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PUB.DIE-199Digital Video CamcorderInstruction ManualCANON INC.EnglishCanon Europa N.V.P.O. Box 2262, 1180 EG Amstelveen, the NetherlandsCanon UK Ltd.CCI Service Centre, Unit 130Centennial Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 3SE, EnglandTelephone 0870-241-2161IntroductionCanon Australia Pty. Ltd.Info-Line: New Zealand Ltd.Customer Care: (09) 489 FunctionsCanon Singapore Pte. Ltd79 Anson Road #09-01/06, Singapore 079906Telephone (65)-532-4400, Fax (65)-221-2939AdvancedFunctionsCanon Hongkong Company Ltd19/F., The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong KongCanon Latin America, Inc.Sales & Enquiries: 703 Waterford Way Suite 400 Miami, FL 33126 USAEditingMiniDigitalVideoCassetteUsing aMemory CardPUB. DIE-195Please read also the following instructionmanuals.Digital Video SoftwareInstruction ManualVersion 10EDV Network SoftwareInstruction ManualVersion 2E(Installation and Preparation)DirectPrinting Digital Video Software (MV750i/MV730i) DV Network SoftwareIf you are using Windows operating system, use the suppliedDIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION DISK For Windows.If you are using Macintosh operating system, use the suppliedDIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION DISK For Macintosh.Printed on 100% reused paper.This manual covers the installation and the connection procedures only.Formore operating instructions, refer to the PDF format manual provided on theDIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION DISK For Windows.AdditionalInformationThis software is for use with Windows XP only. CANON INC. 2004DY8-9020-130-000PRINTED IN JAPANPUB.DIE-1990039W767PUB.DIE-1990000Ni0.0PAL


Using this ManualThank you for purchasing the Canon MV750i/MV730i/MV700i/MV700/MV690. Pleaseread this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for futurereference.Change the display language before you begin (E75).Symbols and References Used in This Manual : Precautions related to the camcorder operation.Introduction : Additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures. : Reference page number. Capital letters are used to refer to buttons on the camcorder or the wireless controller(MV750i/MV730i). [ ] are used to refer to menu items displayed on the screen. “Screen” refers to the LCD and the viewfinder screen. Please note that the illustrations mainly refer to the MV750i.Setting the Time Zone, Date and TimeSet the time zone, date and time when you first start using your camcorder, or whenyou have replaced the backup battery.Operating modes (see below)Menu item and its default setting.ESetting the Time Zone/Daylight Saving TimeCAMERA(PLAY (VCR)CARD CAMERACARD PLAY38)1. Press the MENU button to open the menu.2. Turn the SET dial to select [SYSTEM] and press theSET dial.3. Turn the SET dial to select [T.ZONE/DST] and pressthe SET dial.The time zone setting appears (see table on the next page). The default setting is Paris.Operating ModeCAMERAPLAY (VCR)CARD CAMERACARD PLAYPOWER SwitchCAMERAPLAY (VCR)CAMERAPLAY (VCR)Basic Functions -Button and switches to be operatedTAPE/CARD Switchb (TAPE)b (TAPE)(CARD)(CARD)Shaded area : MV750i/MV730i only.CAMERA: Function can be used in this mode.CAMERA: Function cannot be used in this mode.Trademark Acknowledgements Canon and Bubble Jet are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. D is a trademark. is a trademark. Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United Statesand/or other countries. Macintosh and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States andother countries. Other names and products not mentioned above may be registered trademarks or trademarks of theirrespective companies.3

