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W H O L E S A L EC R O S S - R E F E R E N C E2 0 2 1sanhuausa.com

TABLE OF CONTENTSReplaceable Core Filter-DrierReplaceable Core Filter-Drier . 3cross-referenceSealed Model Filter-Drier. 4Reversing Valve. 6ConnectionsODF (in.)TXVH Kits. 105/8”TXVH Valve. 117/8”TXV - Removeable Inlet Strainer . 12TXV - ODF Sweat Connections. 151-1/8”TXV - SAE Flare Connections. 17Ball Valve . 191-3/8”Solenoid Valve . 20Sight Glass/Moisture Indicator . 211-5/8”PS - Pressure Controls . 222-1/8”As the largest producer of Service Valves,Reversing Valves, Electronic Expansion Valvesand Microchannel (HVACR) in the world, Sanhuahas earned the trust of major HVACR brandsglobally. Quality is the foundation for everyproduct manufactured resulting in world classparts per million numbers. When you want thebest, you want Sanhua.DanfossSanhuaEmerson*MuellerSporlan*Steel ConnCopper ConnFDSH-48-5-SDCR 0485DCR 0485sSTAS-485TA 18583C-485-GFDSH-48-7-SDCR 0487DCR 0487sSTAS-487TA 18584C-487-GFDSH-96-7-SDCR 0967DCR 0967sSTAS-967TA 18589C-967-GFDSH-48-9-SDCR 0489DCR 0489sSTAS-489TA 18585C-489-GFDSH-96-9-SDCR 0969DCR 0969sSTAS-969TA 18590C-969-GFDSH-144-9-SDCR 1449DCR 1449sSTAS-1449TA 18604C-1449-GFDSH-48-11-SDCR 04811DCR 04811sSTAS-4811TA 18586C-4811-GFDSH-96-11-SDCR 09611DCR 09611sSTAS-9611TA 18591C-9611-GFDSH-144-11-SDCR 14411DCR 14411sSTAS-14411TA 18605C-14411-GFDSH-192-11-SDCR 19211DCR 19211sSTAS-19211TA 18608C-19211-GFDSH-96-13-SDCR 09613DCR 09613sSTAS-9613TA 18592C-9613-GFDSH-192-13-SDCR 19213DCR 19213sSTAS-19213TA 9217TA 18610C-19217-GEmerson*MuellerSporlan*Replaceable -DCD-48H-48W-48-HHP 36818RC-4864RC-4864-HHFD-Core-48HI48-DMHX-48UK-48P 36819RCW-48* The Sanhua core is a general-purpose core and can be used for all applications. The competitor models with the “HH” indicate a charcoal material is blended inthe molded core. The charcoal material was designed into cores many years ago to remove wax contamination, common in systems with R-12 and R-502. Wax isno longer a common contaminant found in systems. The addition of charcoal consumes core area therefore reducing the amount of molecular sieve and activatedalumina, which are more important for the reduction of contaminants found in systems today.sanhuausa.com3

