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Grand Valley State UniversityCharter Schools OfficeSchoolPerformanceReportSection One:SCHOOLCOMMUNITYPage 5Section Two:LEADING THROUGHINNOVATIONPage 15Section Three:SUSTAININGLEARNINGPage 21Some of the photos shown in this reportwere taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Philomena Mantella, Ph.D.PresidentGrand Valley State UniversityRobert T. Kimball, Ed.D.Associate Vice President andExecutive Associate to the PresidentDear friends:When the pandemic hit, the Grand Valley communityresponded. Nowhere was this more evident than in the publicschools that we charter. Educators, parents and communitiesacted boldly – and continue to do so today – to createopportunities focused on improving student outcomes. Wechallenged the givens. Prior practices were re-examined,questions were raised, and new answers were discovered.Together, more was achieved than anyone thought was possible.This year’s School Performance Report tells the story of ourschools’ immediate responses to the pandemic. The reportshowcases innovations, broad and singular, that made teachingmore equitably support all our learners. It captures what theconditions were like for staff and students and how schoolleaders successfully navigated them. It tells the story of ourclassroom heroes, what they were able to achieve, and how theywere able to do it.Most importantly, this report shows that our schools were ableto keep public education moving forward through months ofuncertainty, even as many said it couldn’t be done.Throughout the past year, the public schools we charterexemplified and advanced Grand Valley’s mission to transformlives through incredible learning environments. Their workis an extension of our drive to rapidly uncover and supportmeaningful, scalable education innovations that are accessibleto all learners. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity tofurther equity and innovation in public education.With best wishes,Philomena V. Mantella, Ph.D.PresidentGrand Valley State UniversityRobert T. Kimball, Ed.D.Associate Vice President andExecutive Associate to the PresidentGrand Valley State UniversityLEADERSHIP2

MISSIONMEMBERS OF THE BOARD OFTRUSTEES – GRAND VALLEYSTATE UNIVERSITYGrand Valley State Universityauthorizes charter schools to jointogether professors, practitioners,policymakers, and communities(3P C) in new ways to solve problemsin education.VISIONWe strive to be the model universityauthorizer by accessing the university’scollective resources and diversity tocontribute to the enrichment andconstant improvement of all GrandValley State University-authorizedschools.VALUESAt Grand Valley State University’sCharter Schools Office, the primaryfocus is understanding complexproblems in the GVSU network ofschools, facilitating the design ofsolutions, and advancing remarkablechange in teaching and learning. Ourmission, vision, and strategic outcomesreflect the seven core values. Thesecore values provide a foundation andframework for all of the Charter SchoolsOffice’s decision-making processes: Excellence Integrity Inquiry Inclusiveness Community Sustainability Innovation3MISSIONMikyia S. AaronTaylor, MI2021-2028Victor M. CardenasNovi, MI2015-2022Randall S. DamstraAda, MI2017-2024CHARTER SCHOOLADVISORY COMMITTEEElizabeth C. EmmittByron Center, MI2019-2026Thomas Butcher, J.D.GVSU Division of Legal,Compliance, and Risk ManagementSusan M. Jandernoa(vice chair)West Olive, MI2019-2026Victor CardenasGVSU Board of TrusteesNoreen K. MyersEast Grand Rapids, MI2021-2028Megan S. Rydecki(chair)Grand Rapids, MI2015-2022Kate Pew WoltersGrand Rapids, MI2017-2024James N. Goenner, Ph.D.National Charter Schools InstituteSusan M. JandernoaGVSU Board of TrusteesRobert T. Kimball, Ed.D.GVSU Division of EducationalInnovation and School ServicesMary KramerFormer Member, GVSU Boardof TrusteesPhilomena V. MantellaEx OfficioSherril Soman, Ph.D.GVSU College of Communityand Public ServiceDonna BrooksHonorary Life MemberPunita Dani ThurmanThe Skillman FoundationDorothy A. JohnsonHonorary Life MemberJohn C. KennedyHonorary Life Member

