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CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSGeneralGENERALThis document stipulates the requirements for construction work within the public rightof-way, in the City of Burlington. These standards apply to all work on public lands in theCity of Burlington. Additional conditions and specifications may be imposed for any workwithin MTO governed lands, the regulated boundary of Conservation Halton, and theNiagara Escarpment Commission Boundaries. This includes construction activities, aswell as excess/surplus materials for disposal and/or re-use off-site.ONTARIO PROVINCIAL STANDARDSAll work shall be carried out in accordance with the Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS)as referenced herein or in the Contract Documents and Drawings. The City of BurlingtonConstruction Specifications are supplemental to the Ontario Provincial Standards andthus take precedence over the Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications (OPSS) orOntario Provincial Standard Drawings (OPSD) when specified.SPECIAL PROVISIONSCity of Burlington Construction Specifications and Ontario Provincial Standards may bealtered on a project via Special Provisions as indicated in the Contract Documents.AGENCIES OF PARTNERSHIP The City of Burlington is a municipality within Halton Region and has workingpartnerships with the following agencies:Halton Region (ROH)Conservation Halton (CH)Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO)Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC)Burlington Hydro (BHI)Union Gas (UG)Trans Northern Pipeline (TNPL)Communication Companies – Bell, Cogeco, Rogers, Allstream, TelusIn addition to the specifications set out in this document, Contractors should be familiarwith these agencies’ standards, specification, and conditions for work as they may beapplied as indicated in the contract documents.2Revised January 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSGeneralDEFINITIONSSee City of Burlington General Conditions Section 101.3Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSTable of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTSGENERAL . 2TABLE OF CONTENTS . 4Section A – Site Preparation & Miscellaneous Works . 7A.1Mobilization & Demobilization . 7A.2Site Trailer . 7A.3Insurance . 9A.4Traffic Control and Maintenance . 9A.5Construction Layout . 11A.6Install Project Sign Boards . 11A.7Tree Protection. 12A.8Silt Logs . 12A.9Vacuum Excavation . 13A.10 Hand Dig Test Pit . 14A.11 Temporary Cold Patch . 14A.12 Calcium Flake Dust Suppressant . 15A.13 Premium Surcharge for High Early Concrete . 15A.14 Supply and place sediment control units on exist. CB Inlet . 16A.15 Street Cleaning . 16A.16 Structure Cleaning . 17Section B - Removals . 18B.1Clear & Grub . 18B.2Tree Removal. 19B.3Stumping . 19B.4Removal of Curb and Gutter . 21B.5Removal of Pipe and Subdrain. 21B.6Removal of Hydrants, Valves & Watermain Appurtenances . 22B.7Remove Asphalt via Cold Planning . 224Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSTable of ContentsB.8Removal of Concrete Sidewalk and Bus Pads . 24B.9Asphalt Removal (roadways and driveways). 24B.10 Remove Concrete Road Base. 24Section C – Storm Sewer Works . 26C.1Storm Pipe Installation . 26C.2Maintenance Holes, Catch Basins & Ditch Inlets . 28C.3Frames & Covers . 29C.4Adjust Maintenance Holes & Catch Basins . 30C.5CCTV Storm Sewer Inspection . 32C.6Lower Existing Water Services – Storm Sewer Conflict . 33C.7Relay / Reconnect Sanitary Laterals – Storm Sewer Conflict . 34C.8Transfer Existing Storm Lateral/Lead . 34C.9Subdrain . 35Section D – Bridge Works . 37Section E – Watermain Works . 38Section F – Sanitary Sewer Works . 39Section G – Road Works . 40G.1Excavation. 40G.2Granular Materials & Soils . 40G.3Concrete Works . 43G.4Hot Mix Asphalt Works . 51G.5Adjust Existing Water Valves . 57G.6Fine Grade Roadway . 58G.7Concrete Water Valve and Water Valve Chamber Adjustment . 58G.8Tactile Plates. 59G.9Topsoil and Sod . 60Section H – Pavement Markings . 61Section I – Electrical Works. 62I.1Street Lighting Works . 15Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSTable of ContentsI.2Traffic Signal Works . 2GENERAL . 2ABBREVIATIONS . 2CONTRACTOR QUALIFICATIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES . 2MATERIALS GENERAL . 3WORK BY CITY TRAFFIC SIGNAL MAINTENANCE STAFF . 4PART I - TRAFFIC SIGNALS -- UNDERGROUND. 5PART II - TRAFFIC SIGNAL ABOVE GROUND . 9E.SUPPLY AND/OR INSTALLATION. 10PART III – TEMPORARY AND/OR OVERHEAD SIGNAL INSTALLATION . 17PART IV - TRAFFIC SIGNAL CABLE . 19PART V - TRAFFIC SIGNAL COMMUNICATION CABLE . 22PART VI - MATERIAL SUPPLIERS . 23Section J – Landscaping & Private Property Works . 26J.1Remove & Reinstate / Replace Private Property Works . 