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FA I RV I E W P H YS I C I A N A S S O C I AT ES N E T WO R KBuilding Valueand RelationshipsCelebrating 25 years!

St.FrancisFA I RV I E W PH YS I C I A N AS S O C I AT ES N E T WO R K S ERV I C E A R E ADelanoNorthland ambridgeMinnetonkaMilaca3AndoverMaple GroveMonticelloElk RiverBrooklyn ParkOtsegoCoon RapidsLakes AreaSt.FrancisBuffaloPlymouthPine CityDelanoMaple Grove3Rush CityRush CityLinoLakesGoldenNorth BranchCrystalPlymouthSt. Prior FarmingtonBurnsvilleSavageShakopeeNew PragueOakdaleLake ElmoEagan7, 8RichfieldChaskaInverGroveHeightsSt. PaulMinneapolisEdenSt. LouisParkPrairieBurnsvilleForest LakeWhite Bear Lake4, enWyomingHudsonVadnaisHeights St. ngForest LakeForest LakeOak Park ValleyNew Brighton4, 5StillwaterLinoLakesMaplewoodRosevilleChisago City2WyomingWhite BearLakeLinoLakesHeightsDelano22WayzataChisago CityPine CityChanhassenShoreviewRobbinsdaleNorth BranchLakes AreaChisago CityWaconiaBlaineColumbiaCrystalElk RiverNorth BranchFridleyRogersZimmermanGrantsburgBlaineTwin Cities and Surrounding AreasZimmermanPrincetonWayzataPine CityRush CityCoon RapidsBuffalo11Lakes AreaMonticello11Prior LakeNorthfieldAppleValleyRosemountLakevilleNew PragueOn the cover: Suzy Runkel, PA-C, sees patients at France Avenue Family Physicians.FarmingtonNorthfield9Primary CareWoodburySpeciality CareHospitalsHospital Key1. FairviewInver Northland Medical CenterGroveLakes Medical Center2. FairviewHeights3. MapleGrove HospitalCottage4, 5.University of MinnesotaMedical Center,Groveand University of Minnesota MasonicHastingsChildren’s Hospital6. Fairview Southdale HospitalPrimaryCare7. Fairview Ridges HospitalFairviewCarePhysician Associates physiciansSpecialityadmit patients to other area hospitalsasHospitalswell, in accordance with patientgeographical and other needs.Hospital Key1. Fairview Northland Medical Center2. Fairview Lakes Medical Center3. Maple Grove Hospital4, 5. University of Minnesota MedicalCenter and University of MinnesotaMasonic Children’s Hospital6. HealthEast St. John’s Hospital7, 8. Bethesda HospitalHealthEast St. Joseph’s Hospital9. HealthEast Woodwinds Health Campus10. Fairview Southdale Hospital11. Fairview Ridges Hospital

TO OUR MEMBERS AND OUR COMMUNITIESFairview Physician Associates (FPA) Network is proud to bring together more than 3,400 primaryand specialty providers from independent practices, Fairview clinics and University of MinnesotaPhysicians. Our network now includes providers from legacy HealthEast clinics who joined us in2017. We deliver clinically integrated programs designed to improve quality of care, as well aspatient and provider experience, at the best possible value. Further, we create the platform bringinghigh-value insurance products to the market.We have worked together with our clinic administrator and provider leaders to build value andrelationships in support of population health since 1993. Today, we continue to enhance clinicalintegration through such efforts as: Leveraging data analytics to identify patients who are at high risk for hospitalization or EmergencyDepartment use. Our goal is to provide care at the right place at the right time to keep people ashealthy as possible. Providing care coordination for Fairview Health Network independent primary care practices andnurse case management for all Fairview UCare for SeniorsSM patients. Our care management workis designed to support improved quality, patient experience and reduced total cost of care.We are committed to working with our network providers to achieve the Quadruple Aim: improvingquality of care, patient and provider experience, at the best possible value.Please use this report as an overview of the many services available to support our patients, populationsand practices.Kevin Nelson, M.D.PresidentFPA NetworkJeoff T. Will, M.B.A.Chief Operating OfficerFPA NetworkWilliam Nersesian, M.D., M.H.A.Chief Medical OfficerFPA Network1

