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Org /RechargeActivity0Fund Account Acct#2Division of Finance and AdministrationOS12060DFA - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY - HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSALOS12045Labor (per hour)OS12020Radioactive Waste (lb)OS12060Disometers (late or lost) (badge)OS12020H-3 Exit sign intactOS12020H-3 Exit sign damagedOS12045toxic & corrosive liquid (30 gal)OS12045toxic & corrosive liquid (55 gal)OS12045Chemical Waste (lb)OS12045Special Projects (Supplies, Gas Cylinders, Sure-Pac, LI Compounds)OS12045Analytical Fees for uunknown productsOS12020Mixed Waste at CostOS12045BIOMEDICAL (lb)OS12045PATHOLOGICAL (lb)DFA - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY - PLANS, PERMITS, & ABATEMENTOS12024Health Permit Inspections (Food Service & Pool)OS12024Plan review/Proj Serv/Tech Time: Industrial Hygience (IH) (per hour)OS12024Plan review/Proj Serv/Tech Time: Fire Safety (FIRE) (per hour)OS12026Plan review/Proj Serv/Tech Time: Occupational Health (OCHLTH)(per hour)OS12059OS12060Plan review/Proj Serv/Tech Time: Radiation (RAD)(per hour)Plan review/Proj Serv/Tech Time: Environmenal Management (ENVIRO)(per hour)OS79851Plan review/Proj Serv/Tech Time: Safety Program (SAFETY)(per hour)OS798523rd party ConsultantsOS12026Lab AnalysisOS12024Outside Vendor Services: Industrial Hygiene (IH)OS12024Outside Vendor Services: Occupational Health (OCHLTH)OS12059Outside Vendor Services: Environmental Management (ENVIRO)OS79851Outside Vendor Services: Safety Program (SAFETY)OS79852Lead/Mold/AsbestosOS12024DFA - FACILITIES MANAGEMENT - FLEET SERVICESSE10007Labor (per hour)PartsFuel (cost mark up) (per gallon)Short Term Rentals (cost mark up)DFA - FACILITIES MANAGEMENT - TRADES66990 OS11xxxBuilding Automation SpecialistOS11XXX Carpenterfor Control Custodian/Recycler (combined)AccountElectricianUC66990 Equipment OperatorGroundskeeperHigh Voltage SpecialistHVAC Specialist/Refrigirator Specialist (combined)Irrigation MechanicLocksmithMaintenance MechanicMasonMover/LaborerOperating EngineerPainterPlumberSecurity SpecialistSheet Metal WorkerSign MakerRUSH Service on above tradesMaterialsSPECIALIZED EQUIPMENTKeysPURCHASED UTILITIESFM UTILITIES-NATURAL GASFM SHOP STORES-MATERIALSFM UTILITIES-SEWERFM UTILITIES-ELECTRICITYFM UTILITIES-WATER-DOMESTICFM UTILITIES-WATER-RECLAIMEDDFA - FACILITIES MANAGEMENT - RENOVATION TEAMOS11067 OS11062Planning/Designing/Estimating per hourKBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates at costat costat cost Per Hour cost 5%cost 5%cost 5%cost 5%cost 5%cost 5% Cost 10% Regular X & a half of above ratesCost 10%Cost 10% 10- 15 eachRegularCost 5%Cost 5%Cost 5%Cost 5%Cost 5%Cost 5% 0519384.005151519451965197519851992406