Sealed Model Filter-DrierConnection(in.)SAE Flare1/4”ODF SolderSAE Flare3/8”ODF SolderSAE Flare1/2”ODF SolderSanhuaCore Type*DanfossStandard Hi MoistureCoreCore rsonHi MoistureCoreBurnoutCore*ParkerBead orCore TypeSporlanCore Type Burnout Core*FD-032DCL 032DML 032EK 032ADK 032032C-032FD-052DCL 052DML 052EK 052ADK 052052C-052C-052-HHFD-082DCL 082DML 082EK 082ADK 082082C-082C-082-HHFD-162DCL 162DML 162EK 162ADK 162162C-162FD-032-SDCL 032SDML 032SEK 032SADK 032SEKZ 032S032SC-032-SFD-052-SDCL 052SDML 052SEK 052SADK 052SEKZ 052S052SC-052-SEKZ 082SFD-082-SDCL 082SDML 082SEK 082SADK 082SFD-053DCL 053DML 053EK 053ADK 053FD-083DCL 083DML 083EK 083ADK 083FD-163DCL 163DML 163EK 163FD-303DCL 303DML 303EK 303FD-033-SDCL 033SDML 033SEK 033SADK 033SFD-053-SDCL 053SDML 053SEK 053SFD-083-SDCL 083SDML 083SFD-163-SDCL 163SFD-303-SDCL 303SFD-164BOK 082-HHBOK 082S-HHC-052-S-HH082SC-082-S053C-053BOK 083-HH083C-083C-083-HHADK 163BOK 163-HH163C-163C-163-HHADK 303BOK 303-HH303C-303C-303-HHEKZ 033S033SC-033-SADK 053SEKZ 053S053SC-053-SEK 083SADK 083SEKZ 083SBOK 083S-HH083SC-083-SC-083-S-HHDML 163SEK 163SADK 163SEKZ 163SBOK 163S-HH163S(-XF)C-163-SC-163-S-HHDML 303SEK 303SADK 303SBOK 303S-HH163SC-303-SDCL 164DML 164EK 164ADK 164BOK 164-HH164C-164C-164-HHFD-304DCL 304DML 304EK 304ADK 304BOK 304-HH304C-304C-304-HHFD-414DCL 414DML 414EK 414ADK 414BOK 414-HHFD-084-SDCL 084SDML 084SEK 084SADK 084SEKZ 084SFD-164-SDCL 164SDML 164SEK 164SADK 164SEKZ 164SFD-304-SDCL 304SDML 304SEK 304SADK 304SFD-414-SDCL 414SDML 414SEK 414SADK 414SBOK 414S-HHC-414084SC-084-SBOK 164S-HH164SC-164-SC-164-S-HHBOK 304S-HH304SC-304-SC-304-S-HHC-414-S* The Sanhua core is a general-purpose core and can be used for all applications. The competitor models with the “HH” indicate a charcoal material is blended in the molded core. The charcoal material was designed intocores many years ago to remove wax contamination, common in systems with R-12 and R-502. Wax is no longer a common contaminant found in systems. The addition of charcoal consumes core area therefore reducing theamount of molecular sieve and activated alumina, which are more important for the reduction of contaminants found in systems today.Continued on next pagesanhuausa.com4

Sealed Model Filter-Drier ContinuedConnection(in.)SAE Flare5/8”ODF Solder7/8”ODF Solder1-1/8”ODF SolderSanhuaCore Type*DanfossStandard Hi ersonHi MoistureCoreBurnoutCore*ParkerBead orCore TypeSporlanCore Type Burnout Core*FD-165DCL 165DML 165EK 165ADK 165BOK 165-HH165C-165C-165-HHFD-305DCL 305DML 305EK 305ADK 305BOK 305-HH305C-305C-305-HHFD-415DCL 415DML 415EK 415ADK 415BOK 415-HH415C-415C-415-HHFD-165-SDCL 165SDML 165SEK 165SADK 165SEKZ 165SBOK 165S-HH165SC-165-SC-165-S-HHFD-305-SDCL 305SDML 305SEK 305SADK 305SEKZ 305SBOK 305S-HH305SC-305-SC-305-S-HHFD-415-SDCL 415SDML 415SEK 415SADK 415SBOK 415S-HH415SC-415-SFD-417-SDCL 417SDML 417SEK 417SADK 417SBOK 417S-HH417SC-417-SFD-757-SDCL 757SDML 757SEK 757SADK 757S757SC-607-SFD-759-SDCL 759SDML 759SEK 759SADK 759S759SC-609-SHPC-083EKZ 417SC-417-S-HHBidirectional ModelsSAE Flare3/8”ODF SolderFDBI-083DCB 083DMB 083BFK 083BFKZ 083BF083FDBI-163DCB 163DMB 163BFK 163BFKZ 163BF163FDBI-083-SDCB 083SDMB 083SBFK 083SBFKZ 083SBF083SFDBI-163-SDCB 163SDMB 163SBFK 163SBFKZ 163SBF163SBFK 303SBFKZ 303SFDBI-303-SSAE Flare1/2”ODF SolderSAE Flare5/8”7/8”ODF SolderODF DBI-084DCB 084DMB 084BFK 084BFKZ 084BF084FDBI-164DCB 164DMB 164BFK 164BFKZ 164BF164FDBI-304DCB 304DMB 304BFK 304FDBI-084-SDCB 084SDMB 084SBFK 084SBFKZ 084SBF084SFDBI-164-SDCB 164SDMB 164SBFK 164SBFKZ 164SBF164SFDBI-304-SDCB 304SDMB 304SBFK 304SBFKZ BI-165DCB 165DMB 165BFK 165BFKZ 165BF165HPC-165-HHFDBI-165-SDCB 165SDMB 165SBFK 165SBFKZ 165SBF165SHPC-165-S-HHFDBI-305-SDCB 305SDMB 305SBFK 305SBFKZ 305SHPC-305-S-HHFDBI-307-SDCB 307SDMB 307SBFK 307SBFKZ 307SHPC-307-S-HHsanhuausa.com5