Table of ContentsIntroductionImportant Usage Instructions .2Using this Manual .3Checking Supplied Accessories .6Components Guide .7Basic FunctionsPreparationsPreparing the Power Supply.11Loading/Unloading a Cassette .14Installing the Backup Battery .15Preparing the Camcorder .16Using the Wireless Controller .18Setting the Time Zone, Date and Time.19RecordingRecording Movies on a Tape .22Recording Still Images on a Tape.27Zooming .28Tips for Making Better Videos .30PlaybackPlaying Back a Tape .31Adjusting the Volume .33Playing Back on a TV Screen.34Using the Full Range of FeaturesMenus and Settings .38RecordingUsing the Recording Programs.45Using the Night Modes .48Skin Detail Function.49Adjusting the AE Shift .50Adjusting the Focus Manually .51Setting the White Balance .53Setting the Shutter Speed.55Using the Self-Timer.57Changing the Recording Mode (SP/LP) .58Audio Recording .59Using Digital Effects.61PlaybackMagnifying the Image .68Displaying the Data Code .69End Search.71Returning to a Pre-marked Position .72Photo Search/Date Search .734

Other FunctionsCustomizing the Camcorder .74Changing the Display Language .75Changing the Remote Sensor Mode .76Other Camcorder Settings .77EEditingUsing a Memory CardInserting and Removing a Memory Card .92Selecting the Image Quality/Size .93File Numbers .95Recording Still Images on a Memory Card .96Reviewing a Still Image Right after Recording .100Recording Motion JPEG Movies on a Memory Card.101Selecting the Focusing Point .103Recording Panoramic Images (Stitch Assist Mode) .104Playing Back a Memory Card .106Protecting Images .109Erasing Images .110Combining Images (Card Mix) .111Copying Still Images.115Formatting a Memory Card .117Connecting to a Computer Using a USB Cable .118Creating a Start-up Image .119IntroductionRecording to a VCR or Digital Video Device .79Recording from Analog Video Devices (VCR, TV orCamcorder) .81Recording from Digital Video Devices (DV Dubbing) .82Converting Analog Signals into Digital Signals(Analog-Digital Converter) .84Replacing Existing Scenes (AV Insert) .86Audio Dubbing .88Connecting to a Computer Using a DV (IEEE1394) Cable .91Direct PrintingPrinting Still Images .120Selecting the Print Settings (Paper/Style) .123Printing with Print Order Settings .126Additional InformationScreen Displays .128List of Messages .131Maintenance/Others .134Troubleshooting .140System Diagram .143Optional Accessories .144Specifications .147Index .1495

Checking Supplied AccessoriesLens Cap and LensCap CordLithium ButtonBattery CR1616SS-900 Shoulder Strap BP-508 Battery PackCA-570 CompactPower Adapter(incl. power cord)STV-250N StereoVideo CablePC-A10 SCARTAdapter(Europe and Asia)WL-D82 WirelessControllerTwo AA (R6) Batteries SDC-8M SD MemoryCard (containingsample images)DIGITAL VIDEOSOLUTION DISKFor WindowsFor MacintoshWA-30.5 WideAttachment6IFC-300PCU USB Cable

Components GuideMV750i/MV730i/MV700i/MV700/MV690EREC SEARCH button ( 26) /(fast forward) button ( 32) /CARD button* ( 106)FOCUS button ( 51) /(play/pause) button (REC SEARCH button ( 26) /(record review) button ( 26) /(rewind) button ( 31) /CARD button* ( 116)NIGHT MODE button ((stop) button ( 31)LCD screen (48) /22)BATT. RELEASE button (33)22)Backup batterycompartment (11)15)IntroductionOPEN button (Built-in speaker(31)Battery attachment unit( 11)Program selector (46)Easy recordingProgram AEMemory card slot* (92)DC IN terminal (MENU button (SET dial (11)38)38)CHARGE indicator ( 11) /Card access indicator* ( 96)DIGITAL EFFECTSbutton ( 64)AE SHIFT/END SEARCH(self-timer)button ( 57) /DATA CODEbutton ( 69)DIGITAL EFFECTSON/OFF button (64)AE SHIFT button ( 50) /END SEARCH button ( 71)CARD MIX /SLIDE SHOW /REC PAUSE/CARD MIX button* ( 112) /(stitch assist) button* ( 104) /SLIDE SHOW button* ( 107) /REC PAUSE button** ( 81)* MV750i/MV730i only.** MV750i/MV730i/MV700i only.7

