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KMT Waterjet System IntegratorsMore Options, Better Choices!KMT Waterjet Systems has the largest and most advanced global network of OriginalEquipment Manufacturers (OEM) who will design, engineer, and manufacture the rightwaterjet cutting system for your cutting application.The KMT Waterjet OEM network contains accomplished manufacturers in their field ofintegration, whether its One Dimensional, X-Y, X-Y-Z, or 4, 5 and6-Axis (3D) Robotic cutting application.KMT Waterjet System Integrators are experienced in waterjet cutting to ensure thatyou and your employees are well trained, and have all the tools and support you needfor a successful and profitable waterjet cutting business.With KMT Waterjet Integrators,You Can Choose From These Options:Standard and Customized Tablesŷ MultipleX-Y, X-Y-Z, 4, 5 & 6 Axis CuttingCutting Heads ŷ Robotic Trimming Combination Waterjet Systems include: Saw, Plasma, or DrillFind aKMT OEM635 W. 12th Street r P.O. Box 231 r Baxter Springs, KS 66713800-826-9274 r Tel.: 1-620-856-2151 r Fax: 1-620-856-50502012 KMT Catalog - 08/12KMT Waterjet Systems r co r kmtgenXineparts.comMADE IN

INSIDE FEATURESKMT Waterjet Systems History.3-4Maximum Industries-Contract Cutting "Whatever It Takes".5-6Jiangsu Daming Manufacturing-World's Largest Waterjet Cutting Center.7-8KMT STREAMLINE PRO2 90,000 psi/6.200 bar 125 HP Pump.9-10KMT STREAMLINE PRO2 90,000 psi/6.200 bar 60 HP Pump.11-12The KMT PRO2 Topworks.13Material Cut Speeds Chart @90,000 psi/6.200 bar.14KMT STREAMLINE 60,000 psi/4.137 bar Pumps.15-16KMT STREAMLINE 55,000 psi/3.800 bar Pumps.17-18KMT PRO Cutting Nozzles.19-20KMT Genuine Parts and Service.21-22KMT Waterjet Systems is a world leader in the developmentof waterjet cutting technology and offers a wide range ofultrahigh waterjet pumps, advanced cutting nozzles,aftermarket KMT Genuine Parts and accessories for waterjetcutting technology. KMT Waterjet operates using a certifiedISO9001 Quality Management System standard.12

KMT WATERJET SYSTEMS. OVER 40 YEARSOF GLOBAL WATERJET TECHNOLOGY!1946 McCartney Products founded by Joe McCartney, in Baxter Springs, Kansas, US1951 Manufacturer of first LDPE high pressure pump with 36,000 psi/2.500 bar for the chemical industry1964 Ingersoll Rand acquires McCartney Products and lays foundation for Waterjet Division1971Ingersoll Rand launches the STREAMLINE SL-I, thefirst 55,000 psi/4.000 bar high pressure pump forwaterjet cutting1986 Best-Matic opens the waterjet center in Bad Nauheim, Germany1988STREAMLINE SL-II 55,000 psi/4.000 bar introduced1989 Ingersoll Rand (IR) takes over the Best-Matic Group1990STREAMLINE SL-III 55,000 psi/4.000 bar launched1993 IR Bad Nauheim appointed sales office for HP pumps for ESA (Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia)1996STREAMLINE SL-IV 55,000 psi, with fewer intensifierparts introduced1996Autoline cutting head is introduced with interchangeableorifices, representing an alignment efficiency andperformance breakthrough2001 AMS abrasive management system launched2002 STREAMLINETM SL-IV Plus with 60,000 psi/4.137 bar high pressure introduced1971Ingersoll Rand firstcommercial waterjetinstallation in Alton, IL31972Tulsa World newspaperfeature waterjet story onIngersoll Rand and the“Blade That’s Always Sharp”COMPANY2003 Karolin Machine Tool (KMT) purchases the waterjet division from Ingersoll Rand2004STREAMLINE SL-V 60,000 psi/4.137 bar with HSEC (HardSeal End Cap) Technology is introduced with ametal-to-metal seal, reducing consumables to saveoperating costs2005 KMT acquires Aqua-Dyne water blasting products2006 KMT acquires H2O JetTM, waterjet pumps, and aftermarket parts products2008 Acquisition of the KMT Group by the Swedish investment company Nordstjernan2008Launch of IDE Cutting Nozzle with permanentdiamond mounted orifice improving alignmentand cutting performance2009 KMT opens Shanghai, China office for sales and service to theAsia-Pacific Region2009KMT introduced the STREAMLINE PRO 90,000 psi/6.200 bar 60 HP Ultra-High Pressure Pump2010STREAMLINE PRO 90,000 psi/6.200 bar 125 HPUltra-High Pressure Pump---World’s Fastest WaterjetCutting is introduced2011NEOLine 55,000 psi/3.800 bar 40 HP Pump islaunched as a value option for small job shops1976Ingersoll Rand featured inBusiness Week magazineon General Motors’ use ofWaterjet cutting4

