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NATURE LOSS ISA BUSINESS RISK 125 trillion - that’s the estimated value, everyyear, of the goods and services nature providesto the global economy (WWF Living PlanetReport, 2018). For example, every year, oceansproduce goods and services such as seafoodworth about 2.5 trillion, bees and other pollinators contribute at least 235 billion to globalfood production, and ecotourism in protectedareas alone generates around 600 billion.Nature not only sustains us, it also powersindustry and commerce. Yet, this critical ‘natural capital’ is under threat as never before. Thethreats facing our planet affect us all. Only byworking together can we find solutions totackle these threats at scale.Watch video WWF / Elizabeth Kemf

CONTENTSINTRODUCTION3ABOUT WWF-VIET NAM4WHY PARTNER WITH US8HOW WWF WORKS WITH BUSINESS9OUR PARTNERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS:131. PARTNERING WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES142. PLATFORMS AND CAMPAIGNS FOR BUSINESS TO JOIN223. BUSINESS SECTORAL TRANSFORMATION27GET IN TOUCH31For further information on collaboration opportunities, pleasecontact:(Ms.) Nga Nguyen, Corporate Partnerships andFundraising Head , WWF-Viet NamEmail: by WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature – Viet Nam.Any reproduction in full or in part must mention the title andcredit the above-mentioned publisher as the copyright owner.Text 2022 WWF-Viet NamAll rights reserved.3

ABOUT WWF-VIET NAMIn continual development of the worldwide network, WWF started on anational conservation strategy in Viet Nam in the 1990s, amongst the firstinternational non-government organisations in the country.Since then, WWF-Viet Nam has worked closely with the government,businesses, and other key players on a range of environmental issues, andimplemented various field activities across Viet Nam, to address global andlocal environmental challenges. WWF / Elizabeth Kemf

CONSERVATION MISSION & PRACTICESAlongside all WWF offices around the world, our Missionremains: to stop the degradation of Viet Nam’s naturalenvironment and to build a future in which humans live inharmony with nature.While continuing to deliver locally in crucial eco-regions,WWF-Viet Nam sharpens the focus on six global goals –wildlife, forests, oceans, freshwater, climate and energy,and food – and three key drivers of environmental degradation – markets, finance and governance.WWF-Viet Nam knows that one organisation alone can’teffect the changes needed. That is why our work on thegoals and drivers is strongly inclusive of our partnershipswith institutions and corporations, both local and global.The changes we want to see in the world can only comeabout through the efforts of many actors: communities andcorporations, governments and NGOs, finance institutionsand development agencies, consumers and researchers.HOW WE MAKE IT HAPPENFOODCLIMATE & ENERGYWILDLIFEFRESHWATEROCEANSFORESTS6 global goals, 3 cross-cutting drivers, delivered bypowerful communities of practice and partners.MARKETSFINANCEGOVERNANCE5

WWFIN NUMBERSHA NOIFounded in1961NGHE ANPresence inover 100 countriesHA TINHover 5 millionQUANG BINHsupportersQUANG TRIover 25 millionTHUA THIEN HUEfollowers on social mediaIN VIET NAMEstablished in1995QUANG NAMWWF-Viet Nam’s officesBINH DINHGIA LAIWWF-Viet Nam’s headquartersWWF-Viet Nam's currentworking areasPHU YENDAK LAKKHANH HOAMore thanLAM DONG26 yearsof operationin Viet NamDA NANGNINH THUANTAY NINHDONG NAIDONG THAPLONG ANHO CHI MINHAN GIANGPHU QUOCBA RIA-VUNG TAUBEN TRECAN THO07 officesacross the countryKIEN GIANGSOC TRANGBAC LIEUCA MAUCON DAO*This map intends to present the working areas and offices of WWF-Viet Nam, and does not represent the entire area of Viet Nam.

WWF-VIET NAM’S GOALSFOR THE NEXT 5 YEARSWILDLIFE Thriving WildlifeViet Nam ensures its priority that wildlife speciesthrive in secure natural habitats, while no longerbeing a major transit or destination country for illegalwildlife products from abroad.FOREST Resilient Forest For AllViet Nam’s forests are resilient, benefit biodiversity,enhance ecosystem services, and improve the qualityof life for all.OCEAN Sustainable and Resilient OceansViet Nam’s key marine protected areas and fisheriesresources are protected.PLASTIC No Plastic in NatureViet Nam’s contribution to plastic waste leakage intothe ocean is mitigated through business model innovations, plastic policy frameworks and plastic-smartcities.FOOD Sustainable Food SystemThe Mekong Delta’s agriculture and aquaculturecommodities are sustainably produced to ensurebiodiversity conservation, resilience to climate changeand benefits to local communities.FRESHWATER Resilient Deltas and Life-sustainingFreshwater SystemsViet Nam’s key rivers and freshwater ecosystemscontribute to a resilient Mekong elta and serviceswhich sustain its people and nature.CLIMATE AND ENERGY Climate Resilience andSustainable EnergyViet Nam is in a just transition to a climate resilientand low carbon future for people and nature, contributing to global aspirations to limit warming to 1.5 C. WWF-Viet Nam / Nguyen Ngoc Quang7

