23 Mile Marker P Parking Available Storm Shelter

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Map Icons LegendAll maps are approximately 1” 1/4 mileNorth arrow23PMile markerParking availableStorm shelterPicnic tablesDrinking waterRestaurantGrocery storeBicycle shopSkate shopCanoe/kayak rentalsPublic telephonePublic park*Place of interestHotel/motelCampgroundRPublic restroom63 Bus route (number)OverpassUnderpassBridgeFirst aid


Downtown Tarpon Springse.AvU.SakOP INELLASSt.e.Ave.AvPinee.yAvueH onCypressLiTRAILve19atlWntosPLemyeorS .e.Av9.1.SUThe Best Value Tarpon Inn, the Sunbay Motel and the Spring Bayou Bed &Breakfast are all onTarpon Avenue west of Alt. 19.wy.HisseNeptune Cyclery offers both bicycle and inline skate sales, service and rentals onthe Trail just south of Tarpon Ave. Astro Skate sells and repairs skates on Cypressjust west of U.S. 19.te.AlAv ve.rd s AffolaSa nelPiCraig Park is along Spring Bayou, west of Alt. 19.viLessroGe.Av36g66SpringBayou6635MorganThe Tarpon Springs Fire Station is on Lemon Street between Ring and GrosseAvenues. In case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the informationon the yellow emergency decals.OakwoM od SLKt.Dr.*The Tarpon Springs Historical Society maintains a museum in the old trainstation on Tarpon Avenue at Safford Street.37Elfers SpurnRiA public phone is available at Mr. Bill’s Donuts & Deli on Pinellas Avenue (Alt.US 19) at Lime Street.To NorthAnclote RiverNature ParkDThe Trail underpass at US 19 offers storm shelter.Temp.TrailEndeinThere's a Shell Food Mart on US 19 south of the Trail, while the Aleta Mini Martis on Tarpon Avenue at Alt. US 19. Tarpon Produce & Deli is on Pinellas Avenue(Alt. US 19) south of Oakwood, and there’s a Walgreen’s on Alt. US 19 south of M.L. King Jr. Drive.smThere's a water fountain at the old train station.38JaSubway, Checkers, KFC and the Hong Kong Buffet are along US 19 south of theTrail. Zante Cafereo is on Safford north of Tarpon Avenue, while Bridie Gannon’sand the Luncheon Express are on Safford south of Tarpon Avenue. PinellasAvenue (Alt. US 19), has the Tarpon Diner south of Lemon Street and Mr. Bill’sDonuts and Deli south of Boyer, both on the east side of the street. The GreekKitchen Pizza and Danny K’s Alley Café are on the south side of Tarpon Avenue,between the Trail and Alt. 19.

South Tarpon Springsd.s B lvereM66Muzzie’s Ice Cream is on Pinellas Ave. (Alt. US 19) north of Meres, as is The GriddleRestaurant. Brooklyn Boys Pizza, The Yankee Bean and Rodie’s Pancake House areall in the shopping center on the northwest corner of Meres and Alt. 19. Cognito’sRestaurant is on the west side of Alt. 19 south of Tarpon Hospital. The Little ThaiCafé and the Bread & Butter Deli are also on the west side of Alt. 19 north ofKlosterman Road. Subway and Nick’s Pizza are on the northwest corner of Alt. 19and Klosterman Road.SDr.wserndt. A34There is a drinking fountain on the Trail behind the Hospital and at the DunnConservation Park, just north of the Trail tunnel near Harry Street.SornaElet.R Restrooms are at the Dunn Conservation Park, north of the Trail tunnel at Harry St.There’s a pay phone at the 7-11 on the s.w. corner of Alt. 19 and Klosterman Road.Alt. U.SThe Golf View Motel is on Alt. 19 at St. Andrews Drive.The Dunn Conservation Park has picnic tables, shelters, restrooms and soft drinks,just north of the Trail tunnel near Harry Street. Note: There are no cars allowed inthis park.*66The Trail's underpass at Harry Street & Alt. U.S. 19 offers storm protection, as doesthe Dunn Conservation Park, just to the north.*PINELLAS TRAIL. 19 Pinellas Ave.There’s a Winn-Dixie grocery store at Meres and Alt. 19 and an Ideal Food & Fuel onthe east side of Alt. 19 between Meres and Helen Ellis Hospital. Johnny’s FreshFarm Produce is on the east side of Alt. 19 north of Klosterman Road, and theKritsepis Gas Station has drinks and snacks, also on the east side of Alt. 19 just northof Klosterman Road. There’s a 7-11 on the southwest corner of Alt. 19 andKlosterman Road.Roberts Road.n RdamrteKlosThe Suncoast Primate Sanctuary is on Alt. 19 south of Valley Street, and can be seenfrom the Trail.Tarpon Hospital is located along the west side of the Trail, between Meres Blvd. andEleanor St. In case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using theinformation on the yellow emergency decals.33t.ry SHarRValleySt.