KMT WATERJET. THE BROADESTRANGE OF WATERJET SOLUTIONS!CUSTOMERSMaximum IndustriesIrving, Texasmaximumind.com972-501-9990VideoMaximum Industries utilizes the latest technology in CNC equipment for waterjet cutting, laser cutting, machining, routing and precision laser marking. Maximum Industries has five waterjet systems including a true 5-axissystem powered by the KMT STREAMLINE PRO2 125 HP 90,000 psi pump. There are also two dual cutting headwaterjet systems and two single head systems to handle large production runs and multiple projects.Maximum Industries. “Whatever It Takes” to exceed customer expectations.56

KMT WATERJET. THE POWERTO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE!CUSTOMERSJiangsu Daming ManufacturingWuxi, Chinawuxidm.cn0086-510-8385-8000VideoJiangsu Daming Manufacturing is a leading large scale stainless steel processing manufacturer withnumerous locations including Wuxi, China. The production facilities machinery includes waterjettechnology, laser, plasma, plate sawing, surface polishing, and processing platforms. Daming operatesmultiple waterjet systems including 5-axis cutting. Daming’s primary contract applications includeshipyards, bridges, and pressure containers.78

90,000 psi/6.200 barKMT STREAMLINE PRO2 125 HPMAXIMUM POWER, MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE,FASTEST CUTTING!KMT Waterjet Systems introduces the NextGeneration of waterjet pumps, a 90,000 psi/6.200bar, 125 HP pump.Industry Standard60,000 psi/50 HPSingle HeadCuttingThe KMT STREAMLINE PRO 2 125 pump is theBEST solution for manufacturers requiringmaximum performance and exceptional value.Increased ProductionWith waterjet pressure up to 90,000 psi/6.200 bar, theadvanced KMT STREAMLINE PRO2 125 pump deliversthe manufacturer twice the power, by cutting products inhalf the time over conventional 60,000 psi - 100 HPwaterjet systems.Faster, Easier MaintenanceIntelligent design simplifies and speeds the access to sealsand wear parts.PRODUCTSCut twice the material inthe same time frame!STREAMLINE PRO 90,000 psi/125 HPDual HeadCuttingFastest Cutting in the Waterjet IndustryContinuous production of 90,000 psi/6.200 bar withdual phase intensifiers to virtually eliminate pressure dropand enables twice the cutting power over lower pressuresystems. Perfect for cutting thick steel, titanium,aluminum, brass and much more.Essential Featuresr 90,000 psi at 125 HP with dual phase intensifiers.r 'ual Intensifiers for Maximum 8HP, Maximum HPand Maximum Productivity.r 'ownwards compatible to 30,000 psi operationalpressure when less waterjet force is needed tocomplete the project.r Sophisticated software includes remote access andability to network multiple pumps.r 'ouble front doors for easy access and maintenancewith padded insulation for sound reduction.r Multiple language controls.r &eramic plungers for maximum reliability.Cut thick metals including steel, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.The KMT STREAMLINE PRO2 125 is the World's Fastest Waterjet Cutting Solution.Perfect for high volume production from single head to multiple cutting headrequirements and for intricate detailed cutting with tight tolerance requirements.SYSTEM INFORMATION:NFORMATION:Nominal Power Rate:Maximum Pressure Range:Max. Water Flow Rate @ 90,000psi (6.200 bar) :Maximum Single Orifice Diameter:Number of Language Options on Display:Control Voltage & Power Supply:9125 HP (93kW)90,000 psi (6.200 bar)1.43 gpm (5.4 lpm)0.016” (0.406 mm)524 V DC; 5 Amps DCMax. Noise Level:Ambient Operating Temperature:Length:Width:Height:Weight:84 dB (A)Min.: 40 F (5 C)Max.: 104 F (40 C)88.00” (2,230 mm)59.09” (1,500 mm)61.12” (1,552 mm)6,850 lbs (3,107 kg)High PressurePWaWater SystemSyInlet Flow Rate:Minimum Inlet Cutting Water Pressure:Plunger Diameter:Max. Nominal Strokes per Minute(at 90,000 psi, 6.200 bar):Accumulator Volume:9.2 gpm (34.8 lpm)35 psi (2.4 bar)0.875” (22.2 mm)45 Per Intensifier0.42 Gal. (1.6 L)Hydraulic SystemCooling SystemMax. Hydraulic Pressure, Operatingat Maximum Water Pressure:Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity:Single Hydraulic Pump Flow Rateat 60Hz (@1,750 rpm):Cooling Water Consumption at75 F (24 C) Water Temp. (Max):Minimum Cooling Water Pressure:2,400 psi (165 bar)110 gal (416 L)64 gpm (242 lpm)Options & Other FeaturesBooster Pump (adjustable & protected):6.5 gpm (24.6 lpm)35 psi (2.4 bar)IncludedSoft Start:Dual Pressure Control:Dual Intensifier Topworks:Proportional Control:Remote Online Diagnostics (via Modem):Digital Pressure ndard10