26J.2Tree Planting & Transplanting . 27J.3Mature Tree Pruning & Fertilizing . 36J.4Topsoil & Sod . 36J.5Seed & Mulch with 150mm Topsoil . 39J.6Timber Bollards . 40J.7Metal Hinged Bollards . 40J.8Decorative Litter Receptacle . 41J.9Concrete Litter Receptacle . 41J.10Street Bench . 426Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksSection A – Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksThis section covers the requirements as set out in the contract documents, to prepare thesite for construction activities to commence.A.1Mobilization & DemobilizationScopeMobilization shall include all of the contractor’s costs to facilitate bringing equipment,materials, manpower etc. to the project site throughout the duration of the work for allitems of work in the contract.Demobilization shall include all of the contractor’s costs to remove all equipment, left overmaterials, construction waste, traffic control devices, signs or any other materials that area result of construction activity.Basis of PaymentPayment shall be 50% lump sum for mobilization and 50% lump sum for demobilizationunless otherwise stated in the special provision of the contract. Payment shall be fullcompensation for all labour, materials and equipment required to facilitate Mobilizationand Demobilization as specified in the Contract Documents. This applies to all projects,regardless of duration, staging, or year carry-over.A.2Site TrailerScopeThe Contractor shall supply and furnish an Inspector’s Field Office in accordance withSection 105-9 of the General Conditions of Contract.The following additional equipment is to be supplied within the Inspector’s Field Office forhis/her exclusive use. These items shall be referred to as “trailer fit-up”. a supply of fresh cold drinking watera flush type portable restroom meeting the requirements of the OccupationalHealth & Safety Act shall be provided in the area of the field office for the exclusive7Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous Works use of City staff. The Contractor shall maintain and service the portable toilet ona weekly basis.a working fire extinguisher mounted next to all entrancesa supply of working smoke alarm and a working carbon monoxide detectora properly equipped and maintained first aid kitadequate heating and air-conditioning to maintain the trailer at 22 Ca printer equipped with adequate supply of consumables such as 8½ inch x 11inch and 8½ inch x 14 inch paper, ink cartridges and toner cartridgesone copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Actone copy of the applicable traffic control plan according to Ontario Traffic ManualBook 7one copy of the Notice of Project from the Ministry of Labour andone copy of all appropriate Form 1000 for all subcontractors and City staff and wastepaper angle broom with microwaveone small refrigerator.electrical supply - The Contractor shall provide a continuous supply of electricity tothe office trailer, 24 hours a day, or as a minimum, during business hours iftemperature requirements can be maintained, from the start of construction tocompletion. Power supply can be in the form of a quiet diesel generator, or directhook up to a nearby power supply. All trailers must have a dedicated 20-amp circuitand accessible outlet for the charging of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars.Burlington Hydro (BHI) is the governing electrical authority and the Contractor shallcontact BHI to understand all requirements and costs to make the electrical connection.The Contractor shall service, maintain, and carry insurance on the field office andcontents and provide evidence of insurance to the Contract Administrator before workcommences. The windows of the trailer must be protected by bars, cage, or equivalent.Under no circumstances shall the field office be used for the storage of tools or materialsor for the Contractor’s use, with the exception of regularly scheduled site meetings.The field office shall be cleaned, and garbage shall be disposed of weekly to thesatisfaction of the Contract Administrator.Site trailer must be of adequate size to accommodate the Inspector office space, asoutlined in Section 105-9 of the General Conditions, and an area to hold site meetings,which will include a minimum of one table and eight chairs. In the case of a joint RegionCity project, additional space and furnishings must be provided. In addition to the 2.4m x2.4m space allocated for the City Inspector, a space of the same size must be allocated8Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous Worksfor the sole use of an additional Inspector. This area must include a minimum 0.9m x l.5mdesk with shelves and/or drawers and chair.Basis of PaymentPayment shall be lump sum and be