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For more information about these products,visit Roland DG online atSerieswww.rolanddg.comPowerful, High-Precision 3D Milling ina Wide Range of Manufacturing Materials Produces large prototypes, parts and jigs Mills a wide variety of materials including plastics, aluminum and brass Features a large work area of 500mm (X) x 400mm (Y) x 155mm (Z)[19.6" (X) x 15.7" (Y) x 6.1" (Z)] Advanced smoothing functions produce smooth curves and surfaces Powerful Roland SRP Player CAM software is included Built-in Automatic Tool Changer available (MDX-540A and MDX-540SA) Other advanced options: Rotary Axis Unit supports 360 degree andmultiple-surface cuts; T-slot table provides stable productionMODELASRP SolutionsDramatically Improve Your Product Designs with Smooth,High-Quality PrototypesStandard 3D Milling for Product Designand Part PrototypingNEW Compact size fits on the desktop and is ideal for office use Mills resin materials including plastics and chemical wood Large work area of 305mm (X) x 305mm (Y) x 105mm (Z)[12" (X) x 12" (Y) x 4.12" (Z)] Easy-to-use on-screen operation panel and user interface Powerful Roland SRP Player CAM software included*ZSC-1 optional sensor unit supports 3D scanning with the MDX-40ACompact, Easy-to-Use MODELA Fits on the Desktop Compact and easy-to-use, even for novices Supports resin materials such as modeling wax and chemical wood Two models available:MDX-20: work area of 203.2mm (X) x 152.4mm (Y) x 60.5mm (Z)[8" (X) x 6" (Y) x 2.38" (Z)]MDX-15: work area of 152.4mm (X) x 101.6mm (Y) x 60.5mm (Z)[6" (X) x 4" (Y) x 2.38" (Z)] Easy-to-use Roland MODELA PLAYER 4 CAM software included Offers precision 3D scanning when operated with the spindle unitISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedRoland pursues both environmental protection and continuous quality improvement. Under the philosophy of preserving theenvironment and human health, Roland is actively working to abolish organic solvents in production, to reduce and recyclewaste, to reduce power use, and to purchase recycled products. Roland constantly strives to provide the most highly reliableproducts available.Roland reserves the right to make changes in specifications, materials or accessories without notice. Your actual output may vary. For optimum output quality, periodic maintenance to critical components may be required. Please contact your Rolanddealer for details. No guarantee or warranty is implied other than expressly stated. Roland shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, whether foreseeable or not, caused by defects in such products.Three-dimensional shapes may be protected under copyright. Customers are responsible for observing laws and ordinances when scanning. Adobe, PostScript, PostScript 3 and the PostScript logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Roland DG Corp. has licensed the MMP technology from the TPL Group.AUTHORIZED DEALER:Printed in Japan. RDG-416072599 10 FEB E-3

Now In-House Prototyping isFaster, Easier and More PreciseThan Ever. MODELA TakesProduct Design To aNew Level.Prototyping is critical to the product development process, allowing designers to both see and touch theresults of their work. With a prototype, designers can review their designs at every angle and assessCreate Precisionmany attributes not reflected in printed designs or on screen — including the precise size, surface finishPrototypes In-House withand ease of manufacturing of a design. Roland MODELA series 3D milling machines produce precisionprototypes quickly and easily, making them ideal for in-house designing.Roland SRP TechnologyMODELA Subtractive RapidPrototyping (SRP)TechnologySubtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) is a unique prototyping method that mills materials to create a model. By contrast, Stereolithography and other additive rapidprototyping technologies produce models by layering a laminating agent. SRP has several advantages over additive rapid prototyping including lower costs, support fora wider variety of low-priced materials, and the ability to produce beautiful finishes with smooth, curved surfaces. SRP's precision results allow designers to accuratelyreview the look and feel of a product as well as its design.1MODE LA S R P S olut i on sM ODELA SRP Sol utions2