90,000 psi/6.200 barKMT STREAMLINE PRO2 60 HPINCREASE PRESSURE, INCREASE SPEED,INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY!KMT Waterjet Systems introduces the NextGeneration of water jet pumps, a 90,000psi/6.200 bar, 60 HP pump.The KMTSTREAMLINE PRO2 60 pump is the BESTsolution for manufacturers requiring higherperformance and outstanding value.PRODUCTSIndustry Standard60,000 psi/50 HPSingle HeadCuttingIncreased ProductionWith waterjet pressure up to 90,000 psi/6.200 bar, theadvanced KMT STREAMLINE PRO2 60 pump delivers themanufacturer a substantial improvement over cutting at60,000 psi - 50 HP for a greater return on investment.When compared with 60,000 psi cutting speeds, the newSTREAMLINE PRO2 60 pump will significantly increasecutting productivity by 30% - 40%.Faster, Easier MaintenanceIntelligent design simplifies and speeds access to sealsand wear parts.Increase Productivity!ductivityty!Faster CuttingContinuous production of 90,000 psi/6.200 bar enablesfaster cutting over lower pressure systems. Perfect forcutting thick steel, titanium, aluminum, brass and muchmore.Essential Featuresr 90,000 psi at 60 HPr Threaded, stud design utili]es hydraulictension for ease of maintenance.r 'ownwards compatible to 30,000 psioperational pressure when less waterjetforce is needed to complete the project.r Sophisticated software includes remoteaccess & ability to network multiple pumps.r Multiple language controlsr Maximum PressurePROPRO 90,00090,0000 psi/60psi/60 HPHPSingle Head CuttingSYSTEM INFORMATION:Nominal Power Rate:Maximum Pressure Range:Max. Water Flow Rate @ 90,000psi (6.200 bar) :Maximum Single Orifice Diameter:Number of Language Options on Display:Control Voltage & Power Supply:1160 HP (45kW)90,000 psi (6.200 bar).73 gpm (2.8 lpm)0.011” (0.279 mm)524 V DC; 10 Amps DCMax. Noise Level:Ambient Operating Temperature:Length:Width:Height:Weight:72.5 dB (A)Min.: 40 F (5 C)Max.: 104 F (40 C)78.00” (1,981 mm)36.00” (914 mm)57.19” (1,453 mm)3,450 lbs (1,565 kg)High Pressure Water SystemInlet Flow Rate:Minimum Inlet Cutting Water Pressure:Plunger Diameter:Max. Nominal Strokes per Minute(at 90,000 psi, 6.200 bar):Accumulator Volume:4.0 gpm (15.0 lpm)35 psi (2.4 bar)0.875” (22.2 mm)450.42 Gal. (1.6 L)Hydraulic SystemCooling SystemMax. Hydraulic Pressure, Operatingat Maximum Water Pressure:Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity:Hydraulic Pump Flow Rate at60Hz (@1,750 rpm):Cooling Water Consumption at75 F (24 C) Water Temp. (Max):Minimum Cooling Water Pressure:2,350 psi (162 bar)48 gal (182 L)3.5 gpm (13.2 lpm)35 psi (2.4 bar)Options & Other Features64.0 gpm (242 lpm)Booster Pump (adjustable & protected):IncludedWye-Delta Starter or Soft Start:Dual Pressure Compensator:Redundant Intensifier Topworks:Proportional Control:Remote Online Diagnostics (via Modem):Digital Pressure ndard12

