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ISO 30414 Lead Auditor Certification - HR Metrics

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2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.ISO 30414Guidelines for internal and external human capital reportingLEAD AUDITOR DEVELOPMENT COURSEIn an increasingly competitive environment dominated by cost-cutting andtight budget justification, the role of Human Capital is becoming critical to theoverall success of the organization. As the economy becoming knowledgeintensive, shareholders are realizing that company's true competitiveadvantage lies in human capital.Business leaders judge HR strategic contribution through its impact on theorganization, which is always measured in financial terms. Numbers are theuniversal language of business.Organizational leaders prefer to take decisions on evidence-based data.Shareholders, board members, CEOs, CFOs all measure results.They are keen to see verifiable connections between human capitalinvestments and organizational outcomes.

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.W H AT I S I S O 3 0 4 1 4 ?WorkforceAvailabilitySuccession Planning49. Succession effectiveness rate50. Successor coverage rateSuccession readiness rate:51. succession depth rate: ready now52. succession depth rate: ready in 1–3 years53. succession depth rate: ready in 4–5 years54. Number of employees55. Full-time equivalents (FTE)Contingent Workforce:56. Independent contractors57. Temporary workers58. AbsenteeismCompliance & Ethics1. & type of grievance filedNumber & type of concluded disciplinary action% of employees who have completed training on compliance & ethicsDisputes referred to external partiesNumber, type & source of external audit findings & actions arising from theseCostsSkills & Capability44. Total developing and training costsLearning & development :45. % of employees who participate in trainingcompared with total number of employees per year46. Average formalized training hours per employee47. % of employees who participated in formalizedtrainings in different categories48. Workforce competency rate29. Number of qualified candidates per position30. Quality per hireAverage length of:31. time to fill vacant positions32. time to fill vacant critical business positions33. Transition and future workforce capabilitiesassessment (talent pool)34. % of positions filled internally35. % of critical business positions filled internally36. % of critical business positions37. % of vacant critical business positions in relationto all vacant positions33. Internal mobility rate34. Employee bench strength35. Turnover rate36. Voluntary turnover rate (without retirement)37. Voluntary critical turnover rate38. Exit/turnover reasons/leaving employment by reason6. workforce costsExternal workforce costsRatio of the average salary & remunerationTotal costs of employmentCost per hireRecruitment costsTurnover costsDiversityISO 3041458 HumanCapital Metrics13. Diversity of leadership teamWorkforce diversity with respect to:14. Age15. Gender16. Disability17. Other indicators of diversityLeadershipRecruitment,Mobility &Turnover18. Leadership trust19. Span of control20. Leadership developmentOrganizational Culture21. Engagement/satisfaction/commitment22. Retention rateProductivityOrganizational health, safety and well-being27. EBIT /revenue/turnover/profit per employee28. Human capital RoI23.24.25.26.Lost time for injuryNumber of occupational accidentsNumber of people killed during workPercentage of employees who participated in training

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.BENEFITS to organizations?COMPLIANCEBy being compliant to the ISO 30414 standard,organizations can further position themselves in thecontext of Sustainability / Environmental Social Governance(ESG) and would comply with the recent SEC final rulingon human capital reporting for US companies who mustnow disclose Human Capital factors to potential investors.RISK MANAGEMENTCOMPLIANCERISKFUNDINGPRODUCTIVITYC A P I TA L M A R K E T V I E WCapital Markets and Investors are very interested inworkforce activities. ISO 30414 gives shareholders andinvestors - including the rapidly expanding number ofsocially responsible funds, a huge growth area in capitalmarkets worldwide – a clear line of sight between peoplepractices, people risk and the company’s profitability,easing access to funding.COMPETIVEADVANTAGE 2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.P RO D U C T I V I T YISO 30414 sets the framework for consistent measurementand comparison, leading to significant potential forProductivity improvements.C O M P E T I T I V E A D VA N TA G EHuman capital is important for an organization’s long-termperformance and competitive advantage. Global researchshows that companies which excel at people analytics are3.1 times more likely to outperform their peers financially.TRUSTT R U S T & T R A N S PA R E N C YAn organization is only as good as its people. Shouldn’tsuch asset information be disclosed to key stakeholders?ISO 30414 delivers a greater level of transparency for alltheir stakeholders, be that employees, investors,regulators, consumers, talent, or host communities. Suchactions generates high levels of trust and confidence that abusiness truly values the intrinsic worth of people andtheir contribution to organizational success.You can only effectively manage what you can measure andcompare. This standard is almost the only standard thatconsiders three associated elements of risk, namelyemployee life-cycle risks, compliance risks and workforceplanning risks.SYNERGYC R O S S - O R G A N I Z AT I O N A LThis standard focuses on the cross-organizationalmeasurement of the cumulative knowledge, skills andabilities of an organization’s people, bringing togethermultiple functions such as Legal, Communications, IT, HR,HSE, Investor Relations and Finance. The standard enhancesthe HR function, creating accountability and furtherpositioning of HR as a key influencer.