READY FORWHATEVER ISNEXTAt Grand Valley, next isopportunity and innovation.Next is global, connectingand uniting us. It’s local,shaping the spaces in whichwe work and live. It’s acommitment to progress.Next is where minds arefree to imagine what couldbe. At GVSU, next is now.And whatever’s next, wewill help our students,our communities, and ourpartners get there.23, AREAS OFSTUDY4CAMPUSES


SCHOOL COMMUNITYAt GVSU, we ensure that each school we authorize is a good fitfor the community, provides new opportunities for families tobenefit from innovative teaching and learning that can’t befound nearby, or improves upon current options in aspecific area.In this section, you will learn more aboutstudents and communities that GVSUcharter public schools are servingacross the state.OUR SCHOOLSAs COVID-19 continued to impact everyday aspectsof education to varying degrees, GVSU’s charterpublic schools remained havens that families coulddepend on to keep kids moving forward. Whetherinstruction was conducted safely in person orthrough digital platforms, nearly 34,000 studentsturned to one of GVSU’s 78 charter public schoolsto guide them through the 2020-2021 school year.TOTAL NUMBER OF CHARTER SCHOOLSAUTHORIZED IN 2020-2021MICHIGAN COMMUNITIES WITH ATLEAST ONE GVSU-AUTHORIZEDCHARTER PUBLIC SCHOOLMore than half of our students (55 percent) enrolledin a school located within Wayne County, whichincludes Detroit and its metropolitan communities.Nearly one quarter of our students (23 percent)enrolled in schools found in West Michigan counties,including the cities of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, andHolland. Smaller percentages of students enrolledin schools located in 13 other counties, includingTraverse City, and the cities of Kalamazoo, Lansing,Flint, Saginaw, and Big Rapids.In total, you could find at least one GVSU charterpublic school in 31 distinct communities acrossMichigan’s lower peninsula.K-12 TOTALENROLLMENT2020-2021SCHOOL COMMUNITY6


SCHOOLSBY COUNTYCALHOUNArbor AcademyEndeavor Charter AcademyGENESEEEagle’s Nest AcademyFlint Cultural Center AcademyGRAND TRAVERSEOld Mission Peninsula SchoolThe Greenspire SchoolHILLSDALEHillsdale Preparatory SchoolOTTAWAINGHAMBlack River Public School ElementaryBlack River Public School Middle/HighVanderbilt Charter AcademyWest MI Academy of Arts and AcademicsJACKSONSAGINAWSaginaw Covenant AcademyWindemere Park Charter AcademyFrancis Street Primary SchoolParagon Charter AcademyKALAMAZOOAugusta AcademyForest AcademyKalamazoo Covenant AcademyOakland AcademyKENTByron Center Charter SchoolChandler Woods Charter AcademyCovenant House Academy Grand RapidsExcel Charter AcademyGrand River Preparatory High SchoolKnapp Charter AcademyPrepNet Virtual AcademyVanguard Charter AcademyWalker Charter AcademyWilliam C. Abney AcademyLIVINGSTONLight of the World AcademyMACOMBMichigan Mathematics and Science Academy DequindreMichigan Mathematics and Science Academy LorraineReach Charter AcademyMECOSTACrossroads Charter Academy (7-12)Crossroads Charter Academy (K-6)MUSKEGONMuskegon Covenant AcademyTimberland Charter AcademyOAKLANDGrand River AcademyWASHTENAWEast Arbor Charter AcademyWAYNEAchieve Charter AcademyCanton Preparatory High SchoolCornerstone Health and Technology SchoolCornerstone Jefferson-Douglass AcademyCovenant House Academy Detroit - CentralCovenant House Academy Detroit - EastCovenant House Academy Detroit - SouthwestDetroit Achievement AcademyDetroit Enterprise AcademyDetroit Merit Charter AcademyDetroit Premier AcademyDetroit PrepFostering Leadership AcademyGlobal Heights AcademyHanley International AcademyLegacy Charter AcademyLincoln-King Academy: Adams-Young CampusLincoln-King AcademyMartin Luther King Jr. Education Center AcademyMetro Charter AcademyNew Paradigm College PrepNew Paradigm Glazer AcademyNew Paradigm Loving AcademySouth Canton Scholars Charter AcademyTaylor Preparatory High SchoolUniversity Preparatory Elementary - Ellen Thompson CampusUniversity Preparatory Elementary - Mark Murray CampusUniversity Preparatory High SchoolUniversity Preparatory Middle SchoolUniversity Preparatory Art & Design ElementaryUniversity Preparatory Art & Design Middle/HighUniversity Prep Science and Math High SchoolUniversity Prep Science and Math Middle SchoolUniversity Prep Science and Math Elementary - Miller CampusWarrendale Charter AcademyWashington-Parks AcademyWestfield Charter AcademyWestfield Preparatory High SchoolSCHOOL COMMUNITY8