90,000 psi/6.200 barKMT STREAMLINE PRO2 DELIVER THE PRESSURE!HydraulicCylinder HeadO-RingTHE KMT INTENSIFIERTHE SOURCE OF PRESSURE. No other systememincorporates the features of the KMTMTSTREAMLINE PRO2 to deliver the simplest,est,easiest-to-operate, most reliable system. TheKMT intensifier can be disassembled one sideideat a time and features quick, one-step sealealreplacement.Back-UpRingBushingRetainer FlangeCylinder LinerUHP CylinderSTREAMLINE PRO2 60Single IntensifierInlet CheckValve(Redundant Intensifier CartridgeAssemblySeal HeadAssemblyCeramicPlungerUHP SealAssemblyPrecision Designed, RapidChange UHP IntensifierPRODUCTSCylinder Nut(Hard Seal End Cap)STREAMLINE PRO2 View Rapid SealChange videoDischargeGland NutKMT STREAMLINE PRO2 Intensifier Cross SectionSTREAMLINE PRO2 125Dual Intensifiersp Unsurpassed Productivityp Reduced MaintenanceMaterial/CutSpeeds Chart60 HPBenefits of KMT’s Rapid Change UHP IntensifierSM:9 Maintenance friendly design more uptime9 Reduces seal change time by 50% vs. comparable UHP pumpss9 Low torque hard seal end cap metal-to-metal design9 Eliminates complicated bolt tensioning and tie rods9 No specialty hydraulic tools required9 Longer life on seals & consumable parts9 Improved cylinder alignment9 Fewer component parts9 Improved UHP cylinder, seal head and check valve lifeM AT E R IALAlu m in u mS tain lessS teelT itan iu mGraniteO R IF IC E D IA.0.0110.016Dual .011T H IC N E S SMaximum CutSpeed ipmMaximum CutSpeed ipmMaximum CutRate ipm55.021.147. 717. 26. 42.5524. 49.5.5576.29.2610. 624.719.47.514.441 .204.90110.1642.215.745.641 .65.149.619.077.162.162 . 1.5 .7220.417.4124. 247.6217.661.11.71.1 per head0. m )(25m m )(51m m )(13m m )(25m m )(51m m )(13m m )(25m m )(51m m )(13m m )(25m m )(51m m )Ab rasiv e F lo w R ate Lbs./Min.13125 HPDownload theKMT PRO2 90,000 psi CutCalculator14