Org /RechargeActivity0Contract management FeeProject Management for constructionSEP Design/Admin/MonitoringDFA - MAIL SERVICES (Distribution Services)SE10009Outgoing Metered Mail/stamps/permit postageMail Base rate (0.00‐1.00 ft of mail/wk) per monthAdditional foot of mail per week per monthLabor RatePer‐item charge (FedEx, UPS, etc.) per transactionPalletized Material Storage per weekPalletized Material Storage per monthOrder Fulfillment & Delivery (1-10 boxes/address)Discounted charge for up to 10 additional boxesDelivery of palletized materialDelivery or pick‐up of oversized parcels per addressDFA - RECORD SERVICESMiscellaneous Document Imaging (by agreement)Scanning - B&W ( 20 minimum)Scanning - color ( 20 minimum)Scanning - scantron ( 20 minimum)Claire Trevor School of the ArtsCLAIRE TREVOR SCHOOL OF THE ARTS - PRODUCTION SERVICESLightsFollowspotsColor Media (Gel)Gaffers TapeSound SystemRecording Media- CDMicrophonesPiano/OrganOrganPiano Tune (at cost)Organ Tune (at cost)Dance FloorOrchestra ShellRisersChairsStandsTablesTruckAirOrchestra LightsStage HandsSupervisor (straight)Supervisor (overtime)CashierHouse ManagerXeroxingLights - standard configurationMisc. suppliesDonald Bren School of Information & Computer SciencesICS - CENTER FOR STATISTICAL CONSULTINGSr. ConsultantConsultantJunior ConsultantData Entry/ClericalOFFICE OF VICE PROVOST OF TEACHING AND LEARNINGDTL - MEDIA SERVICESENGINEERING - INTERGRATED NANOSYSTEM RESEARCH FACILITY (INRF)Xradia NanoCTFundAccount Acct#2KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates2%11%10%SE10009OS11180SS10143OS10622 OS10621OS89080SS10090Optical Microscope with AFMLab UsageLab Staff*Detailed EQ usage rate on file - NEERING - MACHINE SHOPSS10091Mechanical LaborMaterialsENGINEERING - RAPIDTECH FACILITYSS12052 SS12053Basic Manufacturin/Fabrication ProcessPostage plus 20% by agreement 0.0024090.050.080.102412 12.50 each/week 80.00 each/week 6.00/sheet 16.00/roll 150.00/day 15.00/disk 10.00 each/day 100.00/day 350/event 140.00 each 600.00 event 150.00/day/event 100.00/day/event 10.00 each/event 2.00 each/event 6.00 each/event 10.00 each/event 15.00/day & 0.588/mile 40.00/event 2.75 each/event 18.00/hour 30/ 40/ 50/hour 45/ 60/ 55/hour 12/hour 18/hour .07 each 40.00/dayat costper hour Cost 10%Per Hour 024142416241824192420

Org /RechargeActivity0Advanced Process (design/Engineering)Laser Scanner DIYShop Saber CNC DIYUprint FDM DIYElectronics Lab DIYLaser Cutter DIYPCB CNC DIYShop Tools DIYVinyl Cutter DIYAirwolf HD FDM 3D Printing DIYB9 Creator 3D Printing DIYJUKI DIYCAD SketchUP WorkshopCustom Coaster WorkshopWood Picutre Frame WorkshopLight Up Shoes WorkshopStep Light Integrated KitFormlabs FormLulzbotUltimakerENGINEERING - STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING TESTING HALL (SETH)Personnel - Lab ManagerPersonnel - Lab CoordinatorPersonnel - Lab AssistantForkliftCrane (Indoor & Outdoor)MTS - Actuator 55 Kip (2)Ortmann - Actuator 400 KipOrtmann - Actuator 235 KipOrtmann - Actuator - 110 KipOrtmann - Actuator 65 Kip (2)MTS - Actuator - 220 Kip (2)Enerpac Hydraulic Jack 100 KipEnerpac Hydraulic Jack 30 Kip70 GPM Pumping System - 3000 PSITinius Olson - UTM 200 KipTinius Olson - UTM 5 KipMTS Flextest SystemShake Table - 2DOFData Acquisition SystemInstrom MTSHUMAN RESOURCESHUMAN RESOURCES - CAMPUS TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT SERVICECTESTemp staff employeeTemp health employee3rd party staff employee3rd party health employeeOffice of Information TechnologyOIT - CLASSROOM AND COMPUTER SUPPORTProjectorsFundAccount Acct#2On Campus UCI RatesSS10069 Per Hour OS11402OS10677Video/Data Projector (VGA cable included for laptop use)ScreensUp to 70” x 70” portable tripod style screen8’ x 8’ portable tripod style screenAudioBasic P.A.: 1 microphone, 1 mixer/amplifier (4 mic inputs), 2 speakers, 1/8” mini audio cableMicrophones: Wired handheld or lavalier style. 25’ cable included.Wireless Microphone: 1 handheld or bodypack transmitter w/ receiver4 Handheld Wireless Microphone System: 4 handheld transmitters w/receiverMic Mixer - MonauralAmplifier – Monaural (Basic P.A. Amp)SpeakerPowered SpeakerCD/Cassette combo playerMiscellaneousSMART ClassroomOIT - COMMUNICATIONSDirect Dial Rates* from Campus Telephones:(*Rates are subject to change)SE10027 SE10030KBM DebitObject actual salary 34%actual salary 36%actual salary 22%actual salary 24%Per Day2423 52.50 5.2510.50 21.005.2510.5021.007.5010.505.2510.5010.50 3.7550.00