HillsboroughThe Trail underpass at Alt. 19 & Harry St. offers some shelter in case of a storm, asdoes Wall Springs County Park.Bee Pond Rd.32.Rebstock Blvdinal Ave.Ulelah Ave. CardSageRd.Moss RosePThe Bay Aire RV Park is on the east side of Alt. US 19 between Ketch Circle andCrystal Beach Avenue.PostOfficed.Alderman RAveryCrystal BeachAve.3166KetchCircleThe Crystal Beach Fire Station #68 is off of Alt. U.S. 19, just south of Ulelah Ave.In case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on theyellow emergency decals.St.St.View Ave.OceanWall Springs County Park offers free parking, restrooms, picnic tables and water.RBrevardRThere's a Hess Express foodstore on the S.E. corner at Alderman & Alt. U.S. 19,while Johnny’s Farm Fresh Produce is on the west side of Alt. 19 north of CrystalBeach Avenue.There is a free emergency phone in the red metal box by the restrooms at WallSprings County Park.66PAlt.SU. 19WallSpringsCountyParkDeSotoBlvd.The Olde Schoolhouse Restaurant can be reached from DeSoto Blvd. just north ofOcean View without having to go out on Alt. U.S. 19. The Dairy Rich Drive-in is onUlelah Ave. east of the Trail on Alt. U.S. 19. There's a grocery store along withother stores and restaurants in the shopping center on the northeast corner ofAlderman and Alt. U.S. 19. On the S.E. corner, there's Blimpie's, Rum Runners andPerks. Fairway Pizza, Gyro King and Emily's are all along the west side of Alt. 19from Alderman Rd. south to Crystal Beach Avenue.HarrySt.Crystal BeachSutherlandBayouAlt.U.S.19MissouriAve.

Palm Harbor & OzonagiaGeoroIllin30R d.TampaidaFlor ve.AR29The Sherwood Forest Travel Trailer Park is on the S.W. corner of Tampa Rd. andAlt. U.S. 19 while the Caladesi Travel Trailer Park is on the N.W. corner. TheDunedin RV Park and The Blue Moon Inn are on Alt. U.S. 19 just north of theOrange St. intersection.Smith BayouVirPostOfficeAlt. U.S. 19ippiag i ni.Ave66RAILELLAStansell Park in Palm Harbor is at the west end of Florida Ave. and has water,picnic tables, storm shelter and restrooms.PINissMissisoO hive.STnsyPenOZONAPost OfficeThe Palm Harbor Fire Station #66 is on Illinois Ave., east of Alt. U.S. 19. In caseof emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on the yellowemergency decals.daFloriialvanraskaNebreetia Alva ne St .Pay phones are at the 7-11 and Galley’s Pizza.ROrangSun West Cyclery is between the Trail and Alt. U.S. 19 just north of PennsylvaniaAvenue.PALMHARBORPop StansellParkSuper Gas has a food mart at Florida Avenue on the east side of Alt. U.S. 19, whileSteve’s Produce is on the west side of Alt. U.S. 19 north of Virginia Avenue.There’s a CVS drug store on the northeast corner of Alt. U.S. 19 and Tampa Roadand a 7-11 on the southeast corner. Veggies and more is right along the Trail southof Ozona, just north of the Orange Street overpass.a Av esyPennSutherlandBayoumbiColut8th SEast of Alt. U.S. 19 in Palm Harbor, Huettig’s Organic Kitchen is on ColumbiaAvenue and Tailgater’s is on Alt. U.S. 19. Hooker’s Island Grill, Boyle’s BackyardGrill and Cookies by S & J are along Nebraska Avenue. The Thirsty Marlin andPeggy O’Neill’s Pub are on Florida Avenue; again, all of these are east of Alt. U.S.19. Galley Pizza is on the northwest corner of Virgina and Alt. U.S. 19, whileStrachan’s Ice Cream is on the northwest corner of Tampa Road and Alt. U.S. 19.In Ozona, along Orange Street, the Ozona Pig Bar-B-Q is across from the postoffice, while Molly Goodhead’s and the Chocolate Studio are north of TampaRoad on the east side of Orange Avenue. The Beachtree Restaurant is on OrangeStreet south of downtown Ozona.e.uri AvossiM