#togetherpossibleWHY PARTNERWITH US?We are living in times of unprecedented environmental change that presentgreat challenges for people and businesses. However, we also have an unparalleled opportunity for positive change – the science is clearer, awareness isgreater, and innovation more powerful than ever before. We can redefine ourrelationship with nature – but we need to work together.In the 2021 GlobeScan-SustainAbility LeadersSurvey, ‘experts point to integrated sustainabilityvalues and having a strategic approach as keyreasons behind recognized leadership’.In the same survey, WWF remains the most widelyrecognized NGO among experts for its contributionto sustainable development, and recognition hasincreased compared to 2020. Most respondentssaid corporate leadership in sustainability is shownwhen companies display integrated sustainabilityvalues and make sustainability part of their corebusiness and strategic approach.The survey also found that ‘innovation’ was a keyreason for companies to work with NGOs like WWF.In short, partnering with WWF and collaboratingwith others – whether at a local or a global level –can deliver results that would not otherwise bepossible.From addressing risk, improving performance andsourcing sustainably, to tackling climate change,influencing policy and delivering on the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs), we build partnershipsthat match the scope, scale and challenge of ourshared ambitions.WWF-VIET NAM IS YOUR PARTNER OF CHOICEWe are the leading and largest conservationorganization in the world and in Viet Nam, workingon both global and local level;We have more than 25 years of experience inconserving Viet Nam’s nature and improving thelivelihood of local communities;We have built a strong network and partnershipwith national and local authorities;We are transparent in financial management; wellequipped with project management tools; ourenvironment and social safeguards are in place andreinforced;We have been working on a wide range of conservation areas with a clear and strategic vision toaddress critical environmental challenges of ourtimes;We have been a long-term and strategic partner ofmany forward-thinking international and localcorporations. Read on for several highlights of oursuccessful partnerships.

HOW WWFWORKS WITHBUSINESSDRIVING SUSTAINALBLEBUSINESS PRACTICESOur bilateral partnerships aim todeliver direct conservation resultson key issues or in priority placesby changing practices throughout acompany’s operations and valuechain, to reduce major environmental impacts.COMMUNICATIONSAND AWARENESS RAISINGThrough communications,campaigns and cause-relatedmarketing, we partner withbusinesses to profile environmentalchallenges and opportunities, raiseawareness and mobilise consumeractions.PHILANTHROPHICPARTNERSHIPSWith companies that are alreadycommitted to conservation orhave managed to reduce theirenvironmental impact, we raisefunds for conservation of important landscapes and species. WWF-Viet Nam / Thanh The Vinh WWF-Viet Nam / Dao Quoc Binh9


PARTNERSHIP HIGHLIGHTS1We partner with individual businesses forcollaboration projects based on our mutualconservation intest. Several partners in highlights are:HSBC, pg. 14Grab, pg. 20Google, pg. 153M, pg. 20IKEA, pg. 15Fuji Xerox, pg. 20Prudential, pg. 17Sopex, pg. 21Coca-Cola, pg. 18Tetra Pak, pg. 21Volvo, pg. 19BOO, pg. 2113