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.Benefits to HRHarmonize disparate practices.Transparency and objectivity of HR practicesEmployers’ expectations would be better understood.Smooth talent flow.Economies of scaleHR data transactions among diverse software applications.Reduce paper documentation, and reduce carbon footprintsReduce investigations and other regulatory responsibilitiesImprove employee morale, lower labour turnover, decrease accidentsEnhance product quality and foster greater consumer and investor confidence.Reduced cost of products and services, benefiting consumer.Boost local economy through international market access.Enhanced credibility of HR profession.

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.Current HRM StandardsISO TS 24179:2020HRM - Occupational Healthand Safety Metrics2020ISO/TS 30414:2018HRM – Guidelines for Internal & ExternalHuman Capital ReportingISO/TS 30411:20182018HRM – Quality of Hire MetricISO/TS 30410:2018HRM - Impact of Hire MetricISO/TS 30401:2018HRM – Knowledge Management Systems2017ISO/TS 30406:2017HRM – Sustainable Employability Management for OrganizationsISO/TS 30407:2017HRM – Cost-Per-Hire2016ISO/TS 30400:2016ISO/TS 30408:2016ISO/TS 30405:2016ISO/TS 30409:2016HRM – VocabularyHRM – Guidelines on RecruitmentHRM – Guidelines on Human GovernanceHRM – Workforce Planning

I S O S TA N DA R D S M E E T I N G S H O S T C O U N T R I E S 2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.

I S O S TA N DA R D S M E E T I N G S H O S T C O U N T R I E S 2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.

WO R L D S TA N DA R D S DAY PA K I S TA N 2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.

WO R L D S TA N DA R D S DAY PA K I S TA N 2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.

WO R L D S TA N DA R D S DAY PA K I S TA N 2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.TRAINING PROGRAMEligibilityMaster Degree: 7 YearsBachelor Degree: 5 YearsOrientation &Case Study Briefing08 Jan7-8 PM GMT 5.00Announce Results DispatchCertificates19 FebEarly Bird: 2000Regular Fee: 2500Sign UndertakingPurchase the ISO Standard15 Dec 202031 Dec 202005 Jan 202106 JanOnline TrainingKnowledge Test (30%)Case Study Submission 40%Judgment Tests11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22 JanTraining Feedback12 Feb 202130%6:30-9 PM GMT 5.0029 Jan 20215:00 PM GMT 5.0010-14 FebDebriefing SessionDirectory, Web Profile,Articles NewsletterRecertification EngagementPlanCertification CeremonyImpact Awards20 Feb - 15 Mar15 Mar4 April22 Feb 2021

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.COURSE ALUMNIShunsuke Hosaka,Division Director,Dream Incubator Inc.Nadia Akbar Huda,SHRM-SCP, PeopleDirector CBRE-GlobalWorkplace SolutionsKohei Sugawara,Business Producer,Dream Incubator Inc.Mohsin Nishat,Head of Compliance &Ethics TelenorPakistanTakashi Iwamoto,Contractor,Dream Incubator Inc.Tipu Zaheer, SHRMSCP, Head ofCompensation &Benefits ENGIE UAENoriaki Kagawa,Contractor, DreamIncubator Inc.Syed Sajid Raza,Director HR, HotelRamada Plaza KarachiDr. Sitwat HusainGroup Head HR HabibBank AG ZurichKarl Craven, EMEM,SHRM-SCP, Founder &Director HR ConsultingSpiral HR Limited UKJehanzeb Khan,GM HRByco Petroleum PakistanFarooq Bilal SHRM-CP,Deputy Director HRDefence Housing SocietyKarachi

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.COURSE ALUMNIFarhat Ali, SHRM-SCP,SPHRi, Service AreaLead, ABACUSSadia Jehanzeb FormerSenior Manager HR,Habib UniversityDr. Romana Azaz, HRBusiness Partner, BayerPakistan (Pvt) LtdMuhammad Bilal, CHRP,Head of HR Operations,Bayer Pakistan (Pvt) LtdUsman Shabbir, SHRM-CP,Assistant ManagerCorporate Administrationat PTCLSikander Rathore,Business PartnerTransformation Segment,Bayer Pakistan (Pvt) LtdSaqlain Sher SHRMSCP, SPHRi, SeniorManager HRBP PTCLSana Rehman, DeputyManager (Recruitment &Training) in Pak SuzukiMotor Company LimitedJunal Maria D’cruz, HRBusiness Partner, BayerPakistan (Pvt) LtdShahina Hussaini, SeniorManager HR Policies andGovernance at HBLPakistan