Reversing Valve Ranco to Sanhua Cross-ReferenceSketch 1Brand and F(L)-11H-46D1-01Sketch 3Sketch 2Sketch(1 - 5)Dimensions 760.750.750.510.500.380.390.630.6311Sketch 4Sketch 5* Ranco and Sanhua are brands owned and produced by Sanhuasanhuausa.com6

PRODUCTPRODUCTValveDATADATA Ranco to Sanhua Cross-ReferenceReversingBrand and ch (1 or elRANCOV6-412080-1xxRancoRanco aSANHUASHF-20D-46SHF-20D-46V6-414080-1xxRancoRanco UASHF-20D-47SHF-20D-47SHF-20D-47RancoRanco 40K1-1TCRancoRanco oRanco ncoRanco 57SanhuaSanhua SHF-35B-57SHF-35B-57RANCOV10-414120-1xxRancoRanco huaSanhua SHF-35B-67SHF-35B-67RANCOV10-414140-4xxRancoRanco huaSanhua SHF-35B-77SHF-35B-77RANCOV10-418101-1xx1RancoRanco ncoRanco ncoRanco ncoRanco F-50-911D2RancoRanco SANHUAV12-4220T0-2xxV12-4220T0-2xx22* RancoSHF-50-911D2and Sanhua are brands owned and produced by 8.358.358.308.308.358.3510.610.610.610.6Dimensions 233.433.433.813.825.905.905.875.87** 21.301.321.301.321.301.631.637

Reversing Valve c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eConnections ODF huaSanhua S-00Note: “xx” indicates a 1 or 2 digit code may follow the model number.Continued on next pagesanhuausa.com8

Reversing Valve ContinuedConnections ODF SanhuaSHF-35B-49-04Sanhua 71-5/8”2-5/8”SHF(L)-350-1721Coil SanhuaN50C13GVH32087aSanhua OEMSanhua/Ranco24/50-60 volt ACCoil- xx-xxx120/50-60 volt ACCoil- xx-xxx208-240/50-60 volt ACCoil- xx-xxxNote: “xx” indicates a 1 or 2 digit code may follow the model number.sanhuausa.com9

TXV Kits R - 4 1 0 Aand R-22 AC/HPUniversal AC/HP TXV Kitfor R-410A and R-22 Air Conditioning and Heat PumpThree outlet connection options: 1/2” ODF Sweat Aeroquip adaptor Chatleff adaptorBalanced port design ideal to handlea capacity rangeExternal superheat adjustmentBuilt-in check valve, use either on heatpump or straight cooling applicationsFewer SKUs for more applicationsThe Sanhua Universal AC/HP TXV Kit is designed with world-class engineering and manufacturingtechnology combined with premium materials for superior performance.TECHNICAL DATAPart NumberCapcacity RangeRefrigerantTXVFE-2-22-Kit1.00 to 2 TonsR-22TXVFE-3-22-Kit2.25 to 3 TonsR-22TXVFE-4-22-Kit3.25 to 4 TonsR-22TXVFE-6-22-Kit4.25 to 6 TonsR-22TXVFE-2-410A-Kit1.00 to 2 TonsR-410ATXVFE-3-410A-Kit2.25 to 3 TonsR-410ATXVFE-4-410A-Kit3.25 to 4 TonsR-410ATXVFE-5-410A-Kit4.25 to 5 TonsR-410ANote:Connections:3/8” ODF In1/2” ODF Out, plus Aeroquip and Chetleff adaptorsEqualizer 1/8” OD x 24” with 1/4”SAE flare nutsanhuausa.comREFRIGERANTR-22, R-410ALARGE TEMPERATURESERVICE RANGE-22 F to 275 FMAXWORKINGPRESSURE650 psig10