Org /RechargeActivity0FundAccount Acct#2 0.0333-1st minutes, 0.00105 eachadditional minute 0.0808-1st minutes, 0.0181 eachadditional minute 0.12/minute 0.17/minuteCanada: flat rate of 0.25 per minute.Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands: flat rate of 0.35 per minute. Other rates vary.Local Calls (Zone 1 & Zone 2) 0 - 12 miles from UCILocal Toll Calls (Zone 3) 13 - 71 miles from UCIIntrastate (long distance within California, greater than 71 miles from UCI)Interstate (long distance outside California, but within United States)InternationalTelephone Equipment and Feature Pricing:Analog Single Line (with or without a phone set)/monthAnalog Single Line Extension (with or without a phone set)/monthMitel Digital Multi Line Telephone/monthMitel IP Multi Line Telephone (restricted to certain buildings)/monthAdditional Directory Number (ADN)/monthAutomated Call Distribution (ACD)/Call Center Group/monthAuthorization Code/monthFeature Package 1 (needed for Group Pick-up, Hunt Group and CallList/Personal Profile features)/monthGeneric / Virtual Extension/monthVoicemail Service PricingVoicemail/monthVoicemail - Announce Only Mailbox/monthEstablish Voicemail ServiceTelephone Installation, Move, and Change ServicesNew Telephone Line InstallationSoftware Change (Qty 1-3)Move/Change Telephone Location - Same Building - Any Phone TypeMove/Change Telephone Location - Different Building - Any Phone TypeChange Telephone Type or Model (Analog, Digital, IP, SIP)OIT - Commodity ServicesData Center:Data Center Data Backup & Recovery/GB/monthData Center Storage (100GB chunks consumed)/monthVirtual Server Hosting Service (Base System: 1CPU core, 2GB RAM)/monthVirtual Server Hosting Service (Large System: 2CPU core, 4GB RAM)/monthData Center Co-location (Customer-provided rack)/rack unit/monthData Center Co-location (OIT-provided rack)/rack unit/monthLinux / Unix System AdministrationFull Service System Administration/server/monthAdvanced Web Hosting /system/monthConsulting Service - (Design)/per hourConsulting Service - (Build) /per hourWindows System AdministrationWSG platform as a service (Managed Services)/per server/monthWSG platform as a service (Consulting)/per hourSecure Research Environment (Base System: 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM)/monthSecure Research Environment (Large System: 2 CPU core, 4GB RAM)/monthSecure Research Environment (storage)/GB/monthSecure Research Environment (additional RAM)/GB/monthSecurity:Group UCInetID/monthDepartment Firewall Support/yearCisco Smartnet Maintenance Fee for firewall/yearDesktop Support:Markup on software licensingWSG fax services (per hour)WSG fax services (per unit/year)Research Cyberinfrastructure Center:HPC Shared Storage Fee/per Terabyte/year ( 100 for 5 years)Compute Server installed in HPC Cluster and in cluster for 5 yearsCampus Research Storage Pool (CRSP)/Terabyte/yearOffice of ResearchOR - Brain Imaging Research (FIBRE)Prime Time use of the machineOff Peak use of the machineTechnician Hourly RateOffPeak Technician (Per Hour)OR-CALIT2 -Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI)Magellan On-PeakKBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates 15 4 22 20 16 24, 16/month per agent 2 2 10 4 12 20 90 10 54 80 90255025502550252025202580 0.055 5.7 13.5 27 11.99 12.71SE10019 300 33 136 101SE10020 33 93 13.5 27 0.057 2.29SE10005 5 3,804cost 5%SE1003230% 100 48SE10026SS11346 SS1134725402425SE10018SS123522540 20 996 60 565.00430.0050.0065.00 45.0024402427