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossibleHSBCAdvancing climate actions in one of the most vulnerable part of Viet Nam – the Mekong Delta.IN 2020 – 2024,THE PARTNERSHIPEXPECTS TOENSURE150 HA MANGROVEFOREST GENERATEDAT LEAST20,000 TONNES OFCARBON PER YEARSEQUESTRATEDAND 10,000HOUSEHOLDSBENEFITED FROMECOSYSTEMSERVICES.2018 - 2019 WATER PROGRAMMEHSBC has been a long-term WWF partner on a global scale for more than 17 years. InViet Nam, WWF-Viet Nam and HSBC Water Programme have come together to work ona multi-year freshwater partnership. The project contributes to WWF- Viet Nam’snational conservation strategy while also mutiplying the impact of the HSBC WaterProgramme, which has benefited more than 2.5 million people in total across five majorriver basins of the world.In Tram Chim National Park in the Mekong Delta and in Vu Gia Thu Bon River Basin, the2018 - 2019 partnership contributed to the river basin improvement by engagingcommunities in key freshwater landscapes in freshwater conservation through education, citizen science and improved management, enhancing environmental, social andeconomic benefits.2020 - 2024 CLIMATE ACTIONSIn 2020 - 2024, HSBC continues to scale up their conservation work with a five-yearproject in Mui Ca Mau National Park together with WWF to develop a far-reaching andinnovative programme that will nurture the vulnerable ecology of the Park, the MekongDelta and beyond.The project framework will also involve theprolonged engagement of HSBC staff volunteerswho will deliver a genuine impact on the groundthrough the delivery of environmental serviceswithin the national park. Active involvement byvolunteers in the drive for needed changes leadsto the betterment of communities and the localenvironment.“Collaboration matters in the fight againstclimate change, and our partnership withWWF-Viet Nam demonstrates HSBC’s strongcommitment to a sustainable future for everyone.Tim EvansCEO of HSBC Vietnam.

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossibleGOOGLECollaborating in a creative way to raise awareness for Saola thanks to the use of technology.On World Saola Day July 9th 2021, Google joins forces with WWF-Viet Nam, tokick off the “Preserve the Saola’s footprints” campaign to save this endangeredspecies by raising awareness and calling for action from the public.Google has launched an Augmented Reality 3D of Saola on Google Search so thatglobal users can have an up-close, detailed view of this spectacular species ontheir smart devices. It is the first time Google has digitalised one of the rarest wildanimals of Viet Nam and Laos to AR 3D.IN JULY 2021,THE CAMPAIGN WASFEATURED ON04 TV/ RADIO55 ONLINE NEWS4,8 MIL IMPRESSIONS4,3 MIL PEOPLEREACHBy launching the campaign and the Saola AR 3D, Google and WWF-Viet Namhope to bring the Saola closer to the public, helping people better understand theway that their behavior and activity impacts nature and rare wildlife, like theSaola. Each of us, both as individuals and as members of larger organizations,must take concrete action to bend the curve and prevent biodiversity loss toprotect and revive the Saola and other threatened species.“By bringing the AR 3D model of Saola on Google search,we’d like to introduce to the world this rare endangeredanimal of Viet Nam, that you get to see up close, in themost vivid way possible. Google hopes to bring technology to support conservation efforts, digitizing information and images, so that they can be accessed by everyone; and that is exactly the objective of this campaign.Mrs. Tram Nguyen, Country Manager of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia at Google Asia Pacific.626.000ENGAGEMENTSON SOCIAL MEDIA16 KOLS JOINEDTHE CAMPAIGN WITH10,3 MIL FOLLOWERSAND 56.000ENGAGEMENTS.15

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossibleIKEAImproving and expanding the FSC certification system for local forest smallholders.IKEA started its work with WWF in the Mekong region since 2006 tosafeguard and manage precious natural resources and transformbusiness for the benefit of people and planet. Through engagement,innovation and advocacy in 05 countries, the WWF-IKEA partnershippromotes and supports sustainable forest management, responsibleproduction and sourcing of forest commodities from both natural forestand plantations (bamboo, rattan, rubber and acacia).Alarmingly, we are irresponsibly taking more from nature than naturalsystems can replenish, jeopardizing our own well-being and survival.Recognising the scale and complexity of the impacts caused by theproduction of major global commodities such as timber, natural fiberand cotton, and the role of business in driving change, WWF and IKEAhave joined forces to transform production processes for the betteracross whole sectors. Together, the partnership transforming businessfor the benefit of people and planet, helping secure a healthier future foreveryone.The current partnership’s project Phase 7“Stronger Supply Chains, Empowered Communities, Improved Forest Resilience andBiodiversity & Knowledge Sharing BeyondBorders” (September’2020-August’2023) isdesigned to build capacity of forest enterprises and smallholders to improve managementof natural forest habitat, biodiversity andclimate resilience, and also addresses deforestation by improving supply chain legality,transparency and traceability.BETWEEN 2016AND 2020FSC CERTIFIEDACACIAPLANTATIONSSUPPORTED BY THEPROJECT INVIET NAMINCREASEDFROM15,832 hato 21,358 ha.The project will support business practices that reduce human footprint on the naturallandscape, and promote fair and equal access to natural resources for local communitiesand support fair and equal business practices in the landscape. Project Phase 7 willcontinue on the expansion of sustainable forest management models, benefiting localcommunities’ livelihood and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) along forest supplychains, so that forests and wildlife in the landscapes are effectively protected and moreresilient to the effects of climate change. Across 04 countries (Cambodia, Laos, Thailandand Viet Nam), 15 provinces will be targets.In Viet Nam, the project focuses on improving and expanding the FSC certificationsystem for smallholders, providing access tofinancing mechanisms, assessing deforestation in the landscape, and enforcing policiestowards sustainable forest managementand certification. This project phase willsafeguard forest biodiversity at landscapelevel and will ensure a long-term balancebetween harvest of wood and forestregrowth.