Dioptric adjustmentlever ( 16)PHOTO button (27, 96)Serial numberAccessory shoe (145)Viewfinder protectcover ( 135)Zoom lever (Viewfinder (28)16)TAPE/CARD switch*(3)b Using a tapeStrap mount (17)Using a memory cardStart/stop button( 22, 101)Grip belt (Power switch (POWERCAMERAOFFPLAY(VCR)3)CAMERAOFFPLAY(VCR)* MV750i/MV730i only.8Strap mount (16)17)Cassette compartment (Cassette compartmentcover ( 14)14)

EAssist lamp (White LED)**( 48)Remote sensor* ( 18)Stereo microphone (IntroductionTerminal cover59)Terminal coverS-video terminal**( 36)SDVDV terminal (AV terminal ( 34) /(phones) terminal( 33)79, 80)Bottom viewUSB terminal*( 118, 120)OPEN/EJECT 5 switch( 14)Tripod socket (30)* MV750i/MV730i only.** MV750i only.9

WL-D82 Wireless Controllerqwertyuio!0!1START/STOP!4!5!6!7q Zoom buttons ( 28)w Select buttons ( 38)e PHOTO button ( 27, 96)r START/STOP button ( 22, 101)t SELF T. button ( 57)y D. EFFECTS button, ON/OFF button (u TV SCREEN button ( 128)i DATA CODE button ( 69)o -/ buttons ( 73)!0 SEARCH SELECT button ( 73)!1 ZERO SET MEMORY button ( 72)!2 12bit AUDIO OUT button ( 89)!3 AUDIO DUB. button ( 88)!4 REC PAUSE button ( 81)!5 AV INSERT button ( 86)!6 AV DV button ( 84)10WSELF T. D.EFFECTSZOOMTMENUTV SCREEN ON/OFFSETDATA CODE SLIDE SHOWCARDSEARCH SELECTZERO SETMEMORY REWPLAY12bitAUDIO OUTSTOPAUDIO DUB. PAUSESLOW!2!3PHOTOFF2!8!9@0@1@2@3@4@5@6@7@8@9AV INSERT AV DV REMOTE SET#0RECPAUSEWIRELESS CONTROLLER WL-D8264)#1!7 REMOTE SET button ( 76)!8 Transmitter!9 MENU button ( 38)@0 SET button ( 38)buttons ( 106)@1 CARD@2 SLIDE SHOW button ( 107)@3 REW button ( 31)@4 PLAY button ( 31)@5 FF button ( 32)button ( 32)@6@7 STOP button ( 31)button ( 32)@8@9 PAUSE button ( 32)#0 SLOW button ( 32)#1 2 button ( 32)

Preparing the Power SupplyAttaching the Battery PackE1. Turn the POWER switch to OFF.qw2. Move the viewfinder upward.3. Attach the battery pack to thecamcorder.POWERCAMERAOFFR))PLAY(VCR Remove the terminal cover of the batterypack. Press lightly and slide it in the direction ofthe arrow until it clicks.e1. Connect the power cord to theadapter.2. Plug the power cord into a poweroutlet.3. Connect the power adapter to thecamcorder’s DC IN terminal.The CHARGE indicator starts flashing. Itglows steadily when charging is complete.DC IN terminalDC IN 8.4VCHARGEindicatoreCARD/CHARGE4. When charging is complete,disconnect the power adapter fromthe camcorder. Unplug the powercord from the power outlet anddisconnect it from the adapter.Basic Functions PreparationsCharging the Battery Packqw5. Remove the battery pack after use.Press the BATT. RELEASE button to remove the battery.11

