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CUSTOMER SERVICEIf you have questions about your Total Gym ,please call Customer Service at1-800-303-7896, Monday through Thursday,8:30 am to 5:00 pm, EST.ORDERING PARTSWhen ordering parts, please contact ourParts Department, toll free at1-800-303-7896, Monday through Thursday,8:30 am to 5:00 pm, EST.IMPORTANT: You must have your serialnumber (located at the base of the VerticalColumn) and this manual ready when callingfor parts.Serial #:Please also provide the followinginformation:1. Name, Mailing Address andTelephone Number2. Date of Purchase3. Where Product was Purchased(Name of Retail Store, City)With this Total Gym product in your home, you have everything you needto start your own workout program, to tone and strengthen the importantmuscle groups of your upper and lower body. This is vital for all of us,regardless of age, sex, or fitness level, and regardless of whether yourprimary goal is body sculpting, weight loss, health maintenance,or more energy for daily activities.Strength training not only tones and conditions the muscles we useevery day to stand, walk, lift, and turn; it can actually transform our bodycomposition. By reducing body fat and increasing the proportion oflean muscle in our bodies, strength training can effectively turn up ourmetabolic thermostat, so that we burn calories all the time, no matterwhat we’re doing.It’s easy - all you have to do is spend 15 to 20 minutes a day, 3 to 4 daysper week on your home gym to start realizing the benefits.Be sure to read through this Owner’s Manual carefully. It is theauthoritative source of information about your specific unit.4. Model Number5. Part Order Number and Descriptionget in theOPTIONAL ATTACHMENTSBring your workouts to the next level withoptional attachments. Learn more attotalgymdirect.com Shop Attachments.of your life!1 // TOTAL GYM

SPECIFICATIONS3Attachments4Miscellanous Accessories,Parts & Tools4Safety Instructions4SET UP5STARTING OUT7ATTACHMENTS8Wing Attachments8Leg Pull Accessory9TOTAL GYM TV10MAINTENANCE & CARE11WARRANTY13PARTS OVERVIEW & LIST14TOTAL GYM // 2


ATTACHMENTSSAFETYINSTRUCTIONSWING ATTACHMENTSBefore beginning this or any exerciseprogram, consult a physician or healthprofessional, who can assist you inplanning a program appropriate foryour age and physical condition. This isespecially important if you are over age35 or have pre-existing health problems.! CAUTIONCAUTION1FOAM PADSBRACKETSREMOVE WINGATTACHMENTSFROM FRAMEWHEN NOTREQUIRED FORTHE SPECIFICEXERCISE.LEG PULL ACCESSORYThis product is designed for home useonly. It is not intended for commercial orinstitutional use. Use only as instructed.LEG PULLEY/ROPE ASSEMBLYPULLEY/D-RINGASSEMBLYROPE1 LARGE HITCH PINfor use with leg pulley bracketWARNINGCLIPO-RINGWARNING5ANKLE CUFFDo not overexert yourself. Stopexercising immediately and consult yourdoctor if you experience pain or tightnessin your chest, irregular heart beat,shortness of breath, or if you feel faint,nauseous, or dizzy.BE CAREFUL NOT TO BUMPHEAD WHEN LEG PULLACCESSORY IS IN PLACE.REMOVE LEG PULL ACCESSORYFROM FRAME WHEN NOTREQUIRED FOR THESPECIFIC EXERCISE.LEG PULLEY BRACKETfor use with Leg Pull Accessory onlyMISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES,PARTS & TOOLSDo not stand on the product.The Total Gym is not intended for useby children. Keep this and all fitnessequipment out of the reach of children.Keep fingers, loose clothing, and hairaway from moving parts.Inspect your exerciser before each useto ensure proper operation. Do not usethis equipment unless all moving parts,including cables and pulleys are workingproperly. See pages 11 & 12 for details onMaintenance & Care.The exerciser should only be used ona mat or carpeted surface to preventunexpected movement of the unit.Use only the accessory itemsrecommended by the manufacturer.To avoid serious injury, care should betaken at all times when getting on andoff this or any exercise equipment.SAFETY HITCHC PINWALL CHART1 LARGEHITCH PINused with Leg Pull Accessory2 SHORTHITCH PINSused with Wing AttachmentsSTART IT UP!DVDEXERCISEGUIDEBe sure Safety Hitch C Pin is engagedeach time unit is in use.TOTAL GYM // 4

