Next Week: Fall Break! October 10-14th

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October 3rd-7thMonday 10/3Choir Concert7:30pmAuditoriumTuesday 10/4NHS Induction Ceremony7:00pmWednesday 10/5Josten’s OrdersLunchAmpitheaterJosten’s OrdersLunchAmpitheaterOrchestra Concert7:30pmAuditoriumJosten’s Parent Meeting5:30pm-7:00pmCafeteria1:00pmEarly ReleaseThursday 10/6Friday 10/7End of First QuarterSaturday 10/8AVID will be sponsoring a Car Wash this Saturday from 6:30am to noon at the TacoBell at Country Club and Main Street. We are raising money for our college visit andleadership trip. Look forward to seeing all of you thereNext week:Fall Break! October 10-14thWESTWOOD HIGH IS PROUD TO BE AN A SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE Weekly Bulletin 1

October 2016www.mesasports.orgSun2Mon3TueWed45Girls VB @SkylineGirls VB vsMt. ViewBadminton vs Freshman FBSkylinevs DobsonBoys Golf @Skyline91011Cross Country@ Basha12Boys Golf @Queen Creek161718Thu6Fri7Girls VB vsRed Mt.Badminton @Red Mt.Sat87pm VarsityFootball vsDobsonJV FB @Dobson1314152122Swim vs ValleyVista1920Boys Golf vsChandlerFreshman FB@ Mt. ViewJV FB vsMt. ViewGirls VB @MesaGirls VB vsDobsonBoys Golf @SunnyslopeSwim @Queen CreekGirls VB vsSkylineWeekly Bulletin 2Varsity FB @Mt. View

Students in grades 9 through 12 may apply for the Prudential Spirit ofCommunity Award if they have made meaningful contributions totheir communities through volunteer service in the past 12 months.The application is due to the principal by November 8th. See Mrs.Murphy in room 410 for details.Westwood is offering the ASVAB Career Exploration test for Juniors andSeniors free-of-charge on October 5th. Seating is limited. Remaining seatsare reserved for juniors and seniors. For more information and to sign up,see Mrs. Mason in the Compass Center.Hey Warriors!! Do you want sick Westwood gear and to have your businessideas become a reality? Hit up the Westwood Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club. Stop by the Library Resource Center, Wednesday Mornings, at8:00. Text @WEMC16 to 81010 for Textupdates. Remember TEXT@WEMC16 to 81010Seniors – are you ready for graduation? Well, it’s time toorder your cap/gown/tassel and other graduation items.Orders will be taken on October 5th & 6th.Fry’s Community RewardsYou can link your Fry’s VIP card tosupport WHS Bands! Everyt time you use your Fry’s VIP card forpurchases, a percentage of that sale is credited to WHS Band and sentto our Boosters as a quarterly check!Weekly Bulletin 4

PSAT Information and Bell ScheduleWednesday, October 19, 2016On Wednesday, October 19 th Westwood High School will be administering the PSAT exam to all 10 th and 11 th grade students.Test procedures:* Be at your testing room at 7:45 a.m. to check in* Students must have a student/picture ID before they can begin their test* Bring at least two #2 pencils with erasers* Electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops or tablets must be turned off and put away during the entire testing time(even during breaks)* Bring a calculator, scientific or graphing is recommended – students may not share calculatorso Unacceptable calculators include models that can access the Internet, have wireless, Bluetooth, cellular,audio/video recording and playing, camera, or any other Smartphone/Iphone/Android featuresBus/Transportation InformationBusses will run at normal time for those students taking the PSAT test. A second bus run will occur 4 ½ hours later than the normalpick-up time. For example, if a student who is not testing gets picked up at 6:15 a.m., they will be picked up at 10:45 a.m. All afterschool busses will run on a normal schedule.PSAT TESTING: 8:00 – 11:40 a.m.(Check-in no later than 7:45 a.m.)(Testing doors close at 8:00 a.m. Late students will not be permitted to test)LUNCH: 11:40 a.m. – 12:36 p.m.1st hour: 12:42-1:00 pm2nd hour: 1:06-1:24 pm3rd hour: 1:30-1:48 pm4th hour: 1:54-2:12 pm5th hour: 2:18-2:36 pm6th hour: 2:42-3:00 pm