Org /RechargeActivity0FundAccount Acct#2Magellan Off-PeakQuanta 3D On-PeakQuanta 3D Off-PeakSmartLabUltima IIISupra On-PeakSupra Off-PeakSupra Glove BoxVibrometerAngstrom On-PeakAngstrom Off-PeakAngstrom Glove BoxSBT IBS/eGAIA-3 On-PeakGAIA-3 Off-Peak2800 On-Peak2800 Off-Peak2100 On-Peak2100 Off-PeakGrandARM On-PeakGrandARM Off-PeakNION On-PeakNION Off-PeakNanoMillPIPS IIACE200/ACE600EM UC7/FC7EM GPCM-20 On-peakCM-20 Off-PeakXL-30 On-PeakXL-30 Off-PeakICP-MS on-peakICP-MS off-peakFlashSmart analyser on-peakFlashSmart analyser off-peakAccuPyc II3Flex Analyzer3Flex Analyzer Sample Prep StationPolymer Chromatography SystemDSC/TGA 449DSC 214TGA 209HR‐2 Rheometer on-peakHR‐2 Rheometer off-peakDSC 2500Q2000 DSCQ500 TGADMA Q800 on-peakDMA Q800 off-peakInstron 3367Hitachi H8230 on-peakHitachi H8230 off-peakAnton Paar AFM Optical MicroscopeLeica critical point dryerbroad Ion beam milling systemspecial supply-consumables ( cost 50%) mark up rateTrainingTech Staff AssistanceSample preparation (quartely)OR - HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (IRB)Initial Review - ExpeditedFull Committee - New ReviewSelf Service sIRBFull Service sIRBFull Committee - Continuing ReviewExpedited - Continuing ReviewOR - INTSTITUTE FOR IMMUNOLOGY (IFI) FLOW CYTOMETRY CORE FACILITYAria Cell Sorter Assisted OS10606OS89076KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI 30.0020.005.0014.005.0050%40.0075.00150.002435 1,000.002,700.00975.001,800.001,200.00500.00 80.002494

Org /RechargeActivity0Aria Cell Sorter UserAmnis AssistedAmnis UserNovocyte AssistedNovocyte UserAria Fusion Cell Sorter AssistedAria Fusion Cell Sorter UserOR - INSTITUTE FOR CLINICAL & TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCES (ICTS)Nursing (per hour)Nutritionist (per hour)Exercise/Pulmonary Function Testing VO2 Max (per hour)StatisticsDXACore Laboratory Assayist (per hour)OR - UNIVERSITY LAB ANIMAL RESOURCE FACILITY - TRANSGENIC MOUSEDNA Microinjection - Standard, HybridDNA Microinjection - Standard, B6DNA Microinjection - Standard, FVBDNA Microinjection - One-Day, hybridDNA Microinjection - One-day, FVBES cell microinjectionES cell electroporationSouthern blot screening of targeted clonesSperm cryopreservationRederivationBreeding (fee cost per cage per day)In vitro fertilizationIn vitro fertilization - TMF DonorsTargeted transgenesisES cell line derivationClone expansionsmall Southern blotsRevival of frozen embryosEmbryo cryopreservationChromosome countingGenotypingCRISPR/CAS designCRISPR TargetingExpand one vial to freeze back (feeder independent cells) UC Clients onlyExpand one vial to freeze back (feeder dependent cells) UC Clients onlyTransnetyx (testing cost mark up)BAC DNA PrepOR - UNIVERSITY LAB ANIMAL RESOURCE FACILITY- VIVARIABirds (Budgies, Finches)Cat, (GH (10%)ChickChicks, BLS2 (per bin)Frog - Recirculating Tank, Small RSFrog - Recirculating Tank, Small RLFrog - Static Tank, Small STFrog - Static Tank, Large LTGerbilsGround Squirrels, SH (single-housed)Ground Squirrels, GH (group-housed)Guinea Fowl (per room)Guinea PigGuinea Pigs - Large PackHamsterMouse standardMouse , Barrier/SterileRabbitsRat, StandardRat, Barrier/SterileSheepSwineAnimal Health Technician Services per hourAnimal Technician Services per hourAnimal Transfer Processing FeeAutoclaving (per cage/day)Autoclaving - Rat Cages (day/cage)FundAccount Acct#2SS11188 SS11528SS11116SS11114KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates 40.0080.0040.0060.0040.0080.0040.00 110.0059.0040.0080.0050.00100.00 60840.009,786.00600.00873.000.55360.00 at cost 000.180.25243624397122