SET UP1. Pull the product out of the shipping box. Remove all packagingmaterials, including tape and cardboard inserts, from your unit.NOTE: Some parts are packed inside the rails.2. Lay product on the floor with glideboard side up. Make sure youhave plenty of space on both ends of the product. Slide the glideboardas far as it will go towards the front crossbar before you beginlifting unit.3. Lift the exerciser up by holding it at the top of the rails. Using yourfoot, slowly spread the unit open at the bottom approximately12 inches so that it rests firmly on the front and back crossbarsnot allowing it to go too far.LIFT HEREYour product comes with:HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTQUICK RELEASE PINLocated on side of vertical column for raising andlowering rails.SPRING LOADED PINLocked into the base of the left rail by the heightadjustment assembly. NOTE: Left side is determined bystanding behind the unit facing the vertical column.IMPORTANT: To prevent injury, be sure the SpringLoaded Pin is locked securely into place in the left railbefore using unit. This will prevent the height adjustmentassembly/vertical column from collapsing.SAFETY HITCH PINWITH LANYARDLocated on lanyard, attached to theheight adjustment assembly/upright tubeSAFETY HITCH C PINInsert into side hole of vertical column, directly belowheight adjustment assembly.1 LARGE HITCH PINFor the leg pulley bracket (located with theLeg Pull Accessory).2 SHORT HITCH PINSFor the Wing Attachments.IMPORTANT: Before using the Wing Attachmentsand Leg Pull Accessory, be sure the Hitch Pins aresecurely inserted. See pages 8 & 9 of this manualfor directions.5 // TOTAL GYM FRONTCROSSBAR12”BACKCROSSBAR

4. Make sure the handles are out to the sides before you begin tounfold your unit. Keep hands and fingers away from pulley. Holdonto the top center of glideboard and begin rolling rear rollers.Spread the unit out until it is flat on the floor. Be careful to do thisSLOWLY.BE SURE TO SUPPORT THE FRAME IN THE CENTER TO AVOIDHAVING THE PRODUCT DROP SUDDENLY ONTO THE FLOOR ORPINCH FINGERS.HOLD HERE WHILELOWERING TOTHE GROUND6. Position one foot on back crossbar to keep the product fromlifting off the floor. With one hand on either the right or left rail andthe other hand pulling the Height Adjustment Quick Release Pinout, slide the rails along the vertical column to desired position andrelease pin. Pin will lock into place—you will hear a loud click oncelocked. Last, insert Safety Hitch Pin (attached with a lanyard to theheight adjustment assembly) into the hole of the height adjustmentassembly and vertical column (directly into the opposite side of theHeight Adjustment Quick Release Pin).NOTE: Insert Safety Hitch C Pin into side hole located directly belowheight adjustment assembly on vertical column.HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTQUICK RELEASE PIN5A. Next remove plastic packing ties from the top and bottom ofthe vertical column. Pull out the Spring Loaded Pin located at theleft rail (NOTE: pin shown in picture is on left side of unit standingbehind it and looking at the back of the vertical column) to releaseSpring Loaded Pin. Continue to hold pin out while performing thenext step.SPRINGLOADED PINSAFETY HITCHC PINHEIGHT ADJUSTMENTQUICK RELEASE PINSPRINGLOADEDPIN5B. Take hold of the vertical column and pull it up until it is upright.Release the Spring Loaded Pin. You should hear it lock back intoplace. (NOTE: pin shown in picture is on left side of unit standingbehind it and looking at the back of the vertical column).SPRINGLOADEDPINIMPORTANT: Be sure the Spring Loaded Pin is locked into placebefore using your unit. You will know the pin is locked into placewhen you can see the end protrude through the inside of therail bracket.SHOP more attachments, accessories & tools at totalgymdirect.com // TOTAL GYM // 6

