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TABLE OFCONTENTSStep-by-Step Window GuideWindow AnatomyWindow TypesWindow PerformancePassive HousePermafinishTM ColoursGrillesCustom ShapesExterior StylesInterior StylesSupreme vs. SelectEntrance & Lifestyle DoorsOur Promise346141718202629303234363

For over 40 years, our windows have beencustom crafted to add beauty, security,comfort and energy efficiency to your home.Professional engineering, attention to detail,reliability, expert craftsmanship, exceptionalservice and choice have made us one of theleading window brands in North America,but that doesn’t mean we’re content to standstill. We are always innovating and investingin technology, research and developmentand our skilled and talented people, so youreceive outstanding windows that stand upto the harshest weather.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TOOUTSTANDING WINDOWSWINDOW TYPESLearn about our different window types, how each one operatesand its benefits.Pages 6-13WINDOW PERFORMANCEDiscover how our windows reduce your energy costs and make yourhome more comfortable. Learn about our different glass options.Pages 14-17PERMAFINISHTM COLOUR OPTIONSAny colour is possible with our unique paint process. Choose onethat’s right for your windows.Pages 18-19GRILLE PATTERNS & STYLESLearn about our different grille options and choose your favourite style.Pages 20-23CUSTOM SHAPESConsider adding custom window shapes to provide additional naturallight and make a bold statement. Anything is possible.Pages 26-27EXTERIOR STYLESChoose the frame style that goes around the exterior of your windows.Pages 28-29INTERIOR STYLESConsider using specialty glass in your windows and choose froma wide variety of hardware.Pages 30-31OUR PROMISELearn about our guarantee and how to care for your windows.Pages 36-373



WINDOW TYPESCASEMENTOur best performing windows against snow,wind and rain.Designed to keep harsh weather out, ourcasement windows are energy efficient,reliable and practical. They open out to afull 90 degrees via dual or single-arm crankoperators and are hinged at the side, makingthem a great choice for the main and upperlevels of your home.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:Supreme SelectSELECT CASEMENT EXTERIORSUPREME EXTERIORSUPREME INTERIOR

SUPREME EXTERIORSUPREME INTERIORAWNINGAn outstanding choice when aircirculation and ease of use areparamount.Our awning windows are hinged at theside and swing out from the bottom,providing excellent ventilation evenduring light rain. They’re easy to useand built to withstand harsh weather.Pair awning windows with larger fixedwindows on the main and upper floorsof your home to enjoy both the viewand air flow.Casement and Awning windowslook and perform the same.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:Supreme Select7

WINDOW TYPESSINGLE HUNGOur single hung windows are easy toclean and take up no additional spacewhen open.The bottom sash slides up to open,stays in place, and tilts in for quickand easy cleaning. Since our singlehung windows do not open outward,they’re a great choice for rooms thatface decks, porches and walkways.Enjoy reduced energy costs withour improved version of this classicwindow design.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:Supreme SelectSELECT EXTERIORSELECT INTERIOR

DOUBLE HUNGChoose our double hung windows when ease ofcleaning and air flow are your top priorities.The top and bottom sashes slide up and downand stay in position, providing increased air flowinto your home. Both sashes also tilt in for quickand easy cleaning of the entire window. Andbecause our double hung windows do not openoutward, they’re an excellent choice for roomsthat face decks, porches and walkways.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:Supreme SelectSELECT EXTERIORSELECT INTERIOR9

WINDOW TYPESSELECT EXTERIORSELECT INTERIORSINGLE & DOUBLE GLIDEROur glider windows are easy to use and easy to clean.One sash slides side to side in our single glider, whileour double glider allows both sashes to operateindependently and easily for increased ventilation.Both options have sashes that tilt in and lift out of theframe for easy cleaning. Glider windows are oftenfound in basements, but are an outstanding choice forany room in your home.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:Supreme (Single & Double Glider)Select (Single Glider only)

TILT & TURNOur innovative tilt & turn windowsoffer unmatched versatility.Enjoy the best features of casement,fixed and tilting designs with ourelegant and simple tilt & turnwindows. They tilt inward from the topfor draft-free ventilation even duringrain or, with a simple turn of thehandle, open inward just like a doorfor maximum ventilation and easycleaning. When closed, our tilt & turnwindows appear just as elegant asour fixed windows. With a multi-pointlocking mechanism, they provide thebest performance and are a fantasticchoice for any room in the main andupper levels of your home.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILY:SupremeFRENCH TILT & TURNEXTERIORINTERIOR*Available in a Hopper orientation.11