FA I RV I E W PHYS I C I A N AS SO C I AT ES N E T WO RK AT A G L A N C EFairview Physician Associates Network3,423 credentialed providersFairview Health Network2,724 FHN providers855 primary care1,869 specialty careFairview-Employed Providers(includes legacy HealthEast providers)(1,129)University of MinnesotaPhysicians ( 900)285specialtycare629 primary care249 specialty care251 hospital based, urgent care, other399specialtycare 260primarycare*Independent Providers(1,610)239 primary care1,371 specialty care* Not credentialed in FPA NetworkApril 20182

Making a Differencefor Patients, Populationsand PracticesYelena Usmanova, M.D., sees patients atthe Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology.Welcome to Fairview Physician Associates (FPA) Network. A not-for-profit 501[c]3 organization, we are ledby physicians and practice administrators through our board, governing committees and council. FPA Networkhas built solid, collaborative relationships with ambulatory care practices for more than 25 years. Today, wesupport member medical practices to make a difference for patients and to enhance the sustainability of allmembers of our provider network.Practice member benefits include: Data analytics and reporting for Medication therapy Support for clinics to achieveour accountable care organization,management support integratedHealth Care Home certificationFairview Health Networkinto Fairview Health Networkor recertification from theprimarycareclinicsMinnesota Department of Health Health plan contracting Ongoing educational support to Communication and marketing Clinical quality and patientinclude annual coding training,in support of clinical integrationengagement benchmarkingFPA Institutes on a broad Our unique inhaler andand measurementrange of network issues such asdiabetes education websites Case management for patientsdepression, dementia and morefor patients and providersin those contracts for which we Ongoing community education(fpanetwork.org/inhalersaccept risk to meet goals fortosupportadvancecareplanningand fpanetwork.org/diabetes)quality and total cost of care.Fairview Health Network—toward further clinical integration. A subset within FPA Network, Fairview HealthNetwork (FHN) includes more than 844 primary care and 1,833 specialty care providers. FHN further enablesus to enhance clinical integration and participate in defined networks. We negotiate rates for risk-based healthinsurance products and reward primary care practices that achieve performance targets by meeting quality, patientexperience and total cost-of-care goals for a covered population. FPA Network infrastructure supports populationhealth efforts through care coordination, medical home certification, medication therapy management and otherclinical integration activities.Since 1993, we have grown steadily, adding practices, expanding member benefits, enhancing performanceexpectations, improving quality metrics and partnering with our community practices.Learn more about Fairview Physician Associates Network. Visit us at fpanetwork.org.3

Brittany Symonds, PharmD,FPA Network medication therapymanagement pharmacistRemoving Barriers to Care‘‘Anita’s multiple chronic diseases and related complicationshad created barriers to care and landed her in the hospital.That’s where Brittany Symonds, FPA Network medicationtherapy management pharmacist, stepped in. “Talking toBrittany and getting my medications straightened out hasbeen important,” says Anita. “I don’t think it would havebeen possible without her help.”If I hadn’t hadBrittany’s help,I don’t think I’d havemy diabetes undercontrol and feel aswell as I do today.— Anita,medication therapymanagement patient’’Anita’s problem began when she tried to renew her diabetesmedication after a post-hospital rehabilitation stay. Because ofmobility limitations, Anita was not able to see her physician,David Brockway, MD, Richfield Medical Group. She wentwithout her medication for several months.“My blood sugar went sky high,” says Anita. “I ended upback in the hospital.”“After a particularly difficult hospitalization, Fairview’snavigator identified her as a high-risk patient and reached outto our clinic care coordinator,” says Brockway. FPA Networkcare coordinators work with patients of independent memberclinics as part of a team to address complex medical care,psychosocial problems and social service needs.For Anita, barriers included medication cost and mobilityissues. Symonds worked with Anita by phone, reducing thenumber of clinic visits, and helping her find less expensivemedications through a mail-order source.Anita says, “If I hadn’t had Brittany’s help, I don’t think I’dhave my diabetes under control and feel as well as I do today.”4