A World of Applicationsfor MODELAMODELA with SRP technology supports a wide varietyof prototyping materials for the applications drivingyour business.Design PrototypesProduct designers rely on prototypes tothoroughly review a design and toinspect its surface finish. The MODELAseries creates prototypes in ABS andJigs,molds andPart ProductionThe MDX series produces precisionmolds, parts and jigs for small lotproduction. They can also be used toother materials used to produce actualproduce a portion of a product. Theproducts. As a result, you can review aMDX-540/540A series mills light metalsprototype that closely matches yoursuch as aluminum and brass to meet afinal product.range of production demands.Working PrototypesMODELA allows you to produce andMaterials supported by the MODELA SeriesModelassemble precision prototypes part byMDX-540/MDX-540AMDX-40AMDX-20/MDX-15Chemical woodYe sYesYesABSYe sYesYesstructure, movement, functioning andAcrylicYe sYesYesother attributes of your prototype.POMYe sYesYesModeling waxYe sYesYesPolyurethaneYe sYesYesAluminumYe sNoNoBrassYe sNoNopart, in your choice of materials. Whenassembled, you can evaluate the3MODE LA S R P S olut i on sMaterialMOD ELA SRP Sol utio ns4

The MODELA system offers many advantages starting withThe MODELAAdvantageSubtractive Rapid Prototyping Technology is what sets MODELA apart fromaffordability. Low initial and running costs significantly loweroverall costs of prototyping. In addition, many MODELA usersfind that MODELA SRP technology has helped increase theirMODELASeries Featuresknowledge of manufacturing processes. As a result, their designsthe competition: beautifully smooth finishing, low running costs,and support for a wide variety of materials. In addition, MODELA is apowerful teaching platform for the skills and techniques required forproduct design, prototyping and jig/part production.are better suited for mass production and/or mold making andtheir development cycles are shorter.Powerful, Easy-To-Use CAM Software IncludedLow Running CostCostSavingsDevelopment Departmentfor an Audio ProductsManufacturer"We successfully lowered our prototyping costs with MODELA."For a small initial investment, the Roland MODELA seriesEvery MODELA comes with easy-to-use Roland CAM software thatallows you to use a wide variety of common, low-costtransforms 3D CAD or CG data into milling data.No previous experience is required.Before Installing MODELA:After Installing MODELA:manufacturing materials.* MODELA includes powerfulWe had to outsource prototyping.The costs were excessive and we were lookingfor ways to reduce them.Within our first year of installing MODELA, we realizedsignificant cost savings. At first, we were concernedabout whether we really could operate the machinewithout previous milling experience. We quickly learnedthe skills we needed and were effectively using themachine within a week. We have since established asuccessful system to produce prototypes both in-houseand through outsourcing depending on the and is designed for ease of use. No previousexperience is required to generate high quality prototypes Roland SRP Playerright at your desktop.*Refer to the chart on page 4 for supported materials.Beautiful FinishSmooth round curves and a beautiful finish — MODELAShorterDevelopmentCyclesDesign Department for anAgricultural InstrumentsManufacturer"Now we can complete a MODELA prototype the next day – instead ofwaiting one week for our outsourcing suppliers to create it."Before Installing MODELA:After Installing MODELA:It took more than a week to just order a prototypewhen factoring in the internal approvals andpaperwork involved. It was difficult to communicateeffectively with our outsourcing suppliers to ensureaccurate production of assembly fixtures for ourproduct prototypes.Now we can immediately produce a prototype afterfinishing the design. We can complete a prototype for asimple part the same day - and for larger, more complexparts the following day.eliminates the need for labor intensive post-processingsuch as surface finishing.File extension Software version/File typeMills a Wide Variety ofManufacturing MaterialsMODELA allows you to mill a wide variety of materialsused to produce actual products including ABS, POM,acrylic, modeling wax, chemical wood and more. Thehigh-performance MDX-540 can also mill light metals suchas brass and aluminum.BetterQualityProductsDesign Department foran Electric Production Control Department foran Electronics ManufacturerLowerSecurityRisksDevelopment Departmentfor a Cosmetics Manufacturer"Now that we can produce our own prototypes, we can createas many as we need to meet our high quality design standards."Before Installing MODELA:After Installing MODELA:We couldn't obtain a prototyping budget forsmall-lot production. Instead, we assessed thedesign using the CAD data we could view on screen.There were many details we couldn't visualize so ourreview process was compromised.MODELA transformed our discussions and the entirereview process by allowing our project members toboth see and hold the completed prototype. We arenow able to create as many prototypes as we need toperfect our designs.Confirms Manufacturing ResultsWith subtractive RP technology, users can thoroughlyreview the surface finish of their prototypes by actuallyBefore Installing MODELA:After Installing MODELA:With MODELA, burrs can be removed for exceptionalquality results. MODELA has increased our productivityby allowing our skilled professionals to engage in morecomplex work.MODE LA S R P S olut i on sCommentsPolygon mesh–No 2D drawing but MODELA cancut 2D using included Dr. Engrave.5.2STLBinary, ASCIIDXFRhinoceros 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 Polygon mesh3dm–No 2D drawingPolygon mesh and curved surface No 2D. Reads hidden data File formats compatible with MODELA Player 4 software(included in MDX-20 /15)File extension Software version/File typeIGES (IGS)5.2STLBinary, ASCIIData that can be importedSurface onlyPolygon meshDXFAutoCAD Release 12J3D face and polylineXVLXVL3–CommentsNo solid 2D drawing–Able to read polyline in 3D meshand polymesh. No solid 2Ddrawing–Professional Prototyping, Evenfor Novice UsersRoland DG products are designed for ease ofbe repeated as many times as needed to optimize designuse. Even novices can achieve professionalquality. Highly accurate prototypes improveresults without previous experience or specialcommunication between design team members and theskills. The MDX is compact and fits comfortablyproduction department for a smoother, shorter productinto your office or shop environment. You alsodevelopment cycle.get legendary Roland reliability and world-classservice and support including training throughRoland workshops and seminars.Chemical woodWoodRealistic finishes andappearances can be added withthe Roland VersaUVprinter/cutter. See page 10."We have successfully established our own internal system and no longerhave to take new product designs outside the company before their release."Before Installing MODELA:After Installing MODELA:Our cosmetics designs are highly confidential andmust be protected from competitors. Before we hadthe MODELA system, we needed outside suppliers toproduce our prototypes.Now we prototype container designs securely in-house.We no longer risk exposing our designs to othersoutside the company before their release.Chemical woodABSPOM5Data that can be importedCurved surface only(element number: 128, 143, 144)IGES (IGS)touching and holding them. The prototyping process can"With MODELA, we have standardized our finishing process forformed/molded parts."We relied on skilled professionals to manually finishformed and molded parts for our high-end productline. While inefficient, this system worked so wewere hesitant to try something new.(Optional professional CAM software available) File formats compatible with SRP Player software(included in MDX-540/ 540A and MDX-40A)AcrylicMOD ELA SRP Sol utio ns6