Using a Household Power Source1. Turn the POWER switch to OFF.q2. Connect the power cord to thepower adapter.POWERCAMERA3. Plug the power cord into a poweroutlet.OFFR)PLAY(VCR)4. Connect the power adapter to thecamcorder’s DC IN terminal.rew Turn off the camcorder before connecting or disconnecting the power adapter. If the adapter is used close to a TV, it may cause picture interference. Move theadapter away from the TV or the arerial cable. Do not connect any products that are not expressly recommended to thecamcorder’s DC IN terminal or to the power adapter. You may hear some noise from the power adapter during use. This is not amalfunction. Do not disconnect and reconnect the power cord while charging a batterypack. The battery pack may not be charged correctly even if the CHARGEindicator glows steady. The battery pack may also not be charged correctlywhen a power outage occurs during charging. Remove the battery pack andattach it back to the camcorder. The battery pack may be defective when the CHARGE indicator flashes rapidly. The CHARGE indicator informs you about the charge status.0-50%:Flashes once every secondMore than 50%: Flashes twice every second100%:Glows steadily Charging, Recording and Playback TimesBelow times are approximate and vary according to the charging, recording orplayback conditions.BP-508BP-512/BP-511(Supplied) (Optional)Charging Time110 min. 120 min.Max. Recording Viewfinder 125 min. 225 min.TimeLCD85 min. 155 min.Typical Recording Viewfinder 65 min. 125 min.Time*LCD45 min. 85 min.Playback Time90 min. 170 min.12BP-514BP-522BP-535(Optional)150 min.260 min.180 min.145 min.100 min.195 min.(Optional)210 min.455 min.320 min.255 min.175 min.345 min.(Optional)310 min.730 min.520 min.405 min.280 min.550 min.* Approximate times for recording with repeated operations such as start/stop, zooming,power on/off. Actual time may be shorter.

Charge the battery pack in temperatures between 5 ºC and 40 ºC. A lithium ion battery pack can be charged at any charge state. Unlikeconventional battery packs, you do not need to completely use or dischargeit before charging. We recommend that you prepare battery packs 2 to 3 times longer than youthink you might need. To conserve battery charge, turn off the camcorder instead of leaving it inrecord pause mode.EBasic Functions Preparations13

Loading/Unloading a CassetteUse only video cassettes marked with the D logo.1. Slide and hold the OPEN/EJECTswitch and open the cassettecompartment cover.Tape protection tabwqThe cassette compartment opensautomatically.2. Load/unload the cassette. Load the cassette with the window facingthe grip belt. Unload the cassette by pulling it straightout.e3. Press the P mark on the cassettecompartment until it clicks.4. Wait for the cassette compartment toretract automatically and close thecassette compartment cover.r Do not interfere with the cassette compartment while it is opening or closingautomatically, or attempt to close the cover before the cassette compartmenthas fully retracted. Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the cassette compartment cover.If the camcorder is connected to a power source, cassettes can be loaded/unloaded even if the POWER switch is set to OFF.14

Installing the Backup BatteryThe backup battery allows the camcorder to retain date, time (19) and othercamcorder settings while the power source is disconnected. Power the camcorder froma household power source or with a battery pack when replacing the backup batteryto retain the settings.1. Open the backup battery cover.2. Insert the lithium battery with the side facing outward.qwEeBasic Functions Preparations3. Close the cover.WARNING! The battery used in this device may present a fire or chemical burn hazard ifmistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble, heat above 100 C or incinerate thebattery. Replace the battery with a CR1616 made by Panasonic, Hitachi Maxell, Sony,Toshiba, Varta or Renata. Use of other batteries may present a risk of fire orexplosion. The used battery should be returned to the supplier for safe disposal. Do not pick up the battery using tweezers or other metal tools as this willcause a short circuit. Wipe the battery with a clean dry cloth to ensure proper contact. Keep the battery out of reach of children. If it is swallowed, seek medicalassistance immediately. The battery case may break and the battery fluids maydamage stomach and intestines. Do not disassemble, heat or immerse the battery in water to avoid the risk ofexplosion.The backup battery has a life span of about a year. j flashes in red to informyou that it needs to be replaced.15

Preparing the CamcorderAdjusting the Viewfinder (Dioptric Adjustment)1. Turn on the camcorder and keepthe LCD panel closed.2. Pull out the viewfinder.3. Adjust the diopter adjustmentlever.Attaching the Lens Cap1. Attach the cord to the lens cap.2. Pass the grip belt through the loopwith the metal fitting on the cord.Press the buttons on the lens cap whenattaching/removing it. Hook the lens cap onthe grip belt while you are recording, andplace it over the lens when you havefinished.Fastening the Grip BeltHold the camcorder with your righthand and adjust the belt with yourleft.Adjust the grip belt so that you can reach thezoom lever and photo button with your indexfinger, and the start/stop button with yourthumb.16Metal fitting