KMT WATERJETSTREAMLINE PUMPS60,000 psi/4.137 barPRODUCTSTHE RIGHT PUMP MATTERS!High Pressure Pumps for 60,000 psi CuttingKMT STREAMLINE Series PumpsThe Industry Standard and an Exceptional ValueSTREAMLINE SL-V 100 Plus (100 HP)(Also available in 75 HP, 60 HP & 30 HP)The KMT STRE!M,I.E Series utiLiZes the Latest technoLogy andan innovative design for ease of use, reLiaBiLity andconvenience The resuLt is a systeM that deLivers the highestefficiency and profit STREAMLINE SL-V 50 Plus(50 HP)STREAMLINE SL-V 50 Plus SpecificationsSTREAMLINE SL-V 100 Plus SpecificationsEasiest to Maintain/ptionaL Redundant TopWorKsp SingLe TopWorK per PuMp q , psi is produced With Justone topWorK, deLivering LoWer Maintenance costs, and Quieteroperation With feWer parts p !dding a Redundant TopWorKs provides a coMpLeteLyidenticaL high pressure production systeM to any puMp over HP p ,arger PLunger q The Longer, sLoWer stroKes of the ceraMicpLunger Move More Water With each stroKe, providing MoreuptiMe and Longer seaL Life p n1uicK ReLeaseo PLunger q EXcLusive pLunger reMovaL designsiMpLifies reMovaL Cartridge seaL systeM design is the fastestchangeçout design and provides a redundant seaLing systeM STREAMLINE SL-V 200R Plus Specifications!ctivating the redundant systeM taKes Just a feW Minutes andMaintains a continuous fLoW of MaXiMuM high pressure forcontinuous production The option is WeLL Worth the investMentfor shops under tight production scheduLes and in need ofcontinuous, reLiaBLe production froM Just one Machine It isnearLy the eQuivaLent of having tWo puMps in one, WhiLeconsuMing Less space ç and far Less capitaL STREAMLINE SL-V 15 Plus SpecificationsNominal Po er Rate50hp (37 kW)Nominal Po er Rate100hp (75 kW)Nominal Po er Rate200hp (149 kW)Nominal Po er Rate15hp (11kW)Max. Continuous Pressure60,000 psi (4.137 bar)Max. Continuous Pressure60,000 psi (4.137 bar)Max. Continuous Pressure60,000 psi (4.137 bar)Max. Continuous Pressure60,000 psi (4,137 bar)Max. Water Flo Rate1.0 gpm (3.79 L min)Max. Water Flo Rate2.0 gpm (7.57 L min)Max. Water Flo Rate4.0 gpm (14 L min)Max. Water Flo Rate.014 in. (0.355 mm)Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (.020 in. (0.508 mm)Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (.028 in. (0.71 mm)Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (Control Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 10 Amps DCControl Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 10 Amps DCControl Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 10 Amps DCControl Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 10 Amps DCAmbient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Ambient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Ambient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Ambient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity28 gal (106 L)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity48 gal (182 L)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity125 gal (473 L)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity12 gal (45 L)Cooling Water Flo3 gpm (11.4 L min)Cooling Water Flo4 gpm (15.1 L min)Cooling Water Flo16 gpm (61 L min)Cooling Water Flo2 gpm (7.6 L min)Attenuator Volume.25 gal (.96 L)Attenuator Volume.51 gal (1.92 L)Attenuator Volume.8 gal (3 L)Attenuator Volume.11 gal (.41L)Length67.75” (1.7 m)Length77.75” (2.0 m)Length91” (231 cm)Length56” (1.4 m)Width36” (914 mm)Width36” (914 mm)Width67” (170 cm)Width28” (711 mm)Height57.19” (1,453 mm)Height57.19” (1,453 mm)Height70” (178 cm)Height33” (838 mm)Weight2,900 lbs.Weight4,200 lbs.Weight9,220 lbs.Weight1,800 lbs.Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (15/ur fuLLçfeatured, S,ç6 puMps are avaiLaBLe in More siZes andWith neW nCutting Edgeo options onLy froM KMT 7aterJet These puMps are the easiest to Maintain and the Most advancedSTRE!M,I.E puMps ever offered Depending on pressure andWater QuaLity, KMT seaLs Last Longer than any other systeM qaLLoWing for continuous operation in the Most deMandingproduction scheduLes STREAMLINE SL-V 15 Plus(15 HP)STREAMLINE SL-V 200R Plus(200 HP)ull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.ull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.ull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.0.30 gpm (1.14 L min)ull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.007 in. (0.178 mm)16