TXVH ValveStep 1:Select orifice size basedon nominal capacityStep 2:Step 3:Select body to matchrefrigerant & connectionstyle desiredSOLDER ADAPTERSAftermarket ModelSolder ConnectionTXVH-3S-IN3/8”TXVH-2S-IN1/4"TXVH-3 Loop-IN3/8”Note: 1. Copper tube and flare nut are includedSTEP 1: ORIFICE SELECTION CRITERIASTEP 2: SELECT BODY TO MATCH REFRIGERANT AND CONNECTIONNominal 407CR-407FR-404AR-507R-407AR-507Low Temp(with MOP)R-134aInletAdaptor3/8 x 1/2 SAE Flare(Internally H-134aNotRequired3/8 x 1/2 x 1/4SAE -134aNotRequired1/4 x 3/8 ODF Sweat(Internally 3S-14FTXVH-134a-3STXVH-2S-IN1/4 x 3/8 x 1/4ODF -14FTXVHE-134a-3STXVH-2S-IN3/8 x 1/2 ODF Sweat(Internally 4S-14FTXVH-134a-4STXVH-3S-IN3/8 x 1/2 x 1/4ODF -14F TXVHE-134a-4STXVH-3S-INValve Body ConfigurationInlet x Outlet x Equalizer1/83/4CSTEP 3CAAAAAsanhuausa.com11

TXV - Removable Inlet StrainerRef.Inlet(in)Outlet Ext. Eq.(in)(in)--- cross-referenceSanhuaValve BodyTXVH-404A-507-4SCartridgeInlet CEGS-1/4-CSBFS-AAA-CEGS-1/2-CSBFS-AA-CTXVH Sweat Body(3 -INCartridge withRemoveable Strainer(7 orifice SE-2-CSRSE-2-CEGSE-2-ZSRSE-2-ZInlet Sweat Adaptor(1 -C-ZPSRSE-3-ZPContinued on next pagesanhuausa.com12

TXV - Removable Inlet Strainer continuedRef.Inlet(in.)Outlet(in.)Ext. Eq.(in.)SanhuaValve BodyCartridgeInlet ODFTXVH Sweat Body(4 dge with RemovableStrainer(5 orifice XVH-00TXVH-011/2”ODFEGInlet Sweat Adaptor(1 size)SRVE-1-ZPSRVE-2-ZPContinued on next pagesanhuausa.com13

TXV - Removable Inlet Strainer continuedRef.Inlet(in.)Outlet(in.)Ext. Eq.(in.)SanhuaValve BodyCartridgeInlet ZTXVH-02R-134aSBFTXVH Sweat Body(2 combinations)TXVH-01---SporlanCartridge with RemovableStrainer(3 orifice -ZSRJE-1-ZTXVHE-134a-4STXVH-04Inlet Sweat Adaptor(1 size)sanhuausa.com14

TXV - ODF Sweat Connections c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eRef.Inlet(in.)Outlet(in.)3/8”ODF1/4”ODFExt. Eq.(in.)SanhuaValve BodyCartridgeInlet tridge(6 orifice S---TXVH-22-4S1/4”ODFTXVH-01Inlet Sweat Adaptor(2 -507-4SComponentsTXVH Sweat Body(7 2-CTXVH-05EFVE-3-CERVE-3-CContinued on next pagesanhuausa.com15

TXV - ODF Sweat Connections c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eContinuedRef.Inlet Outlet Ext. Eq.(in.) (in.)(in.)SanhuaValve BodyCartridgeInlet ”ODF---TXVHE-134a-4STXVH-134a-4SComponentsTXVH Sweat Body(2 1/4-CCartridge(4 orifice et Sweat Adaptor(2 nhuausa.com16

