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Volume 1Period: Jan, 2014 to Dec, 2015Bhopal ChapterY O F SOSILAN SOCDITIENo. 1C I EN2015CInternationalYear of Soilsof Indian Society of Soil ScienceHealthy Soils for a Healthy LifeEINat ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil ScienceNewsletterPresident's RemarksPatron's MessageIt fills my heart with joy to knowthat the 68th UN General Assembly has officially recognized the2015 as the International Year ofSoils. This has been possiblebecause of untiring efforts of hisMajesty King Bhumibol of Thiland,International Union of SoilScience (IUSS), and the FAOGlobal Soil Partnership (GSP),and we all must thank them for their achievement. Thisofficial recognition emphasizes the importance of soilsbeyond the soil science. However, this also reposes agreater responsibility to Soil Scientists towards not onlytheir usual role of doing research on the management ofsoil resources but also towards creating an awarenessamong people on the roles and functions of soils in thesustenance of whole civilization. In this endeavour, theInternational Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) hasannounced to cooperate with United Nations, and otherorganizations to improve the scientific knowledge and topromote the global acceptance of soils as one of themost important natural resources. Several otherinternational organization viz., Food and AgriculturalOrganization, British Society of Soil Science; The SoilScience Society of America and others are celebratingthe year with new programmes and initiatives to educatethe society on soils. In this bandwagon, ICAR-IndianInstitute of Soil Science feels proud and privileged incelebrating the International Year of Soils 2015 withgreat zeal and energy. The main goal of the InternationalYear of Soils 2015 (IYS) is to raise awareness about theimportance of healthy soils and to advocate for sustainable soil management in order to protect this preciousnatural resource.This was a maiden attempt on the part of Chapter tocompile all the activity during 2014-15 in the form of anews letter, and I appreciate this modest attempt.Bhopal Chapter of Indian Society ofSoil Science was established in amodest way with approximately 25memberships during 1994, now ithas expanded and recognized asone of the vibrant chapters of ISSSfor promoting the objectives ofmain society and providing theplatform for interaction among soilscientists working in differentorganizations in the State. This chapter comprises of thelargest member of soil scientists and scientists andmembers from allied fields. This chapter feels privilegedin organizing various events and programmes with greatzeal and energy to sensitize various stakeholders in theCountry.Since establishment, the Chapter wasactively involved in a number ofactivities related to research,education and transfer of technology inthe field of soil science in organizingsymposia, invited/guest lectures,seminars, discussions, etc. forstudents and scientists and also tocreate awareness among schoolchildren. Bringing the activities of theBhopal Chapter in the form ofnewsletter to commemorate WorldSoil Day on 5th December as well as International Year ofSoils 2015 will be befitting tribute to Soil.Activities of the chapter include organizing variousmeetings, lectures soil awareness programmes onWorld Soil Day and International Year of Soil 2015through drawing competition, elocution competition,panel discussion, quiz programmes, farmer's trainingand meetings.Dr. Ashok K. PatraDr. Ashis K. BiswasPatron and DirectorICAR-IISSPresident &HOD (Soil Chemistry and Fertility)Bhopal Chapter of ISSS