55,000 psi/3.800 barTHE BROADEST RANGE OFWATERJET PUMPS!KMT WATERJETPRODUCTSHigh Pressure Pumps for 55,000 psi CuttingKMT NEOLine andSTREAMLINE SeriesProven Reliability & Most AffordableSTREAMLINE SL-V E-Series(Available in 30 HP & 50 HP)STREAMLINE S-Series(Available in 30 HP & 50 HP)The E-Series of KMT STREAMLINE pumps are equipped with the mostpopular and essential pump features for efficient production of 55,000psi water pressure, at a very economical price.NEOLine 40i(40 HP)Efficient DesignControls include the dual pressure compensator (providing two pressurelevels) but exclude features enabling use of the proportional control(electronic pressure adjustment).The frame was redesigned to be less expensive, while remaining openand functional. Top covers have also been eliminated.Downloadthe 60,000 psiCut CalculatorThe Perfect Solution for Small Job Shop CuttingThe KMT Waterjet NEOLine 40i Pump is the NEW Low CostOption for Multiple Waterjet Cutting Applications.The KMT Waterjet NEOLine 40i pump uses KMT proven intensifiertechnology for superior performance with less maintenance.The durable and reliable NEOLine 40i pump is ideally suited forsmall job shops, sign and automotive shops requiring theversatility and flexibility found only with waterjet cutting.The NEOLine 40i features a new, low profile cabinetry designfor easy access to pump controls and components along with55,000 psi operating pressure to cut steel, glass, granite, tile,plastic, aluminum, stone and much more.17STREAMLINE SL-V E-Series SpecificationsNEOLine 40i SpecificationsKMT Waterjet offers the S-Series, an intensifier pump manufacturedfor complete system integration.The S-30 & S-50 intensifiers are designed for the user that prefers todesign and build the pump control logic, including shutdown due tooverstroking, overheating, loss of water pressure and all other aspectsof pump control.STREAMLINE S-Series SpecificationsE-30E-50S-30S-50Nominal Po er Rate40hp (29 kW)Nominal Po er Rate30hp (22 kW)50hp (37 kW)Nominal Po er Rate30hp (22 kW)50hp (37 kW)Max. Continuous Pressure55,000 psi (3.800 bar)Max. Continuous Pressure55,000 psi (3.800 bar)55,000 psi (3.800 bar)Max. Continuous Pressure60,000 psi (4.137 bar)60,000 psi (4.137 bar)Max. Water Flo Rate0.72 gpm (2.73 L min)Max. Water Flo Rate0.6 gpm (2.3 L min)1.0 gpm (3.8 L min)Max. Water Flo Rate0.52 gpm (1.97 L min)0.88 gpm (3.3 L min).012 in. (0.30 mm)Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (.011 in. (0.28 mm).014 in. (0.36 mm)Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (.010 in. (0.25 mm).014 in. (0.35 mm)Control Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 5 Amps DCControl Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 5 Amps DC24V DC; 5 Amps DCControl Voltage & Po er Supply24V DC; 5 Amps DC24V DC; 5 Amps DCAmbient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Ambient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C) Min. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Ambient Operating TemperatureMin. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C) Min. 40 F (5 C), Max. 104 F (40 C)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity32 gal (121 L)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity40 gal (154 L)40 gal (154 L)Hydraulic Reser oir Capacity28 gal (106 L)40 gal (154 L)Cooling Water Flo1.5 gpm (5.7 L min)3 gpm (11.4 L min)Cooling Water Flo2.5 gpm (9.5 L min)3 gpm (11.4 L min)Max. Single Ori ice Dia. (Cooling Water Floull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.3 gpm (11.4 L min)ull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.ull pressure)75 (24 C) Water Temp.Attenuator Volume.26 gal (1L)Attenuator Volume.26 gal (1L).26 gal (1L)Attenuator Volume.25 gal (.96L).25 gal (.96L)Length56.53” (143.58 cm)Length68” (1.727 mm)68” (1.727 mm)Length44” (1.118 mm)84.25” (2.140 mm)Width42” (106.68 cm)Width36” (914 mm)36” (914 mm)Width37” (940 mm)39” (991 mm)Height39.5” (100.33 cm)Height49.2” (1,250 mm)49.2” (1,250 mm)Height36” (914 mm)44.8” (1,140 mm)Weight2,000 lbs.Weight2,350 lbs.2,615 lbs.Weight2,101 lbs.3,100 lbs.18