OFFERIN G SERVICES TOSupport ClinicalIntegrationWe support practices within FPA Network and its subset Fairview Health Network (FHN) to enhancepatient outcomes, increase efficiencies, improve quality, reduce costs and ease administrativeburden. Our team offers a network approach to care management, providing care coordinationto patients who see providers at our primary care practices within FHN. We help clinics achieveMDH Health Care Home certification and offer coding, documentation training and more.Rebekah Ormsby, MD, Associates inWomen’s Health, and Heidi Scheffler, LICSW,Fairview Health Network care coordinator.Care Coordination. Patients and families often struggle withchronic or complex health conditions, developmental issues or socialservice needs. FHN care coordinators are registered nurses and socialworkers who work with care navigators to help identify gaps in careand support patients with chronic diseases and complex conditions,especially during transitions of care. Care coordinators identifycommunity resources and navigate psychosocial, financial, legal,mental health and transportation issues.By helping to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital, ourcare coordinators support better care, enhance patient and familyengagement, and help to reduce total cost of care for patients and practices within FHN. We work to improvepatient outcomes and reach system-wide population health goals. Examples include reducing inappropriate useof the Emergency Department and skilled nursing facilities, lowering preventable hospital readmissions andsupporting accurate acuity coding.Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Our MTM pharmacist evaluates whether a patient’s medications areindicated, effective, safe and convenient. We provide MTM services to patients of independent Fairview HealthNetwork primary care clinics, as well as across Fairview-owned clinics.Interpreter Services. All our FPA Network members have access to interpreter services through Fairview24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services include in-person and over-the-phone translation, as well as translationof documents. Market rates apply. For information, call FPA Network at 952-914-1800.Support for Professional Education. We hold Clinical Institutes to provide a forum for shared learning. Wehave focused on such topics as pain management, depression and dementia. We also pay tuition for independentnetwork physicians to attend the Healthcare Communications Course offered at the University of Minnesota.5

FPA Network hosted an educationsession on Somali culture andeffects on patient care.Health Care Home (HCH) Certification. We support clinics in achieving and maintaining HCHcertification. Clinics that have earned state certification demonstrate improved outcomes with bettercoordinated care for patients with complex or chronic conditions. Most primary care clinics within theFHN primary care service line have earned certification.On-site Consultation. We support clinical integration through standardized clinical approaches to carecoordination and population health strategies.Leveraging Data. We use data to help target patient populations that may benefit from added supportand make care more consistent across the continuum of care. Data sharing and reporting. We provide information to Fairview Health Network independent primarycare clinics to manage patient populations and to enhance care and shared savings. Transitions of care. We are working to reduce the number of preventable hospital readmissions and improvethe movement of patients from one level of care to another. Efforts include automated discharge reports fromall Fairview hospitals, inpatient and Emergency Department visits to Fairview Health Network primary careclinics, direct handoffs from inpatient care coordinators, 48-hour follow-up calls and facilitation with sevenday primary care, post-hospital visits. Telemonitoring. We participate in Fairview’s MyHealth Tracker Program, providing remote monitoringof enrollees with chronic cardiac conditions, including congestive heart failure. Patients can enroll at nocost with support of an ambulatory care coordinator or after discharge from a transitional care unit orhospital. MyHealth Tracker’s care management platform engages patients in reporting information abouttheir chronic conditions. The system connects patients with a care coordinator for early intervention toavert hospital admissions or an Emergency Department visit.Improving End-of-Life Care. We help families understand the role and importance of advance care planning(ACP), health care directives and provider orders for life-sustaining treatment (POLST); we initiate referrals forpalliative or hospice care when appropriate. ACP is designed to improve patient care and family experiences byencouraging discussions about end-of-life care preferences. Our free group ACP education sessions have reachedhundreds of patients and community members.6

Our websites help patientsget the most from their injectablediabetes medications and inhalers.‘‘“I found the glucagonvideo to be a goodrefresher, and I likedthat resources, such ascarb counting and sickday review, were listedin one area and easy tofind. The FPA Networkdiabetes webpage willbe very helpful toindividuals and theirfamilies when they arefirst diagnosed, as wellas for those who haveWebsites Help Patients ControlDiabetes, COPD ComplicationsTwo FPA Network websites offer comprehensiveeducation resources to people with diabetes,COPD or asthma, and their providers. Correctuse of their medication helps patients feel betterand control complications.Features of these websites include: Pharmacist video demonstrations of every injectablediabetes medication device and inhaler available Searchable photos of products currently on themarket Printable, patient-friendly information sheets Product-specific printable inhaler dose trackers Diabetes, asthma and COPD education resources Provider resources including at-a-glance productsummaries, prescribing information and blackbox warnings for inhalersAsk us about free supplies of tear-off pads describingpatient benefits of each website. Call 952-914-1800.Tour these unique resources at fpanetwork.org/inhalerand fpanetwork.org/diabetes.had diabetes for a longtime, like me.’’— Spencer, age 23, has had Type 1diabetes since he was seven years old.7