1.Invited lecture by Prof. Rattan Lal, Ohio StateUniversity (OSU), ColumbusDistinguished Prof. Rattan Lal, Ohio State University(OSU), Columbus delivered a lecture on “Climate StrategicAgriculture” during his visit to IISS, 12th March, 2014. About60 members representing Scientists from IISS and CIAE,Research Associates, Senior Research Fellows andStudents participated in the event.2.Invited lecture by Prof. Lingaraj Sahoo, IITGuwahati and Dr. Junpei Takano, JapanProf. Lingaraj Sahoo, Dept of Biotechnology, IIT-Guwahatiand Dr. Junpei Takano, Hokkaido university, Japandelivered guest lectures on 3rd November, 2014. Dr. JunpeiTakano delivered a talk on “Boron Transport in Plants”. Healso highlighted that the Boron deficiency is a world-wide2agricultural problem affecting yield of various crop plants.Boron mainly exists as uncharged boric acid in solution,and thus is relatively easily transported acrossmembranes in plant cells. However, their analysis of Btransport using Arabidopsis thaliana identified a boric acidchannel NIP5;1 and a boric acid/borate exporter BOR1,required for efficient B uptake and translocation under lowB conditions. He also highlighted the mechanismsunderlying the polar localization and the vacuolartrafficking of boric acid/borate transporters. To overcomethe problem of B deficiency in agriculture, a promisingapproach is generation of B-efficient cultivar using boricacid/borate transporters. He indicated that overexpression of AtBOR1 improved B translocation and seedyield under low B conditions. Scientists are working atHokkaido University to apply this technique to crop plantsto improve B-use efficiency in the field. Prof. LingarajSahoo delivered talk on 'Crop Improvement Programme'.During his lecture he briefed about the crop improvementprogramme at IIT and also emphasized for the need fortransgenic plant to overcome salt and drought tolerance inannual crops. He also highlighted the work ofdevelopment of transgenic mustard and cowpea for saltand drought tolerance at IIT Guwahati in collaboration withHokkaido University, Japan.About 50 members representing Scientists, ResearchAssociates, Senior Research Fellow and Studentsparticipated in the event.Bhopal Chapter of ISSSNewsletter

3.Organized the 25thDr. S.P. Raychaudhuri MemorialLectureProf. A. Raja Rajan, Former Dean, TNAU, Coimbatoredelivered 25th Dr. S.P. Raychaudhuri Memorial lecture on“Applications of Nuclear Techniques in Soil Fertility andPlant Nutrition Studies: Prospects and New Vistas” during23rd Sept, 2014. Prof. A. Raja Rajan, shared his vastexperience during memorial lecture, about 70 membersparticipated and got benefitted.4.Dr. P. J. Sudhakar, Addil. Director General, PIB, Ministry ofInformation and Broadcasting informed the participantsabout soil as the 'Soul Of Infinite Life'. He told that everyhuman being is born out of soil and hence it is the duty of allto protect our soils. A drawing competition was alsoarranged on the theme 'S (Soul) O (Of) I (Infinite) L (Life)'.About 75 children participated in the competition. Thechildren also visited Soil Museum and were shown thedifferent types of soils present in India. A video filmhighlighting the importance of soil in agriculture andcivilization was shown to participants.Celebration of the World Soil Day on 5 t hDecember, 2014ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal in associationwith Bhopal Chapter of Indian Society of Soil Sciencecelebrated the World Soil Day on December 05, 2014.During the event, importance of soil was highlighted, it is acritical component of the natural system and as a vitalcontributor to the human common wealth through itscontribution to food, water and energy security and as amitigator of biodiversity loss and climate change.Dr. Ashok K. Patra, Patron & Director and Dr. A.K.Biswas, President of Bhopal Chapter welcomed thechildren and dignitaries. Dr. G. A.Kinhal, Director, IndianInstitute of Forest Management and Chief Guest of thefunction emphasized the importance of soils for sustainingforest ecosystem. He urged the people to protect the soilswith a slogan 'Plant a tree whenever you are free'. Dr. S. S.Khanna, Former Member, Planning Commission and afamous of Soil Scientist highlighted the functions and rolesof soils.5.Training cum Awareness Programme Organizedfor Tribal Farmers of Madhya PradeshICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal incollaboration with Bhopal chapter of ISSS successfullyorganized three training cum awareness programmes tothe tribal farmers of Jhabua, Alirajpur and Dhar districts ofMadhya Pradesh on “Sustainable Soil Health andIntegrated Nutrient Management for Better CropProductivity” on 8th October, 2015 at KVK, Jhabua,9thOctober, 2015 at DDA office, Alirajpur and 13thOctober,2015 at KVK, Dhar. During the training programme,pamphlets on: i) Soil Testing: Why, When and How; ii)Resource Conservation Technologies; iii) BestManagement Practices for Soybean Cultivation; andiv) Scientific Methods of Wheat Cultivation wereNewsletterBhopal Chapter of ISSS3

