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Ameriprise FinancialResponsible Business ReportSpring 2022Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Table of contentsA message from our Chairman and CEO. 2Responsible Investor.17Recognized as an industry leader. 3Governance. 23Recognized for managing our. 4business responsiblyEnvironmental Steward. 26Community Impact. 29Strong record of delivering for our stakeholders. 5SASB Index. 33Financial strength and stability. 6Ameriprise and our global reach. 34Our sustainability approach. 7Appendix. 35Values-Driven Firm. 81

Dear fellow stakeholders,I’m pleased to report that Ameriprise delivered arecord year in 2021, demonstrating the strengthof our relationships with clients, our values andextensive capabilities as a diversified business.We achieved new highs for assets undermanagement and administration, client flows andfinancial results. Importantly, Ameriprise wasnamed the #1 most trusted wealth manager inthe U.S.*, which is high praise and reflects ourclient-focused culture and dedication to meetingtheir evolving needs.Our decisions and actions are based on ourunwavering commitment to stand behind clientsto provide a differentiated level of serviceand value. Throughout the challenges of thepandemic, we have remained focused on ourclients while also prioritizing the health andsafety of the Ameriprise team.We continued to earn meaningful recognition forour client engagement and service, as well as ouremployee engagement. And Ameriprise was againincluded in ESG indices, including the FTSE4GoodIndex Series. In addition, our progress resulted inmultiple respected ESG research firms increasingtheir ratings for Ameriprise.In this 2022 Responsible Business Report,we discuss our sustainability approach in fivesegments: values-driven firm, responsibleinvestor, governance, environmental steward andcommunity impact. The report outlines how wehave kept the interests of all our stakeholdersfront and center during the ongoing pandemic.The report also highlights our efforts to evolveour reporting through a new SASB Index, advanceour human capital disclosures, evolve ourresponse to climate change, and expand ourResponsible Investment capabilities with thestrategic acquisition of BMO Financial Group'sEuropean-based asset management business.In closing, I hope you find this report informative.At Ameriprise, we work diligently to manageour business responsibly and are committed tobuilding on our legacy.Sincerely,JAMES M. CRACCHIOLOJames M. CracchioloChairman and Chief Executive Officer* Investor’s Business Daily.Data as of Dec. 31, 2021.2

Recognized as an industry leaderClients rate Ameriprise4.9 out of 5#1 Most Trusted Wealth ManagerInvestor’s Business Dailyin overall satisfaction and“always putting my interests first”96%say their advisor provided advicethat addressed their needs*Hearts & Wallets Top Performer Clients say Ameriprise is “unbiasedand puts my interests first”For the third consecutive year,J.D. Power recognized Ameriprisefor providing "An Outstanding Customer ServiceExperience" for phone support for advisorsColumbia Threadneedle133andMorningstar-rated funds* Source: Ameriprise Financial Goal-Based Advice Survey. Results from July 2018 through June 2021, reflecting 5,969 client responses. The percentages cited reflect those who agree or strongly agree with eachstatement (on a 5-point scale). Clients may complete a survey via the secure site after their goals are published online.See appendix for additional source and disclosure information.3

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTRecognized for managing our business responsiblyFTSE4GoodDisability Equality IndexMSCI ESG RatingMilitary Friendly EmployerAs of 2021, Ameriprise received an MSCI ESG Rating of A.Beyond the Yellow RibbonBrandon Hall GroupSupporting service members and military familiesExcellence in Learning & DevelopmentThe use by Ameriprise Financial of any MSCI ESG Research LLC or its affiliates (“MSCI”) data, and the use of MSCI logos, trademarks, service marks or index names herein, do not constitute a sponsorship,endorsement, recommendation, or promotion of Ameriprise Financial by MSCI. MSCI services and data are the property of MSCI or its information providers, and are provided ‘as-is’ and without warranty.MSCI names and logos are trademarks or service marks of MSCI.See appendix for additional source and disclosure information.4