OUR STUDENTS BY THE NUMBERS2020-2021Students have the unique opportunity to attend a GVSU-authorized charter publicschool from the time they start kindergarten to the moment they celebrate theirhigh school graduation. This is because Grand Valley’s portfolio of public charterschools serves all grades through a variety of options. As students grow andadvance through their K-12 pathway, Grand Valley has the ability to assist themevery step of the way.Grand Valley also proudly invites all students into its charter schools.Like all public schools, charter schools welcome every learnerand work diligently to accommodate every child. Our charterpublic schools are for all families seeking a choice fortheir child’s education.The following graphics and tables offera deeper look at the students in ourschools, including the majorservices each school’spopulation receives andhow they compareto stateaverages.DEMOGRAPHIC ENROLLMENTAAENROLLMENT BY GRADEWH101112K9182736594SCHOOL COMMUNITYK Kindergarten1 1st Grade2 2nd Grade3 3rd Grade4 4th Grade5 5th Grade6 6th Grade7 7th Grade8 8th Grade9 9th Grade10 10th Grade11 11th Grade12 12th 3.6%3.3%AIASHSHWTMAAWHAIASHSHWTMAfrican American57.7%White24.9%American Indian0.3%Asian3.4%Hispanic7.9%Hawaiian0.7%Two or More Races5.1%

50%25%Achieve Charter AcademyArbor AcademyAugusta AcademyBlack River Public School ElementaryBlack River Public School Middle/HighByron Center Charter SchoolCanton Preparatory High SchoolChandler Woods Charter AcademyCornerstone Health and Technology SchoolCornerstone Jefferson-Douglass AcademyCovenant House Academy Detroit - CentralCovenant House Academy Detroit - EastCovenant House Academy Detroit - SouthwestCovenant House Academy Grand RapidsCrossroads Charter Academy (7-12)Crossroads Charter Academy (K-6)Detroit Achievement AcademyDetroit Enterprise AcademyDetroit Merit Charter AcademyDetroit Premier AcademyDetroit PrepEagle’s Nest AcademyEast Arbor Charter AcademyEndeavor Charter AcademyExcel Charter AcademyFlint Cultural Center AcademyForest AcademyFostering Leadership AcademyFrancis Street Primary SchoolGlobal Heights AcademyGrand River AcademyGrand River Preparatory High SchoolHanley International AcademyHillsdale Preparatory SchoolKalamazoo Covenant AcademyKnapp Charter AcademyLegacy Charter AcademyLight of the World AcademyLincoln-King AcademyLincoln-King Academy: Adams-Young CampusMadison-Carver AcademyMartin Luther King Jr. Education Center AcademyMetro Charter AcademyMichigan Mathematics and Science Academy DequindreMichigan Mathematics and Science Academy LorraineMuskegon Covenant AcademyNew Paradigm College PrepNew Paradigm Glazer AcademyNew Paradigm Loving AcademyOakland AcademyOld Mission Peninsula SchoolParagon Charter AcademyReach Charter AcademySaginaw Covenant AcademySouth Canton Scholars Charter AcademyTaylor Preparatory High SchoolThe Greenspire SchoolTimberland Charter AcademyUniversity Preparatory Elementary Ellen ThompsonUniversity Preparatory Elementary Mark MurrayUniversity Preparatory High SchoolUniversity Preparatory Middle SchoolUniversity Preparatory Art & Design ElementaryUniversity Preparatory Art & Design Middle/HighUniversity Prep Science and Math ElementaryUniversity Prep Science and Math High SchoolUniversity Prep Science and Math Middle SchoolVanderbilt Charter AcademyVanguard Charter AcademyWalker Charter AcademyWarrendale Charter AcademyWashington-Parks AcademyWest MI Academy of Arts and AcademicsWestfield Charter AcademyWestfield Preparatory High SchoolWilliam C. Abney AcademyWindemere Park Charter AcademyFREE ANDREDUCEDLUNCH ANDSPECIALEDUCATIONOVERVIEWStudents receivingfree or reducedlunch (FRL)(percentage ofenrollment)Students receivingspecial educationservices(percentage ofenrollment)74%GVSU-authorizedCharter Schools FRLAverage51%Michigan FRLAverage11%GVSU-authorizedCharter Schools SpecialEducation Average14%Michigan SpecialEducation Average0%N/A Data suppressed by Michigan Department of Education in compliance with FERPA regulations.SCHOOL COMMUNITY10