Org /RechargeActivity0BSL-2 Rabbit Cages (per cage/day)Cage setup Fee (per diem rate)Clinical Veterinarian per hourDedicated Procedure Room - PI Maintained (per square foot)Dedicated Procedure Room - ULAR Maintained (per square foot)Diabetic Cages (per cage/day) - MiceDiabetic Cages (per cage/day) - RatsEnrichment (Diamond Dry Bedding) - miceEnrichment (Diamond Dry Bedding) - ratMiscellaneous/SuppliesQuarantine - Level 3 (expedited)School of Biological SciencesBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - DBC - OPTICAL BIOLOGYLSM 700LSM 780LeicaMicroscope, Zeiss Lightsheet Z1BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - COPY SERVICESFull Serve ‐ B&W 43,679 58,238Full Serve ‐ Color 33,484 33,484Full Serve ‐ Apperson FormsFull Serve ‐ LaminateFull Serve ‐ Tape BindingFull Serve - B&W CottonFull Serve - Color CottonFull Serve - Tech TimeFull Serve - Comb BindingFull Serve - Case of PaperFull Serve - B&A TabsBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - IMAGE WORKSPoster - up to 60" x 100" (per square foot)Mounting on 1/4" Foam Core (per square foot)Mounted Excellence in Research PosterMounted 36" X 48" UROP Poster36" Poster Tube42" Poster TubePoster Printing 1/4" foam (square foot)Poster Printing 1/2" foam (square foot)Technician TimeSame Day Rush ChargeFoam core boards (36"X48")Graphic design ChargeBIOLOBICAL SCIENCES - FLY FOOD FACILITYBottles 30/rackVials 100/rack (Glass)Vials 100/rack (Plastic)COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCESSTEM CELL RESEARCHZeiss 510M ConfocalZeiss 5110 Confocal OperatorBD AriaII Cell SorterBD AriaII Cell Sorter OperatorBD Ariall Cell Sorter w/AssistIVIS Animal ImagerLSR II Flow CytometerLSR II Flow Cytometer OperatorZeiss Spinning Disk ConfocalZeiss Spinning Disk Confocal OperatorZeiss Palm Microbeam Laser Capture MicrodissectionZeiss Palm Microbeam Laser Capture Microdissection OperatorPublic Tours (up to 20 people)Public Tours (20-30 people)Training CourseThorp Conference CenterFV3000 Confocal - UserFV3000 Confocal - OperatorOlympus FV3000 Confocal Microscope #2 UserOlympus FV3000 Confocal Microscope #2 OperatorBD Fortessa - UserBD Fortessa - OperatorFundAccount Acct#2 5 times cost 20% SS11628OS10077OS10076SS10030OS10943KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates0.5584. 15.0020.0020.0020.00 0.080.6050. 0075.00244124432444 21.25/rack 20.00/rack 26.00/rack 25.0040.0040.0060.002438

Org /RechargeActivity0FundFACS ARIA Fusion - UserFACS ARIA Fusion - OperatorFACS ARIA Fusion -with AssistgRNA design and validationGeneration of targeted gene knock-out cell lineTargeted gene knock-in/point mutation or reporter lineUser-provided cell line characterizationAdditional vial(s) of gene edited cell line (per vial)Additional clone(s) of gene edited cell line (per clone)Additional cell clone screening (per cell line)Consultation - facility manager (per hour)Consultation - facility faculty director (per hour)School of MedicineSOM - BIO CHEM - GENOMICS HIGH THROUGH-PUT FACILITYSee the website for rates details - https://ghtf.biochem.uci.edu/services-2/SOM - CANCER CENTER - BIOSTATISTICS SHARED RESOURCESenior ConsultantConsultantJunior ConsultantSOM - PATHOLOGY- HISTOLOGYSearch and ConsultActive search (up to 10 blocks)Archive search for each additional block or by patient identifier, per blockRetrieval of archival slides or blocks/ project up to 10 casesRetrieval of archival slides or blocks/ additionalSlide de-identification or Pathology ReportETR consultation time (database, IRB, sample collection, protocolreview)Pathologist Assessment of tumor presence and sufficiency forassessmentPathologist ConsultationProcess SamplesDecal Bone specimenTrim, process, orient, and paraffin embed fixed tissueTrim and orient fixed tissue for embeddingTrim and orient fixed tissue for embedding plus process, embed and cutTrim and orient fixed tissue for embedding plus process,Process, embed & cut one H&E-stained slideProcess & embedProcess, embed & cut one plain and H&E (10 minimum batch)Cut FPPE (Formalin Fixed Parafin Embebed tissue)Cut first paraffin slide [ slide]Cut additional paraffin slides [ slide]Cut tissue sections into microcentrifuge tubesSerial FFPE block cuts to exhaust of block or special request cuts(price/slide)Process FrozenTrim and oreitn frozen tissue in OCTCut FrozenCut frozen tissue slideSerial frozen block cuts to exhaust of block or special request cuts(price/slide)H&EH&E StainSpecial histochemical stain slides (stain from list)Immunostain slides - Class A Antibody(Core supplies 1 Ab; user supplies unstained slides)Immunostain slides - Class B Antibody(Core supplies 1 Ab; user supplies unstained slides)Immunostain slides - Class C Antibody(Core supplies 1 Ab; user supplies unstained slides)Immunostain slides - Class Special Antibody(Core supplies 1 Ab; user supplies unstained slides)Immunostain slides (User supplies 1 Ab and unstained slides)Immunostaining optimizationFresh/Frozen Tissue Collection Administrative FeeFresh Tissue/ Frozen inventory/ OCT embedded frozen tissue, per specimenCase and block numberElectron MicroscopyAccount Acct#2KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates 800.0025.00100.00200.00OS10507OS103682447 80.0055.0035.00OS1026924482457 75.003.0012.001.503.00 65.00 50.00150.00 5.00 10.00 6.00 7.00 2.5010.00 17.00 21.00 26.00 30.0020.00250.00 25.0025.00