FASTER CUTTING KMTWATERJET NOZZLESCUTTING NOZZLESAbrasive Cutting NozzleFOR PEAK PERFORMANCE!Diamond Cutting NozzleAUTOLINE PROPure Water Pneumatic NozzleAQUALINEIDE PRO High Speed, Sel aligning, Cutting No leThe ext eneration in ltra HighPressure Diamond Abrasi e CuttingIndependent tests pro e the MT Autoline Series oAbrasi e Cutting No les cut aster and at a lo er cost thanany other no le. The Next Generation o the AutolineSeries, the MT Autoline PRO, is designed to pro ide theultimate in cutting e iciency at 100,000 psi, hile maintaining ease o use and exacting per ormance.Pure ater cutting applications are among the most demanding osubcontracting obs in the industry.Demands put on ater et components and some industryproduction units usually run 3 x 8 hour shi ts throughout thecomplete eek highlighting a need or extremely high reliabilityand speed.The MT 90,000 psi 6.200 bar, Integral Diamond EductorPRO, hich has achie ed success ul cutting per ormance at100,000 psi, consistently demonstrates superior per ormanceand reduced operating cost. When compared to competiti ebrand abrasi e cutting heads:Ne , Simpli ied Modular DesignThe new 90,000 psi 6.200 bar Autoline PRO has the samemodular design and components found in the MT Autoline .Like the original MT Autoline , all wear components can bechanged individually, as needed, allowing maximum efficiency.In all abrasive cutting heads, there are three areas of wear: theorifice, the mixing chamber, and the focusing tube. The Autolineenables the individual replacement of any wear component,giving you the lowest operating cost.Any production stop is e ui alent to expensi e delays andshutdo ns o processes urther do n the production lo stream.ŷ p to 50 more producti ity no maintenance do n timeŷ From 10 to 20 times greater mean time bet een ailureWide Range o ApplicationsPure water cutting applications usually work with significantlyhigher cutting speeds compared to those of abrasive cutting. Thetypical applications of this nature are found in the Automotive andAerospace Industries, as well as miscellaneous plastic andcomposite paneling. askets, foams and food are also sizeableapplication areas for pure waterjets.ŷ Superior edge ualityMT s expertise in diamond ori ice manu acturing bringsyou a superior cutting head that has re olutioni ed theater et cutting industry.Pro en to be BestIndependent tests have shown that the MT Autoline design isthe ultimate in efficiency and has the lowest operating cost.Tests performed by the niversity of Missouri-Science &Technology showed that the Autoline design achieved the bestoverall cutting performance for speed and efficiency. Fastcutting and low abrasive consumption helped it to win the topposition. Of course, if you re more interested in speed, theorifice can be replaced in seconds with a larger size with just auarter turn of the insert body.HyperTube PRO Indexing Focusing Tubefor the IDE PRO & Autoline PROIndexing Feature:Before using HyperTube PRO,line up “star” marking onsame face as the abrasive feedconnection.The net result is an outstanding nozzle that delivers a sharper,more coherent, cutting stream for faster cutting while using lessabrasive. The new MT Autoline PRO is the best, most preciseoption.Rotate 90 clockwise on a regular,scheduled maintenance program3X before replacing.Summary o FeatureFeaturesSummary o Featuresŷ Wear Insert Larger & relocated or isibility & easy access.ŷ Same Interior Geometries as Autoline High per ormance ith ery e icient abrasi e usage.ŷ Easy Ori ice Change No tools re uired.ŷ Weep Hole Indicator Sho s hen ori ice needs to be tightened urther, eliminatingo er tightening to protect both the ori ice and the no le tube.ŷ Re designed nob T nob designed or easy ocusing tube tightening and disassembling.ŷ Angled Abrasi e Inlet Inlet is mounted an angle hich allo s or a smoother abrasi e lo .ŷ Easier Hose Attachment Abrasi e eed hose slips o er inlet or easier isual attachment.ŷ ni ue Ne Diamond Mounting Design Impro esAlignment & Cutting Per ormanceŷ Ne ly Designed No le Increases Per ormanceŷ Less Seal Tor ue Re uiredŷ ser Friendly Retro it or Current sersŷ Engineered or the Ne , Faster CuttingStreamline PRO 90,000 psi PumpHyperTube PRO Focusing TubeThe superior design of the HyperTube PRO is engineered forlonger, more uniform wear preventing focusing tube blow-out .The HyperTube PRO includes an Indexing feature to insureuniform internal abrasive wear. (HyperTube PRO Trademark S PatentPRODUCTSA ualineNO (Normally Open)and NC (Normally Closed)Pneumatically OperatedWater Only No lesReliability nder Extreme ConditionsOur A ualine pure water cutting head has gained an industry-widereputation for being among the uickest and the most reliable purewater cutting heads under extreme working conditions. The headshave the fastest reaction times while maintaining long componentlifetimes with high uality.Compact Design or FlexibilityThe A ualine head is lightweight and ensures flexibility in bothmulti-head and -D applications.Back up SolutionsThe compact design allows it to be adapted to multiple cuttingnozzles on a 1- or 2-D cutting machine to increase productionthroughput. The compactness also creates the possibility ofinstalling a second set of cutting heads as a backup or redundantsolution. In practice, more than 12 cutting heads have been hookedup to a single cutting system.Ease o MaintenanceLeak holes protect the nozzle body, nozzle tube and nozzle nutfrom damages and indicate clearly which connection has to betightened or which seal has to be replaced. The uni ue designallows for replacing the seal in under 5 min.Pending)*KMT Autoline and IDE cutting nozzles are also available in pressure rated at 60,000 psi.NUMBER OF CUTTING HEADS POSSIBLE @ 90,000 psi/6.200 bar MAXIMUM 0.0090.0100.0110.0120.013 0.014 330.350.380.40PumpSize60 HP7432111100000125 HP15106543221111120