released and distributed to the farmers. A groupdiscussion session was also arranged and manytechnical problems and issues raised by the farmersregarding crop cultivation, particularly on soilmanagement were clarified. Farmers in the regionused to apply very low amount of fertilizer nutrient.Therefore, it was recommended for balanced andintegrated use of fertilizers as per the crop need.Overwhelming response has been received fromfarmers. About 250, 175 and 110 farmers fromJhabua, Alirajpur and Dhar districts, respectivelyparticipated in the training programmes.6.Invited Lecture delivered by Prof. HimanshuPathakProf. Himanshu Pathak, CESCRA, IARI, New Delhidelivered a Lecture on 'Simulating AgriculturalProcesses' in commemoration of 'International Year ofSoil-2015' at ICAR-IISS, Bhopal. More than 40 scientistsalong with winter school trainees (20 Nos) also participatedduring the lecture.7.Students Awareness Programmea)At Regional Science Centre, BhopalAround 240 students including teachers and faculties fromIISS were participated during the event on 18th Nov, 2015.Dr. D.L.N. Rao, PC (BNF) delivered an interesting speechon 'Bright Horizons of Soil Science' followed by a livedemonstration of "Mridaparikshak"- A minilab for soil testingby team of IISS Scientists.b)At Indian Institute of Soil ScienceAbout 80 children of 8-10th standard accompanied by theteachers representing six different schools from Bhopalregion participated during 19th Nov, 2015. Speechcompetition were also organized on ‘Healthy Soils for aHealthy Life’, about 12 students representing 8-10thstandards participated in it and expressed their interestingviews. Three top students were given prizes on theoccasionCommemorating International Year of Soils 2015Series of events were organized both at Regional ScienceCentre, Bhopal and ICAR-IISS, Bhopal forcommemorating International Year of Soils 2015.8.Workshop and Panel Discussion 'Healthy Soils fora Healthy Life'A workshop and panel discussion was Jointly organized byICAR-IISS and Bhopal Chapter of ISSS on “Healthy Soils4Bhopal Chapter of ISSSNewsletter

Shri Alok Sanjar, Hon'ble MP appreciated the efforts of theInstitute in increasing awareness about the importance ofsoil and called upon to start a 'Save Soil Campaign'involving students at school and college level. Shri P.C.Meena informed the gathering that World Soil Day is to beorganized on 05th December in which the State governmenthas planned to distribute one lakh soil health cards to thefarmers. Also, soil week is to be celebrated in the state ofMadhya Pradesh during 05-12th December, 2015. Progressive farmers were felicitated by the Institute in the program.Dr. A.K. Biswas, President of Bhopal Chapter of ISSSproposed vote of thanks.NewsletterCourtesy: FAOCourtesy: FAOfor a Healthy Life” on 19 November, 2015 at the Institutepremises located at Nabibagh, Bhopal. This is in line withthe flagship programme of Soil Health Card (SHC) of theGovt. of India for assessing and improving the soil healthand ensuring sustainable agricultural productivity. ShriAlok Sanjar, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Bhopal wasthe Chief Guest of the function. Distinguished Policymakers and researchers including Shri Prem ChandMeena, IAS, Agricultural Production Commissioner, Govt.of Madhya Pradesh; Shri R.P. Mishra, IAS, Director,WALMI, Bhopal; Dr V K Verma, VC, AISECT University, Dr.A.K. Patra, Director, Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal;Dr. K. K. Singh, Director, Central Institute of AgriculturalEngineering, Bhopal; Dr. V. K. Singh, Director, NationalInstitute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal;Dr. Arun Kokane, Head of Division, AIIMS, Bhopal andDr. D.K. Solanki, Sr. Manager, IFFCO and a large numberof scientists from different ICAR institutes participated andshared their views in the workshop. Progressive farmersfrom Madhya Pradesh and officials from AgricultureDepartment of Govt. of MP also attended the workshop. Afarmer- scientist interaction program was also organizedduring the occasion. The program was coordinated byDr. Arvind K. Shukla, Project Co-ordinator (Micronutrients). Various eminent personalities representing differentfields of specialization expressed their views about theimportance of soil resources and its role in food security,prosperity and posterity.9.World Soil Day and Soil Health Card DistributionProgramThe World Soil Day was celebrated on 5th December, 2015at the ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Nabibagh,Bhopal with a Kisan Mahasammelan and Soil Health CardDistribution Ceremony, which was graced by the Hon'bleChief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj SinghChouhan Ji. Among other dignitaries were Shri GauriShankar Bisen, Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture,Government of Madhya Pradesh; Shri Vishwas Sarang,M.L.A.; Shri Manmohan Nagar, Chairman, ZilaPanchayat, Bhopal; Shri Prem Chand Meena, IAS,Agriculture Production Commissioner, Madhya Pradesh;Dr Rajesh Rajora, IAS, Principal Secretary (Department ofFarmer Welfare & Agriculture) of Government of MadhyaPradesh. The program was jointly organized by theGovernment of Madhya Pradesh and the ICAR-IndianInstitute of Soil Science, Bhopal, which was attended bymore than 25,000 farmers from different districts of theState.Bhopal Chapter of ISSS5