STARTING OUTBegin using the product at a low incline. As your fitness level progresses, increase the incline to increase the intensity and improve yourmuscle strength. Don’t be in a hurry to exercise at a high intensity level; start out easily and build gradually. The Total Gym is as easy as1-2-3 to use.When starting your exercise program, begin with the basic exercises in the Exercise Guide included with your Total Gym to familiarizeyourself with the movements. Use the lowest incline level to start with—you can work up to a higher incline level in the weeks and monthsto come.For the specific Total Gym exercises and programs, study and follow the instructions in the Exercise Guide included with your product.1IMPORTANT THINGSTO REMEMBER WHENUSING THE TOTAL GYM Always have control of the glideboardbefore getting on and off the exerciser. Keep your feet on the floor when gettingon and off the exerciser. Only removethem from the floor for the durationof the exercise. If you are using the handles, holdonto them as you get on and offthe glideboard.2EXERCISING WITHTHE HANDLES ONLYGrasp the handles which are attached to thecable and slide the glideboard to a positionin which you can comfortably sit or lay downwhen performing the desired exercise (seethe Exercise Guide). Be sure to keep yourfeet on the floor until you are in the correctposition for the specific exercise. Then, ifthe exercise calls for your feet to be offthe floor, place your feet as specified inthe instructions.3EXERCISING WITHTHE ATTACHMENTSSlide the glideboard to a position in whichyou can comfortably sit or lay down onwhen performing the desired exercise (seethe Exercise Guide). Keep your feet on theground until you are in the correct positionand feel comfortable. Then, place your feetin the proper position and begin to exercise. Remove arm pulley/cable from hookunder glideboard when performingexercises that do not requirearm pulley/cable assembly.GENERAL SAFETY TIPS While performing exercises with quicktempo repetitions, the Total Gym maymove. Please be aware of the action andmake necessary adjustments as youcontinue your exercise program. Wear athletic shoes and comfortablelight clothing when exercising on theTotal Gym. Do not exercise barefoot. Be sure to have plenty of free space—atleast 2-3 feet of clearance around theexerciser—so that performing on the TotalGym, as well as getting on and off, is7 // TOTAL GYM convenient and safe.is attached to the top of the column. Check your exerciser before using toensure that all the parts are in place andworking properly. See pages 11 & 12 fordetails on Maintenance & Care. Each time you raise or lower the heightadjustment assembly/vertical column, besure you hold it to keep it from droppingto the floor. The rails and glideboard can be raisedto any desired level on the heightadjustment assembly/vertical columndepending upon your degree of fitness.Please note, however, that the railscannot be raised to the highest positionon the column when the leg pulley bracket Keep longer hair up for safety and toprevent interference with your exerciseroutine. Adult supervision is required at all times.