I N N OVAT I N G T H RO U G HProduct Developmentand ContractingTogether, our members work to achieve clinical integration through FPA Network and Fairview HealthNetwork agreements, negotiated contracts and fee schedules, coding education and other initiatives.Efforts include reduction of inappropriate Emergency Department visits, hospital admissions andreadmissions. We support efficient and effective use of resources, along with strategic payer andprovider partnerships, to lower health care costs.Fairview Health Network MembershipIncludes HealthEast Patients Added in 2017550,000Number of Patients500,000Historically, our members havedemonstrated commercial ACOtotal cost of care below themarket average. We participatein the Minnesota Departmentof Human Services’ IntegratedHealth Partnership ACO forMedicaid 4300,0008ACO Participation. AccountableCare Organizations (ACOs)were designed to achieve clinicalintegration for patients in acoordinated, efficient manner—improving quality and patientexperience, while reducing costs.

Alfred Clavel, M.D., (left),Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic,shown with Michael Schlichting,FPA Network manager of contractadministration and financeDefined Network Increased to 77,000 members by year-end 2017. Fairview Health Networkprimary care providers and FPA Network specialists participate in defined network payer products.Employees of companies that offer these products pay lower premiums for defined provider networks.Examples of health plan products include PreferredHealth (including Fairview, North Memorialand HealthEast clinics), and Vantage Plus with Medica. In addition, Fairview partnered with UCareto offer the Fairview UCare Choices product on the Minnesota Health Care Exchange. Our 2017enrollment reached nearly 10,300 members. This product is built on the FPA Network of providers.Patients must seek care within the network to receive the highest benefit set.Coding and Documentation. Becauseappropriate capture of patient acuity requiresaccurate diagnosis documentation and coding,we host an annual coding education sessionfor our members to assist them in achievingthe highest level of coding accuracy. Accuratediagnosis specificity supports early identificationof high-risk patients for care coordination.Specialty Medications. Specialty medicationsfor complex conditions often include biologicproducts that require special handling andmonitoring and can be very expensive. Because the cost of specialty medications significantlyimpacts the total cost of care for our network, we partner with Fairview Specialty Pharmacyand our independent member providers to improve appropriate use of these medications.Purchasing Discounts. FPA Network independent practices may join the Fairview PurchasingNetwork at no cost to take advantage of discounts on clinical and office supplies and otherproducts used in the clinic.Provider Recruitment. Independent FPA Network members may take advantage of expert providerrecruitment services through Fairview. Market rates apply. For information, call 952-914-1800.Employee Medical Insurance Through Preferred One. Independent practices have access toPreferred One insurance for employees at potentially lower rates.9

The FPA Network Health PlanGuidebook is a useful resourceto support clinics in helping familiesreceive the highest coverage benefits‘‘As an independentpractice, we appreciatethe benefits of our FPANetwork membership.We actively participatein several FPA committeesand are able to be part ofnetwork contracts. Withoutour FPA membership,we would not be ableto participate.’’— Bronagh MacCafferty,Administrator, Associatesin Women’s HealthHelping Patients Get theMost from Their Health PlansPatients who have defined network healthinsurance receive the highest coverage benefitwhen they stay within the network for specialtycare. Our Health Plan Guidebook can assistclinic referral coordinators and front-desk staffto help patients avoid a financial penalty for carereceived outside the network.The guide includes sample ID cards for healthplans including: Blue Plus PreferredOne Medica UCare Hennepin Health United HealthcareSNBC Portico HealthnetSee out-of-care-systemreferral information,provider services,customer service andonline resources. Find prior authorizationinformation and contacts for case management,pharmacy, mental health and related services.The guidebook also contains referral guidelines,patient self-referral services and out-of-areareminders.For a copy of the FPA Network Health PlanGuidebook, call 952-914-1800 or visitwww.fpanetwork.org.10