The program started with a welcome remark by Dr. AshokK. Patra, Director of the ICAR-Indian Institute of SoilScience and introductory remark by Dr. Rajesh Rajora,IAS, Principal Secretary, Department of Farmer Welfare& Agriculture, Government of Madhya Pradesh. On theoccasion, Shri Gauri Shankar Bisen, the Hon'ble Ministerof Agriculture, Government of Madhya Pradeshhighlighted the importance of soil health and its testing insustainable agriculture. He elaborated upon the plan ofGovernment of Madhya Pradesh for state wide soil testingfor preparation of soil health cards for the farmers.In the program, Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Shivraj SinghChouhan Ji emphasized the importance of soil testing andbalanced fertilization in preserving the quality of soil, waterand food for the present and future generations. Similar tohuman health, he said, it is necessary to maintain soilhealth with balanced fertilization of all nutrients includingmicro-nutrients. In his address, he expressed thecommitment of the government to make agriculture aprofitable occupation. He said that a state wide campaignfor soil testing is being undertaken with a soil testinglaboratory to be opened in each Development Block. Heurged the farmers to test their soil and use fertilizers as perthe recommendation so as to reduce unnecessaryexpenditure. He also stressed upon the importance of croprotation and ill effects of crop residue burning on soil andenvironment. He appealed the farming community to shedthe practice of crop residue burning.Prize winning picture during a drawing competitionorganized on the theme 'S (Soul) O (Of) I (Infinite) L(Life)' from School ChildrensMr. Rohit Nigam, X Std from B.T.M.H. School, Karond,won 2nd Prize in drawing competition.In the program, the Hon'ble Chief Minister distributed soilhealth cards to farmers from different districts includingfarmers from tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh. On theoccasion, a Kisan Sangosthi was organized and exhibitionstalls on agricultural technologies were showcased.Several experts from ICAR-IISS, ICAR-CIAE, AgriculturalUniversities, and State Departments spoke on varioustopics including soil health, conservation agriculture,irrigation techniques, pests and disease management,credit availability and Government schemes in agriculture.6Mr. Ziyad Hasan, X Std from St. Paul Sr. Sec. Co-EdSchool, Anand Nagar, Bhopal won 3rd Prize in drawingcompetition.Bhopal Chapter of ISSSNewsletter