WINDOW TYPESFIXED/PICTURE(NON-OPERATING)Add visual appeal to your home and let in more naturallight with our fixed windows.Fixed windows do not open or operate in any way.Instead, they can dramatically improve the appearanceof any room in your home, especially when pairedwith larger, functional windows or installed arounddoors. Fixed windows also allow you to exploreunique shapes and sizes, providing nearly unlimitedpossibilities. Available with or without sash.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES:Supreme SelectEXTERIORINTERIORLeft side: fixed sash picture windowRight side: narrow profile picture windowLeft side: narrow profile picture windowRight side: fixed sash picture window


WINDOWPERFORMANCESTYLE PERFORMANCEWe’re constantly investing in new technologies, materials and techniques to provideyou with the highest performing windows on the market – windows that reduce yourenergy costs, keep out the weather and make your home more comfortable.Tilt & TurnCasementAwningSingle HungDouble HungSingle GliderDouble Glider

There are two main considerations when determining the performance ofyour windows: weather performance and energy performance.Our windows incorporate a number of additional features that increase theirenergy performance:WEATHER PERFORMANCEINSULATED GLASS UNITWe’ve built our own test lab in our manufacturing facility to ensure yourwindows meet or exceed the requirements in your location. Look for theNorth American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) label on your windows fordetails on how they meet or surpass your requirements.LOW EMISSIVITY (LOE) COATINGTalk to your local, authorized Kohltech dealer to ensure your windows meetand exceed weather performance standards.WARM EDGE SPACER SYSTEMThe elevation, exposure and terrain surrounding your home all impact theweather performance requirements of your windows. These requirementsalso vary with the climate and location of your home.ENERGY PERFORMANCEAll our windows are designed with energy performance in mind. ChoosingKohltech windows is an investment in the energy efficiency of your home,as most of our products meet or exceed the more stringent requirementsof the ENERGY STAR program.Made up of two or three glass panes separated by chambers of air or an inertgas (argon or krypton). This results in decreased heat transfer compared tosingle-pane units.A thin, virtually invisible metallic layer, applied to the glass, that reflects heatback to the same side it originated from. This increases your home’s abilityto retain heat.Raises the temperature of glass near the frame, decreasing heat loss.Also functions to remove any moisture between the panes of glass.We offer three types of warm edge spacers: Intercept Tin-Plated Steel,Intercept Ultra Stainless Steel, and Cellular Silicone.15

WINDOW PERFORMANCEHIGH PERFORMANCE GLASSWe offer a wide variety of high performance glass options that will help increaseyour home’s energy efficiency:LOE ARGONSaves on energy. Increased energyperformance by combining a LoEcoating, argon gas and an interceptwarm edge spacer.ENERGLAS The standard in glass performance.Our most popular option dramaticallyreduces heat loss and infiltrationof harmful UV rays. It uses a highperformance ultra warm edge spacer,one panel of LoE coated glass andone cavity filled with argon gas.TRIPLE ENERGLAS PLUS The ultimate in high performanceand energy efficiency. Our ultrahigh performance, energy efficient,triple glazed option uses warm edgecellular silicone spacers, two panelsof LoE coated glass and two cavitiesfilled with argon or krypton gas.HIGH SOLAR GAIN (HSG) GLASSHSG glass excels at allowing heatfrom the sun in, helping to heat homesin colder climates and reduce energycosts. HSG is our default LoE.LOW SOLAR GAIN (LSG) GLASSFor hot summers and cold winters.If you get a lot of sun in the summer,consider using LSG glass. It significantlyreduces heat transfer, preventingoverheating in the summer andproviding insulation in the winterfor year-round comfort.PROUD MEMBER OF

PASSIVE HOUSECERTIFIED WINDOWSKohltech Windows & Entrance Systems is one of very few manufacturers in NorthAmerica to achieve PHIUS certification. Selecting products with this designationprovides numerous benefits to your home. The triple glazing technology insulatesyour home far more effectively than regular windows. Because the insulation is soeffective, passive solar heat gains in combination with the heat generated by homeappliances and people can often provide most of the necessary heating.Consistent and comfortable temperatures are maintained all year round sincethe windows and doors minimize heat loss and maximize heat gain in thewinter. Increased insulation and consistent temperatures mean lower energy billthroughout the year, including those cold winters.Acquiring Passive House certification is a rigorous process and only products of thehighest performance levels can achieve this standard. Door options also available.AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING SUPREME WINDOWSTilt & Turn Casement Awning Narrow Picture Wide Picture Double Hung17

PERMAFINISH COLOURSDesigned to withstand the harshest climates, our trademarkedfactory applied coatings are available in a wide variety of coloursinspired by the timeless beauty of nature. Choose from our 30standard colours or request a custom colour.All of our factory applied coatings come with a 10 year warranty.