ATTACHMENTSWING ATTACHMENTSREMOVE ALLATTACHMENTSWHEN YOU ARE NOTEXERCISING WITHTHEM.The Wing Attachments provided with yourunit have been uniquely designed to serveseveral purposes. They can be placed at thetop or bottom of the exerciser and angledtoward you or away from you dependingupon what is comfortable for you.Two thick Foam Pads are provided with theWing Attachments. They must be attached(if not already) before exercising.To do this:1. Simply wet each crossbar with soapywater.2. Then attach Foam Pads on the crossbarsas shown. Let dry before beginning toexercise with the Wing Attachments.2 SHORTHITCHPINS3. Insert the 2 Short Hitch Pins through theholes on the Wing Attachment brackets andthe hole on the rails, as shown.NOTE: 2 Short Hitch Pins are included. Theright and left Wing Attachments can beplaced on opposite rails depending on theexercise. Always keep the Foam Pads to theoutside of the rails.PULL UPS & CHIN UPS1. Locate the holes at the top of the rightand left rails.2. With the Wing Attachments angledtoward the glideboard, line up the bracketson the attachments with the desiredposition holes on the rails.1. Locate the holes at the top of the rightand left rails.2. With the Wing Attachments angled awayfrom the glideboard, line up the brackets onthe attachments with the desired positionholes on the rails.4. You are now ready to perform Pull Up &Chin Up exercises to work the arms, lats andback. See your Exercise Guide for specificexercises.3. Insert the 2 Short Hitch Pins through theholes on the Wing Attachment brackets andthe hole on the rails, as shown.SQUATS1. Locate the holes at the bottom of theright and left rails.2. With the Wing Attachments angled awayfrom the glideboard, line up the brackets onthe attachments with the holes on the rails.3. Insert the 2 Short Hitch Pins through theholes on the Wing Attachment brackets andthe hole on the rails, as shown.4. You are now ready to perform Leg Pulls,Crunches & Sit Up exercises to work theabdominals, waist and legs. See yourExercise Booklet for specific exercises.FRONT PRESS1. Locate the holes at the bottom of theright and left rails near the front crossbar.2. With the Wing Attachments towardthe glideboard, line up the brackets on theattachments with the holes on the rails.FOAM PADSBelow are instructions on how to positionthe Wing Attachments in accordance withthe exercises you wish to do.LEG PULLS, CRUNCHES& SIT UPS3. Insert the 2 Short Hitch Pins through theholes on the Wing Attachment brackets andthe hole on the rails, as shown.4. You are now ready to perform the Squatwhich works the thighs and calves. See yourExercise Booklet for specific exercises.NOTE: When performing the Squatexercises, be sure to position your hands onthe side of the glideboard, NOT along thebottom of the glideboard in order to avoidpinched fingers4. You are now ready to perform the FrontPress exercise which works the upper chestand triceps. See your Exercise Booklet forspecific exercises.SHOP more attachments, accessories & tools at totalgymdirect.com // TOTAL GYM // 8

ATTACHMENTSLEG PULL ACCESSORYLEG PULLEY/ROPE ASSEMBLYPULLEY/D-RINGASSEMBLYROPE1 LARGE HITCH PINfor use with leg pulley bracketWARNINGCLIPO-RINGWARNING5ANKLE CUFFBE CAREFUL NOT TO BUMPHEAD WHEN LEG PULLACCESSORY IS IN PLACE.REMOVE LEG PULL ACCESSORYFROM FRAME WHEN NOTREQUIRED FOR THESPECIFIC EXERCISE.LEG PULLEY BRACKETfor use with Leg Pull Accessory onlyREMOVE ALLATTACHMENTSWHEN YOU ARE NOTEXERCISING WITHTHEM.NOTE: Be sure to have plenty of free space—at least 2-3 feet of clearance aroundthe exerciser—so that performing on theTotal Gym , as well as getting on andoff, is convenient and safe.The rails andglideboard can be raised to any desiredlevel on the height adjustment assembly/vertical column depending upon yourdegree of fitness. Please note, however,that the rails cannot be raised to the highestposition on the column when the legpulley bracket is attached to the top ofthe column.1. Connect the leg pulley bracket to the topof the vertical column by aligning bracketwith the hole at the top of the column; besure bracket is right side up. Insert LargeHitch Pin through the hole to secure bracketonto the vertical column.5. Position yourself on the glideboardcorrectly for the specific exercise you wantto perform.While sitting down on the glideboard, bring1 knee up, connect the clip on the end ofthe rope to an O-Ring on the Ankle Cuffattached to your foot. Depending on theexercise you are performing, connect theclip to the proper O-Ring. Be sure to alwaysstabilize the glideboard when clipping on oroff the Ankle Cuff. Also, use caution whengetting on or off the glideboard. You arenow ready to exercise using the Leg PullAccessory. See your Exercise Guidefor specific exercises that utilize theLeg Pull Accessory.2. Detach the arm pulley/cable assemblyfrom the hook on the underside of theglideboard and attach the O-Ring from theleg pulley/rope assembly instead.3. Place D-Ring on pulley first. Then connectthe D-Ring to the bracket as shown.NOTE: If rope appears to be twisted,take D-Ring off and turn pulley n inNOTE: Remove leg pulley bracket whenyou are not exercising with it.To disconnect the Ankle Cuff, unclip therope from the O-Ring on the Ankle Cuff.Be sure to stabilize glideboard whendisconnecting Ankle Cuff.4. Attach the Ankle Cuff to one of your feetby placing your foot in the harness so theO-Ring (sewn in) is on the bottom of yourfoot. With the strap threaded through theharness buckle, pull tightly on strap securingAnkle Cuff onto -RINGsewn inO-RINGlooseANKLE CUFFO-RINGloose9 // TOTAL GYM // SHOP more attachments, accessories & tools at totalgymdirect.com