A powerful business with a strong track recordof delivering for our stakeholdersAt Ameriprise, we help people feel confidentabout their financial future. Our diversifiedbusiness is built on long-term relationshipsand centered on advice. We are a leading wealth manager and alongstanding leader in financial planningand advice in the U.S., serving more than2 million individual, small business andinstitutional clients. We are a global asset manager investingon behalf of individuals and some of themost sophisticated institutional investorsin the world. Our insurance and annuity businesses aredifferentiated and help meet clients' retirementincome and protection needs. Our bank adds to the capabilities our clientsand advisors can deploy to reach their goals.We remain focused on delivering long-termsustainable value to our shareholders whilerecognizing the interests of all our stakeholders.Given our extensive capabilities, distributionreach and leadership positions, we engage withmultiple stakeholders. These include Ameripriseshareholders, investors, research organizationsand others who are increasingly seeking to betterunderstand performance factors that underpinlong-term business success and sustainability.Many want to work with companies to advancecauses they consider important, especially thoserelated to ESG topics.For Ameriprise, priority topics related tosustainability include talent development andretention, compliance and governance, as wellas data privacy and security, as these helpdemonstrate that our clients’ trust is well-placedand can endure. Initiatives such as managingclimate risk and helping solve domestic hungerthrough more than a decade of support forFeeding America are also important to usand our stakeholders.We believe that all of these elements areimportant to understand about Ameriprise, as ourcollective actions contribute to our sustainability,and ultimately our reputation and ability to helpour clients feel confident about their financialfuture.Stakeholders Clients and policyholders Employees and contractors Ameriprise financial advisors Investors in Columbia Threadneedleand RiverSource products Shareholders of Ameriprise Portfolio companies of ColumbiaThreadneedle Regulators and rating agencies Suppliers Community organizations, granteesand non-governmental organizations Other financial institutions andbusinesses" The company maintains a greatbalance of customer, employee andshareholder interests. All three areequally valued." 2021 AMERIPRISE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTSURVEY RESPONSE5

Our financial strength differentiates AmeripriseAmeriprise stands tall as one of the strongest firms in the industry,with a proven record of generating and protecting shareholder valueacross market cycles.This enables us to stay focused on meeting the needs of our clients, advisors, employees, shareholders and otherstakeholders in both the near and long term. Strong ratings and risk management High-quality investment portfolio Strong liquidity Effective hedging program Conservative debt level, strong fixed charge coverage Strong RBC, excellent free cash flow generationof 90% of adjusted operating earnings Ability to invest for growth and return capital toshareholders at a differentiated rateOur financial strength underpins our commitments and allows us to continue to investin the business across market cycles.As of Dec. 31, 2021. 1.4 trillionin assets under managementand administrationStrong, attractive shareholdervalue creation6

Our sustainability approachIn this report, we summarize how Ameriprise manages our business responsibly to serve our clients and deliver long-term, sustainable value.Values-Driven FirmResponsible InvestorGovernanceAmeriprise is a values-driven firm. Ourvalues of client focus, integrity always,excellence in all we do, and respect forindividuals and communities in whichwe live and work guide our actions. Ourculture and our people are central to ourlong-term sustainability.Our financial strength, steady investmentand robust enterprise risk managementprogram are critical elements ofpreserving and creating sustainable,long-term shareholder value. We arecommitted to the prudent managementprinciples that underpin our firm.From our tone at the top and culture ofcompliance to the extensive corporategovernance framework of independentoversight by our Board of Directors,Ameriprise and our stakeholders arewell served by our strong governancecapabilities, systems and policies.Read more.Read more.Read more.Environmental StewardCommunity ImpactAs a financial services firm, Ameriprise isa low greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter. Weincorporate responsible environmentalpractices in the management of ourfacilities, have earned top ENERGY STARratings for the actions we’ve implementedto improve energy efficiency and continueto evolve our overall approach.We strive to improve the communitieswhere we live and work. Throughstrategic grantmaking, volunteerism andglobal gift matching, Ameriprise supportsa diverse group of 7,600 nonprofitsacross the U.S., UK and other markets.Read more.Read more.We update this report annually. Data reported herein is as of Dec. 31, 2021. For more information and previous reports, visit