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.ZAHID MUBARIKC H I E F C O N S U LTA N TZahid Mubarik is the CEO of HR Metrics and SHRM Partner in Pakistan. He is a globalexpert in human capital measurement metrics/analytics. Zahid is the only HR Leaderfrom Asia to become member ISO Technical Committee 260 which comprised ofexperts from 11 countries including USA, UK, Pakistan, France, Germany, Sweden,Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Netherlands and Portugal for developing global HRstandards. Zahid actively participated in HR standards meetings at Washington,London, Melbourne, Rotterdam, Paris, Singapore, Bali and Milan.As a recognition of his contribution, he was elected as Global Convener of ISO HRMetrics Standards Working Group. During his leadership, ISO published two globalHR standards specifications including Quality of Hire and Impact of Hire.He has the honour of being distinguished speaker in international HRconferences/seminars at Las Vegas, Beijing, Moscow, Baku, Hanoi and Dubai.Zahid introduced SHRM Competency based HR Certification in Pakistan. Zahid is amember Board of Directors, The Centre for Global Inclusion USA. He introducedGlobal Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks Standards in Pakistan. He is the Chief EditorHR Magazine Human Capital Tomorrow.

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.K A R L C R AV E NP R I N C I PA L C O N S U LTA N TKarl is the Founder and HR Director of Spiral HR Limited UK with an internationallyfocused HR. Karl has spent two-thirds of his career residing in expatriate HR rolesoften with a wider geographical region responsibility. A capable HR leader, easy towork with, a generalist with a strong international focus and a very solidremuneration foundation.Working primarily within the natural resources sector but also in chemicals, security,media and construction industries. Strongly believing in continuous developmentand holds his Executive Masters program with 3 different premier managementschools in Norway and France.An active member of many HR professional charters who recently obtained theSenior Certified Professional qualification with the Society of HRM (SCP-SHRM) andLead Auditor ISO 30414 Certification with HR Metrics.Karl's passion is to transfer best practices to HR service delivery and to bringtransparency to otherwise complex processes. Culturally astute, innovative and heapproaches HR from a win-win perspective first.

2020 HR Metrics. All Rights Reserved.Part of our wider offering on 3041401020304ISO 30414ISO 30414ISO 30414ISO 30414Diagnostic AuditProfessional Trainingand CertificationOrganizationalCertificationTechnology Solutions

O R G A N I Z AT I O N A L C E RT I F I C AT I O NPRE-AUDITGap Analysis is undertaken to determine thecurrent state preparedness with respects to theISO standard. Reviewing reporting responsibility,data availability, data quality, integrity of supplyand ownership as well as clarifying openquestions around the preferred route tocertification, timelines and budget.TRAINING KEYS TA K E H O L D E R SP R E PA R AT I O N F O RC E R T I F I C A T I O N (if applicable)Training on the main standard forFinance, Legal, HR, IT, Investor Relationsand other end users and ongoing updateson future released TechnicalSpecifications.We are experts in the area of HR Management and can assistin the development of HR solutions to support ISO 30414certification, such as: Succession Planning Employee Surveys Competency Management HRIS solutions Training & DevelopmentEXTERNALR E P O R T (if required)Whether you need simple metrics summaryinclusion in annual reports or more detailedhuman capital report, we have the experience andresources to help report your people informationexternally.R E - C E R T I F I C AT I O NA U D I T (3 years on)The recertification audit is conducted to evaluate thefulfilment of the requirements of the certification.Re-certification must take place within six (6) monthsfollowing the expiration of certification.The effective date on the new certification is on or afterthe recertification decision by Technical Reviewer andthe expiry date is based on prior certification cycle.C E R T I F I C AT I O N A U D I TThe goal of the audit

ISO/TS 30411:2018 HRM –Quality of Hire Metric ISO/TS 30414:2018 HRM –Guidelines for Internal & External Human Capital Reporting ISO TS 24179:2020 HRM -Occupational Health and Safety Metrics ISO/TS 30401:2018 HRM –Knowledge Management Systems ISO/TS 30406:2017 HRM –Sustainable Employability Management for Organizations ISO/TS 30400:2016