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WATTON WESTFIELD INFANT AND NURSERY SCHOOLSMILE: We aspire to unlock the full potential of every pupil byStimulating, Motivating, Inspiring Learning and EnjoymentWelcome to Westfield Infant and Nursery SchoolWe are a friendly infant school in Watton, in the heart of Norfolk. Our inspiringand challenging curriculum is based on core stories which lead toengaging learning experiences for the children which help them to fulfil theirpotential, no matter what their ability.Our school is part of Corvus Education Trust, a multi-academy trust whichincludes our partner schools Manor Field Infant and Nursery School andAslacton Primary School. Our Executive head teacher, Alex Lightbown,oversees all three schools, each of which has a unique character and feel.More information about the trust can be found on the Corvus Education Trustwebsite.We believe that children achieve their best when they are relaxed, confidentand enjoying themselves. With that aim, our highly-trained and dedicated staffget to know the unique talents and characteristics of each child so that we cantailor the curriculum to their needs.The safety, happiness and achievement of the children is paramount. Everychild has a voice - Children’s Voice groups, School Council and Eco Councilensure that the children feel valued and listened to.We work alongside our families and community to provide the best possibleoutcomes for our children.We are very proud of our school and our children and I look forward towelcoming you.Helen KempHead Teacher“My child loves thisschool in every way, thismakes me happy as aparent, he wakes upeveryday with a bigsmile”Our SchoolWatton Westfield Infant &Nursery School is a modern,well-equipped building with amulti-purpose hall, 10 largeclassrooms, cloakrooms,library, quiet work area,resource room, staffroom andoffices.In addition to the buildingthere are extensive attractive,landscaped grounds, whichprovide interesting and livelylearning and playopportunities for children ofall ages.OUR SCHOOL

Our CommunityWorking with the local and widercommunity is of high importanceto us at Watton Westfield andthis is embedded within ouroverarching ethos of care.The children are encouraged toraise monies for charitablecauses both at home andaround the world.ENCOURAGING A LOVE OF READINGAims and ValuesThe principal aims of the school and the trust are to lay the foundationsfor the future intellectual, physical, social, moral and culturaldevelopment of each child. We aim to achieve the highest possiblestandards in relation to the pupil’s age and ability by providing teachingof a high quality and a rich curriculum that meets nationalrequirements. Through efficient management at all levels we aim tomake best use of our available resources by: Providing all pupils with a stimulating, secure environment wherechildren want to learn and where they achieve their full potential. Creating a caring atmosphere, where pupils respect the values,beliefs, aspirations and property of all members of the school andwider community, building on the foundations laid down at homeand pre-school. Promoting a desire in the children to bring credit on themselvesand their school by their good behaviour in and out of school, reinforced by a firm and fair Behaviour Policy. Recognising the needs of each individual child and celebrate theirefforts and successes in order to build self-worth. Ensuring strong links with the local communities, recognising theschool’s place as a valuable resource. Involving parents and carers in their child’s learning, as we believethat education is a partnership between home and school.We offer Breakfast /AfterschoolClub from Monday to Friday, aspart of our Extended SchoolServices.The children also benefit fromour close links with our cluster,taking part in a variety of sportsevents.“Teaching childrenbasic life skills alongside academic skills”Inspiring LearningWe make the most of ourfantastic school grounds andforest schools areas bytaking our learning outdoorswhen we can.The arts, music and sportsremain extremely popular;we hold Maths Weeks,Science events & outdoorlearning week.OUR LOVELY SETTING

Engagingextra-curricularactivitiesChildren at Westfield InfantSchool have the opportunity totake part in a range of extracurricular clubs and activities.Currently we offer a Science clubFootball Club & Art Club eachweek.As part of our creative andchallenging curriculum, weorganise many visitors during thecourse of the year. The childrenalso have the opportunity to takepart in trips, such as toWells-Next-the Sea, BanhamZoo & Dorrington House.OUR AMAZING OUTDOOR SPACEHome and School in PartnershipWe welcome voluntary help from parents with cooking, artwork,the library and reading. We also welcome parents to help us withour educational resources, school clubs and educational visits.Including EveryoneThe needs of children with Englishas an additional language, physicalimpairment or medical needs arecarefully considered. Support isprovided appropriately to assist eachchild’s needs. Westfield Infant andNursery School is an inclusiveschool. We accept children withEHCP’s in accordance with theSEND Code of Practice.It is our belief that all pupils of thisschool have a right of access toopportunities regardless of ability,age, gender, physical ability,capability or characteristics, racial orethnic group, religious beliefs andsocial background. We also believethat all pupils should be encouragedto understand the implications ofequal opportunity and regard andshould be challenged to dispel theignorance and distrust which breedsprejudice and discrimination.All parents receive termly information about what learning will becovered in each class, and how they can help support thecurriculum at home. In the first years of school the homework ismostly reading based, with some suggestions of fun and practicalactivities to do with your child. As the children progress throughthe school, the expectation is that children will completehomework each week, appropriate for their age and stage ofdevelopment, to support their learning at home and help preparethem for Junior School.We have an active PTA committee, where both parents andteachers can work closely to arrange social functions, educationalevenings and fund-raising activities. They make considerabledonations to the school every year for the purchase of a variety ofresources.Parents can also contribute to the life of the school by becomingpart of our local governing body, a group of people who supportthe school and are responsible, along with our Trustees, fordirecting the conduct of the school and promoting high standardsof education for our children.OUR ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND