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTValues-Driven FirmGuided by our valuesFrom our business decisions to the training we conduct and the leadership expectations we foster, our valuesguide our actions and shape our client-focused culture. We actively nurture our culture through our dailyinteractions and decisions, and we will continue to do all that we can to protect it.Client focusedAmeriprise is built on serving and satisfying clients;meeting their needs is our top priority.Integrity alwaysWe strive to uphold the highest standards of integrityand stand behind what we say and do.Excellence in all we doWe provide world-class service and innovative productsand solutions; we hold ourselves accountable for our actionsand the company’s results.Respect for individuals and forthe communities in which we liveand workWe respect each other, value diversity and inclusion, and workas a team to achieve our goals. Our people are key to oursuccess. We develop our people, reward performance andstrengthen our communities by giving to organizations that ouremployees and advisors support through their money and time." I feel connected to our mission and vision. We are a goodcompany with good people throughout the company.Our team is engaged, collaborative and respectful." 2021 AMERIPRISE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY RESPONSE8

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTConsistently achieving high levels ofemployee and advisor engagementEach year, we survey our employees andadvisors to understand the employee and advisorexperience, and level of engagement. Sinceour engagement survey debuted in 2005, ouremployee and advisor results have consistentlyexceeded external benchmarks across all ofour dimensions.That was true again in 2021, where we sawparticular strength in the metrics of Integrity,Leader Effectiveness, Client Focus, Respect,Teamwork & Collaboration, and Growth &Development. We were also pleased with thehigh rate of participation — especially given thepandemic — 93% of employees participated,the same as in 2020.A culture of learning — training ouremployees and advisorsAmeriprise is committed to the growth anddevelopment of our people. We view allemployees as leaders and risk managers. Ourtraining programs and courses build leadershipskills and help employees grow professionallyand advance within the company. We alsowork closely with our field leadership team toengage our employee and franchise advisors intraining programs, conferences and coachingopportunities that help grow their practices whilereinforcing our commitment to clients and ourcorporate values.In addition to annual training requirements at thefirm level and for those who maintain regulatorydesignations, we encourage all employees totake advantage of our professional developmentprograms, including online courses, workshops,mentoring, networking and peer-to-peer programs.We are an industryReinforcing our values-based, inclusiveculture during the pandemicThroughout the pandemic, we’ve executedour strategy and delivered solid performance,reflecting the strength and resiliency of ourvalues-based, inclusive culture and strongtechnology infrastructure to maintain connectionsin an increasingly virtual world.Our teams continue to adjust well to the evolvingenvironment, and we are being thoughtful andmeasured in our approach to returning to ouroffices while maintaining our focus on clients,each other, shareholders and other stakeholders.We also know that flexibility is increasinglyimportant to employees and a key driver ofsatisfaction. Flexibility has always been atenet of our operating model, and that willcontinue. Employees have support from theirleaders to ensure they maintain balance withflexibility through both formal and informalwork arrangements. Going forward, we arebuilding on our learnings from the pandemic andlistening to our clients, advisors, employees andshareholders to continue to reinforce our culture,strengthen relationships, meet our businessobjectives and serve our clients well.leader in employeeengagement91% of employeesreceived developmenttraining in 2021 despiteworking largely virtuallyWe delivered anestimated 8.3 traininghours per employeein 2021 ee pages 15-16 of our 2021 ResponsibleSBusiness Report for more information aboutactions we've taken to support employeesduring the COVID-19 pandemic.9