There's a Publix grocery store on the northeast corner of Alt 19 and Curlew Road, aMobil Snack Shop on the northwest corner and a Walgreen’s on the southwest corner.The G & M European Deli is in Causeway Plaza, Munchee's is on the N.W. corner ofPalm Blvd. and Alt. U.S. 19 and the St. George Shop is on the southwest corner of Alt.19 and Michigan Blvd.19Orange St. &Alt. U.S. 19OverpassAlt.U.S.McDonald's, Subway, Dunedin Java House, Cricketers, China Wok, Leo’s Pizza, theSandbar Grill and Benedict's are N.W. of the Curlew and Alt. U.S. 19 intersection inCauseway Plaza. On the west side of Alt. U.S. 19, north of Michigan Blvd. is ElZarape Mexican Restaurant, Bambino Pizza and the Covered Bridge Restaurant. St.Andrew's Niblic Cafe is alongside the Trail just north of Palm Blvd in the golf drivingrange.St. JosephSound*66North DunedinToHoneymoonIslandP.RdwelrCu6. 58S.R28Over The Edge Bike Shop offers sales, service and rentals in Causeway Plaza on thenorthwest croner of Curlew and Alt. 19.Hammock Park and Youth Guild Park offer restrooms, water fountain, picnic tablesand storm shelter east of the Trail south of Michigan Blvd.The Pinellas Trailside Oasis (Old Road 37) runs along side the Trail between CurlewR Rd.and the overpass, and has picnic tables and a drinking fountain.27San Jose Dr.*Dr.MiraVistaDr.Douglas Ave.Youth Guild Park &Hammock ParkPasadena196Alt.U.S.6Michigan Blvd.ateoSa n MDunedin Fire Station #61 is south off of Michigan Blvd., on Ed Eckert Drive. In caseof emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on the yellowemergency decals.Clearwater Harbor*Next to Hammock Park is Andrew Chapel, built in 1888.vd.Palm Bl66REd Eckert Dr.PINELLAS TRAILThe Palm Court Motel is on the S.W. corner of Palm Blvd. & Alt. 19.

Honeymoon IslandState ParkEntranceSail Honeymoon, out on the causeway, rents kayaks and sail boats.R2PR There are public restrooms and water fountains on the causeway next to SailHoneymoon as well as in both state parks.St. JosephSoundHoneymoon Island State Park, as well as Caladesi Island State Park to the south,offer public beaches with bath houses and showers, picnic tables, grills, and naturetrails. Both parks also have concession stand/restaurants and pay phones.1The ferry to Caladesi Island is located just south of the entrance to HoneymoonIsland State Park, and requires a park entry fee from Honeymoon Island State Park.*R*P There is free unpaved parking along the entire length of the Dunedin Causeway.Caladesi Ferry(Park entry feerequired.)There is a pay phone at Sail Honeymoon.Caladesi IslandState Park(No bikes allowed.)Coconut Villas is located on St. Joseph Drive East.RThe Island Outpost Restaurant is on the north side of the road, on the mainlandbefore the first bridge. Brenda’s On The Causeway is on the small island over thefirst bridge, again on the north side of the road. Food, drinks and snacks are alsoavailable at Sail Honeymoon out on the causeway, along the south side of the spur.Gulf ofMexicoHoneymoon Island SpurSPECIAL NOTE: Bicycles are NOT allowed in Caladesi Island State Park.In case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on theyellow emergency decals.Curlew Rd.SR 5860Pine llasTrailAlt66 . US 19

