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BOX DESIGNPairDSD 64 1282561Phono 6dB23Line456Digital78USB9BT


Aluminum enclosurein silver or blackUnder the hood:Latest state-of-the-art high-endelectronic componentsEvery component of theDS2 line has the same dimensionsWhat is Box Design DS2 ?Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded inlistening demands. Throughout this time,1991 with the vision to design and buildwe‘ve always strived create products with thehigh-quality record players for a reasonablehighest sound quality, designed and made inprice.Europe, for the best price possible.Sincetheverybeginning,ourphilosophy has been to design products in afunctional manner and to omit unnecessaryThe success of our early analogue productsKDV OHDG XV WR GHYHORS KLfi HOHFWURQLFVEXWWRQV RU IHDWXUHV 6RXQG TXDOLW\ fiUVW LVengineered and manufactured accordingour dedication! The aesthetic of Pro-Jectto the same principles as our acclaimedproducts is driven by their audio functioturntables. The result of this approach is ournality, so the user can concentrate on theBox Design product line.essential ce music with all of your senses.Over the years, we‘ve created a completeline of analogue products to suit allelectronic components designed for ever\RQHZKRZDQWVWRH[SHULHQFHKLfistereo insuperior quality.

Every DS2 product is available with wooden sidepanels in walnut, rosewood or eucalyptus.Why Box Design DS2?As with every Box Design line, our DS2The interior circuit design consists of theseries is designed as a modular productlatest state-of-the-art technologies andrange. This means you can customize yourwill satisfy the high expectations of anymusic system to have the features you want.DGYDQFHGKLfiPXVLFORYHUThe cabinets of the components areIf you‘re not particular about havingVPDOO HQRXJK WR fiW LQ DOPRVW DQ\ VSDFHmultiple dedicated components, or just don’tThe enclosures are made of high-gradeKDYHWKHVSDFHZHR‹HUWKH0DL ’6DVDQaluminum, available in silver or black.all-in-one solution. It features a pre-amp,Optional side panels, made from Europeanphono stage, headphone amp, power amp,wood, are perfectly aligned and matched toanalogue stage, digital-to-analog converterWKH fiQLVK RI RXU ZRRGJUDLQ WXUQWDEOHVand7KHeven bluetooth streaming.machined aluminum buttons have the sameThe DS2 series is the ideal choice forfiQLVKDVWKHKRXVLQJJLYLQJWKHSURGXFWVDdelving deeper into high-end audio playbackhigh class appearance never before seen inin a moderately size format with a beautiful,this price range.long-lasting enclosure.


Speaker Box5 DS2Speaker Box5 DS2MaiA DS2Connect it DSBluetooth / USBConnect it DSConnect it Phono RCA CCDigital SourceAnalogue SourcePC/Mac/Smartphone1Xpression Carbon Classic Lfi6WHUHR6HW’6This system is for anyone who wants to enjoy their music in higherTXDOLW\ZLWKDVLPSOHVHWXS0DL ’6LVWKHSHUIHFWVROXWLRQLI\RXnGSUHIHUnot having too many boxes. As an analogue source, we recommend IWKHKLfiFODVVL3UR-HFWZKLFKZDVfiUVWUHOHDVHGLQIt‘s also possible to connect your TV via the optical or analogue input,to get a better overall movie watching experience with superior soundperformance.Control your system with our self-developed Box Control app, with theincluded IR remote or simply with the mechanical potentiometer.