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTServing our clients’ best interestsAs a longstanding leader in financial planning andadvice in the U.S., a global asset manager and aninsurer, understanding and meeting clients’ needsis our top priority. Clients value the personalizedadvice and informed perspective they receivefrom Ameriprise — especially during periods ofuncertainty and at important moments in theirlives.Our clients, advisors and the firm benefit fromthe ongoing investment we make in our clientexperience. We are committed to offering a broadchoice of products and services to help clientsreach their goals, with services supported bya strong compliance foundation of appropriatepolicies, supervision and disclosures.Our financial advisors operate under very highstandards of care, including applicable standardsfrom the SEC, DOL, FINRA and state regulators,and we will continue to adapt to an evolvingregulatory landscape. We are proud to adhereto the consumer protection and transparencyprinciples of putting our clients' interests first.When we provide clients with recommendations asa broker-dealer or act as an investment adviser,we act in our clients’ best interests and putclients’ best interests ahead of ours. Ameriprise iscommitted to clearly informing clients about thebenefits, costs and material risks of the financialsolutions we recommend.We provide our Client Relationship Summary,Working in Your Best Interest document (RegulationBest Interest and your brokerage relationship withAmeriprise) and Client Relationship Guide to allnew wealth management clients in the U.S. to helpthem understand how we serve them. Together,these documents describe our commitment toclients, the actions we take to safeguard theiraccounts, products available, the way our companyand our advisors are compensated and how wecan help answer questions. Our advisors alsoexplain how they manage their practices and thepricing of various services they deliver.In addition to our holistic and robust clientrelationship materials, clients receive timelynotification of transaction confirmations, accountstatements and other communications.Delivering high-quality client serviceThe Ameriprise service experience begins withlistening to our clients and advisors and earningtheir trust, one interaction at a time. We gathertheir feedback through ongoing satisfactionsurveys that help us prioritize our resources andcontinuously improve their experience throughincreased personalization, automation andinnovation. Our outstanding customer servicesets up apart from competitors and we havebeen recognized by J.D. Power for providing"An Outstanding Customer Service Experience"to advisors over the phone for three consecutiveyears." Ameriprise is great at continuallyimproving and implementingnew technology that helpsadvisors service clients moreefficiently. The resources thatthey have added over the past10 years have been great, and Iam appreciative of the continuedforward thought process thecompany has provided." AMERIPRISE ADVISOR —2021 ENGAGEMENT SURVEY RESPONSETeams across our global footprint work togetherto be the best in the industry. We continuallyimprove tools and services, digitize our processes,make it easier to do business virtually — and useour award-winning training programs to ensureour employees provide the right answer the firsttime, process transactions precisely and in atimely manner, and swiftly handle escalationsand complex issues. This culture of continuousimprovement and innovation enables us to delivera distinct experience for clients.10

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTAmeriprise Diversity, Equityand InclusionVisionBelong, grow and contribute in a culture thatunleashes potentialMissionWe foster an inclusive culture where weembrace the unique contributions of everyoneat Ameriprise and empower them to delivervalue for our diverse clients, communityand shareholdersOur aspirations1. A workforce that reflects the diverseclients and markets we aspire to servearound the world2. Deliver shareholder value throughindustry-leading business initiativesby a diverse and engaged ecosystemof employees, advisors and suppliers3. To be a leading firm in the financialservices industry as measured by externalrecognition, engagement and externalrepresentation benchmarksFostering an environment to attract,develop and retain talented peopleOur business is driven by the capabilities andcommitment of our people, the effectiveness ofour processes, the performance of products weoffer and our technology. Creating an outstandingemployee experience, and thereby retaining anddeveloping our people, is essential to our longterm success. That includes our corporate officeemployees as well as our advisors across theU.S. and the talented staff they employ.Our professional development programs aredesigned to help employees reach their potentialthrough challenging and rewarding work, trainingand recognition. This includes competitivecompensation, benefits and rewards, programsto support physical and emotional health,sustainable practices and the ability to participatein company-sponsored volunteer activities.Championing a diverse, equitable andinclusive cultureWe believe that through diversity, we accesstalent, innovative ideas and varied perspectivesto deliver financial solutions that meet clients’needs and make a difference in their lives.Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)vision, mission and aspirations are key to oursustainability. DEI is embedded in our culture,values, and how we operate as a firm. We areproud of our accomplishments and remaincommitted to making progress through intentionalplans and actions that help us achieve ourmission of maximizing the unique contributionsof everyone at Ameriprise. This empowers us todeliver value for our diverse clients, communityand shareholders.Our commitment to DEI starts with strongengagement with our Executive LeadershipTeam (ELT) and our Global Diversity SteeringCommittee, which guides and champions our DEIstrategy and plan. The DEI Steering Committee iscomprised of global senior leaders and executiveswho are members of the Executive LeadershipTeam (ELT), who report to the Chairman andCEO. The committee provides input and guidanceon our initiatives and regularly reviews DEImetrics and progress toward our goals to ensurecontinued focus on accountability.We are committed to building the inclusiveleadership skills of everyone at Ameriprise.We believe that it is a business imperativeto foster an environment where everyoneat Ameriprise feels like they belong and canbring their whole self to work. In 2021, the ELTsignificantly increased resources on the DEIteam. We added four team members focusedon developing business-unit specific programsand resources to enhance our measurement anddiagnostic capabilities. We have updated our DEIcurriculum to give leaders and employees morepractical tools focused on awareness to providea foundational knowledge about the many facetsof diversity and on allyship. We promote the ideasand principles of inclusive allyship with contentthat encourages inclusive leadership behaviors,builds skills needed to navigate difficultconversations and focuses on valuing differences. We continue to evolve and enhance this contentto mitigate bias in all key talent processes,including recruitment and performancemanagement. We launched a new gender inclusion trainingpilot that leverages behavioral science researchand industry best practices to provide all levelsof leadership with the needed competenciesand behaviors to help increase genderrepresentation and a culture of inclusion.11