Aw a r d w i n n i n g S c h o o l C h i l d r e n s i n S p e e c hcompetition held during International Year of Soils2015Miss. Shikha Yadav, Maharishi Centre for EducationExcellance, Lambakheda, won 3nd Prize in SpeechCompetitionMr. Shabaz Khan, Jawarlal Nehru School, Habibganjwon 1st Prize in Speech CompetitionØ Dr. Pradip Dey: Fellow of Indian Society of SoilSalinity and Water Quality 2014; delivered aninvited lecture under special symposium on SoilHealth: Concept, Status and Monitoring” in 80thAnnual Convention on 6th December, 2015.Ø Dr. DLN Rao; PC (BNF), Delivered the 7thProfessor S.K. Mukherjee memorial lecture ofIndian Society of Soil Science at Kolkata onOctober 8, 2015; Re-appointed as Member,Research Advisory Committee of National Bureauof Agriculturally Important Microrganisms, Mau in2014 for the second termØ Dr. Ritesh Saha: Selected as Associate of theNAAS Fellowship 2014.Mr. Aniket Dueby, Red Rose School, Lambakheda won2nd Prize in Speech CompetitionØ Dr. Ritesh Saha: ISSS Golden Jubilee YoungScientist Award for the year 2013.Members of the Chapter received Laurels/ Accolades/Awards (2014 - 2015)Ø Dr. N.K. Lenka: Indian Association of Soil andWater Conservationists Young Scientist award forthe year 2013Ø Dr. A.K. Patra : Biomed Agri-innovation Award2015 for outstanding contribution in the area ofsustainable crop production.Ø Drs. Muneshwar Singh, Sammi Reddy, M.Mohanty and A. Subba Rao : FAI Golden JubileeAward for excellence for "Development of BestFertilizer Management Practices" for the year2013.Ø Dr. S. Kundu: Fellow of National Academy ofAgricultural Sciences 2013Ø Dr. M.C. Manna: Fellow of National Academy ofAgricultural Sciences 2015NewsletterBhopal Chapter of ISSSØ Dr. N.K. Lenka: ISSS Golden Jubilee YoungScientist Award 2014.Ø Dr. N.K. Lenka: Selected as Associate of theNAAS Fellowship 2015.Ø Dr. A.K. Biswas: Councillor ISSS (2014-15).Ø Dr. PramodJha: Councillor ISSS (2015-16).Ø Dr. S. Srivastava: Councillor ISSS (2016-17).Ø Drs. S.R. Mohanty and K. Bharati: Fellow ofAssociation for the Advancement of BiodiversitySciences (2014).Ø Dr. A.K. Shukla: International Zinc Associationand Fertilizer Association of India (IZA-FAI) Award20147

Ø Dr. A.K. Shukla: Shri Ram Award 2014 by theFertilizer Association of India, New DelhiØ Dr. A.K. Shukla, Pankaj Tiwari and ChandraPrakash: FAI award 2015 for Micronutrientdeficiencies vis-a- vis food and nutritional securityof IndiaØ Dr. S.R. Mohanty and K. Bharti: Fellow ofAssociation for the Advancement of BiodiversitySciences (2014), Belgaum, KarnatakaØ Dr. S. R. Mohanty : Eminent Scientist Award 2014National Environmental Science Academy, NewDelhi.Ø Dr. S. R. Mohanty: Young investigator award 2015,SrinagarØ Dr. K. Bharti: Scientist of the Year Award 2014 fromNational Environmental Science Academy NewDelhi.Ø Dr. A.K. Vishwakarma: Distinguished scientistaward by Society for Extension Education andManagement in AgricultureØ D r. A . K . V i s h w a k a r m a : I C A R A w a r d f o rOutstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research inAgricultural and Allied SciencesØ Dr. R.H. Wanjari: Outstanding Achievement Award2015 (in the discipline of Agronomy) from AsthaFoundation, Meerut in National Conference onGRISAAS 2015 (“Global Research Initiative forSustainable Agriculture and Allied Sciences)'.Ø Dr. Tapan Adhikari: JC Bose Gold Medal Award2014 of Indian Society for Plant Physiology ;Received 20th International CongressCommemoration Award 2014 of the ISSS;Received Endeavour Research Fellowship 2015Ø Dr. J. Somasundaram: Received EndeavourResearch Fellowship during 2015.Ø Dr. Sangeeta Lenka: Young Scientist Award fromEducation Expo-2014; Received Endeavo

Soil-2015' at ICAR-IISS, Bhopal. More than 40 scientists along with winter school trainees (20 Nos) also participated during the lecture. 7. Commemorating International Year of Soils 2015 Series of events were organized both at Regional Science Centre, Bhopal and ICAR-IISS, Bhopal for commemorating International Year of Soils 2015.

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