SUPPORTING CLINICAL INTEGR ATION WITHCommunicationsand MarketingFPA Network offers communications and marketing services to support clinical integration acrossindependent, Fairview-owned and University of Minnesota Physicians practices. From provider videobios and professional portraits, to direct mail and feature stories, we help to enhance relationships andawareness of network resources for providers, patients and other stakeholders.‘‘We participated in the FPANetwork letter program inspring 2017. Our letterhighlighted the importance ofphysical exams and includedFPA’s immunization guide.We sent out 1,195 letters toNetworking and Education. We conductregular clinic administrator and staffnetworking and learning sessions. Topicsrange from Medicare payment reform tocustomer service and workplace safety.patients. Over the next threePublications. Our quarterly eUpdate highlightsnetwork news, member practices and providers,and initiatives. Other FPA Network publicationstarget news to support primary and specialtycare practices in their network participation.19.7% return. It was definitelymonths, 220 patients called toschedule an appointment – aworthwhile!’’— Deb Hecimovich, Administrator, Obstetrics,Gynecology and Infertility, a Division ofObstetrics and Gynecology Associates, P.A.11

While dealing withprogressive dementia andrelated issues, PatriciaPeterson regained aperiod of precious timewith family following careat Bethesda Hospital’sCognitive and BehavioralDisorders Program.Regaining Precious Time With Family‘‘Bringing Momto the Cognitiveand BehavioralDisordersProgram atBethesdawas the bestdecision wemade regardingher care.’’— Linda LaNasa,daughterAt 79, Patricia Peterson lived an active life. She drove a motor home fromMinnesota to Arizona and back every year, visited friends with her newhusband, and enjoyed a new home.Then in 2013, emergency heart surgery sidelined her in Arizona. In the18 months following surgery, Patricia landed in 10 different hospitals or carefacilities, and received numerous new medications. Her health rapidly spiraleddownward.Patricia found herself with a tracheotomy and a feeding tube, sometimes tiedto her bed because of agitation. She could not walk on her own and needed amachine-assisted lift to use the bathroom.Daughter Linda faced two choices: care for her mother at home or bring herto Bethesda Hospital’s Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders Program. Lindachose Bethesda.Over multiple conversations with Linda, medical director Alvin Holm, M.D.,explained the program and probed into Patricia’s previous care, symptoms,medications and reactions.“It was the most attention we received since her surgery,” Linda says.During Patricia’s month at Bethesda, Holm carefully removed all of hermedications. He diagnosed a previously unrecognized stroke, delirium andprogressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disease.With appropriate treatment, Patricia was able to begin physical therapyand rejoin her family for activities. During the months before she died inDecember 2015, Patricia even enjoyed a pontoon boat ride.“Dr. Holm pulled Mom out of the hurricane she was in and gave her andus peace,” says Linda. “What this program does for people is life changing.”12

FPA Network produces providervideo bios at no charge toindependent members of FairviewHealth Network, like this one featuringJonathon Jaqua, D.O., of SouthdaleObstetric & Gynecologic Consultants.Patient Mailings. We send mailings to patients of Fairview Health Network independent primary carepractices who have not visited their clinics in two years. Letters encourage patients to come in for appropriatepreventive care, while attributing them to the practice in support of shared savings calculations. Results oftenyield a double-digit return rate.Network Direct Mail Lists. When member practices look to introduce a new provider or program to thenetwork, we can provide targeted mailing lists of providers by geography, specialty and type of training.Network Provider Directory. All FPA Network practices and providers are searchable on fpanetwork.org andappear in an online directory. We provide monthly updates for our web directory and to health plans for theirdirectory use.Leadership Forums. Clinic administrators and providers gather onceor more each year to discuss network strategy, dialogue with leaders andoffer feedback.Providers Share Practice Stories in Video Bios. Fairview HealthNetwork member providers distinguish their practices by highlightingdifferentiating features in short video bios created through FPA Network.Providers record videos to describe their personal stories, scope of practice,research and special interests. We produce videos for use on fpanetwork.org, fairview.org and independent provider websites.Visit fpanetwork.org. See a complete overview of our mission, memberservices and benefits, as well as network providers and practices.Laura Willson, PA-C, Apple ValleyMedical ClinicCreative Connections. We offer resources including connections withcreative professionals to support independent member practices withbranding, marketing, videos, website development, social media, andrelated projects. Market rates apply.For more information on communications and marketing resources,contact FPA Network at 952-914-1800 or fpanetwork.org.13

