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2018 Oregon GED Summit:GED Program Update:Information, Resources andUpdatesScott Salesses


Let’s Look atTesting Data:NationalTesting Data3

All U.S. GED Test-takers: Year-overYear Trend Summary4Jan-YTD 2017Jan-YTD 2018% 642159,3390.44%Passers122,009124,8312.00%

All U.S. GED Test-takers2017 YTD Pass Rates by Subject Area Math: 79% RLA: 85% Science: 91% Social Studies: 88% Overall pass rate: 79%5

Let’s Look atTesting Data:Oregon Data6

Oregon GED Test-takers: Year-overYear Trend Summary7Jan-YTD 2017Jan-YTD 2018% ChangeTest-Takers7,9758,376 5%Completers5,1095,335 4%Passers4,4144,624 4%

Oregon GED Test-takers - 2017Pass Rates by Subject Area Math: 87% (nationally – 79%) RLA: 92% (nationally - 85%) Science: 96% (nationally - 91%) Social Studies: 93% (nationally – 88%) Overall pass rate: 87% (nationally – 79%)8

Oregon Average Passing Scores – 2017 Math: 154 RLA: 156 Science: 157 Social Studies: 1579

Oregon Average Non-Passing Scores – 2017 Math: 141 RLA: 141 Science: 141 Social Studies: 14010

Oregon Data – 201711MathRLAScienceSocial StudiesPassed (145 orhigher)87%92%96%93%College Ready(165-174)8% (5%nationally)14% (10%)16% (11%)18% (13%)College Ready Credit (175 orhigher)2% (1%)3% (2%)3% (2%)4% (3%)

Let’s Look atTesting Data:Oregon AdultEducationStudents12

Oregon GED Test-takers who told us theyattended adult education classes2017 Pass Rates by Subject Area Math: 84% (Didn’t attend AE – 87%) RLA: 89% (Didn’t attend AE - 92%) Science: 94% (Didn’t attend AE - 96%) Social Studies: 92% (Didn’t attend AE – 93%) Overall pass rate: 84% (Didn’t attend AE – 88%)13

Let’s Look atOregonCorrectionalData14

Oregon Correctional GED Test-takers:Year-over-Year Trend SummaryJan-YTD 2017Jan-YTD 2018% ChangeTest-Takers1,3701,548 13%Completers722860 19%Passers626770 23%15

Oregon Correctional GED Test-takers vsCorrections Nationally2017 Pass Rates by Subject Area Math: 88% (corrections nationally – 79%) RLA: 87% (corrections nationally - 82%) Science: 94% (corrections nationally - 89%) Social Studies: 91% (corrections nationally – 85%) Overall pass rate: 87% (corrections nationally – 78%)16

Oregon Correctional GED Test-takers vsOregon Non-Correctional GED test-takers2017 Pass Rates by Subject Area Math: 88% (Oregon non-correctional – 86%) RLA: 87% (Oregon non-correctional - 92%) Science: 94% (Oregon non-correctional - 96%) Social Studies: 91% (Oregon non-correctional – 93%) Overall pass rate: 87% (corrections nationally – 87%)17

Let’s Look at GED TestingDemographicData: Oregon18

Oregon Race/Ethnicity Percentages - 2017 48% white 23% Multi Race 21% Hispanic 2% Black 2% Native American 1% Asian19

Oregon Test-taker Demographic Data 2017Gender: 55% male 41% female 4% declined to answer Average Age: 24 78% are under 30 years old20

Oregon Test-taker Demographic Data 2017Convincing Factor to take the GED test: Family member #1 reason by farReasons for taking the GED test: Educational gain most common response Personal gain was next most common responseHighest Grade of High School Completed: 11th grade is the most common response21

Writing andthe GED TestNew Skills for the Test and Beyond22

Purpose of Extended ResponseTo provide test-takers with an opportunity todemonstrate Knowledge of writing conventions in English Understanding of what they’ve read How well they use evidence to build arguments Their ability to clearly communicate their thinking intheir own words23

The Three Traits Trait 1: Creation of Arguments and the Use ofEvidence Trait 2: Development of Ideas and OrganizationalStructure Trait 3: Clarity and Command of Standard EnglishConventions24

Constructed Response on RLAA constructed response item includes: One or more source texts Texts offer two positions on a given topic A prompt that provides instruction on what the students isexpected to do25

Know What is ExpectedWhen you write . . . determine which position presented in the passage(s) isbetter supported by evidence from the passage(s) explain why the position you chose is the better-supportedone remember, the better-supported position is not necessarilythe position you agree with defend your assertions with multiple pieces of evidencefrom the passage(s) build your main points thoroughly26