Attaching the Shoulder StrapPass the ends through the strap mount and adjust the length of the strap.ESS-900 Shoulder StrapMounting the Wide AttachmentThe WA-30.5 Wide Attachment gives you a wide perspective for indoor shots orpanoramic views (0.6 ). The wide attachment is for use at maximum wide-angle.Basic Functions PreparationsScrew the wide attachment fully intothe lens filter thread. Do not look directly at the sun or other strong light sources through the wideattachment. It could damage your eyesight. If you zoom to telephoto, the picture will not be in focus. The wide attachment may obstruct the remote sensor (the range of thewireless controller narrows), or may cause a shadow to appear on the picturewhen recording with a video light or the assist lamp (White LED). Filters cannot be used with the wide attachment. If dust accumulates on the wide attachment or on the camcorder lens, cleanboth lenses gently with a blower brush. Do not touch the lens to avoid smudges and fingerprints. Do not store the wide attachment in a humid place as it may mold.17

Using the Wireless ControllerPoint it at the camcorder’s remotesensor when you press the buttons.Inserting BatteriesThe wireless controller operates with two AA (R6) batteries.1. Open the battery cover.2. Insert the batteries following the and – markings.Replace both batteries.3. Close the battery cover. Camcorder and wireless controller are equipped with 2 remote sensor modes(46). If the wireless controller does not work, check if camcorder andwireless controller are set to the same mode. The wireless controller may not work properly when the remote sensor issubjected to strong light sources or direct sunlight.18

Setting the Time Zone, Date and TimeSet the time zone, date and time when you first start using your camcorder, or whenyou have replaced the backup battery.ESetting the Time Zone/Daylight Saving TimeCAMERA(38)PLAY (VCR)SYSTEMCARD CAMERACARD PLAYT.ZONE/DST PARIS1. Press the MENU button to open the menu.3. Turn the SET dial to select [T.ZONE/DST] and pressthe SET dial.The time zone setting appears (see table on the next page). The default setting is Paris.Basic Functions Preparations2. Turn the SET dial to select [SYSTEM] and press theSET dial.4. Turn the SET dial to select the setting option that represents your timezone and press the SET dial.To adjust for daylight saving time, select the time zone with the U next to the area.Setting the Date and TimeCAMERAPLAY (VCR)SYSTEM(38)CARD CAMERACARD PLAYD/TIME SET 1.JAN.200412:00 PM5. Turn the SET dial to select [D/TIME SET] and pressthe SET dial.The year display starts to flash.6. Turn the SET dial to select the year, and press theSET dial. The next part of the display starts flashing. Set the month, day, hours and minutes in the same way.19

7. Press the MENU button to close the menu and tostart the clock.16119420182423176791015852123141222111314 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24No. Time H. KONG (Hong Kong)TOKYOSYDNEYSOLOMON12345678910 11 12 13No. Time zoneWELLGTN (Wellington)SAMOAHONOLU. (Honolulu)ANCHOR. (Anchorage)L.A. (Los Angeles)DENVERCHICAGON.Y. (New York)CARACASRIO (Rio de Janeiro)FERNAN. (Fernando de Noronha)AZORESOnce you have set time zone, date and time, you do not need to reset the clockeach time you travel to another time zone. Just set the time zone to the one ofyour destination, and the camcorder automatically adjusts the clock.20

Displaying Date and Time during RecordingYou can display the date and time in the lower left corner of the screen.CAMERA(38)PLAY (VCR)DISPLAY SETUP/CARD CAMERACARD PLAYED/T DISPLAY OFF1. Press the MENU button to open the menu.2. Turn the SET dial to select [DISPLAY SETUP/press the SET dial.] and4. Turn the SET dial to select [ON].5. Press the MENU button to close the menu.Basic Functions Preparations3. Turn the SET dial to select [D/T DISPLAY] and pressthe SET dial.21