PARTSKMT GENUINE PARTSAND SERVICE 350%2)/2 ). 15!,)49 AND PERFORMANCESERVICE Dd tĂƚĞƌũĞƚ WƌĞǀĞŶƟǀĞ DĂŝŶƚĞŶĂŶĐĞKMT Genuine PartsKMT Genuine ServiceThere’s No Substitute for Proven Precision andReliability. For over 40 years, KMT WaterjetGenuine Parts are manufactured in the USA usingthe exact specifications as the original parts forKMT new pumps.Experienced Support forMaximum Performanceand Reliability.BENEFITS OF KMT GENUINE PARTSp KMT Genuine Parts receive quality control inspections for superior durability.p KMT Genuine Parts maintain pump warranty.p KMT Genuine Parts are made to precise specifications best suited for KMT Pumps.p 4 access to Customer Service and Technical Service.p New improvements made to KMT Genuine Parts are incorporated into KMT Genuine aftermarket parts.KMT Technicians provide thewaterjet industry’s besttechnical support averagingover 5 years waterjetexperience.KMT offers a PeventiveMaintenance (PM) Programwhich provides a 5 PointComprehensive Inspectionfor your KMT pumps, partsand components. ŽŵƉƌĞŚĞŶƐŝǀĞ ϲϱ WŽŝŶƚ /ŶƐƉĞĐƟŽŶHIGH PRESSURESYSTEMINTENSIFIER1. HP Cylinders2. Seal Heads3. HP Seals4. Liners5. Plungers6. Hydraulic Head7. HSEC Nut8. Jacking Bolts9. Hydraulic Cylinder10. Proximity Switch11. Piston Assembly12. Hydraulic Seal Cartridge13. Hydraulic Seal Retainer14. O-rings15. Backup Ring16. Retaining Ring34. .19.20.HP Bent TubingAttenuatorN.O. ValveSealsStem & SeatHP FittingsTransducerBearing GreaseNoiseVibrationLeaksWater FiltersCheck ValvesRelief ValveBooster PumpHosesPressure SwitchesPressure GaugesELECTRICALBENEFITS OF THE KMT PM PROGRAM21.22.23.24.Display FunctionPower Supply TestVoltage CheckCable Inspectionp Improves operational performance,efficiency

KMT Waterjet Systems Inc. 635 W. 12th Street r P.O. Box 231 r Baxter Springs, KS 66713 800-826-9274 r Tel.: 1-620-856-2151 r Fax: 1-620-856-5050 r r KMT Waterjet System Integrators More Options, Better Choices! KMT Waterjet Systems has

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KMT Waterjet pumps can be networked (a KMT Waterjet exclusive) to allow high cutting speeds for multiples of cutting heads. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Speeds Approximate inches per Minute At 60,000 PSI (4,137 Bar) . the same or different parts, at extremely low operating costs.File Size: 567KBPage Count: 12

KMT celebrates 600 machines ABB partner KMT is a world-leading player in the development of waterjet cut-ting technology as well as systems for waterjet cutting. Since the start in 1986, KMT has delivered 600 CuttingBox waterjet sys-tems. The 600th machine was bought by Germa

KMT robotized cleaning KMT acquires ABB’s holding in the company and becomes KMT Robotic Solutions Name change to Dynamic Robotic Solutions With a unique base of over 900 installations in more than 70 c

KMT Aqua-Dyne Pumps EK 25 EF Frame Mounted GA 200 DT Trailer Mounted The key to KMT Aqua-Dyne’s long pump life and hundreds of hours of trouble-free operation are low load packing, special filtration and a closed loop non-drip cooling and water lubrication system for alumina ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers.

KMT Robotic Solutions. Much in the same way that the RoadArmor system revolutionized the RangerTrail division of the boat company and pultruded fiberglass changed the way transoms were built and components reinforced, the new robotic waterjet will fulfill one of the factory’s least-

botic solutions, offering reliability and support with 23 service cen-ters throughout America. Other principal partnerships in creating the Robotic SawJet were with Alphacam for software and KMT for its Intensifier (waterjet), ex-plained Tidwell. “KMT, the inventor of water-jet syst

systems to demonstrate their e ective performance. 1.2 Background on Geometric Integrators Mechanical Integrators. There is a large literature that has developed on the use of energy-momentum and symplectic-momentum integrators. For time stepping algorithms with xed time steps, the theorem of Ge and Mars-

asset management must be considered as one of the first revolutions in financial technology. However, it quickly became the industrial secret of many successful hedge funds such as Re-naissance, D.E.Shaw, Two Sigmas, CFM, e.t.c. The 2008 crisis has changed the investment point of view of investors and the regulators. They required more and more efforts from the hedge fund industry and asset .