Important aspects of the RLA ERExpose students to a structured approach to the writing task andhelp them understand that they need to: Write a complete response, not just a short paragraph (300-500words) Provide commentary on the evidence cited (explain the “why”) Fully develop two or three ideas, rather than mention a lot ofthings without detail Leave five minutes at the end for proofreading—that is one ofthe things evaluated27

Burning Question - Constructed ResponseItems and Scoring Why should I spend time on teachingwriting skills if students don’t need manypoints on writing to pass the test? Writing skills are one of the criticaldifferentiators of long-term success Any score point earned counts towards theoverall score Building skills in this area helps developthinking skills that impact performance on theentire test28

Written Argument in the Classroom Evaluate data Make a claim List evidence andThe QuestionYour ClaimYour EvidenceYour ReasoningCounterclaims/Rebuttals:Summary of your argument:29reasoning Identify counterclaims andprovide rebuttals

Both Sides NowStudents should List the evidence that supports List the evidence that opposes Evaluate the evidence Select the position that is bettersupported Provide reasons why(analysis/evaluation)30

Extended ResponseResearch findings and potential test improvements31

Cognitive LabsWhy did we investigate theExtended Response task? Listened to educators thatstudents weren’t excellingsince launch Investigated potential causes,including misunderstanding of Task itself Scoring criteria Meaning of “analysis” and“evaluation”32What did we decide to do? Designed a series of studieswith cognitive labs Collected data in November 2015 Invited students from multiplelocations in several categoriesto participate took RLA and passed took RLA and failed had not tested yet

Pilot Study Research Questions Do test takers Understand what they need todo to complete the task? Comfortably interact with thecomputer? Use the space in the responsebox? Use the onscreen AnswerGuidelines? Navigate the tabs successfully? Prepare for the test? Have a MYGED account? Use the resources on GED.com?33

Pilot Study FindingsTest-takers generally Do understand Not to write their opinion and The need to use evidence from the passages Don’t understand What the task wants them to do (“to analyze” means “to read”) That they need to explain WHY the evidence they choose was the best to support thestronger argument Are comfortable with using computers But are subtly influenced by the screen format to write responses that are too short Lack awareness of test preparation Don’t make use of Tutorial, Answer Guidelines, Noteboards34

January 2019 release in English and Spanish35

Focus on Conceptsand Problem SolvingMathematical Reasoning36

Teach the Big Ideas in Algebra Variable Symbolic Notation Equality Ratio and Proportion Pattern Generalization Equations and Inequalities Multiple Representations of Functions37

Focus on Problem SolvingPolya’s Four Steps to Problem SolvingUnderstandthe problemLook back(reflect)Devise aplanCarry outthe planPolya, George. How To Solve It, 2nd ed. (1957). PrincetonUniversity Press.38

Help Students . . . Build their reading skills Increase their conceptual knowledge in math Build math vocabulary Depend less on rote memory and more onconceptual knowledge Encourage perseverance when solving problems39

GEDPrepConnectHelp Grow your Program with NewStudents40

Objectives of GEDPrep Connect Increase awareness of Adult Education programs withGED candidates Connect more students with programs to drive completionand success rates Promote programs through GED.com Improve Adult Education programs’ access andmanagement of student information41

Benefits of GED Test Prep Centers42

Select a GED Test Prep Center (optional)43

GEDPrep Connect Approximately 40% of individuals registering at ged.comhave expressed interest in an adult ed program Reporting shows that a number of adult ed programs inOregon are using GEDPrep Connect regularly and appearto be having success: Central Oregon C.C., ChemeketaC.C. campuses, Lane C.C., Linn-Benton C.C., PortlandC.C. campuses, Southwestern Oregon C.C. and UmpquaC.C.44

Selecting a program is optional; studentmay select a program later Student will be reminded throughout their GED journey toconnect with a program 45GED.com home pageAccount profileStudy pageScores pageScore report

GED Account Profile46

Share My Scores now easier to find onScores page and Score Report47

GED Manager view forAdultEducation users-Home PageLook up studentsManage EnrollmentsTesting Activity ReportsPassers Report

Adult educators’ home pageUser GuidesNew Studentsinterested inyour program

Your GED Manager MenuLook up one student at a timeViewDownload reports of students with specific testing activity likeGED Ready RedsFind a list of new students that are interested in yourprogramDownload a list of graduates for graduationexercises50