TOTAL GYM TV TV.TOTALGYMDIRECT.COMStream the classic Total Gym DVDworkouts from any device or watch a newlyreleased workout created specifically forTotal Gym TV users! Additionally, you getaccess to our growing library of new cardio,strength training, and Pilates videos soyou can keep your workouts fresh andstay motivated!Learn new exercises and workout alongsidetrainers including our elite Total GymTrainers: Todd Durkin Maria Sollon Rosalie Brown Devin Gage Cathe Friedrich Rob Glick Carrie Wightman Dane RobinsonSTEP 1: SIGN UP!There are two levels of access to TotalGym TV: Basic and Premium. Sign up attv.totalgymdirect.com.Total Gym TV Basic is completely free,and gives you access to 7 of our top-ratedworkout videos. We’re offering this freeoption as a thank-you to all of our loyalTotal Gym customers over the years.Total Gym TV Premium is our monthlypaid subscription service. Every month,we release new Total Gym workoutsavailable exclusively to Total Gym Premiummembers, in addition to the benefits ofTotal Gym TV Basic!Total Gym TV is accessible via Internetbrowser or app. We are proud to offerstreaming workouts on iOS, Android, Roku ,tvOS (Apple TV) and Amazon FireTV.STEP 2: SIGN INSigning in to Total Gym TV is easy!On a computer, go to the top right of yourscreen, and click the yellow Sign In button.On a mobile device, go to the top left ofyour screen, open the menu, and select theSign In menu item.Once on the Sign In page, enter your emailand password details.If you have forgotten your password, openthe Forgot Password link under the Sign Inform, and complete the process to retrieveor reset your password.Scan thisQR Codefor QuickAccess!STEP 3: CHOOSEA WORKOUTOnce logged in, you can easily select andbrowse a workout from your library. To openyour workout library, open the My Accountmenu located in the main menu area, andselect My Library.If you are a Total Gym TV Premiumsubscriber, new workouts are added to yourlibrary each month.STEP 4: WORKOUT!Before you start your workout, make sureyou have everything you need to completeyour workout safely: Fill up your water bottle. Grab your sweat towel. Make sure your safety hitch pins arein place. Make sure any attachments are securelyfastened or out of the way if you aren’tusing them. Enjoy your workout!HOW IT WORKSNO DVDS REQUIREDANY DEVICEPROVEN WORKOUTSTotal Gym TV only requires an internetconnection and browser for access toall of your Total Gym TV content.Because Total Gym TV is internet-based,you can access your Total Gym TVcontent from any Internet-enableddevice with a browser!Get access to energy-boosting,fat-blasting workouts from yourfavorite Total Gym Trainers! TOTAL GYM // 10