*The Dunedin Brewery offers tours on Douglas north of Main Street, while theNational Armed Services & Law Enforcement Memorial Museum is right on the Trailat Lyndhurst Street.Mease Hospital is at Milwaukee & Main. In case of emergency dial 911. Report Traillocations using the information on the yellow emergency decals.M.L.King Jr. Ave.Douglas Ave.Douglas*25SR058Milwaukee Ave.AlbertSt.President St.Highland Ave.61PScotlandSt.*CityHall .StniaM78Clearwater HarborAlt. U. S. 19PMarinaFloridaAve.61Skinner 66MonroeRBay St.Lyndhurst St.Beltrees St.KnologyParkSenior CenterLibrary78west side of the Trail, behind the train station.JacksonDouglasDowntown Dunedin offers lots of parking all over: alongside the Trail at Monroe; theP northeastcorner of San Christopher and Alamo Lane; and just south of Main on the26PINELLAS TRAILPioneer Park is on Main St. at Douglas. Edgewater Park offers restrooms, water andpicnic tables. A drinking fountain is also located outside the train station next to theTrail on Main Street. There are also restrooms in the train station, just behind thegreenboxcar.RSan ChristopherCedar St.BroadwayThe Amberlee is on the Trail north of Skinner and the Sea Side Artisan Inn is acrossAlt. 19 south of Jackson. By the marina there's the Best Western Yacht Harbor Inn, andthe Holiday Inn Express is on the Trail just south of Skinner.66Alt. U.S. 19Bike rentals, sales and repairs are available at the Energy Conservatory Bike Shop onMain Street just east of Skinner and at the Pinellas Trail Bike Shop on the Trail atScotland Street. Both shops offer restrooms as well. The Dunedin Cyclery is locatedon the southwest corner of Skinner Boulevard and Douglas St.Wilson St.ater Dr.Drinks and snacks can be had at The Boxcar, right on the Trail just south of MainStreet, at the Super Shop at Skinner and Alt. 19, at Quick Nick’s Bistromart in theCitgo on Alt. 19 at Monroe.San Salvadore Dr.SpringEdgewEli’s Bar-B-Que is on the Trail at Skinner, Eddie's is on Alt. 19 south of Cedar and theDeli News Cafe is at Skinner & Main. The Jolli Mon is right on the Trail, just south ofSkinner. Sam's is on Alt. 19 at Monroe and the Alfresco is on Main at the Trail. ThePurple Moon is north of Main on Douglas and the Dunedin Brewery is just north ofthat. On the south side of Main St. from east to west is Kookie Krums, Bellini’s, LaMaison Gourmet, Flanagan's Hunt Irish Pub, the Walkabout Coffee Shop, Skip's (atDouglas), Casa Tina, Kelly's, The Black Pearl and Sea Sea Rider's (by Marina Park).Bon Appetit Restaurant is north of the marina, Cappucino’s Bakery & Café is onBroadway south of Main, the Time Out Cafe is right on the Trail at Scotland Streetjust south of Main and Iris's is on the Trail below Beltrees. You cannot possibly starvehere.Alt.U.S.19PasadenaDowntown DunedinOrangewood St.

Fairmont St.Greenwood Ave.TRAILLA S61ELP INSeminole St.Eldridge St.Myrtle Ave.Jones St.7882Douglas Ave.Overbrook Ave.66Palmetto St.Garden Ave.61CreekMyrtle Ave.N.Ft.HarrisAlt. U on Ave.S. 19nMarshall St.66In case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on theyellow emergency decals.Rd.StevensonCreekS Rd.tevensoPalm BluffIva St.24Sunset i Ave.There’s a Chevron Food Mart on Edgewater (Alt. US 19) at Sunset Point Road, the"A" Food Store is on the S.E. corner of Douglas Avenue and Sunset Point Road.Sunshine Foods is on Fort Harrison Avenue north of Fairmont, and Discount Foods isat Marshall and Myrtle. Further south, the Power First Food Mart, Town Produce andQuick Check Food Mart along Fort Harrison Avenue at Seminole Street.WilsonClearwater HarborCastillo’s Restaurant is on North Fort Harrison Avenue (Alt. US 19) just south ofMyrtle Avenue, with Super Cone Ice Cream and the Simply Scrumptious Deli on FortHarrison at Marshall Street. Manna From Heaven is right on the Trail at EldridgeStreet. Mama’s Kitchen is on Fort Harrison Avenue just north of Seminole Street.Edgewater/Alt. 19North Clearwater