Org /RechargeActivity0FundAccount Acct#2Electron microscopy: Embedding and Thick Section/ per sampleElectron microscopy: Full Panel of EMMouse ServicesComplete mouse necropsyPDX Tumor ImplantSOM - PEDIATRICS, EXERCISE, & GENOMICSSS11588Agilent 8X60k Array Hybridization-Gene Expression (per sample)DNA/RNA purification per sampleRNA Concentration Measurement (Nanodrop) per sampleRNA Quality (Agilent 2100) per sampleQRT-PCR Analysis/Gene - First pair of samplesQRT-PCR Analysis/Gene/ - Additional pair of samplesConsulting Time (per hour)Technician TimeSOM – NEUROSCIENCE IMAGING CENTER - PET SCANSS12004 OS79914Pet ScanFludeoxyglucose (FDG)/doseMRI w/ Certified MRI TechnicianMRI Prime Type w/o Operator AssistanceMRI Prime Type w/Operator AssistanceDrug TestingAfter HoursSOM – NEUROSCIENCE IMAGING CENTER - MRISS11391 SS12004merged with Neuroscience Imaging Center - Pet ScanSOM - RADIOLOGICAL SCIENCES - CENTER FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN DIAGNOSTIC ME SS12577Image duplication, complex (per image download)Image duplication, standard ( 1-100 images, per image download)ConsultationSOM - High-End Proteomics Core Facility (HPCF)SS12578LC/Mass Spectrometer Instrument Time: Easy-nLC 1000, Hybrid LTQ-XL: Peptide digestsLC/Mass Spectrometer Instrument Time: UltiMate3000, Tribrid LUMOS: Peptide digestsLC/Mass Spectrometer Instrument Time: UltiMate3000, Tribrid LUMOS:TMT-labeled peptide digestsData Analysis (Post-Acquisition): Protein/peptide sequencing, PTM identificationData Analysis (Post-Acquisition): SILAC-based quantitationData Analysis (Post-Acquisition): Label-free quantitationData Analysis (Post-Acquisition): Isobaric multiplexed quantitationData Analysis (Post-Acquisition): Cross-link IdentificationCustomized Services (requires prior consultation): Peptide Enrichmentfor posttranslational modificationsCustomized Services (requires prior consultation): Cross-linking mass spectrometryCustomized Services (requires prior consultation): Targeted quantitationExample Packaged Services: Peptide sequencing (LTQ-XL) -- In-gel digestsExample Packaged Services: Peptide sequencing (LTQ-XL) -- In-solution digestsExample Packaged Services: Peptide sequencing (LUMOS) -- In-solution digestsExample Packaged Services: Peptide sequencing (LUMOS) -- Proteome profilingExample Packaged Services: Protein complex cross-linking analysis (LUMOS)Sample Preparation (Pre-Acquisition): C18 peptide cleanup: Peptide mixtureSample Preparation (Pre-Acquisition): In-gel protein digest: ProteinSample Preparation (Pre-Acquisition): Native in-solution protein digest,Sample Preparation (Pre-Acquisition): Denaturing in-solution proteindigest, C18 peptide cleanup: Cell PelletSample Preparation (Pre-Acquisition): "Isobaric reagent labeling*, C18 peptide cleanupSOM -Preclinical and Translational Imaging Center (PTIC)SS12580MRI ImagingAfter Hours ImagingImaging TrainingData and Image AnalysisAnalysis TrainingSequence DevelopmentPost Imaging animal euthanizationComputer UseData StorageContrast AgentSchool of Physical SciencesPHYSICAL SCIENCES - BIOMOLECULAR NMR FacilitySS11088Instrument timeMaterialsPHYSICAL SCIENCES - COPY CENTERSS11076KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates 150.00250.00 200.001,000.00 448.5030.003.607.20207.6020.60135.0073.00 1,250.00350.00555.00475.00525.00228.00375.00 15.005.0080.00 56.0080.00 96.0080.0040.0080.0080.00160.00 .00260.00235.00 345.00290.00 0.00 7.00/hourAt Cost24602461243725092507250824692470