Recording Movies on a TapeBefore You Begin RecordingMake a test recording first to check if the camcorder operates correctly. Before youmake important recordings, clean the video heads (135).Recording1. Remove the lens cap.q2. Set the camcorder to CAMERAmode. Set the POWER switchto CAMERA and the TAPE/CARD switchto b. Set the POWERswitch to CAMERA.wPOWERCAMERAOFFPLAY(VCR)3. Push the OPEN button at the LCDpanel and open the LCD panel.r4. Press the start/stop button to beginrecording.POWERRACAMEERACAMOFFPLAY (VCR)Press the start/stop button again to pauserecording.eWhen You Have Finished Recording1. Turn the POWER switch to OFF.2. Close the LCD panel and return the viewfinder into its initial position.3. Replace the lens cap.4. Unload the cassette.5. Disconnect the power source.22

Wait until the tape counter stops completely before you start recording. When you do not remove the cassette, you can record the next scene withoutproducing any noise or blank sections between the recordings even if you turnthe camcorder off. Bright light may make it difficult to use the LCD screen. In such case, use theviewfinder instead. You can rotate the LCD panel. Make sure to openthe LCD panel at 90 degrees before rotating it.Basic Functions Recording When recording near loud sounds (such as fireworks, drums or concerts),sound may become distorted or may be recorded not in the actual sound level. The camcorder will shut off after 5 minutes when left in record pausemode to protect tape and video heads. “AUTO POWER OFF” appears20 seconds before shutoff. To continue recording, turn the POWERswitch to OFF and then back to CAMERA. About the LCD and viewfinder screen: The screens are produced withextremely high-precision manufacturing techniques, with more than99.99% of the pixels operating to specification. Less than 0.01% of thepixels may occasionally misfire or appear as black or green dots. Thishas no effect on the recorded image and does not constitute amalfunction.EAllowing the Subject to Monitor the LCD ScreenYou can rotate the LCD panel so that the screen faces in thesame direction as the lens. The viewfinder switches onallowing you to use the viewfinder while the subject canmonitor the screen.The image appears mirror reversed (LCD MIRROR ON).However, you can choose to display the image as it is beingrecorded (LCD MIRROR OFF).CAMERA(38)PLAY (VCR)DISPLAY SETUP/CARD CAMERACARD PLAYLCD MIRROR ON1. Press the MENU button to open the menu.23

2. Turn the SET dial to select [DISPLAY SETUP/press the SET dial.] and3. Turn the SET dial to select [LCD MIRROR] and pressthe SET dial.4. Turn the SET dial to select [OFF].5. Press the MENU button to close the menu.When [LCD MIRROR] is set to [ON], only tape (MV750i/MV730i: or card)operation and self-timer displays appear on the LCD screen (all displays appear onthe viewfinder screen).Adjusting the Brightness of the LCD ScreenCAMERA(38)PLAY (VCR)DISPLAY SETUP/CARD CAMERABRIGHTNESS –CARD PLAY 1. Press the MENU button to open the menu.2. Turn the SET dial to select [DISPLAY SETUP/press the SET dial.] and3. Turn the SET dial to select [BRIGHTNESS] and pressthe SET dial.4. Turn the SET dial to adjust the brightness level.5. Press the MENU button to close the menu.Changing the brightness of the LCD screen does not affect that of the viewfinderor the recordings.24

Screen Displays during Recordinge Remaining battery chargeqwerThe battery symbol indicates the chargestatus of the battery pack.Etq Time codeIndicates the recording time in hours,minutes and seconds.Indicates the remaining time of the tapein minutes. b END flashes when thetape reaches the end. When the time left is less than 15seconds, the

CANON INC. Canon Europa N.V. P.O. Box 2262, 1180 EG Amstelveen, the Netherlands Canon UK Ltd. CCI Service Centre, Unit 130 Centennial Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 3SE, England Telephone 0870-241-2161 Canon Australia Pty. Ltd. Info-Line: 131383 Canon New Ze

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