Park St.Garden Ave.18Franklin73Court St.PProspect St.East Ave.73Chestnut St.18666621Grand Central St.Pinellas St.IndianRocks Rd.ysempDeLakeviewD St.E St.LakeBellevueHamletCorbett St.52Watkins Rd.Belleview Blvd.The Clearwater Fire Station is on Pierce east of the Trail. Morton Plant Hospital is onJeffords Street west of the Trail. In case of emergency, dial 911. Report Trail locationsusing the information on the yellow emergency decals.606666OsceolaJeffords St.Ft. Harrison Ave.Alt. U.S. 19the Trail.Laura St.POMagnolia Dr.South Druid RoadP There’s a parking garage on Garden north of Cleveland, and a parking lot on Turner atDrew St.Druid Rd.Clearwater Cycling is on the Trail at Court St. with bike sales, service and rentals.*22*Oak Ave.Fort HarrisonBay Ave.Turner St.The Chevron Food Mart is at Drew and Myrtle, Walgreen’s at Myrtle and Clevelandand a Hess Express at Chestnut and Fort Harrison. A Publix grocery store is at FortHarrison and Turner and there’s a 7-Eleven on the trail between Court and Chestnut.The PSTA bus hub is on Garden Avenue between Pierce and Park Streets downtown.67TPToClevelandClearwaterBeachPierce St.Coachman Park is on the waterfront behind the Clearwater Main Library.The Residence Inn Marriott is on Court Street, Gangelhoff’s Summerside Inn is onFort Harrison at Woodlawn and the Belleview Biltmore Resort is on Belleview Blvd.Jones St.CoachmanParkClearwater HarborPickles Plus Deli is in the Harborview Center on the n.w corner of Osceola andCleveland St., while Chang Mai Thai & Starbucks are along the south side of the streetwest of Fort Harrison. Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Tony’s Pizza and Planet Cafeare on the north side of Cleveland St. between Fort Harrison and Garden, with CaliYogurt on the south side. Lonnie’s is in the SunTrust Tower on the corner of Gardenand Cleveland, while Bogie’s is in the Clearwater Tower on Garden Ave. just north ofCleveland Street. The Cleveland Street Café is along the south side of Cleveland St.between the Trail and Garden Avenue. Angie’s and Café Supreme are on the corner ofCleveland St. and Myrtle Ave. The Tin Can Café is on Myrtle just north of Court St.and Café Milano Pizza is on Fort Harrison just south of Drew St. The Court HouseCafé is at Court Street at Osceola and the Smokin’ Out BBQ is on Ft. Harrison at CourtStreet. Bro’s Pizza, Roly Poly and Jimmy John’s are on Ft. Harrison north of Turner St.while China City is on Fort Harrison just south of Turner. Cristino’s Pizza is on FortHarrison north of Jeffords and O’Keefe’s is on Fort Harrison at Jeffords. The LittleMexico Restaurant is on Myrtle at Jeffords and the Madd Italian Deli is on FortHarrison south of Grand Central St. Placey’s is on Ft. Harrison at D street and TheWildflower Café is at Ft. Harrison and Wildwood.LibraryMyrtle Ave.Downtown ClearwaterWildwoodOrangeAve.Woodlawn Ave.