“The staff are always friendlyand approachable. The schooldoes it upmost to ensurechildren strive to be their best”ENGAGING WRITINGChallenging CurriculumIn the Early Years Foundation Stage, we employ teachingmethodology and classroom organisation which recognise the needsof four and five year old children. We provide access to new learningthrough appropriate adult support, planned activities, self initiatedactivities, practical resources and effective use of both indoor andoutdoor space. All pupils are assessed on entry, and teachers buildon the child’s experiences to ensure that they feel happy, valued andsecure.Learning to read remains a key priority in the youngest years wherewe aim for all pupils to be able to read well as soon as possible.Children are taught the National Curriculum subjects of English,mathematics and science alongside the foundation subjects of art,design and technology, ICT, history, geography, religious education,music, physical education and personal, social, health andcitizenship. We place an emphasis on the Emotional, Social, Moraland Spiritual education of our children, and follow the PATHS(promoting alternative thinking strategies,) scheme of work closely.ENCOURAGING THE ARTSAssessmentAssessment is carried out acrossthe school with national testing inYear 2. Homework is provided forall children and increases as theyprogress through the school.Termly parent interview eveningsand bi-annual progress reportshelp you understand how yourchild is progressing.We have a strong will to be at the forefront of ICT and pupils aregiven many opportunities to use a range of equipment to supporttheir learning. We have a school VLE, DB primary, which childrencan log into at home and at school to take part in activities whichsupport their learning. In order to make learning exciting andstimulating, we have developed a challenging, creative curriculumthat makes links between subjects and encourages cross-curricularlearning. We base all of our work for each half term around a corestory, which acts as a stimulus and inspiration for all of our work.ICT

HelpfulInformationAt Westfield Infant and NurserySchool , we pride ourselves onensuring parents have all theinformation they need during theirchild’s time at the school.Below, you will find basicinformation. More detailedinformation regarding schoolguidelines, policies and proceduresis available on the school website.We welcome parents to contact uson 01953 882669.FOREST SCHOOL ADVENTURESOur classesHedgehogs - Nursery (2-3 Year Old)Monkeys - Nursery (3-4 Year Old)Pandas, Koalas and Polar Bears - ReceptionCheetahs, Meerkats - Year 1 & 2Elephants - Year 1 & 2Giraffes, Parrots – Year 1 & 2“My daughter feels included in various projects.A good diverse selection of celebrations whichpromotes an excellent multi-cultural approachtowards the community”Our School Day and Session Times8.40 a.m.8.40 - 8.50am.10.30- 10.45am.12.00 – 1.15pm.2.45 pm.3.15 pm.School day startsRegistrationMorning BreakLunch BreakCollective WorshipEnd of school dayMonkeys (3-4 Year Old Nursery)8.30 — 11.30 a.m Nursery Morning Sessional12.30 — 3.30 p.m Nursery Afternoon Sessional09.00 — 3.00 30hr ChildcareHedgehogs ( 2-3 Year Old)9.00-1200 Morning Sessions12.00-3.00 Afternoon SessionBreakfast & Afterschool ClubWatton Westfield Infant and Nursery School offersparents of children from our school and their siblings, the option of accessing our range ofextended schools – breakfast, sessional childcareand after school club.INSPRIRINGYOUNG ARTISTSAttendanceOur aim is for 100% attendance. We givecertificates for good attendance at the end of eachschool year. Holidays in term time will not beauthorised.

School UniformThe school encourages all children to wear school uniform as it: Gives the children a feeling of belonging to the school. It’s practical for all weather conditions and comfortable. It’s good value for money and means children are not asking forexpensive labelled sweatshirts, etc.The uniform consists of:Blue sweatshirt or cardiganBlue polo shirtGrey or navy skirt or trousersBlue or grey pinafore dresses or summer dresses in thesummer termSensible black shoes suitable for school activities.PE Kit consists of:Navy or black shortsNavy or black tracksuit trousers and topPlain T-shirt (preferably Houses Colours)Trainers to be worn outdoors for gamesOur school uniform supplier is Birds of Dereham follow thelink below :https://www.birdsofdereham.comContact Us:Watton Westfield Infant andNursery SchoolWest Road,Watton,Norfolk,Email us at:[email protected] visit our school field Infant and NurserySchool is committed tosafeguarding and promotingthe welfare of all of ourchildren. We require all staff toundergo annual safeguardingtraining, and all visitors to theschool read and understandour policies and procedures.All staff and volunteers whowork with our children arerequired to have an up to dateDBS check in place.As part of our Stay Safe Dayseach year, all pupils are taughtabout road safety, fire safety,people who help us and onlinesafety.“We are made to feelwelcome and theTeachers are kind andApproachable”

Watton Westfield Infant and Nursery School offers parents of children from our school and their sib-lings, the option of accessing our range of extended schools – breakfast, sessional childcare and after school club. Helpful Information At Westfield Infant and Nursery School , we pride ourselves on ensuring parents have all the