TXV - SAE Flare Connections c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eRef.Inlet(in)Outlet Ext. SAE Inlet)TXVH-404A-507-14F(3/8” SAE Inlet)1/4”SAER-404AR-507SanhuaValve 0TXVH-01TXVHE-404A-507(3/8” SAE Inlet)TXVH-01TXVHE-404A-507-14F(3/8” SAE Inlet)TXVH-01TXVH SAE Flare Body(6 SAER-22---TXVH-22(3/8” SAE Inlet)1/4”SAETXVHE-22(3/8” SAE TXVH-03Cartridge(5 orifice GVE-2-CFVE-2-CBFVE-B-CRVE-2-CRVE-1-CContinued on next pagesanhuausa.com17

TXV - SAE Flare Connections c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eContinuedRef.Inlet(in)1/4”SAEOutlet Ext. Eq.(in)(in)1/2”SAER-134aSanhua Valve Body---TXVH-134a(3/8”SAE Inlet)1/4”SAETXVHE-134a(3/8” SAE TXVHE-134aComponentsSporlan GSporlan FSporlan BFSporlan 01TXVH-02TXVH-021/4”SAESporlanTXVH Sweat Body(2 combinations)Cartridge(4 orifice sizes)RJ-1/4-CRJE-1-1/2-Csanhuausa.com18

Ball ValveConnectionODF (in.)3/81/25/83/47/81 1/81 3/81 5/82 1/82 5/8AccessValve3 5/84 1/8SanhuaJB -SV34210V34310YesNo3 1/8 Mueller907203AP17860CEBV-1030586WA-6STBVS BVE 058907205AP17862CEBV-1050586WA-10STV34502BVS 058937205AQ17862CEBVT-1050586WAS-10STV34303BVE 034907306AP17863EBV-1060587WA-12STBVS 034937306AQ17863EBVT-1060BVE 078907307AP17864CEBV-1070587WA-14STBVS 078937307AQ17864CEBVT-1070587WAS-14STBVE 118907409AP17865EBV-1090591WA-11STBVS 118937409AQ17865EBVT-1090591WAS-11STBVE 138907511A17866EBV-1110592WA-13STBVS 138937511AC17866EBVT-1110592WAS-13STBVE 158907613A17867EBV-1130593WA-15STBVS 158937613AC17867EBVT-1130593WAS-15STBVE 218907617A17868EBV-1170594WA-21STBVS 594WA-25ST *A17871 *EBV-2210 *595WA-25ST937721 *AC17869EBVT-1210595WAS-25ST937721FPAC17871 *EBVT-2210 *907825FPA17870EBV-1250594WA-31ST *A17872 *EBV-2250 *596WA-31ST937725 *AC17870EBVT-1250596WAS-31ST937825FPAC17872 *EBVT-2250 08-0179-709-01V34311 *V34511 *BVE 258 *BVS 258 *79-600-01 *BVE 318 *BVS 318 *596WA-35ST *BV-29-S-TB34909 *NoYesSuperiorBVE 038NoYesSporlanBVE 012V34510V34211 *EmersonBVS 012V34503BV-21-S-TBV-25-SApollo596WA-41ST *BV-33-S-TB34910 ** Reduced Portsanhuausa.com19

Solenoid Valves c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eSporlanEmersonDanfossConn. R3 (032F7105)EVU 3 (032F9525)EVU 3 (032F5024)EVUL 3 (032F9511)EVUL 3 (032F8202)SoV3-3-SE3S130100RB2S3R16E33EVR3 (032F1157)EVU 3 (032F5111)EVU 3 (032F5026)EVUL 3 VR6 (032F7115)EVU 6 (032F9527)EVU 6 (032F5046)EVUL 6 VR6 (032F1162)EVU 6 (032F9528)EVU 6 (032F5049)EVUL 6 (032F9514)EVUL 6 10 (032F1166)SoV10-5-SE10S250200RD6T5EVR10 -HPE10S240-HPEVR8 250E14S250-HP200RB7T5200RD7T5EVR15 T7EVR15 T7EVR20 E25S2110E25S2110-HPEVR22 (032F7145)EVR22 (032F7146)Solenoid Valves with Manual Lift 3M200RD3T3MR26E63MEVR6 T4MR36E104MEVR10 (032F1188)200RD6T5MR36E105MEVR10 (032F7149)EVR6 RD7T5MR38E145MEVR15 B9T7M200RD9T7MR42E197MEVR20 0RB12T9M200RD12T9MR46E259MEVR22 (032F7137)5/8”sanhuausa.com20