OrangeAve.Fair View Ave.HamletIndian Rocks RoadWildwoodWoodlawnBelleair Rd.20Bayview Dr.66Clearwater/Largo Rd.There’s a Subway in the gas station on the n.w. corner of Ponce de Leon and Clw./LargoRoad, and a Sunoco Food Shop, Produce Market and the Aegean Market alongClw./Largo Road north of Rosery Road. Mac’s Mini Mart is on Rosery Road west ofClw./Largo Road. There’s a BP Food Shop at 8th Ave. N. W. and a 7-11 at 4th Street N.W. Walgreen’s is on the n.w. corner of W. Bay Dr. and Clw./Largo Road. There’s a Publixon the s.w. corner of W. Bay Dr. and Clw./Largo Road and the Amish Country Store iswest of the Trail south of W. Bay Drive.*BelleviewBiltmoreResort19.S.UAltThe Wildflower Café is on the S.E. Corner of Belleview and Clearwater Largo Road.The Pepper Mill is just south, between Woodlawn and Belleair Rd. Ted'sLuncheonette is on the N.W. corner at Rosery, The Untouchables Pizza on the S.E.corner at Rosery, and Jorge’s Seafood Grille just south at 8th Ave. N.W., Alfono's andPastino's and the Greek Islands Restaurant are all along Clw./Largo Rd. south of Poncede Leon. Grillmarks Restaurant and the Skinny Rooster are between 4th and 8th onClw./Largo Road, while Bella D’Ora’s Pizza is on the west side of Clw./Largo Road southof 4th Street N.W. Quizno’s, Wok & Roll and Beef O’Brady’s are in the PinellasShopping Center on the s.w. corner of W. Bay Dr. and Clw./Largo Rd. McDonald's is onthe Trail at W. Bay Dr., while Rita’s Ice Cream and Dagwood’s Sandwich Shoppe are onthe south side of W. Bay Dr. east of the Trail. Joto’s Pizza is west of the Trail on the northside of W. Bay Dr.Belleview Blvd.Myrtle Ave.South Clearwater/North LargoPonce de LeonBelleairCity HallPoinsettiaRd.Rosery Rd.There's a water fountain on the Trail at Ponce de Leon.8th Ave.N.W.Pay phones are at the 7-11 and on the east side of Clw./Largo Road north of West BayDrive.Ride-N-Roll Cyclery is on the north end of 1260 West Bay Drive, just west of the Trail,offering sales, service and rentals.*The Belleview Biltmore Resort, opened in 1897, is the largest continually occupiedwooden structure in the world.4th Ave.N.W.W. Bay Dr.6613th12thBelleair Fire Station is on Ponce de Leon west of the Trail. Largo Medical Center is at14th Ave. S.W. and W. Bay Dr., west of the Trail. In case of emergency dial 911. ReportTrail locations using the information on the yellow emergency decals.1952Mehlenbacher Rd.PINELLAS TRAILGangelhoff's Motel is at Woodlawn and the Belleair Village Motel is between Roseryand 8th Ave. N.W., aboth on Clw./Largo Road. The Belleview Biltmore Resort is onBelleview Blvd. west of the Trail.S.R. 686

TaylorThere’s a free emergency phone in the red metal box by the restroom in TaylorCounty Park, and a public pay phone at the Stop & Karry Food Store at 8th AvenueS.W. and Clearwater/Largo Road.Both Taylor County Park which is on the Trail and Ridgecrest County Park on thesouth side of Ulmerton Rd. west of the Trail offer restrooms, parking, stormshelter, picnic tables and drinking water.P134th 6159Ave.Ulmerton Rd.PR126th StreetRidgecrestCountyPark61*17S.R.688113th St.BaskinsCrossing18th Ave. S.W.Ridge Road119th StreetUlmerton Road marks the highest elevation of the Pinellas Trail, sixty feet abovesea level (seventy-five on the overpass). It’s all downhill from here!Pinellas County Emergency Medical Services headquarters is on the south side ofUlmerton Road between Ridgecrest Park and 126th St. N. HCA Largo MedicalCenter Hospital is at 14th St. and West Bay Drive just west of the Trail. In case ofemergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on the yellowemergency decals.1816th Ave. S.W.R*RTaylorCounty Park119th StreetPTRAILSPURReservoirThere's a Stop & Karry Food Store on the southwest corner of Clearwater/LargoRoad and 8th Ave. S.W.66PINELLAS TRAIL8th Ave. S.W.Clearwater/Largo Rd.6th Ave. S.W.Ridge Rd.2nd Ave. S.W.R.R. Ave.The Amish Country Store offers food and drink on the southeast corner of 13thStreet and 2nd Avenue S. W., just south of West Bay Drive. Your Pizza is on 8thAve. S.W., across from Taylor County Park. The Nifty 50’s Café is on thesouthwest corner of 8th Ave. S.W. and Clearwater/Largo Road and the BorisFamily Restaurant is in the shopping center next to the Trail at Ulmerton Road.13th12th St.South Largo