BUILDING POPUL ATION HEALTH THROUGHQuality Measurementand SupportMeasuring performance improvement supports network practices in delivering care for patients.To help clinics measure and achieve their performance and cost goals, we provide clinical qualityand patient experience measurement, outcome reporting, benchmarking, and analysis.Our Goal: The Quadruple Aim. We are working to take the Triple Aim further to address providerburnout as part of a Quadruple Aim. That work includes participating in a statewide provider burnoutsurvey by the Minnesota Hospital Association. A recent survey revealed that 40 percent of providersin our network said they struggle with burnout at work—similar to the statewide average.The Quadruple Aim framework guides health system performance and calls for: Improving the patient and family experience of care, including quality and satisfaction Supporting provider experience Improving the health of populations Reducing the per capita cost of health careQuality Measurement. For Fairview Health Network ACO members, we conduct quality measurementto support benchmarking and outcome comparisons with primary and specialty care.Patient Surveys. We require that clinics participate in a patient experience survey as part of their annualclinical performance objectives. We make the handout survey available at no cost and provide benchmarkingat both the clinic and provider levels.Provider Referral Survey. Annually, we survey our independent and Fairview-employed communityprimary care providers about their referral experience with network specialists. Feedback helps specialistsimprove access, clinical quality, patient experience, referral communication, and more.Compliance, Training Support for Fairview Health Network (FHN) Practices. Office of Inspector General (OIG) Exclusion Verification. To meet CMS requirements, we offer thisservice to independent primary care practices monthly at no cost to verify that employees and vendorsare not on the OIG exclusion list. We offer a learning management system to support member practices in managing required learning andcompliance training. We offer to FHN primary care at no cost and to specialists at market rates. We participate in the BlueCross BlueShield Quality Committee, Institute for Clinical SystemsImprovement and Minnesota Community Measurement, providing feedback to these organizationsfrom our providers.14

FA I RV I E W PHYS I C I A N AS SO C I AT ES N E T WO RKGovernance StructureFPA NetworkBoard of DirectorsFairviewHealth ServicesFPA NetworkPresidentFPA NetworkManagementCOO and CMOMembership &Credentials CommitteeBoard ExecutiveCommitteeProduct Development &Contracting CommitteeCare Delivery & QualityImprovement CommitteeClinic AdministratorCouncilFinance Committee15

Jeffrey Oseid, M.D.,sees patients at SouthdalePediatric Associates, Ltd.Priya Verghese, M.D.,sees patients at University ofMinnesota Masonic Children’sHospital Pediatric SpecialtyCare Discovery Clinic.Matthew Gall, M.D.,sees patients atMinnesota Oncology.Cherie Zachary, M.D.,sees patients at MidwestAllergy and Asthma.Julie Becker, M.D., sees patientsat Fairview Clinics – Wyoming.Wanda Adefris, M.D.,sees patients atAdefris & Toppin Women’sSpecialists, M.D.C.P.

Jeffrey Dick, M.D.,sees patients at TwinCities Orthopedics.Mimi Lam, M.D.,sees patients atIntegra Dermatology.Kavita Monteiro, M.D.,sees patients at HealthEastClinic – Stillwater.Alan Stillerman, M.D.,sees patients at Allergyand Asthma Specialists, P.A.Subha Giri, B.D.S., sees patients atMinnesota Head & Neck Pain Clinic.Alexander Zubkov, M.D., Ph.D.,Minneapolis Clinic of Neurologyis shown with Barbara Nelson, R.N.,Fairview.

Have you spoken with your patientsabout advance care planning?Do you know what kind of care your patients would want if they were unable to maketheir wishes known?Honoring Choices Minnesota is a state-wide program supporting and promoting thebenefits of advance care planning conversations. Patients may register to attend a generaloverview session at no charge offered through Fairview Physician Associates Network.Learn more at fpanetwork.org/choices.Fairview Physician Associates Network3400 W. 66th St. Ste 445Edina, MN 55435fpanetwork.org952 - 914 -1800 2018 Fairview Physician Associates Network.

nurse case management for all Fairview UCare for SeniorsSM patients. Our care management work is designed to support improved quality, patient experience and reduced total cost of care. . FHN primary care service line have earned certification. On-site Consultation.