GRILLESAchieve the exact look you wantand enhance the appearance ofyour windows with our wide rangeof grille patterns and styles.

GRILLE PATTERNSChoose from one of these standard patterns or select a custom EDOUBLE PRAIRIE21

GRILLESGRILLE STYLES & COLOURSChoose from a variety of standard grille styles and colours or select a custom colour.3/4” GROOVED GEORGIAN GRILLE1” GROOVED GEORGIAN GRILLE5/8” FLAT COLONIAL GRILLE5/16” SLIMLINE GRILLE*7/8” SIMULATED DIVIDED LITE**Available in white, tan, black,brushed aluminum, split finishand any colour on page 19.Available in white andany colour on page 19.Available in white, tan, brass,brushed aluminum andany colour on page 19.Available in white, tan, brass,black, chrome, dark pewterand any colour on page 19.Available in white, tan,wood clear pine, wood primed,wood permafinished (white and tan)and any colour on page 19.1 1/8” SIMULATED DIVIDED LITE**2” SIMULATED STAYBAR/DIVIDED LITE**1 ¼” SIMULATED STAYBAR**Available in white, tan,wood clear pine, wood primed,wood permafinished (white and tan)and any colour on page 19.Available in white, tanand any colour on page 19.*Slimline grilles cannot be painted split-finish.**Simulated Divided Lite grilles are installed on the outside of the glass withshadow bars between the glass. Simulated Staybars do not include shadow bars.Available in white, tanand any colour on page 19.



Anything is possible,and everything is custom.25

CUSTOM SHAPESChoosing custom-shaped windows for your home will enhance the beauty ofany room, provide additional natural light and make a bold statement. Mostcustom-shaped windows are fixed.Popular custom shapes include circles, trapezoids, arches, transomsand half-rounds, but any shape is ENDEDQUARTER TAGON


EXTERIOR STYLESThe exterior trim, also known as brickmould or exterior casing, is the frame that goes around theexterior of your window. It conceals the gap between the exterior cladding and the window jamband is available in any colour.PLAIN FRAMENAILING FINFLASHING FLANGE7/8” BRICKMOULD*2 ¼” FLUSH FRAME EXTENSION1 ½” BRICKMOULD*3 ½” BRICKMOULD*3 ½” 180 BRICKMOULD*2” 180 BRICKMOULD*WINDOW FRAMESASHBRICKMOULDNAILING FINSUBSILL1 ½” EXTENDED BRICKMOULD*Available extended 1 ¼” and 2 ¼”2” RENO BRICKMOULDAlso available in 1 ½”*Available cut out for J-Trim.29

INTERIOR STYLESSPECIAL GLASS OPTIONSTake your windows to the next level with these additional glass options.TEMPEREDTempered glass is a safe alternative to regular glass. The glass undergoesa heat treatment to increase its strength and improve its safety.SOUND-REDUCING LAMINATEDA type of safety glass that reduces outdoor noise by up to 50%. The glassis held together by an interlayer to improve its safety.ARCHITECTURAL GLASSWe offer a wide variety of glass options to fit projects of any size and makeup. Uniqueofferings include specialty privacy glass, float glass, solar control glass and safety glass.OBSCURE GLASSRAINPINHEADTINTSGREYBRONZESATIN DECO

HANDLESFOLDING HANDLE(Supreme, Select Casement& Awning windows)Available in white or tan.CONTOUR HANDLE(Select Casement windows)TILT & TURN HANDLEAvailable in white or tan.Available in white,titanium or black.ARCHITECTURAL HANDLE(Supreme, Select Casement& Awning windows)ARCHITECTURAL HANDLE(Supreme, Select Casement& Awning windows)ARCHITECTURAL HANDLE(Supreme, Select Casement& Awning windows)ARCHITECTURAL HANDLE(Supreme, Select Casement& Awning windows)Available in black.Available in antique brass.Available in brushed nickel.Available in oil rubbed bronze.*All architectural handles come with stainless steel hardware.LOCKSHARDWARE OPTIONSChoose the handles, locks and latches thatbest suit your windows and home decor.We offer a wide variety of finish and styleoptions. Plus all hardware can be upgradedto enhance the security and improve theappearance of your windows.CAM LOCKCAM LOCKPOSITIVE ACTION LOCKAUTO NIGHT LOCKMANUAL NIGHT LOCK(Select Single & Double Hungand Glider windows)(Supreme Single & DoubleHung and Glider windows)(Supreme Single Hung)(Supreme Single& Double Hung)(Supreme Single& Double Hung)Available in white or tan.Available in white or tan.Available in white or tan.Available in white or tan.Available in white or tan.31