Heritage Village,Fl. Bot. Garden,Art Center & Co.Extension ServiceWalsingham Rd.*D&S Bikes is on the Trail just north of Walsingham on the east side and also offerssales, rentals and repairs.Heritage Village has a great selection of historic buildings from around PinellasCounty.The Florida Botanical Gardens and Gulf Coast Art Center are adjacent toRthe Heritage Village site along Walsingham Road. The County Extension Service isjust north of Heritage Village. These are all excellent side trips for Trail anceLASTPPINEL*RAILRThe Pinellas Trail Rangers’ headquarters is located on the south side of WalsinghamRoad, in the northeast corner of Walsingham County Park, which also offers parkingP and extensive paved bike paths within the park, along with restrooms, picnic tables,storm shelters and drinking water.16110th Ave. N.113th StreetThere’s a water fountain alongside the Trail at 102nd Avenue North.RRidge RoadThe 7 Days Food Store is at the northeast corner of the Trail and Walsingham.There's a 7-11 on the northwest corner of Ridge Road and Walsingham, just east ofthe Trail and there's a Mini Mart & Deli and Farm Fresh Produce on the southwestcorner, also just east of the Trail.119th St.Chicago Pizza is on the south side of Walsingham, just east of the Trail.125th St.North Seminole15102nd Ave.96th PlaceIn case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on theyellow emergency decals.58S.P.C.SeminoleCampus& SeminoleLibrary

h74St.R13StreetN.SeminoleCity Hall113thtsrhua k d.RAllen Sport Center on the Trail at Seminole Blvd. sells in-line skates and does minorrepairs. Trail Sports across the street repairs them as well. The Surf & Skate Companyis just south of the Trail on the west side of Seminole Blvd .Seminole City Park, right next to the Trail, offers picnic tables, water, restrooms,parking and storm shelter. Bicycle Outfitters, next to the Trail immediately south ofP the 113th St. overpass, offers storm shelter, picnic tables, parking, restrooms, drinkingwater and an outside air hose for bike tires.74OBicycle Outfitters sells, rents and repairs bikes on the Trail at 70th Ave. N., just east of113th Street. Trail Sports offers bicycle sales, rentals and repairs on west side ofSeminole Blvd., just south of the Trail overpass.th86There’s an Albertson’s grocery store on 113th St. N., north of Park Blvd. on the westside. Boulevard Grocery & Deli is on the west side of Seminole Blvd. south of the Trailand Bicycle Outfitters offers cold drinks and snacks right on the Trail at 113th Street.Ne. d.Av lvth k B78 ParThere’s a Boston Market on 113th Street North, north of Park Blvd. on the west side ofthe street. Seminole Mall has C.J.’s Ice Cream, Super Buffet and Telly’s Restaurant,while Subway and the Greek Village Restaurant are along Park Blvd. on the north side,just east of the mall. Einstein Bagels and Papa John’s Pizza are in the Park Collection onthe south side of Park Blvd, across form the mall. On the west side of Seminole Blvd.,north from the Trail, there's Seminole Family Restaurant and Country Kitchen. Northalong the east side of Seminole Blvd. is McDonald's. KFC/Long John Silver’s andBurger King. Wendy’s and Taco Bell are on the north side of Park Blvd., west ofSeminole Blvd.R 12e.AvThe Seminole Fire Station is just north of the Trail, on the east side of 113th St. N. Incase of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on the yellowemergency decals.