Sight Glass/Moisture Indicator c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eConnection (in.)SanhuaAftermarketDanfossCFC/HCFC Ind.HFC IndicatorSGH 6sSGN 10SGI 10 (FM)SGN 10 (FM)SG-3-SSGI 10sSGN 10sMale SAE FlareSG-4SGI 12SGN 12Female x Male SAE FlareSG-4-FMSGI 12 (FM)SGN 12 (FM)AMI-1FM4ODF SolderSG-4-SSGI 12sSGN 12sSGH 12sAMI-1TT45/8ODF SolderSG-5-SSGI 16sSGN 16sSGH 16sAMI-1TT57/8ODF SolderSG-7-SSGI 22sSGN 22sSGH 22s1 1/8ODF SolderSG-9-S1/2SGI 6SGN 6Female x Male SAE FlareSG-2-FMSGI 6 (FM)SGN 6 (FM)ODF SolderSG-2-SSGI 6sSGN 6sMale SAE FlareSG-3SGI 10Female x Male SAE FlareSG-3-FMODF H 61/4Male SAE FlareEmersonsanhuausa.comSGH 10sHi .HMI-1MM2A 18101PSG-2SA-12AMI-1FM2HMI-1FM2A 18106PSG-2MFSA-12FMAMI-1TT2HMI-1TT2A 18114PSG-2SSA-12SAMI-1MM3HMI-1MM3A 18102PSG-3SA-13AMI-1FM3HMI-1FM3A 18107PSG-3MFSA-13FMAMI-1TT3HMI-1TT3A 18115PSG-3SSA-13SAMI-1MM4HMI-1MM4A 18103PSG-4SA-14HMI-1FM4A 18108PSG-4MFSA-14FMHMI-1TT4A 18116PSG-4SSA-14SSA-K144HMI-1TT5A 18117PSG-5SSA-15SSA-K145AMI-1TT7HMI-1TT7A 18119PSG-7SSA-17SSA-K147AMI-1TT9HMI-1TT9A 18120PSG-9SSA-19SSA-K142SA-K14321

PS - Pressure Controls c r o s s - r e f e r e n c eStyleResetSanhuaDanfossJohnson ControlsRancoP70AB-2CO10-1402O10-1483060-523300Low PressureAuto ResetPS01AM-S01606-523700060-523500Manual ResetPS01MM-S01060-524100High PressureAuto 060-524500Manual ResetPS50MM-S01060-524600060-524700Auto ResetPS15AAM-S01Dual 524900Manual ResetPS15MM-S01ResetSanhuaDanfossAuto ResetPS50AM-S01060-524300060-524500Manual 4O12-1506P70MA-1CPS - Fan Cycle ControllersStyleHigh PressureJohnson ControlsRancosanhuausa.com22

Check out our new website for all your Sanhua needs.Less timeto find yourinformationEverything you needat your fingertipsUser friendlydesignsanhuausa.com23

Sanhua’s cross-reference is also availableon our website at www.sanhuausa.com.Cross-reference NA 0121 2021 Sanhua International. All rights reserved.SANHUAUSA.COM

fdbi-163-s dcb 163s dmb 163s bfk 163s bfkz 163s bf163s hpc-163-s-hh fdbi-303-s bfk 303s bfkz 303s hpc-303-s-hh 1/2” sae flare fdbi-084 dcb 084 dmb 084 bfk 084 bfkz 084 bf084 fdbi-164 dcb 164 dmb 164 bfk 164 bfkz 164 bf164 hpc-164-hh fdbi-304 dcb 304 dmb 304 bfk 304 hpc-304-hh odf solder fdbi-084-s

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