full compensation for all labour, materials, equipmentrequired. Removal and disposal of all materials required to accommodate the trailerplacement, laydown area, compound, the maintenance thereof, and all restoration, topsoiland sod or other, shall be included in this item. Payment shall be paid as follows: Initial set up of Site Trailer – 20% And then progressively in monthly draws - 80%A.3InsuranceScopeInsurance requirements are specified in City of Burlington General Conditions section103.Basis of PaymentLump sum payment for Insurance shall be made on the first payment certificate and shallbe full compensation for all costs associated to meet the insurance requirementsspecified.A.4Traffic Control and MaintenanceThe requirements of OPSS.MUNI 706 shall apply shall apply except as modified herein.The Contractor shall be solely responsible for the supply, placement, maintenance, andremoval of all temporary traffic control measures within the limits of Construction asdefined in the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM), Book 7 (Temporary Conditions) and for all9Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous Worksintersecting streets for the entire length and duration of the project. Traffic controlmeasures shall include, but not be limited to, all temporary construction signs, delineators,flashers, barricades, Traffic Control Persons (TCP's) required to comply with therequirement of the Ontario Traffic Control Manual (OTM), Book 7 (Temporary Conditions).The Contractor shall ensure that each employee is familiar with the manual and wears allrequired safety equipment.Traffic Control PlansThe contractor is required to submit to the City, prior to start of construction, a TrafficControl Plan that outlines how traffic will be controlled through each stage of the workand shall include provisions for cyclists, pedestrians and accessibility requirements.Maintenance of Temporary WorkUntil the final course of asphalt and the permanent pavement markings have been placed,the travelled portion of the road shall be considered as temporary traffic lanes.Temporary traffic lanes shall be maintained so that there are no irregularities exceeding35 mm. Utility frames and covers, valve boxes, etc. shall be covered over with a steelplate ramped with asphalt or maintained flush with the surface of the asphalt. After finaladjustment to finish grade, the appurtenances shall be ramped as described above. Priorto the placement of the final course of hot mix asphalt, the ramps must be removedwithout disturbing the base to allow the final course asphalt to be placed to its full depth.Should the Contractor fail to correct any unsatisfactory condition upon notification fromthe Contract Administrator to do so, the Contract Administrator may proceed to maintainthe project and deduct the entire cost of such maintenance from moneys due to theContractor.Basis of PaymentPayment shall be lump sum and be full compensation for all labour, materials, equipmentrequired and shall be paid as follows: Initial set up of roadway construction signage, barrels etc. – 20% And then progressively in monthly draws - 80%10Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksA.5Construction LayoutScopeThe Contractor is responsible to provide construction layout for items in the ContractDocuments. Layout in the field shall be in the form of a wooden stake, nail, or equivalentmarking the physical location and an offset location on the ground. A grade sheet shallaccompany the field layout and one copy of the grade sheet shall be provided to the CityInspector prior to construction.The Contractor shall provide construction layout for the following items: Excavation/WideningGranular A and Granular B Road GradingSidewalk, Curb, Curb/GutterStorm StructuresStorm PipeElectrical Poles, Boxes, FixturesBasis of PaymentThe Contractor will be paid for layout progressively based on a lump sum price for theitem. The duration of the project (# of months) will be divided by the lump sum price andthe value for each month will be paid as a fraction of the total lump sum price until 100%of the lump sum has been compensated.Payment shall be full compensation for all labour, materials, and equipment required tofacilitate Construction Layout as specified in the Contract Documents.A.6Install Project Sign BoardsScopeThis item shall be used for the installation of site-specific project sign boards, as identifiedin the contract. Signs shall be erected in locations directed by the Contract Administratorand shall remain standing for the duration of the project. Photographic documentation ofthe erected signs shall be the Contractor’s responsibility and is to be provided to theContract Administrator for verification.11Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksBasis of PaymentPayment shall be full compensation for all labour, materials, and equipment required tofacilitate the installation and removal of project sign boards, as specified in the ContractDocuments.A.7Tree ProtectionThe requirements of COB Standard Specification SS-12 (found at apply, except as amended herein;Page 3, Section 6b)Modu-Loc fencing will not be allowed as an acceptable alternative to the materials andinstallation requirements outlined in “Tree Protection Barrier”, i.e. t-posts, 2x4 lumber,snow fencing, unless approved by the Contract Administrator.A.8Silt LogsScopeThe contractor shall supply, place, and, maintain Terrafix Siltsoxx, or approved equivalentproduct, as an erosion and sediment control measure where specified on the contractdrawings. The silt logs shall buffer the edge of construction and be staked in place asper the manufacturer’s specifications for installation. No materials or equipment shall bestored, stockpiled or staged outside the silt log barrier. The silt log shall have no foreignmaterials laying on it or abutting it and shall be maintained throughout construction andstabilization period.Basis of PaymentPayment by the lineal metre shall be full compensation for all labour, materials, andequipment required to facilitate the Silt Log item.12Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksA.9Vacuum ExcavationScopeHydrovac units shall be used when requested by the City to daylight utilities, tree roots,or for any other excavation requested by the City. The contractor shall not use theHydrovac item unless prior approval has been provided by the City.If locates provided to the contractor show underground utilities that were not illustratedon the contract drawings within areas of excavation, the hydrovac item may be used.Where practical, the City will expect the use of the “Hand Dig” item for utility locate ratherthan use of the hydrovac truck.EquipmentThe Hydrovac Equipment shall possess the following minimum requirements; measurable water pressure adjustment175 cubic metre per minute positive displacement vacuum blower system5 cubic metre water tank8 cubic metre debris containment systemDiesel (or comparable) burner system able to supply hot water rapidly in largeamountsNeoprene wand heads and excavating tubes, complete with rubber coatings toprotect buried infrastructures150mm hose with 60 metre of remote capability, immediately availableCrewThe Hyrdovac company shall provide Two (2) operators with the truck. One operatorshall operate the vacuum hose, while the second operates the wand. The City will notaccept Hydrovac services when only one operator is deployed.Daylighting Tree RootsWhen excavations are required in the critical root zone (CRZ) the contractor shall daylightthe roots with low-pressure vacuum excavation. The City will assess the significance ofthe tree roots and determine if they can be removed, or if an alternate excavation option13Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous Worksis required. If a contractor is found excavating and damaging significant tree roots,financial penalties will be imposed. The penalties will be determined by the City arborist’seconomic assessment of the tree and the damage to it.Basis of PaymentPayment shall be full compensation for all labour, equipment, and materials required toperform the work. This will only be compensation for time spent on site. No additionalpayment will be made for filling, dumping, mechanical downtime, and travel toand from the site.A.10Hand Dig Test PitScopeThis item shall be used to daylight shallow utilities (1.2m or less) that are not shown onthe contract drawings, or when the City requests. The utility shall be daylighted by handexcavation and its depth and location shall be recorded or surveyed. The excavationshall be protected at all times and backfilled when no longer required. The City shallapprove the quantity of holes to be dug prior to commencement.Basis of PaymentPayment for each hole dug shall be full compensation for all labour, materials, andequipment required to facilitate the item.A.11Temporary Cold PatchScopeThe material requirements are as specified in OPSS.MUNI 1153 and the constructionrequirements are as per OPSS.MUNI 307 except as amended herein:OPSS.MUNI 307.07.03 Placement and CompactionThe Contract Administrator will determine when and where temporary cold patch shall beused. Times when the use of cold patch is commonly used are for temporarily rampingpedestrian facilities and filling in potholes in the existing surface during construction.14Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksBasis of PaymentFollows OPSS.MUNI 307A.12Calcium Flake Dust SuppressantThe requirements of OPSS.MUNI 506 shall apply except as