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lectsthe university’s commitment to principles like environmentalsustainability and student-centered learning, and is explicitlylinked to the institution’s strategic plan.51

Northwest Missouri State UniversityCapital PrioritiesNorthwest Missouri State University has identified the following as the university’s top three capitalpriorities for the future. The total state request for these projects is about 74 million.1. Health SciencesA remodeledRequest from state:Martindale Hallwill be home to 7,557,523the School ofHealth Scienceand Wellness. This school will train future healthcare practitioners who serve and build individual andcommunity capacity and individuals who help othersincrease their health and wellness self-sufficiency.Faculty will partner with industry professionals andemployers to develop a highly integrative curriculumthat prepares students to seek further education orto excel as professionals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to work in one of the many growingcareers in preventative health and wellness.The school will take advantage of well-established academic programs at Northwest, including 11 preprofessional programs, three wellness-based bachelor’s degree programs, four graduate programs, and eightacademic majors. The school will house 34 faculty who develop close to 800 students. Renovated space willinclude additional office space for faculty, a large teaching theatre, a student lounge, and labs for food anddietetics and sports psychology programs.2. Agricultural SciencesNorthwest’s School of AgriculturalRequest from state:Sciences is requesting funding tosupport several key efforts that are vital 32,762,180to the expanding agricultural programsboth on campus and at the R.T. WrightFarm. The agriculture program has been moving to consolidate its facilitiesto improve efficiency and collaboration for faculty and students. Furtherconsolidation will address space deficiencies and the general quality ofexisting lab and greenhouse spaces across campus. This effort will relocateagriculture mechanics space and horticulture labs and greenhouses tothe recently renovated Hubbard Center for Innovation building. The farmoperations will be enhanced by reorganization of farm facilities into six farmoperation zones. The existing poorly placed, undersized, and antiquatedfacilities for swine, grain, and equipment zones will be replaced to fulfill the long-term operational mission ofthe farm. The proposed Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) will provide a point of vital connection between theAgricultural Science Program, various stakeholders in Northwest Missouri, and evolving Hardesty Agriculturalproject developing in Kansas City, housing state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and exposition space tomerge the farm/campus experience.52

Northwest Missouri State University3. School of Education & Lab SchoolThe Horace Mann LaboratoryRequest from state:School has served for over acentury as an amenity for both 33,337,950the community and its studentsas well as Northwest’s Schoolof Education by providing a real-time laboratory environment foraspiring students. While the Horace Mann Laboratory School hascontinued to serve as a successful laboratory school, its locationwithin Everett Brown Hall creates logistical problems. As a dailylaboratory school for kindergarten through sixth grade students,daily pedestrian and vehicle traffic conflicts create a safety hazardwith no available space for modifications due to its proximity to thecampus core.The proposed School of Education and Horace Mann Laboratory School improvements include constructionof an additional 30,000 square foot laboratory school facility and renovation of 55,000 square foot of existingeducation space for use as an innovation center and mass communications space. The laboratory schoolspace will be added to the northeast perimeter of campus in accordance to the campus master plan. Theinnovation center within the existing renovated Brown Hall buildings will house communications studies andform the nucleus of a creative synergy near the core of campus.Click here for campus map.Click here for Google view53

Northwest Missouri State University Capital Priorities Northwest Missouri State University has identified the following as the university’s top three capital priorities for the future. The total state request for these projects is about 74 million. 2. Agricultural Sciences Northwest’s School of Agricultural Sciences is requesting funding to

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The Constitution of the State of Missouri is published by the Office of Secretary of State pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri (RSMo 2.110). Copies of the Missouri Constitution are available in limited quantities, without charge, by writing to: Secretary of State John R. Ashcroft, Attention: Publications, PO Box 1767, Jefferson

Northwest Missouri State University RN to BSN Completion Program Program Description This curriculum allows active nurses to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. As a liberal arts degree, the program includes The Northwest Core and Institutional Requirements, as well as upper-division nursing courses. Successful completion of the .

18th annual Northwest Missouri State University Maryville, Missouri November 2, 2018. Friday, November 2, 2018 . Cover Design: Stone Cole Logo by Andrew Krause . Northwest Missouri State University . (2017). According to a report published by Ithaka S R and the Mellon Founda

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DOCUMENT RESUME. ED 080 801 CE 000 014. AUTHOR Wong, John C., Ed. TITLE Counseling Manual on Health Careers in State of. Missouri. SPONS AGENCY Missouri Council on Health Careers, Jefferson City.; Missouri Regional Medical Program, Columbia.; Missouri State Div. of Health, Jefferson City.

PCP Aetna Better Health of Missouri 4,999 357 PCP Home State Health 2,021 323 PCP Missouri Care 2,243 329 Psychiatrist Aetna Better Health of Missouri 636 240 Psychiatrist Home State Health 187 187 Psychiatrist Missouri Care 558 228 . 5 2015 Survey of MO HealthNet Managed Care Health P

production in Missouri. This guide outlines production practices and market information for American elderberry based on research and growers’ experiences in Missouri. AGROFORESTRY IN ACTION Growing and Marketing Elderberries in Missouri University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry AF1017

harnesses used for automotive EMC testing, each is typically used for a different test type (table 1). The effect of these different harness lengths is to increase the complexity and expense of performing automotive EMC tests, particularly as many engineers become familiar with one test harness length and forget that a different harness is required when changing tests. The most popular test .