SUPREME VS.SELECTSUPREME CASEMENTOur Supreme vinyl window represents the pinnacleof design excellence and elegance. Select is ourmost popular vinyl window line, and they offer theideal blend of sophistication, practicality and value.SUPREME CASEMENTSELECT CASEMENT4 5/8” frame depth3 1/4” frame depthIntegral drywall return ½” or ¾”Integral drywall return ½” or ¾”To learn more, find all performance charts andwindow ratings at”, 1 3/8” & ¾” glazing options1”, 1 3/8” & ¾” glazing optionsJamb extension available in PVC/wood/vinyl cladJamb extension available in PVC/wood/vinyl clad(Wood/vinyl clad jamb extensions are not available in Western Canada.)(Wood/vinyl clad jamb extensions are not available in Western Canada.)Stainless steel hinges and hardware standardCoated hardware standard or stainless steelhardware optionalFolding nested handle available in white, tan, oilrubbed bronze, brushed nickel, antique brass, blackVS.Contour or folding nested handle available in white, tan,oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, antique brass, blackMultipoint locking system 2 thru 5 pointsMultipoint locking system 2 thru 5 pointsHidden prep for installationHidden or visible prep for installation0.075” outer wall thickness0.071” outer wall thicknessTriple Energlas Plus (triple glazed) availablewith all other glass optionsTriple Energlas Plus (triple glazed) availablewith all other glass optionsSDL grille available with all other grille optionsSDL grille available with all other grille options2 ½” from frame edge to glass3 1/8” from frame edge to glass

SELECT SINGLE HUNGSUPREME SINGLE HUNG/SINGLE GLIDERSELECT SINGLE HUNG/SINGLE GLIDER3 1/4” frame depth with integral drywall return3 1/4” frame depth with integral drywall return¾” & 1” glazing options (dual & triple with internal grilles)¾” glazing optionJamb extension available in PVC/wood/vinyl cladJamb extension available in PVC/wood/vinyl cladStainless steel constant force balance springs(excluding glider windows)Spiral balance springs (excluding glider windows)Robust lock & keeper with auto lock optionalSlimline lock & keeper(Wood/vinyl clad jamb extensions are not available in Western Canada.)(Wood/vinyl clad jamb extensions are not available in Western Canada.)Chambered glazing up-standVS.Single-wall glazing up-standAuto night lock is standardNo night lock availableHead closeout on frameOpen head pocket on frameMore reinforcement options for commercial applicationsStandard t-mullion and mulled reinforcement optionsTriple Energlas Plus (triple glazed) availablewith all other glass optionsLoE, LoE Argon and Energlas glass availableRobust sash (heartier reinforcement & SDL option)Sash restriction availableSlimline sash and standard grille options availableSash restriction available33

ENTRANCE &LIFESTYLE DOORSA DOOR FOR EVERY LIFESTYLEOur entrance and patio doors are crafted to addlasting beauty to your home, while providing thesecurity, choice and performance you need.Entrance doors are made to order with distinctiveglass kits, sidelites, transoms, ellipses and halfrounds – all designed to enhance the characterof your home. A variety of patio doors, doubledoors and garden doors are also available.For detailed information about all our dooroptions, download our door brochure or pick one up at your localKohltech dealer.


OURPROMISEOur warranty is our guarantee that if something is wrongwith your windows, we will be there to make it right.We know that success involves much more than a superiorproduct. That’s why we guarantee our hardware, windowframes and sashes for up to a lifetime. Our dependableand secure insulated glass units are also covered for up toa lifetime. Permafinished components are under warrantyfor 10 years.To learn more about our warranty, visit