t.N.BlolePINELLAS kesBlvd.100th.Ne.Av.Ne.The KOA Campground offers both tent camping spaces and cabin rentals for Trailtravelers.nd62AvThe KOA Campground has a public pay phone.th59th54SeminoleTrail(road)Way.Nrr.TeThere's a convenience store in the KOA Campground on the Trail at 95th Street and aSite Food Mart on Bay Pines Blvd. at 95th Street.Water fountains are available at War Veterans’ County Park and at the KOA.th6618nd62Bay Pines Lakes Blvd. connects to 97th Way N., which will take you into Bay PinesPlaza. There you'll find the Sports Bar & Grill, the Dragon Phoenix ChineseRestaurant and the Bay Pines Bar & Grill. Taking 95th St. south from the Trail will getyou to Doe Doe’s Diner and Roma Village Pizza, both on the north side of Bay PinesBlvd., east of 95th Street.12vd.The Bay Pines Area1197thWayN.War Veterans' County Park offers parking, picnic tables, storm shelter, drinking water,restrooms, a fantastic sundial and a real Army tank- plus a great view of Boca Ciega BayP to the south.K. O. A.seinyP95thBaSt.N.RBl18.vdR68PWar Veterans'County ParkCrossBayouBridgeBoca CiegaBayIn case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on theyellow emergency decals.10

The Tyrone AreaBocaCiegaBayth46AbercrombieCity ParkStreetShoppingCenter v75th73rdSt.dTyrone Blv68JungleLaketh26St.N.68thStreetSt.AnvilSLALENR TyronePIMall.Ne.Av8LAIRTth30N.18nd .22 e. NAvIn case of emergency dial 911. Report Trail locations using the information on theyellow emergency decals.*72nd*The Science Center of Pinellas County is on 22nd Ave. at 77th Street.78thNe.Av9.Ne.AvcaCth3838th34Bo.Nieg aD r.Ne.AvR.Ne.AvC.R.16Abercrombie City Park on Park St. south of Tyrone.Tyrone Mall offers restrooms, water, phones and storm shelter.73th36There’s a Walgreen’s at Park and Tyrone, a Texaco Food Mart at Tyrone and 38th,Richard’s Whole Foods Grocery Store on Tyrone at 34th and the Tyrone Food Mart at71st and 30th near theTyrone underpass.10818 6The Green Iguana is east of Cross Bayou on the south side of Tyrone Blvd. OutbackSteak House, Corned Beef Corner and Lama Thai are on the south side of Tyron

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PANASONIC LASER MARKING SYSTEMS. 03 LP-100 CO 2 Laser Marker LP-200 CO Laser Marker LP-F FAYb Laser Marker LP-D Diode Laser Marker LP-300 CO Laser Marker LP-V FAYb Laser Marker 1996 1999 2001 2003 2004 LP-400 Laser Marker LP-G FAYb Laser Marker LP-Z FAYb Laser Marker

0.5 mile swim, 12.4-13 mile cycle and a 3.1 mile run. An Olympic distance triathlon involves a 0.9 mile swim, 24.9 mile cycle and 6.2 mile run. A Half Ironman is made up of a 1.2mile swim, 55.9 mile cycle and a 13 mile run. A full Ironman entails a 2.4 mile swim, 111.8 mile cycle, and a 26.2 mile run. Each type differs greatly in distance, however, each involves endurance. In this chapter, the .

Porous Asphalt Parking Lot Durham 99 42 Parking Lot Legret, 1999 59 Parking Lot Pagotto, 2000 80 Parking Lot Rosen, 2007 98 40 Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers Drive Way Jordon Cove 67 34 Parking Lot Goldsboro 71 65 Parking Lot Renton, WA -- Parking Lot King College 81 53 Parking Lot Drake, 2012 88 88 Parking Lot

mile 124.8 Parking with view. mile 126.8 Scenic wayside. mile 127.1 Large parking area. mile 127.1 Scenic View RV Park. mile 134.5 Ninilchik River Campground. 39 camp sites, picnic shelters, toilets, water, fishing and hiking trails. mile 134.8 Road toward inlet leads to Old Russian Church. Magnificent

medial and lateral epicondyles of the knee. Instead, the locations of these markers were determined from a cali-bration trial. Two marker sets were used: an anatomical marker set and a measured marker set (Figure 3), which were modiied versions of the Cleveland Clinic marker set . Figure 3 — Anatomical marker set (A) and measured marker


Different types of vehicle parking are applied worldwide namely Multi-level Automated Car Parking, Automated Car Parking System, and Rotary Parking System. The present project work is aimed to develop a scale down working model of a car parking system for parking cars within a large parking area. The chain and