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When compliance and qualityare on the line.100% Pre-Migration Analysis Post-Migration Testing Peace of Mind

MIGRATIONS ARE COMPLEX. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED.Valiance Partners is the expert in critical data migrations when compliance and accuracy are at stake.We understand the complexity of data migration tasks, especially in regulated industries. Our TRUseries Software provides end-to-end data and content migration for IT, quality,validation, integration and test management. Our Migration InSight Methodology has been uniquely created and enhanced over timebased on our experience successfully completing 500 GxP migrations. Our Results speak for themselves. We provide clients with the technology, compliance and100% data verification needed to succeed in regulated industries.80 CUSTOMERS, 500 MIGRATIONS,100% VERIFIED“While we evaluated doing this internally, the combination of experience, tools and domain expertisemade it clear working with Valiance would be done more quickly and with a quality guarantee thatour internal teams couldn’t match.“- Executive Director of Clinical IT, Biopharma Consulting Company

VALIANCE MIGRATION SERVICESMigration Success is Within Your Reach.Valiance brings an unparalleled knowledge of regulatory implications, business processes andprecision to every client engagement, regardless of the size. We offer various levels of migrationservices tailored to address your challenges.Strategic Consulting ServicesConsidering setting up a migration center of excellence? Concerned about the risks associated with theconsolidations of GxP application related to a pending acquisition? Trying to get your hands on howto efficiently divest systems and data? Tailored to meet clients’ needs, Valiance’s Strategic Consultingservices turn significant challenges into strategic wins.Project-Based Migration ServicesA turnkey migration solution for the entire data and content migration and migration testing process.Driven by our Migration InSight methodology, these projects are led by our industry experts whoprovide complete project management, technical leadership, and analytical support to see yourmigrations through to successful completion.Training & MaintenanceIn addition to our strategic services, we ensure that our TRUseries clients have access to customizedtraining and maintenance options needed to get the most out of their technology investments, fromin-depth 2-day training courses to yearly maintenance packages.MIGRATION INSIGHT METHODOLOGYData Migration Best Practices Redefined.Migration InSight is our proven data migration methodology to deliver the clarity and confidencetraditionally lacking in alternative approaches. We redefined migration best practices by introducingearly data-level analysis and automated 100% post-migration testing.Key Phases: Planning Analysis and Scoping Scope Definition Source to Destination Mapping Pre-Migration Testing Data Cleansing/Enrichment Migration Configuration and Testing Migration Verification Production Migration

UNIQUELY DESIGNED TO SUPPORT 40 PLATFORMSNot all businesses are created equal.Neither are the applications and platforms they rely on.Valiance Partners is the leading provider of GxP migration software and services when compliance andbusiness risk demand getting it right. We work closely with several GxP system providers to successfullydeliver solutions and collaborate on enhancements to their API for migrations. We also offer out-of-thebox solutions for a wide variety of other source systems, applications and technologies.Platforms AERs Amazon Redshift Argus ARISg BPCS Bioclinica Clintrace/EmpiricaTrace CSC FirstDoc Dassault Systemes ENOVIA (MatrixOne) EMC Documentum – EDMS98, 4i, D2, D5,D6/6.5, D7and DCM EMC eRoom FileNet File shares GxPharma IsoTrain Lotus Notes MasterControl MetricStream Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 NextDocs Open Text Livelink Oracle Content Management QUMAS DocCompliance (Oracle and DCTM) QUMAS ProcessCompliance Sparta Systems 123compliance Sparta Systems TrackWise Pilgrim Software Siebel CTMS Veeva Vault (All Modules)Databases AS/400DB2 Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Oracle PostgreSQL VAX RDBMS XML

ed over hundreds ofmigrations, the ValianceTRUseries product suitewas designed to support ourMigration Services andMigration InSight methodology.

TRUseries ProductsTRUmigrateConfigurable and Cost-Effective Approach to Complex Data & Content Migrations.TRUmigrate software manages complex data migration using an efficient and configurableinterface – no coding required. With TRUmigrate in place, you’ll never second-guess thesuccess of your most complex projects.TRUcompareAutomated Data Migration Testing Software with 100% Pre-Migration Testing and100% Post-Migration Testing.TRUcompare is an automated data, content and ETL testing software application thathelps eliminate risks associated with migrations. It provides 100% pre- and post-migrationtesting and generates objective evidence—particularly for compliance purposes—that themigration and all data transformations were completed according to specifications.TRUconsoleCollaborative Migration Management.TRUconsole is tightly integrated with TRUmigrate and TRUcompare to provide a centraluser interface for job management and migration execution control for larger migrationefforts or multisystem consolidations.TRUconnectGxP Application Integrations Made Simple.If you’re an FDA regulated organization looking for greater insight and control fromdistributed, heterogeneous GxP systems applications, TRUconnect can facilitate theintegration of these critical applications - without any coding.

INTERESTED? GET IN TOUCH WITH I www.ValiancePartners.comValiance Partners, Inc.Valiance Partners Europe, Ltd.110 Allen Rd, Suite 402Basking Ridge, NJ 07920Phone: 800.880.4540Fax: 908.845.04233013 Lake Drive, Suite 305Citywest Business CampusDublin 24, Ireland 353 1 4693722

MIGRATION INSIGHT METHODOLOGY Data Migration Best Practices Redefined. Migration InSight is our proven data migration methodology to deliver the clarity and confidence traditionally lacking in alternative approaches. We redefined migration best practices by introducing early data-level analysis and automated

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Data Migration Planning Analysis, Solution Design and Development Mock Migration Pilot Migration Released Data Migration Active Data and User Migration Inactive Data Migration Post Migration Activities Small Bang The details for each step include: Data Migration Planing - Develop the migration strategy and approach, and define the scope,

Migration overview In the context of Migration Manager, migration is the process of promoting . A migration group can be either internal or user-defined. Internal migration groups are included with the product and are linked to other logically related migration groups called dependencies. You cannot modify internal migration

A New Migration Testing Strategy Pre-Migration Testing The concept of pre-migration testing is not often covered during migration planning. The professionals involved in migration planning are not much aware of comprehensive pre-migration testing and the value it can add to a migration and particularly those migrations that are considered complex.

A data center migration is the movement of one (or more) . - Final Data Migration Plan - Test Migration - Migration - Post Migration Transition - 24/7/365 Support . hand and are using it relative to the migration project. You would be amazed how many people never ask, "Will this work for us in year two and .

For most BCBSAZ members, specialty copay tiers (A, B, C, or D) apply. Tier Description A Specialty Medications, Low Cost Share B Specialty Medications, Moderate Cost Share C Specialty Medications, Moderately High Cost Share D Specialty Medications, Highest Cost Share Plans may include specialty medications at varying cost share tiers. Questions?

Resume a Migration Job 7-13 Suspend and Resume a Migration Job 7-15 Rerun a Migration Job 7-16 Terminate a Running Migration Job 7-16 Zero Downtime Migration Centralized Fleet Migration Management 7-16. 8 . Migrating from Amazon Web Services RDS to Oracle Autonomous Database. Setting Amazon

HOW WE TALK ABOUT MIGRATION: THE LINK BETWEEN MIGRATION NARRATIVES, POLICY, AND POWER HOW WE TALK ABOUT MIGRATION: THE LINK BETWEEN MIGRATION NARRATIVES, POLICY, AND POWER 6 There is often a tipping point when feelings of acceptance shift and feelings of insecurity begin to dominate. Welcoming stances toward migration are not always permanent.

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