WINDOWPRODUCTSSupreme,Tilt & TurnSelectCommercialInsulated GlassLifetime30 years10 yearsHardware*Lifetime30 years1 yearFrame/SashLifetime30 years10 yearsFactory Applied Coating10 years10 years10 yearsLabourLifetime30 years1 years* No warranty for rusting of any hardware unless premium upgrade. Stress crack warranty coverage is for 1 year.Labour warranty coverage in the United States is only offered for 1 year on non-commercialproducts.Note: All warranty coverage is applicable to the original homeowner. For subsequent owners,Supreme, Tilt & Turn, and Select products, the warranty reverts to 20 years from date ofmanufacture for insulated glass, hardware and frame/sash. Coating remains at 10 yearsfrom date of manufacture and labour reverts to 5 years coverage from date of manufacture.Commercial product warranty is not transferable to subsequent homeowners.PATIO & ENTRANCEDOOR PRODUCTSSelect & EstatePatio Door* andTilt & TurnEntranceDoor*Insulated Glass30 years10 yearsHardware*10 years10 yearsSlabn/a10 years***Frame/Sash30 years vinyl10 yearsFactory Applied Coating10 years10 yearsWood Frame Primedn/a5 yearsVinyl Clad Framen/a10 yearsCellular PVC Frame /900 Door Framen/aLifetimeLabour30 years2 yearsInternal Mini Blinds10 years10 yearsInternal Mini Blinds Labour1 year1 year* No warranty for rusting of any hardware unless premium upgrade.** Tilt & Turn Doors include Turn-Only Doors built with Tilt & Turn profile.*** 5 years for N300 slabs. Stress crack warranty coverage is for 1 year.Labour warranty coverage in the United States is only offered for 1 year on patio door products.Note: All warranty coverage is applicable to the original homeowner. For subsequent owners,Select & Estate Patio Door and Tilt & Turn products, the warranty reverts to 20 years from dateof manufacture for insulated glass and frame/sash. Hardware and coating remains at 10 yearsfrom date of manufacture and labour reverts to 5 years coverage from date of manufacture.Commercial and Entrance Door product warranty is not transferable to subsequent homeowners.Assisted living sills are not warranted against water leakage.To learn more about our labour warranty, visit

583 MacElmon Road, P.O. Box 131Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada B0M 1G0Tel: (902) 662-3100Toll Free: 1-800-565-439615311 128 Avenue NWEdmonton, Alberta, Canada T5V 1A5Tel: (780) 468-5722Toll Free: 1-800-379-58181781 Seymour StreetNorth Bay, Ontario, Canada P1A 0C6Tel: (705) 474-9000Toll Free: 1-800-461-6175www.kohltech.comKohltech International Limited cannot be held responsible for information contained herein that may change or be incorrectat time of specification or purchase without prior verification by the buyer with Kohltech International Limited. Due to productimprovement and other factors, specifications and details are subject to change without notice. To ensure that informationcontained herein has not become obsolete, please contact Kohltech International Limited for any updated information beforespecification or use. All products shown are manufactured by Kohltech at the time of this printing. 09/21 CAN

WINDOW BROCHURE. 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Step-by-Step Window Guide 3 Window Anatomy 4 Window Types 6 Window Performance 14 Passive House 17 PermafinishTM Colours 18 Grilles 20 . window design. AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING FAMILIES: Supreme Select SELECT EXTERIOR SELECT INTERIOR WINDOW TYPES. 9

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- Screw through pre-drilled holes in the window jambs. - The bottom holes will be visible in the screen track. - To access the top hole on a hung window, remove the balance cover. Note: cover the open screw holes with the vinyl screw hole caps provided. Use a dab of caulking prior to inserting the cap to prevent air leakage.

Window Services Overview Appendix - Residential Shapes Contact Us 4 5 6 16 22 30 36 41 50 Click the subject that interests you, to go directly to that page. Add a touch of class to any window or door - in every shape, profile, color and option. 5 Residential Product Line

4.0 installing the buck 5.0 installing the top buck 6.0 seal the bucks together 7.0 installing the window 8.0 set the window in place 9.0 fasten the window and break the shims off 10.0 finish sealing the window 11.0 applying the waterproofing material 12.0 case the window to except the drywall 13.0 cut a bevel on the drywall 14.0 drywall the .

Commercial Window 40mm Overview 306 Commercial Window 40mm 308 8 Commercial Window 40mm . 306 Nulook Architects Manual / Version 1 / 2011 8 Commercial Window 40mm Overview Commercial Window 40mm - Design The 40mm Commercial Window has been designed to provide a practical solution for low and high rise

WCF9 Classic Window 1 Pane (Fixed) 3.6 24.27 WCS9 Classic Window 1 Pane (Sash) 5.8 33.14 WCF12 Classic Window 1 Pane (Fixed) 3.8 26.28 WCS12 Classic Window 1 Pane (Sash) 6.5 36.41 . CLASSIC TOPPERS . KG PRICE QTY WCT6 2 Pane Classic Top Lite Window 5.8 32.19 WCT9 2 Pane Classic Top Lite Window 6.9 38.21 .

The window slides to include new unsent frames when the correct acknowledgements are received. This window is a sliding window. Sender sliding Window Assign a sequence number to each frame. Sender maintain three variables Send window size Last acknowledgement received Last frame sent Receiver sliding window

continue to meet with strategy groups and conduct shared reading and guided reading groups with a focus on print strategies and fluency based on students [ needs. **Although the unit details 22 sessions, this unit could easily utilize 6 weeks of instruction within the reading workshop.