Org /RechargeActivity0CopyFull-Serve CopyColor copiesColo full-serve copyTransparenciesDocument bindingsLaminating 8 1/2 x 11Laminating 11 x 14ReamsGlassworkPHYSICAL SCIENCES - COMPUTING SUPPORTProgrammer TimePHYSICAL SCIENCES - COMPUTATION INITIATIVE (Green Planet)Co-location Recharge/NodePrivate login node maintenance/nodePrivate storage maintenance/arrayShared components per new nodeRack Space for new node ( 50/U)System Administration Recharge/NodePHYSICAL SCIENCES - GLASS BLOWING SHOPMachine TimePHYSICAL SCIENCES - INSTRUMENTATION DEVELOPMENTEngineer Time (per hour)Fastak - RushMaterialsPHYSICAL SCIENCES - CENTER FOR ISOTOPE TRACERS IN EARTH SCIENCE (CITIES)d18O and dD of cellulosed18O and dD of waterd13C and d15N of solid samplesd18O or d13O of CO2, d18O of water by equilibriumFundAccount Acct#2KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI Rates 0.06/copy 0.08/copy 0.50/copy 0.52/ copy 0.25/copy 5.00/each 1.00/each 2.50/each 4.56/each 0.05/eachSS11987SS11988SS11084SS110742471 25.00/hour 20.00/node/month 5.00/array/month 1,500/node 5.0050.0010.002473 40.00/hour At Cost35.0050.00 16.00SS11984Grinding solid samplesWeighing and Loading SamplesVial PreparationWater extractionAnalysis of Carbon & NitrogenStable Isotope analysis of carbonaICP-MS (per hour)ICP-MS Traning (per hour)PHYSICAL SCIENCES - CELL SORTERSS11863Cytometer (Accrul C6/hr w/o tech supportCytometer (Accrul C6/hr w/ tech supportCell Sorter (count)Cell Sorter (sort)PHYSICAL SCIENCES - KECK-Carbon Cycle Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (CCAMS)SS11096Total Amino Acid extraction/XAD resin purification for bone dating (pretreatment chemistry)Combustion Plus 13C MeasurementSample preparation of carbonates for screening sampleCO2 Extraction from AirConversion to GraphiteMeasurement of Screening (all samples)IRMS 13C Measurement (all samples)Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) pretreatment & oxidationUltra Small CombustionUltra Small Conversion to graphiteUltra small 14C measurement/Ultra small error correctionDissolved inorganic Carbon (DIC) extractionCH ( 0.2%) oxicationPHYSICAL SCIENCES - LASER FACILITY (CHEMISTRY)SS11092Varian Cary 50 SpectrometerHitachi F4500 SpectroflurometerJasco J-810 SpectropolarimeterMalvern Zetasizer ZS Nano DLSNanosecond transient absorptionPerkin Elmer 900 UV-VLs-NIR SpectrophotometerPerkin Elmer 2000 FTIRRenishaw InVivo Raman MicroscopeCary Eclipse SptrofluorometerShimadzu UV-1700 SpectrophotometerJasco 4700 FTIR247224742475 UCI rate 00128.00220.00350.00 .0040.0060.0095.00247624772478

Org /RechargeActivity0Picosecond LaserTrainingUltrafast femtosecond laser systemRaman/fluorescence spectrometerJASCO V-670 Aborption SpectrometerAgilent Cary-7000 Universal Measurement SpectrometerAgilent Cary-60 SpectrometerMalvern Multi-Angle Light Scattering InstrumentNanoSight NS300Curious Molly-Nonlinear microscopy systemPHYSICAL SCIENCES - MACHINE SHOPMachine Time - per hourStudent ClassMachine Time - RushPHYSICAL SCIENCES - MASS SPECTROSCOPY oteinMixProtein SequencingPeptide SequencingLC-HRMSeLC-LRMSStaff ConsultationGC-gasGas RT-MSGC-MS/FIDLIFDIPHYSICAL SCIENCES - MODELING FACILITYCopmputer Cluster (per core hour)Computer Cluster (PPI Owned Nodes) core hourApplication Access over NFS (host per month)Backed-up data Storage (per GB per month)PHYSICAL SCIENCES - NUCLEAR REACTOR FACILITYReactor Time/Neutron Generator Use per hourSpectrometer Use (Day or Night) per hourFundIsotope 82Br - per millicurieIsotope 24Na - per millicurieFacility use for other experiments - per dayEducational TourGamma Irradiator use per hourNeutron Shield Attenuation TestingShipping assistance 50/per irradiationPHYSICAL SCIENCES - NMR (NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE) FACILITYDRX400 - DayDRX400 - NightGN500 - DayGN500 - NightCYRO500 - DayCYRO500 - NightADVANCE600 - DayADVANCE600 - NightPHYSICAL SCIENCES - PHYSICS ELECTRONICS SHOPElectronic/Hardware Services per hourPHYSICAL SCIENCES - PS STORESStoresPHYSICAL SCIENCES - X-RAY FACILITYEngineer & Instrument Time per dayInstrument time per daySOCIAL OF SOCIAL ECOLOGYSOCIAL ECOLOGY - INSTITUTE FOR INTERDISCIPLINARY SALIVARY BIOSCIENCE RESEARCH17-OH-ProgesteroneAdiponectinAlpha-amylase (Duplicate)Alpha-amylase (Singlet)Account Acct#2SS11082SS11106SS11986SS11077SS11090SS11104 15.0055.0035.0015.0010.0010.006.0010.0010.0035.00 75.00300.0085.00 .003.00100.001.0050.004.0025.00 0.00750.00155.000.05 130.0043.00 Hourly Hares 8.000.80300.00150.0050.00173.0050.00 SS11105KBM DebitObject CodeOn Campus UCI 6248024812482248324842485Cost 27%SS110802479 200.00150.00 18.2918.459.628.2024862495