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACT We continued our Global Diversity SpeakerSeries focused on current diversity andinclusion topics that foster dialogue amongour leaders and employees. For the fourth consecutive year, we hostedour Global Diversity and Inclusion Week toengage global employees about the sharedrole we have in building a culture of learningand inclusion that helps the firm achieve ourDEI aspirations and deliver business results.We expanded our content to include sessionson how to be an ally, bring your whole self towork and increase awareness of people withdisabilities.We are committed to inclusion in every part ofthe employee experience so that all Ameripriseemployees and advisors feel like they belong,and can grow and develop in their careers.This includes: Investing in training to increase awarenessof the interviewer’s role in shaping a strongcandidate experience, including training onunconscious bias in the recruitment process. Recruiting diverse talent through targetedoutreach to engage diverse applicants; thisincludes participating in recruiting events withorganizations that reach women, people ofcolor, veterans and people with disabilities. Continued focus on our successful “returner”program, which recruits women who have takena break in their career and are returning to theworkforce. Investing in leadership development trainingby ensuring employees have individualdevelopment plans, including targeted learningopportunities, as well as mentoring and peerlearning groups. Expanding our focus on diversity withinour advisor force, including our continuedsponsorship of the Conference of AfricanAmerican Financial Advisors and the launch ofour Black Empowerment Advisor Communityfocused on helping recruit, retain and engagemore Black advisors. Engaging passionate leaders who help lead ourbusiness resource networks or volunteer to leadbusiness-unit specific diversity initiatives. Wehave seven employee-led Diversity & InclusionGroups that help to drive deeper engagementand address business-unit and regionaldiversity priorities. Hiring a new, dedicated DEI analytics leaderto enhance our reporting and diagnosticcapabilities. Through our increased resources,expertise and funding, we developed a new DEIdashboard that we review with business unitand ELT leaders quarterly to identify trends anddrive accountability.2021 Women Advisor Summit bringsAmeriprise women together in avirtual worldFor the fourth consecutive year, Ameripriseheld an event in partnership with theWomen’s Empowerment (WE) Networkthat brings together a dynamic group ofspeakers who share perspectives on drivingpractice growth, helping clients navigate theexternal landscape and tips for personaland professional development.Our DEI Strategy includes clear policies to buildupon our inclusive culture. We are committed toa work environment free from discrimination andmaintain the following policies that are includedin our Global Code of Conduct: Equal EmploymentOpportunity; Individual Treatment; AffirmativeAction; and Anti-Discrimination. More on ourcompany values and employment practices isavailable at