Manage Student: Look-up one student at atime You can look up one student at a time if you need to find specific information This screen shot shows the students who have shared scores with LVA-Laredo When you click on the student’s name, you find out additional details about hisactivity, including test scores and demographic information51


GED Ready Promotion Offer: Get GED Ready for 2.99 (more than 50% off!) Dates: 10/15 – 10/31 Promo Code: TREATYOURSELF (note this code will not beactive until 10/15) Purchase Channels: GED.com and GED Marketplace Communications: In Session educator newsletter, studentemails, website, social media53

New Home for All Things GED https://ged.com/54

GED Student Study Guide Became available in Fall 2017 Available for all 4 subjects (no cost) via each student’sged.com account Includes sample questions Another resource for adult educators to use in theirpreparation with students Good tool for new teachers to get them familiar with thecontent they need to teach https://ged.com/educators admins/teaching/classroom materials/study guides/55


Each study guide covers topics, time for thetest, format and example questions –57

58New Readers Press launches8-video series on RLA

Where to find the videos Available for download on GED.com in each student’s accountunder the “Study” tab Available on our website here:https://ged.com/educators admins/teaching/classroom materials/study guides/ Available at: www.newreaderspress.com/writing-for-the-ged-test Or contact New Readers Press for DVDs that can be sent toyour facility: tlipke@proliteracy.org Videos are FREE59

New Products60


Practice and Feedback! Student’s #1 request in feedback to us is more practicetest questions Developed by Aztec Software in partnership with GEDTesting Service Accessible anywhere from a mobile phone, tablet orcomputer Digital flashcards62

Practice and Feedback! Adult education programs purchase via Aztec Software Adult education programs who use this product willhave access to administrative reports showing studentperformance data, time on task, strengths &weaknesses More than 6,000 practice test questions across the 4subject areas Instant feedback with answer explanation Non adult education students purchase via ged.com63

GED Flash for Organizations: An InteractiveTool to Help Students PassDeveloped in partnership between GED Testing Service and Aztec Software75% of students surveyed want more practice questions to better prepare for thetest. This tool helps students prepare for each subject while building confidencestep by step.64

Mastering GED Test ConceptsGED Flash provides ongoing practice and detailed explanations to helpstudents master the exact concepts on the GED test.Instantfeedback hingopportunityandreinforcement65Over 6,000questions acrossthe four GED testsubjectsQuestions arealigned to andcover the exactskills from the test

Detailed Reporting and InsightsA robust dashboard provides valuable insights about each student’sperformance and areas for improvement.Gain valuableinsights onstudents’ strengthsand areas forimprovementTrack studentusage, progressand time-on-taskVisit aztecsoftware.com/gedflash or contact sales@aztecsoftware.com for info66

GED Flash forIndividuals An option for small programs that mayneed fewer than 5 seats Sold and accessed on GED.com Does not include dashboard reporting67


American Council onEducation CreditRecommendations – GED Testing

What is “ACE CREDIT Recommendation”?American Council on Education’s College CreditRecommendation Service (CREDIT ) Assists students in accessing academic credit fornontraditional forms of training Reviews content to determine equivalency Provides recommendations to memberorganizations – colleges, universities, etc.70

A Brief Introduction to CREDIT ACE’s College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) has been inexistence more than 40 years and worked with literally thousands ofinstitutions Among the examinations that CREDIT has evaluated: College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) tests; College Level Proficiency (CLEP) tests; The American College Testing (ACT) Career Readiness Certificate; Language proficiency tests offered by the Foreign Service Institute; and Defense Language Institute; and certifications offered by Microsoft71

Some of the Institutions Currently Adoptingthe GED Credit Recommendations Colorado Community College System Connecticut Community College System Georgia Technical College System Ohio Community College System Virginia Community College System Community Colleges in Alabma, Kansas, Kentucky, MA, NJ,and Washington to name a few72

Some of the Institutions in Oregon CurrentlyAdopting the GED Credit Recommendations Chemeketa C.C. Clackamas C.C. Linn-Benton C.C. Mount Hood C.C. Oregon Coast C.C. Portland C.C. Umpqua C.C.73

Scoring of the GED Test74

American Council on Education (ACE)Recommendations for the GED TestGED College ReadyGED CollegeReady Credit75 Score of 165 - 174 on anycontent test Waived from developmentaleducation in that contentrequirements/courses Waived from placement testing,and Placed directly in credit-bearingcourses Score of 175 – 200 on anycontent test Same as CR recommendations,plus Up to 10 semester hours ofcollege credit