CLASS OF 2020In a year significantly altered by a pandemic, high school students in GVSU-authorizedcharter schools remained resilient in their pursuit of graduating and moving intothe next phase of their educational journey.The class of 2020 continued to actively seek and earn financialsupport to enroll in postsecondary learning, even as studentstransitioned to learning environments outside of theirclassrooms. By the end of the 2019-2020 school year,graduating students had earned more than 23 million in combined scholarship moneyto pursue their higher education dreams.This number may even be lower thanthe actual amount, as a fewschools did not report theamount of scholarshipmoney theirstudents wereawarded.TOTAL REPORTED AMOUNTOF SCHOLARSHIP MONEYEARNED BY CLASS OF 2020SCHOOL-REPORT SCHOLARSHIP TOTALS FOR CLASS OF 20203,363 5,008,591 103,000 1,512.00 23,284,8325M114M3MSCHOOL COMMUNITY2M1MByron Center Charter SchoolCanton Preparatory High School 3,187,352Cornerstone Health and Technology Schoolnot reportedCovenant House Academy Detroitnot reportedCovenant House Academy Grand Rapids 353,6000Black River Public SchoolCrossroads Charter Academy Middle/High 2,505,018Grand River Preparatory High Schoolnot reportedKalamazoo Covenant Academy 2,100,000Michigan Mathematics and Science Academynot reportedMuskegon Covenant Academynot reportedSaginaw Covenant Academy 1,430,854Taylor Preparatory High School 1,626,797University Prep Science and Math High School 2,054,276University Preparatory High School 4,913,832University Preparatory Art & Design Middle/High

TOTAL SCHOOLBOARDSOURSCHOOLBOARDSANDSTAFFTOTAL BOARDMEMBERS SERVINGGVSU-AU section, you’ll learn a little about howour schools are uniquely equipped tonavigate unknown circumstances.You’ll also read about how educatorsin our buildings are rethinkingcommon practices andreshaping what ispossible to helpkids succeed.DISTRICTSMODIFIEDRESOURCESTO MAKEINSTRUCTIONMORE ACCESSIBLEDISTRICTS AUTHORIZEDBY GVSU UTILIZED HYBRIDINSTRUCTIONADJUSTING THE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTIN A MOMENT’S NOTICELearning during the COVID pandemic has widely occurred through three methods: in-person, hybrid,or virtually. Much of the instruction initially offered was virtual, with students and teachers connectingthrough devices from their homes. As county and state-level health guidelines changed, schools had moreopportunities to transition to hybrid learning methods, like having students at the school a couple days eachweek and learning from home the rest of the time.As schools dealt with initial building closures, Grand Valley’s charter public schools quickly took charge. Schoolleadership and teachers worked together to create Continuity of Learning Plans (CLPs) that detailed howschools would support students through the pandemic for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.An independent study of the CLPs found that, within weeks of the first closures, 87 percent of the K-12 districtsauthorized by Grand Valley immediately moved to a hybrid instruction mode. As they made the shift, thedistricts expanded the possibilities of school operations for teaching and learning to continue. School supportstaff focused their work on the mental and physical health of the students. Schools added new communicationchannels to ensure families were receiving vital updates. Nearly 90 percent of district leaders dedicatedbudget funds to infrastructure that improved Wi-Fi access or personal hotspots.These rapid adjustments gave families a sense of stability they could depend upon in times of hardship. Beingable to change directions and still support kids is a catalyst for innovation in education. Grand Valley’s charterpublic schools have shown what schools are capable of accomplishing when they are designed for adaptation.LEADING THROUGH INNOVATION16