amended herein:The contractor shall ensure that an adequate supply of dust suppressant is available onsite to facilitate the potential control of dust on the entire site at all times.Basis of PaymentOPSS.MUNI 506.09 Measurement for payment – there will be no compensation for wateras use as a dust suppressant.Dust Suppressant paid per tonne shall be full compensation for all labour, materials andequipment required to facilitate dust control as required.Item – Calcium or Magnesium Flake Dust SuppressantA.13Premium Surcharge for High Early ConcreteScopeWhen the City requests the use of High-Early concrete, this item shall be used in additionto the concrete item being placed.MaterialMaterial shall be 24 hour high-early concrete and meet the requirements as set out inSection G.3 Concrete Works.Basis of PaymentPayment per cubic metre shall be full compensation for the costs associated to supplythe high-early concrete. This item is only the premium increase per cubic metre forhigh-early, unless specified in the concrete item itself. Copies of the concrete tickets mustbe submitted.15Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksA.14Supply and place sediment control units on exist. CB InletThe Contractor shall install Siltsack or Flexstorm or approved equivalent Inlet Filters inall storm sewer inlets in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.The Contractor shall inspect, repair, and maintain all sedimentation control measuresweekly. The Contractor shall remove and dispose of accumulated sediments and debriswithin the inlet filter as directed by the Inspector and shall clean all catchbasins at theend of the project.Basis of PaymentMeasurement - Measurement will be made on a pro-rated basis of the percentage of thetotal contract works completed. Payment for this item of work shall be made as follows: 50% for supply, installation, and maintenance50% for removalThe payment for maintenance will be made upon satisfactory condition of the Works andremoval of any accumulated sediment at the time of payment.A.15Street CleaningScopeThe Contractor shall for the unit price bid, provide all labour and equipment required toclean mud and dust from roads affected by this contract. The roads will be cleaned onFriday afternoon or more often as directed by the Engineer, using a vacuum streetsweeper with mechanical type pickup, followed by a 4-nozzle street flusher to removethe dirt residue. The unit price bid shall also include the disposal of all material collectedduring the sweeping operation and water.This item shall not, in any way, remove the Contractor’s responsibility for “Mud and DustControl and Street Maintenance” as outlined in section 107-16 of the GeneralConditions of Contract, but shall be considered as an added measure over and abovethese responsibilities.Basis of PaymentPayment shall be full compensation for all labour, equipment, and materials required toperform the work. This will only be compensation for time spent on site street cleaning.There will be no duration minimum associated with this item.16Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection A: - Site Preparation & Miscellaneous WorksNo additional payment will be made for travel, water fill-up, or dumping of collectedmaterials.A.16Structure CleaningScopeOnce top asphalt and all final adjustments are complete, the Contractor shall removethe sediment and debris from all new and existing structures. This will include allcatchbasins, maintenance holes, and water valve chambers. This work will primarilyrequire Hydrovaccing, but may also require that structures are entered, and debrisremoved by hand or other mechanical means. This work must be carried out with theCity Inspector present to verify cleaning is required on each structure and to confirm thecleaning process was completed. Compensation will not be provided for any structurescleaned without City inspection.Basis of PaymentThe unit price bid by each shall be full compensation of all labour, equipment, andmaterial required to complete this work as specified. It will include the removal anddisposal of materials removed from all structures.17Revised March 2020

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSSection B - RemovalsSection B - RemovalsAll construction removals shall follow OPSS.MUNI 510 – “Construction Specific

CITY OF BURLINGTON STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS General 2 Revised January 2020 GENERAL This document stipulates the requirements for construction work within the public right-of-way, in the City of Burlington. These standards apply to all work on public lands in the City of Burlington. Additional conditions and specifications may be imposed for any work

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