MAINTENANCE & CAREINSPECT YOURTOTAL GYM PRIORTO EACH USEBefore using your Total Gym for yourworkout session, be sure to make thefollowing inspection: Make sure the equipment is fully openedand sitting on a solid, level surface withplenty of clearance on all sides. Unitshould be used on a mat or on carpetedsurfaces only. Make sure all the Safety Hitch Pins aresecurely in place and locked into position. Check that the pulley is attached securelyto the loop on the top underside of theglideboard. Check that the cable is traveling correctlyin the groove of each pulley. Make sure the cable is securely fastenedto each handle. Check that the attachments or otheraccessories are installed correctly whenin use. Make sure the glideboard is glidingsmoothly along the frame.ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Wipe down your Total Gym on a regularbasis using a clean cloth and alcohol oralcohol-based products like Windex or409 . Do not leave towels or workoutclothing laying or hanging on theequipment. Periodically check the following parts forsigns of fraying or other wear: the cable,pulleys, wheels, glideboard, attachments,accessories and frame. If the cable,pulleys, frame or wheels need replaced—do not use your unit, wait until the part isreplaced. If any other part than the oneslisted above needs to be replaced, do notuse that part until it is replaced. Never use a lubricant such as WD-40 or ArmorAll to lubricate or clean theunit. Use only 3-in-1 oil or machine oil tolubricate the axles of the wheel or pulley,not the roller surface.TO STORE YOURTOTAL GYM Follow these easy steps to store yourexerciser properly:1. First, remove all attachments andaccessories.2. Remove Safety Hitch C Pin and SafetyHitch Pin (on lanyard) from vertical column.3. Be sure the cable pulley is attached to theunderside of the glideboard for folding.4. Position one hand on either side of railto hold it up before releasing the HeightAdjustment Quick Release Pin. Pull pin outand slowly lower the rails to the ground untilthey rest on the back crossbar.5. Release Spring Loaded Pin (on left siderail) as shown. Fold vertical column downtowards the center of the unit.VERTICALCOLUMNSAFETYHITCHC PINSPRINGLOADEDPIN6. Slide the glideboard towards the bottomof unit as shown.11 // TOTAL GYM

7. With caution, to avoid pinched fingers orhands, grab the top of the glideboard andslowly pull the unit up allowing the rollersto bring the back of the unit towards thecenter. Keep approximately 12” apart.HOLD HERE! WARNINGCRUSH HAZARD.KEEP HANDSCLEAR DURINGFOLDING.WARNING412”FRONTCROSSBARREMOVE GLIDEBOARDYou can also remove the glideboard if youneed to fit the exerciser under a narrowspace (between 6” and 8”).IMPORTANT: The glideboard weighsapproximately 20 lbs. Use caution whenlifting it off of the exerciser. Liftingincorrectly may result in user injury.1. With exerciser laying flat on the floor,disconnect the pulley/cable or pulley/rope from the hook on the underside of theglideboard.2. Next, tilt up the glideboard and slide it offthe frame of the exerciser. When the benchis completely off the exerciser, set it aside.BACKCROSSBARContinue to fold the exerciser together untilit is completely folded and roll the exerciserinto a closet for storage. To store under abed, simply lower the exerciser to the floorand roll under the bed.NOTE: Do not store unit in upright positionwhen folded.ATTACH GLIDEBOARDTO GYM WHEN SET UPAND READY FOR USE1. Raise rails to the highest level on thevertical column and insert Safety Hitch Pin.2. Carefully pickup the glideboard with bothhands, one on each side, making sure thehook on the underside of the glideboard isat the top closest to the vertical column.3. Line up the glideboard with the lower railson your gym and gently lower the glideboarddown the rails until it rests against therubber stops.4. Connect the pulley/cable by taking theloose end of the pulley/cable and sliding itonto the hook that is on the top underside ofthe glideboard.3. Next, pull the Spring Loaded Pin torelease the rail and fold the exercisertogether as shown in Step 7 of TO STOREYOUR TOTAL GYM . Be sure you release theSpring Loaded Pin before folding.SHOP more attachments, accessories & tools at totalgymdirect.com // TOTAL GYM // 12