Org /RechargeActivity0FundAndrostenedioneCgACMV antibodyCortisol (Duplicate)Cortisol (Singlet)CotinineCRPCytokine 3-plex: IL-1b, IL-6, TNF-aCytokine 7-plex: IL-1β, IL-12p70, IFN-γ, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, TNF-αCytokine 9-Plex: GM-CSF, IFN-G, IL-1b, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12p70, TNF-aCytokine 4-plex: IL-1b, IL-6, IL-8, neTNF-aTotal ProteinTransferrinUric AcidCustom (Example: Cytokine 5-plex)**Storage Rate for Salivary SamplesReturn Shipment

Laser Scanner DIY 6.00 Shop Saber CNC DIY 19.00 Uprint FDM DIY 13.00 Electronics Lab DIY 5.00 . Wireless Microphone: 1 handheld or bodypack transmitter w/ receiver 10.50 4 Handheld Wireless Microphone System: 4 handheld transmitters w/receiver 21.00 .

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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING : MEANING, NATURE AND ROLE OF ACCOUNTING STRUCTURE 1.0 Objective 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Origin and Growth of Accounting 1.3 Meaning of Accounting 1.4 Distinction between Book-Keeping and Accounting 1.5 Distinction between Accounting and Accountancy 1.6 Nature of Accounting 1.7 Objectives of Accounting 1.8 Users of Accounting Information 1.9 Branches of Accounting 1.10 Role .

Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors Objective 1 The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the criteria for selecting and changing accounting policies, together with the accounting treatment and disclosure of changes in accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and

ACCT 2100 Principles of Accounting 3 Ph.D. Accounting Virginia Tech Yes ACCT 3131 Cost Accounting I 3 Yes Berrigan, Isabel M ACCT 3124 Governmental Accounting 3 M.S. Accounting - Auditing University of New Orleans No ACCT 2100 Principles of Accounting 3 M.S. Accounting University of New Orleans No ACCT 3

Level 3 Accounting OVERVIEW – Course Information page ii General Overview NCEA Level 3 Accounting covers partnership accounting, company accounting, company annual report interpretation, cost accounting, management accounting and decision making. The Accounting Scholarship Standard is one standard with a focus on repo

Accounting Education, (2) Accounting Education, (3) Advances in Accounting Education, (4) Global Perspectives on Accounting Education, (5) Issues in Accounting Education, and (6) The Accounting Educators’ Journal. As noted in Table 1, this article is the 12th in a series of accounting education literature reviews first published in 1986.

Accounting Principles Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are the standard framework of guidelines for financial accounting/preparation of financial statements which has strong tight with the common accounting practices along with the accounting standards. Accounting principles are same as accounting concepts which discussed earlier.

Department of Accounting became the School of Accounting, and in late 1980, our undergraduate accounting program and master of accounting program started being ranked in the top five in the nation. We also moved into the School of Accounting building. In 1990, the School of Accounting changed its name to the Leventhal School of Accounting.

WSU Accounting Overview "Basis of Accounting" Wayne State University's financial statements are prepared in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) principles. The day -to day accounting is prepared using fund accounting. Fund accounting is an accounting and reporting system commonly used by public colleges and universities to keep track of resources whose use is