MODELA PrototypingWorkflowProducing prototypes with MODELA requires just two(Using MDX-40A)with MODELA.simple steps: first, create the design data; second, millyour prototype. Even beginners can mill a 3D prototypeCreate DataJust Five Steps Generate the Ideal Tool Path for Your PrototypeStep1Step2Step3Step4Step5Determine the size andorientation of yourprototype.Select the type of millingrequired.Generate your toolpaths.Preview the millingprocess virtually onscreen.Begin milling.DXF: Polygon mesh(2D not compatible)IGES: IGES 5.2(curved surfacecompatible, 2D notcompatible.)3DM: Rhinoceros1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0(2D not compatible)Import the design file3D CAD/CGCAMMODELA allows you to design your prototypes usingEvery MDX-40A comes with powerful Roland SRPpopular 3D CAD/CG software such as Solidworks ,Player CAM software. Programming SRP PlayerRhinoceros , Shade and others. You can also usesettings is an easy, step-by-step process. The displayyour own software to generate data in one of thewill guide you through each step.file formats listed here.*MODELA Player 4 is included in the MDX-20/15.*You may require additional settings depending on the material used and size of your prototype.Milling with MODELA1 Attach the materialto the mill.2 Attach the millingcutter.3 Start milling.4 MODELA mills360 degreesautomatically withthe Rotary Axis Unit.5 Remove the millingsupport.6 Finish.How you position the material differsAttach the milling cutter best suitedOnce you finish attaching the millingWith the optional Rotary Axis Unit,Once MODELA has finished milling,Your prototype displays accuratedepending on the shape of the materialfor the material and milling conditions.cutter and positioning the material,objects can be milled unattended atremove the part from the supportsdimensions and smooth curves.and your prototype design. The RotaryYou can quickly set the origin on screen.close the cover. You are now ready toany angle from 0 to 360 degrees andthat secured the material to the unitIt can be made more realistic byAxis Unit was used to produce thisstart milling. Select the Start Cuttingaround multiple surfaces.and file the cut surfaces away.adding a painted finish (not shown).bottle prototype.button on your screen and the MDXwill begin milling.7MODE LA S R P S olut i on sMOD ELA SRP Sol utio ns8