LIMITED WARRANTYFor a period of 6 months from date ofreceipt, Total Gym Fitness, LLC warrantsthat this product will be free from defects inmaterials and workmanship. This warrantyapplies only when purchase of the productis from an authorized dealer and is forpersonal or household use, but not whenthe sale or any resale is for commercialuse. THIS WARRANTY IS VALID ONLYFOR THE ORIGINAL OWNER AND IS NOTTRANSFERABLE.EXCEPT FOR THE LIMITED EXPRESSWARRANTY STATED HEREIN, TOTAL GYMFITNESS, LLC DISCLAIMS ALL OTHEREXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES,INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY ANDFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Total Gym Fitness will not be liable forany loss or damage, including incidentalor consequential damages of any kind,whether based on warranty, contract ornegligence, and arising in connection withthe sale, use or repair of the product.SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOWLIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIEDWARRANTY (INCLUDING IMPLIEDWARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY ANDFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE)LASTS OR THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATIONOF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OREXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. Thiswarranty gives you specific legal rights andyou may have other rights that vary fromstate to state. This warranty is valid in theU.S. and Canada only.In the event of failure of this productto conform to this warranty during thewarranty period, please contact ourCustomer Service Department at 1-800303-7896. Customer Service will determinewhether the defective part needs to bereturned for repair or replacement. Anyrequired product returns are at the owner’sexpense, unless otherwise approved byus in advance. Total Gym Fitness, LLC willrepair or replace, at its own option, theproduct or any covered part, except that thiswarranty does not cover defects or damagecaused by: accident (including in transit),repairs or attempted repairs by any personnot authorized by Total Gym Fitness, LLC;vandalism, misuse, abuse or alteration;or the use of parts not manufactured orapproved by Total Gym Fitness, LLC. Thiswarranty does not cover any separately solditems, parts, or accessories. This warrantydoes not apply if product is used in acommercial, non-residential setting.To register your product online, go tototalgymdirect.com/warranty.13 // TOTAL GYM DEDICATION TO QUALITYWe warrant this product to be free fromall defects in material and workmanshipwhen used according to the manufacturer’sinstructions.SAVE YOURPURCHASE RECEIPTYou may wish to staple into this manual.

PARTS LIST & OVERVIEWITEM# DESCRIPTIONPART# QTYITEM# DESCRIPTIONGlideboardRGBG11Spring Loaded Pin (Black Knob) RR106SB1Wheel Kit (Set of 4)RP102WK1Safety Hitch C PinRR105CP1Cable KitR409501Vertical Column CapRBIKCAP11Safety Hitch Pin with LanyardRLANPIN17Leg Pulley SystemRLPAR11Handle (Set of 2)RG1HAN1Ankle CuffR70003513Tube CapRR103EC2D-RingR10023014Tube RollerRR105TR2U BracketRRLPBHP15Rectangle End CapRR103RC8Large Hitch PinRRLHP16Height Adjustment System1Pulley and RopePILS24P1Upright Cap (Set of 2)RBLKUC18Wing Attachment (Set of 2)RWAS1Height Adjustment QuickRelease Pin (Silver Knob)RBLKAP19Wall ChartFR7946110Start It Up! DVDDVDSIS112PART# QTY52168431079SHOP more attachments, accessories & tools at totalgymdirect.com // TOTAL GYM // 14

totalgymdirect.com 2019 Total Gym Fitness, LLC. All rights reserved. Total Gym is a registered trademark.No part of this booklet may be reproduced in any form, by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without the express written consent of the copyright holder.TGAG1OM1119V1

per week on your home gym to start realizing the benefits. Be sure to read through this Owner’s Manual carefully. It is the authoritative source of information about your specific unit. CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have questions about your Total Gym , please call Customer Service at 1-800-30

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