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossiblePRUDENTIALTackling the plastic issues - one of the most critical environment challenges of our time.While ramping up conservation efforts in 2018,WWF-Viet Nam and Prudential plc (UK) andPrudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd. (Prudential) launched a partnership for plastic wastereduction in Viet Nam. With a shared vision andperspective in confronting plastic issues,WWF-Viet Nam and Prudential collaborated fromthe initial project concept discussion and development; pulling together innovative yet pragmaticideas and resources to form the Building plasticpollution free communities project. The projectaimed to significantly change the perception andbehaviour of Vietnamese plastic consumption forthe sake of environmental sustainability.THE PARTNERSHIPENGAGED ABOUTThe initiative’s approach was based on the direct participation of individuals in shared activities. WWF-Viet Nam andPrudential engaged schools, businesses and communities,through environmental education programming and onlineand offline communication campaigns, involving massmedia to raise awareness, change behaviour and pioneer amodel for plastic waste reduction.100 JOURNALISTSWith technical support from WWF-Viet Nam, approximately 2,000 Prudential staffs and agents learnt how to be strongsupporters and advocates of a growing global and localmovement addressing plastic pollution. The Prudential staffpracticed plastic waste reduction by conducting an audit oftheir current plastic habits, assessing potential solutions toreduce plastic waste and creating an action plan.6,200 STUDENTSANDTEACHERSPrudential staff volunteersnot only participated indriving the changes butalso became the changeand inspiration for theirinstitution and communities to continue in thisspirit, even beyond thispartnership framework.IN 05 SCHOOLSANDTHOUSANDS OFCORPORATE STAFFSLooking outwards, additional connections and partnerships were forged through Prudential’s other stakeholdersincluding customers, partners and suppliers. The story and work that unfolded within Prudential will be replicatedexternally throughout public spaces and other institutions. The project has positivelly impacted the development of aViet Nam that is beginning to have a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, cleaner ocean, and greener businesses.17

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossibleCOCA-COLAImproving the ecological conditions of the Plain of Reeds wetlands & local people’s livelihood.10 BILLION LITERSOF WATERWILL CONTINUETO BEREPLENISHEDANNUALLY INTRAM CHIMAREAS300 POORHOUSEHOLDSCAN ACCESSTHE PARK TOFISH ANDCOLLECTVEGETABLESTO INCREASEINCOME.The Coca-Cola Company and WWF-Viet Nam worked together in 2017 to conserve freshwater resources around the world and improve environment for communities’ living aswell as values of sustainable development of Coca- Cola’s operations. The Plain of Reedswetland restoration project was launched under the global partnership of freshwaterconservation, a collaboration between The Coca-Cola Company and WWF-Viet Nam.Tram Chim National Park (TCNP) is a remaining area of the Plain of Reeds – a vastseasonally flooded wetland system - that supports 130 fish species and 256 bird species,including the park’s flagship species - the Sarus Crane.The partnership aimed to improve theecological conditions of the Plain of Reedswetlands, located in the Mekong Riverbasin, through restoring habitats, collaborating to manage livelihood interventionsfor 50,000 people living around TramChim National Park and supporting themto use natural resources sustainably,which contributed to the Park’s conservation.In collaboration with the ManagementBoard of TCNP, the project placed emphasis on restoring wetland habitats andstreamlining wetland related policies.TCNP ecosystems provide ecologicalfunctions and support the livelihoods of50,000 people living around the Park.The project helped them sustainably usethe Park’s resources, which equippedthem to contribute to and sustainconservation impacts in the area.