PC/Mac GYDQFHG Lfi6WHUHR6HW’6Stream Box DS2 TConnect it D-RCAUSB CableCD Box DS2 TRPM 3USB cableSpeaker Box10 DS2MaiA DS2Speaker Box10 DS2The ideal system for anyone who wants to add even more sourcecomponents like the CD Box DS2 T or a streamer, which allows a userto listen wirelessly to high-res digital audio. As our analogue source, wechoose the RPM 3 Carbon turntable, which features a low-resonancechassis that holds an inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for reduced rumble. An outboard 16V AC moto ClassicSpeaker Box15 DS2Speaker Box15 DS2 QDORJXH Lfi6WHUHR6HW’67KH QDORJXH Lfi 6WHUHR ’6 6HW LV GHGLFDWHG WR WKH SXUH DQDORJXHaudio fan who seeks the ultimate in high-end sound performance.All components are truly analogue – there is no digital circuitry. The Tube%R[ ’6 EHQHfiWV IURP RXWVWDQGLQJ FLUFXLW WHFKQRORJ\ GHYHORSHG E\ ’USykora, ensuring a wonderfully involving natural sound.Connect it Phono RCA CCTube Box DS2Connect it RCA CCPre Box DS2 AnalogueConnect it RCA CCAmp Box DS2Connect it DSConnect it DSThe Classic SB Superpack is the ideal turntable for this set, as it WRWKHDOUHDG\ZDUPsound of the system. All components are aesthetically matched with WORRNDQGIHHO

Headphone Set DS2

Headphone Set DS2HeadphonePC / MacHead Box DS2 BDAC Box DS2 UltraConnect it CCThe Headphone DS2 Set consists of two highly advanced andversatile products: the DAC Box DS2 ultra and the Head Box DS2 B.Together they will unleash the full potential of every record andKHDGSKRQH DYDLODEOH 7KH ’ & %R[ ’6 XOWUD R‹HUV VXSSRUW IRU WKHhighest resolutions on the market, while the Head Box DS2 B sportsincredible power to drive even the most demanding headphones.With the advanced feature set of both units, you will be able to customizeyour sound to exactly suit your preferences.USB cable


PC / MacSpeaker Box5 DS2Speaker Box5 DS2’LJLWDO Lfi6WHUHR6HW’6The Digital HiFi Stereo DS2 Set is the perfect mix of two-channel HiFi anda modern headphone listening rig. It features a pair of Speaker Box 5 DS2bookshelf speakers, the advanced Pre Box DS2 digital, the powerful AmpBox DS2 and the linear power supply Power Box DS2 Sources.Pre Box DS2 digitalConnect it PowerUSB CablePower Box DS2 SourcesConnect it RCA CCAmp Box DS2Connect it DSConnect it DSThese products are all known for their great value and generous featureVHW :LWK DGYDQFHG DQG DFFODLPHG WHFKQRORJ\ ZH DUH DEOH WR R‹HU WKHFXVWRPHU WKH VRXQG WKH\ GHVHUYH %\ H‹HFWLYHO\ SURWHFWLQJ WKH 3UH %R[DS2 digital from the noisy and distorted sound of the mains with the linearpower supply Power Box DS2 Sources, you will enjoy a clearer sound withbetter stereo imaging.

Control it DS/RSControl several Box Design components witha single all-in-one IR remote.Housing front panel madefrom brushed aluminum.

DS2 OVERVIEWDS2 OVERVIEW3KRQR PSOLfiHUD/A ConverterStreamerPower SuppliesCD - PlayerRemote ControlsPhono Box DS2DAC Box DS2 UltraStream Box DS2 TPower Box DS2 AmpCD Box DS2 TBox Control AppPhono Box DS2 USBPre Box DS2 digitalPower Box DS2 SourcesCD Box DS2Remote Box S2Tube Box DS2Power Box DS2 MaiAControl it DS/RSControl it RS

Speaker Box 15 DS2 Connect it Phono RCA CC . D/A Converter Pre Box DS2 digital Power Box DS2 Sources Power Box DS2 MaiA CD - Player Remote Controls CD Box DS2 T CD Box DS2 Remote Box S2 Box Control App Control it DS/RS Control it RS DS2 OVERVIEW DS2 OVERVIEW. Created Date:

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Check the manual of your amplifier for relevant information. An earthing wire may be connected to the screw terminal between the sockets if you encounter humming problems. For detailed product information regarding Pro-Ject Audio Phono Amplifiers please refer to the Pro-Ject web site built. The recommended load impedance for the factory fitted cartridges is: 47kohms/MM .

Pro-Ject T1 / T1 Phono SB / BT Dear Music Lover, Congratulations and thank you for choosing Pro-Ject Audio Systems record player. Your T1 turntable has been handcrafted and rigorously tested by skilled technicians to give you years of enjoyable, trouble-free service. Please contact your dealer if you require additional assistance. Important:

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