 4/16" 4 3/16" 4 5/16" 4 10/16" 4 12/16

Sandvik grade ASTM grade ASTM spec UNS# C Cr Ni Mo Cu Others Sandvik 253 MA - A213, A312 S30815 0.08 21 11 N, Ce Sandvik 254 SMO - A213, A269, A312 S31254 0.020 20 18 6.1 0.7 N

Sandvik i-series trucks 7 THE NEW i-SERIES TRUCKS Sandvik TH551i Sandvik TH663i Pay load capacity 51 000 kg 63 000 kg Tunnel size 5 x 5 m 6 x 6 m Dump box, standard 28.0 m3 36.0 m3 Dump box, range 24-30 m3 24-40 m3 Total operating weight 41 000 kg 43 000 kg

John Nethery Sandvik Mining and Construction Alan Matchett Sandvik Mining and Construction Mark Anthony Demolition Publications Track and wheel-mounted mobile crushers are now commonplace on demolition and recycling projects up and down the country. As the demolition industry embraces the need to process and recycle materials that were previously

materials and process systems. Sandvik Rock Processing is a product area within Sandvik Mining and Construction and manufactures products for the mining and construction industry; crushers, screens, feeders, mobile crushers and screening stations. Worldwide business activities are conducted through 300 companies and representation in 130 countries.

Sandvik 13C26 is a martensitic stainless chromium steel used mainly for razor blades. Forms of supply, finishes and dimensions Razor blade steel, Sandvik 13C26, is supp-

means without written permission from Sandvik. All data and information in this manual may be changed without further notice. Reservation for misprints. Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screens Ltd. Tullyvannon, Ballygawley, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT70 2HW Tel. 44 (0) 28 8556 7799, Fax 44 (0) 28 8556 7007 W:

means without written permission from Sandvik. All data and information in this manual may be changed without further notice. Reservation for misprints. Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screens Ltd. Tullyvannon, Ballygawley, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT70 2HW Tel. 44 (0) 28 8556 7799, Fax 44 (0) 28 8556 7007 W:

CONNECTED CONE CRUSHERS My Sandvik gives you complete 24/7 access to data generated by your connected Sandvik crusher fleet. Make decisions based on facts, and clearly see areas where you can improve uptime and productivity. Get access to manuals and an e-commerce platform to easily and efficiently buy and reorder wear and spare parts.

of hydraulic pumps write in their operating manuals that the pump can only produce the necessary working . Normally jaw breakers or impact crushers are used to chop . Image: Sandvik GmbH Image: Sandvik GmbH 9. Drying drum The low-speed pillow blocks of the castor and support