LIFTING THE COMMUNITYIn the early moments of the pandemic — and continuing still today —Grand Valley charter public schools across the state rapidly andsignificantly transformed their operations to support others first.Their extraordinary efforts exemplified how a school’s impact on itscommunity stretches well beyond the building walls.Detroit AchievementAcademy staffCrossroads Charter Academy in Big Rapids, forexample, was one of 58 schools that became fooddistribution hubs that helped feed thousands offamilies each week, no matter if they had a childenrolled in the school or not. Parents also reliedon dozens of schools for the distribution of facecoverings and other critical supplies.Two schools in particular received national attentionfor their extraordinary efforts in the community: NewParadigm Loving Academy and Detroit AchievementAcademy. In the spring of 2020, NBC News featuredNew Paradigm Loving Academy as part of a story oneducators in Detroit going house to house to ensurestudents who were missing from virtual class weresafe. At the beginning of 2021, Detroit AchievementAcademy was highlighted by the Today Show forcreatively finding ways to keep students, families, andstaff mentally healthy.Actions like these call attention to the capacity charterpublic schools have to adapt and lift up those aroundthem in times of significant need. By also fearlesslytackling the nonacademic challenges head on, GrandValley’s charter schools found ways to relieve additionalstress outside of the classroom and keep familiesmoving forward.New Paradigm LovingAcademy principal JacquelineDungey (top right) on Meet the Press17LEADING THROUGH INNOVATIONSCHOOLS DIRECTLYDISTRIBUTED FOOD TOCOMMUNITY MEMBERS

REDESIGNING INSTRUCTIONWithin Grand Valley’s charter public schools, educators were encouraged to use creative methodsto deliver content when outside of a normal classroom setting. The same CLP study examined howteachers would engage with students during the pandemic, and nearly 80 percent of districts reportedthey would use a blend of physical materials, live instruction, and prerecorded videos.Schools embraced this opportunity to tackle their instructional goals creatively. At West MichiganAcademy of Arts and Academics, for example, staff members created an Amazing Art Adventure tokeep students engaged in the school’s art-centric curriculum from afar. Each week, students wouldcomplete new activities related to visual arts, dance, music, and drama. Students who completed eachweek’s goals would receive a decorative badge for their bookbag. Students from other schools werealso invited to participate in case they were missing art opportunities from their own school.Many schools that continued to offer face-to-face instruction turned the physical environment intoa new learning experience. Teachers at Light of the World Academy decorated the school with roadsigns and driving lanes that students might see when riding in a car. These additional features, whichpromoted “one way driving” and stop signs, allowed the school to ensure social distancing among kidswhile simultaneously teaching them about traffic laws.Allowing teachers to tap into more resources for delivering instruction has given educators a glimpseat what is possible in the future. By observing how students are engaging with specific materials, wecan find new avenues to unlock their academic potential.ENHANCING PATHWAYS TO COLLEGEWhile schools continued to find new solutions for students during thepandemic, the need for additional pathways for college access becamemuch more evident. As students craved more options to enroll in collegeearlier, school leadership teams successfully responded to what highschool students and parents needed during the 2020-2021 school year.One instance came in the development of PrepNet Virtual Academy,an option created for families who wanted a socially distant pathwayfor their children. This allowed students to remain enrolled in thePrepNet network while receiving instruction that met their healthand safety needs.More high schools also created early college programs so studentscould earn college credits sooner at no cost. At schools like CantonPreparatory High School and Grand River Preparatory High School,students can select a five-year education plan where they completehigh school in three years and go

Grand River Preparatory High School Knapp Charter Academy PrepNet Virtual Academy Vanguard Charter Academy . 82% 73% Fostering Leadership Academy 100% N/A Francis Street Primary School 100% 12% Global Heights Academy 72% 10% Grand River Academy

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