Sophomores and JuniorsWe are happy to announce that Westwood High School will be administering thePreliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) to all 10thand 11th grade students on Wednesday, October 19th.The PSAT exam is important for several reasons. By taking the PSAT, your student willaccess focused practice and will gain experience in academic testing.Benefits include the following: a chance to enter the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC); customized skill based practice to increase readiness through Kahn- carefully crafted to improve and polish necessary academic skills; A personalized list of careers and potential college majors and the ability to learnabout them; Access to the College Board’s interactive college and career planning website; An online score report, including projected SAT score ranges, state percentiles, andthe ability to sort answer explanations by difficulty and question type; the opportunity to see which Advanced Placement classes the student has potentialto de well; and a dedicated SAT study plan created by the test’s authors, including a review ofresults, practice questions, essays scored, and the chance to take four complete SATsAcademyThere will be a late start schedule for all 9th and 12th grade students on October 19th.We are excited about this opportunity and will be providing more information toparents and students in early October.PSAT/NMQT emphasizes the skill that enhance careers, including problem solving inscience, social science, and other real-world context. Additional information such assample questions and study guides can be found online at: contact the Westwood Student Advisement Office for more information.Weekly Bulletin 6

Westwood High SchoolPhoto Dates945 W. Rio Salado ParkwayClubs 11/1Mesa, AZ 85201Lunch HourOrganizations 11/307:30-3pmFax (480) 472-4509Graduating Class 2/7/ Cap & Gown 3/8-3/10/17Attendance—(480) 472-4500Yearbook Pricing:(espanol) - (480) 472-4501 60 pre-order thru December(480) 472-4502 70 January thru AprilRegistration—(480) 472-4508 80 MayCounseling—(480) 472-4422Nurse—(480) 472-4433Bookstore—(480) 472-4410Cafeteria—(480) 472-4463Information—(480) 472-4400Construction Update!!!Garney Construction is moving along quickly! They have completed all underground work on Rio Salado Parkwayfrom Country Club Drive to Alma School Road. Below is an overview of the upcoming traffic restrictions:RIO SALADO PARKWAY-Alma School Rd. to Country Club Dr.—The contractor will be paving Rio Salado from Alma School Rd. to Country Club Dr. from October 8ththrough October 15th (during Fall Break). During the paving operations, Rio Salado will be restricted to onelane in each direction with left turns prohibited at signalized intersections.RIO SALADO PARKWAY—Alma School Rd. to Dobson—August 8th through October 20th—Rio Salado will be restricted to one lane in each direction from AlmaSchool Rd. to Longmore for the installation of the 48” transmission main. Left turns will be restrictedperiodically during the construction activites.Now through October 29, 2016—Longmore is closed at Rio Salado Parkway for installation of thetransmission main and miscellaneous work.Later this year, Garney will begin installing a 16” waterline along Rio Salado Parkway from approximatelyLongmore to Dobson Rd. During this work, Rio Salado will be restricted to one lane in each direction.DOBSON RD. - Rio Salado Parkway to Cubs Way—Within the next month, Garney will begin installing a 16” waterline along Dobson Rd. from Rio Salado Parkway to Cubs Way, then west on Cubs Way. Once this work begins, northbound Dobson Rd. will berestricted.Weekly Bulletin 7

Tutoring:Before school tutoring:7:00-8:00 in Room 404English: Monday and FridayScience: Tuesday and ThursdayMath: Every day except WednesdaySocial Studies: Monday and ThursdayAfter school tutoring:3:00-4:00 in Room 404Math: Monday-ThursdayEnglish: Monday-ThursdayNative American Shield math tutoring:Room 303—Before and after schoolDuring both lunchesService LearningInterested in Service Learning? Need ideas, or just to get your project pre-approved?Want to earn the MPS Honorfor Excellence in Service Learning seal for yourdiploma? See Mrs. Murphy in room 410 before school, during B lunch, or after schoolfor more information. Pre-approval applications and lists of places to serve areavailable every day outside room 410 on a cart. Remember, all projects MUST havepre-approval in order for the hours to count on your transcript (pre-means BEFOREyou do the service).For more information, contact Mrs. Murphy, the Service Learning Coach!Room 410apmurphy@mpsaz.orgWeekly Bulletin 4

Weekly Bulletin 5

RIO SALADO PARKWAY-Alma School Rd. to Country Club Dr.— The contractor will be paving Rio Salado from Alma School Rd. to Country Club Dr. from October 8th through October 15th (during Fall Break). During the paving operations, Rio Salado will be restricted to one lane in each direction with left turns prohibited at signalized intersections.

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