Postsecondary Activity & OutcomesBased on data matches with National Student Clearinghouse (up to Fall 2017)76

Research Results HighlightsData matches in 2015 and 2016 with National StudentClearinghouse indicate: 93% continue to be enrolledat the 2-year mark! Of the 7% not enrolled:8 in 10 left PSE with acertificate/credential Higher education leaders arebecoming keenly interested inthe persistence numbers* Results based on random samplesof 10,000 graduates in 2015 and27,000 graduates in 201677

Research HighlightsStudents enrolled in PSEhad a mean GED 160score across contentareas24% enrolled inliberal artsprograms787% enrolled inhealth-relatedprograms3 out of 4 students enrollin 2-year institutions4% in technologyprograms7% in businessprograms

GEDWorks Employer Program79

What is GEDWorksTM GEDWorks is a program designed for employers tosponsor the GED test for their employees. No cost foremployees. Help frontline workers gain a valuable credential All-inclusive program gives the student all the tools they needto pass the test Available nationally80

List of GEDWorks Employers Walmart (immediate family members eligible) KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell (Yum! Brands) Jiffy Lube Chili’s & Maggiano’s (Brinker International) Cheesecake Factory Red Roof Inn Sheetz81

ResourcesTools for Test-Takers and Resources forEducators82

Tools – Tools – Tools! Videos and Tutorials Quick Tips Calculator Calculator and Formula Reference Æ Symbol Tool Explanation Erasable Note Boards Additional Tools 83Flagging Items for ReviewItem Review ScreenTest TimerTest Progress Indicator

Tools – Tools – Tools! On-screen color combinations Text size Highlighting text and shortcuts(cut/paste)84

Need more information?8 Resources to Explore85

#1 The Assessment Guide for EducatorsCovers all content areas Item types Assessment targets Guidelines for how items are scored More . . .86

#2 Performance Level Descriptors Four Performance Levels Below Passing HSE GED College Ready GED College Ready Credit What skills are demonstrated ateach level What skills need development toadvance to the next level87

#3 Teaching Resources88

#4 High-Impact IndicatorsRelationships Show relationships amongHigh Impact Indicators Demonstrateinterconnectedness acrosscontent areas Develop skills available foruse across a range oflearning contexts89

#5 “Tuesdays for Teachers” Recorded presentation Slideshow document Resources – includingstrategies & classroomactivities More . . .https://ged.com/educators admins/teaching/professional development/webinars/90

#6 In Session Monthly newsletter Easy sign-up Topics of interest to adulteducators Focus on changes thatimpact you and yourstudentshttps://ged.com/in-session/91

#7 Tutorials Ensures no surprises on test day Opportunity to practice and build skills Familiarity can lead to better performance92

#8 FAQshttps://ged.com/faq/93

2019 GED Testing Service Annual ConferenceChicago, IllinoisJuly 24-26, 201994

550 participants Expert speakers In-depth professionaldevelopment Networkingopportunities Much more95

%92are likely or highly likely to recommend the GEDAnnual Conference to a peer.%88agree or strongly agree that after attending theconference, they have a better understanding ofand feel more knowledgeable about the GEDprogram“Amazing conference. Very informative. I am eager toattend next year along with a team of educators.”96


Thank you!scott.salesses@ged.com98

GED Ready Promotion Offer: Get GED Ready for 2.99 (more than 50% off!) Dates: 10/15 –10/31 Promo Code: TREATYOURSELF (note this code will not be active until 10/15) Purchase Channels: GED.com and GED Marketplace Communications: In Session educator newsletter, student emails, website, social media 53

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SAMPLE GED PRACTICE TEST All sample GED Questions taken from the 2002 Test of General Educational Development: A Preview published by the GED Testing Service This sample for self instructional purposes only Actual GED questions vary. Remember you cannot Take the official GED test online. For your local GED

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g. Emphasize "Free GED Testing in Virginia" campaign and offer free GED testing to those who enroll in adult education classes, attend a minimum of 12 hours, and who earn a passing score on each subject matter GED Ready practice test; and/or h. Purchase testing vouchers, both for the GED Ready and the operational GED test.

For rights of reproduction or translation, application should be made to ILO & Don Bosco in Timor-Leste. Organisations and institutions may make copies in accordance with the license issued to them for this purpose Manual, Pavement for Labour-based Road Construction Timor-Leste, ILO & Don Bosco 2015 ISBN: 978-92-2-130857-7 Visit our website: www.donbosco.tl. LBT Pavement Manual Introduction .