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTColumbia ThreadneedleOur asset management business, ColumbiaThreadneedle Investments (ColumbiaThreadneedle), adopted a global DEI frameworkin 2020 to further support regional DEI actionplans. Increasing inclusivity and diversity is oneof Columbia Threadneedle’s priorities, with astrategic objective to change the profile of ouremployee base over time. The goal is to betterreflect our client base and the broader populationby increasing the percentage of women, Black,ethnic and all underrepresented groups acrossevery level of the organization.As part of our commitment to fostering a diverseworkforce, we sponsor and support multipleindustry initiatives, including The Diversity Projectin both the UK and North America, an initiativeto achieve a diverse and inclusive investmentand savings industry. In 2021, ColumbiaThreadneedle joined The Equity Collective, adiversity-driven partnership among 23 wealth andasset management firms. This group of industryleaders has committed to educating, empoweringand developing the next generation of diverseleaders in the finance industry by participating ineducation and awareness events. And we beganparticipating in the 10,000 Black Interns program,offering two front office internships in 2021. Inaddition, five senior executives from ColumbiaThreadneedle, including our CEO, joined otherindustry leaders to participate in LGBT Great'sflagship Project 1000 campaign — a five-yeareffort to spotlight 1,000 LGBT and supportiveallies working in, or with, the buyside.In the UK, we publish our gender pay gap reporton The gender paygap data reflects the fact that women hold fewersenior positions at Columbia Threadneedle in theUK, including in higher-paying specialist areassuch as investments and front-line sales. Genderpay gap is not the same as equal pay (which hasbeen a legal requirement in the UK since 1970).Ameriprise conducts an annual compensationequity analysis for all employees, includinga specific review of compensation by genderand race. Our goal is to deliver compensationprograms that are fairly administered whenconsidering performance and experience toensure that all employees receive equivalentpay for equivalent work.Through the combination of our direct efforts,participation in industry initiatives and improvedvisibility of our Tier 2 supplier diversity results,we have increased our Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplierdiversity spend since 2017. We also increasedthe number of supplier diversity projects identifiedfor participation in sourcing bids by establishinga systematic RFP process. We welcome suppliersto register through the supplier diversity portal supplier diversityOur supplier diversity initiatives encourage allsuppliers, including those owned by minorities,women, veterans, LGBTQ individuals andpeople with disabilities, to participatein our program.Including diverse suppliers in our sourcingprocess allows us to develop the most innovative,high-quality and cost-effective business solutionswhile strengthening local economies.In addition to sourcing suppliers directly, weparticipate in industry events, which helps usidentify diverse suppliers, benchmark withindustry peers and evolve our program inalignment with industry best practices.1313

VALUES-DRIVEN FIRM RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR GOVERNANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD COMMUNITY IMPACTAmeriprise continues to evolve its human capital disclosures. Since 2017, we have increased the transparency of our DEI progress and metrics. This year,we are adding comprehensive Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data to our existing human capital disclosures. With these new disclosures we holdourselves accountable to continue to increase representation at all levels of the organization

response to climate change, and expand our Responsible Investment capabilities with the strategic acquisition of BMO Financial Group's European-based asset management business. In closing, I hope you find this report informative. At Ameriprise, we work diligently to manage our business responsibly and are committed to building on our legacy.

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Financial Planning Service ("AFPS") relationship, an Ameriprise financial advisor ("financial advisor") will provide you with ongoing financial planning analysis and written recommendations that align with your goals and needs. See the "Advisory Business" section of this Brochure.

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call from someone who claims to represent Ameriprise Financial. If you have any doubts about lhe caller, hang up and call your advisor to verify the validity of lhe call. lfyou notice any unusual activity, contact your advisor or Ameriprise Financial Customer Service at (800) 862-7919 immediately. We are here to help. 116323 A (8/20)

Source: Ameriprise Financal Market Segmentaton, February 2019. 10. Through our Client Experience, we will deliver advice to our full client base and generate significant value and client satisfaction. 4 elements of the Client Experience. What clients can expect . 1:1 financial advice . based on your goals and needs.

Ameriprise is generating 20% margins, twice the level of Regionals/Independents Data represents trailing 12-months through 9-30-21. Source: Company filings and S&P Cap IQ. Regionals / Independents represents median of LPL and Raymond James PCG. Wirehouses represents median of Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Wealth Management segments.

Ameriprise Trust Company (the "Company") hereby amends and restates, effective as of September 19, 2011, the 2005 Amended and Restated Declaration of Trust - Riversource Trust Collective Investment Funds for Employee Benefit Trusts dated September 29, 2005. The Company hereby declares that it shall act as trustee and shall

Cambridge IGCSE Cambridge International O Level Cambridge International AS and A Level Cambridge International Project Qualification Cambridge ICE/AICE Diploma 21 February 22 February – 17 April 17 April 18 April onwards We recommend that you submit your entries at least two weeks before the final entry deadline. This will give you