Advanced PrototypingMore advanced prototyping can be completed bycombining the MODELA with a Roland 3D scanner and/ora Roland inkjet printer. You will be able to producemore realistic prototypes in an enhanced prototypingenvironment.3D Laser ScannerUV-LED Inkjet Printer/CutterAdvancements in Product Designwith Reverse EngineeringAdd Special Printed Effects toYour In-House PrototypesCreate clay model.When you combine your MODELA with a RolandWith the addition of a Roland VersaUVLPX-RE series 3D laser scanner, 3D objects and clayUV-LED inkjet printer/cutter, you can createmodels that are produced manually can easilymore complete prototypes at an affordablebe transformed into 3D CAD data for your design.cost. VersaUV prints in multiple layers for awide range of textures and effects. Forexample, you can print VersaUV graphics onScan the clay model with the LPX.transparent film to create a decal ormembrane panel as an external facing forEdit the scanned data withPixForm Pro II.your prototype. The results will accuratelyPrint decals or membranepanels for external facingwith VersaUV.reflect the final product — includinglabeling and finishes.Edit the scanned datawith 3D CAD.Produce a prototype with MODELA.Create a prototypewith MODELA.The Power of Presentation with VersaUVLayered printing forthree-dimensionaleffects Scans a wide variety of objects including hard surfaces and soft materials Roland Pixform Pro II reverse modeling software is included and takesyou from prototyping to the production process. Pixform Pro IIgenerates lines, surfaces and models based on the data scannedwith your LPX — data that can be used in 3D CAD software. Three models are available: the LPX-1200 high-quality scanner, theLPX-600 for scanning larger objects, and the compact, easy-to-useLPX-60 scanner*Three-dimensional shapes may be protected under copyright. Customers are responsible for observinglaws and ordinances when scanning.RE Series9MODE LA S R P S olut i on sRich glossy finishesSophisticatedmatte finishesPrints on hundredsof substratesincluding genuineleatherPrints fabricsCreates productlabels withtransparent filmEnergy Efficient UV-LED Lamps, High Resolution Printing, Contour Cutting and MoreLPX-600RELPX-60RELPX-1200RE The newest UV-LED lamp technology is designed for low energyconsumption and high-quality prints The LEC-330 is able to print on card stock, plastic board andpolycarbonate, etc., up to 1 mm (0.04 " ) thick for a wide variety ofprototyping applications (except metal) Maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi for beautiful results acrossa wide range of applications Roland VersaWorks RIP software is built on the genuine AdobePostScript 3 TM engine for consistent print quality Prints and contour cuts graphics in virtually any shape, all on one deviceUV-LED lnkjet Printer/cutterMaximum media widthMaximum printing/cutting width762 mm(30")mm(30")736 mm(29")mm(29")MO DELA SRP Sol utio ns10

(included in MDX-20/15) Roland SRP Player After Installing MODELA: Now we can immediately produce a prototype after finishing the design. We can complete a prototype for a simple part the same day - and for larger, more complex parts the following day. Before Installing MODELA: After Installing MODELA: MODELA transformed our discussions and .

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