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossibleVOLVOCollaborating to support One Planet City Challenge focusing on sustainable mobility.More than half of the world’s population reside in cities and over 70% ofthe world’s CO2 emissions are generated by cities’ residents. Volvo andWWF-Viet Nam worked together to support WWF’s global programme OnePlanet City Challenge (OPCC) formerly named Earth Hour City Challenge(EHCC) to help drive sustainable city development, with a special focus onmobility during the period of 2016–2017.OPCC has been created to mobilise action and support from cities in theglobal transition towards a climate friendly one-planet future. OPCCengages cities from all over the world to accelerate their commitments andactions, for example by generating solutions and plans for sustainablemobility.In 2016, Hue joined the OnePlanet City Challenge (OPCC)to become one of the 18 citiesin the world designated as aNational Earth Hour City,followed by its commitment todecrease levels of 2011 greenhouse gas emissions by 20%by 2020.In 2018, in partnership withWWF-Viet Nam, Danang wonthe OPCC, following itscommitment to carbon emission reduction by 25% by2030. Other cities joining thechallenge were Hoi An andDong Hoi who were alsoselected for the final round ofOPCC.Furthermore, Volvo Group employees also participated in OPCCactivities through their offices in many other countries and regions,in order to share knowledge, increase awareness and contribute tosustainable urban transport solutions to benefit the overall objectives of OPCC.To reach its ambitious target and commitment, Hue City createdseven specific action plans, focusing on urban greening, green tourism development, effective disposal of trash and waste water, intelligent public lighting systems, renewable energy and eco-friendly construction materials. Bike Share is one of many initiatives to increaseecofriendly transportation in the city.19

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSES#togetherpossibleAND MANY MORE.GRABGrab has teamed up with WWF to engage communitysupport for the protection of Southeast Asia’s mostendangered wildlife through the GrabRewards LoyaltyProgramme. This collaboration not only raises awareness of the threatened wildlife; it also supports WWF’sefforts to increase funding for their protection.In 2019 & 2020, Grab users from eight markets inSoutheast Asia had a chance to redeem their GrabRewards points to help fund WWF’s work. In Viet Nam,this support contributed directly to the conservation ofAsian elephants and Saola, two of the most iconicspecies facing an increased threat to their existence dueto poaching, wildlife trade, and habitat destruction.3M has joined WWF-Viet Nam to plan 8,000 trees in anarea of 7 ha at Lang Sen Wetland Reserve, Long AnProvince as part of its habitat restoration project. Theproject aimed to return the highly degraded ecosystemin the Mekong Delta region toward its original state andas a result, enhanced livelihoods of local communities.3MBefore this tree-planting event, the locals were given theessential training about safe and healthy environment —key for a sustained way of addressing a regional crisis. Itwas estimated that nearly 15,000 individuals and thelocal wildlife would benefit from the restoration of thedegraded forest through the form of non-timber products and more favorable conditions respectively.TETRA PAKTetra Pak partnered with WWF-Viet Nam in 2017 inprotecting and responsibly managing forests in VietNam. We promoted the use of recyclable packaging,recycling practice and their benefits, through a series ofevents and activities across the country, in order toadvance the protection of forests in Viet Nam and allover the world.Another collaboration project of ours was to provideclean drinking water to more than 10,000 students andteachers at 29 kindergartens and schools in the bufferzones of Tram Chim National Park, via the installationof necessary equipment and training in use and maintenance.

1PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIVIDUAL BUSINESSESINNISFREEHaving a premium coffee line named after Saola, a rare,distinctive yet critically endangered species, SOPEX VNwas inspired to sign on to a partnership with WWF-VietNam in 2017. The company consistently donates aportion of the revenue from its internationally soldSaola River premium coffee, contributing to the continuation of long-term Saola protection efforts andWWF-Viet Nam’s conservation work.BOOWWF-Viet Nam & Epson Vietnam have marked astrategic partnership aiming at the general public andthe private sector in responding to climate change andreducing carbon emissions for a green future. Thepartnership includes a series of media and social mediaactivities on WWF's Earth Hour platform in March2022; a handbook on climate risks, carbon reductionsolutions and sustainable energy for businesses; and awebinar on climate change & sustainable energy.#togetherpossibleinnisfree, together with WWF-Viet Nam, kicked off theGreen Forest campaign across the country; of which,each empty cosmetic bottle brought in by consumerswas matched with one tree donated by innisfree. Thecampaign was enthusiastically supported by thecommunity with the participation of a leading influencer and vlogger Giang Ơi. This collective efforts resultedin the 5,787 trees planted to restore the Lang SenWetland Reserve ecosystem. The campaign furthersustained its impact on the community by inspiring agreen lifestyle and turning individual action into acollective, tangible win for the environment.SOPEXHaving been a staunch partner of Earth Hour for overten consecutive years, BOO Trading JSC. (BOO) hasinspired hundreds of thousands of people to do theirparts in protecting the environment. Their commitmentto conservation continued through WWF-Viet Nam’s Iwill if you will initiative, leading to the renowned outputof collective power where BOO’s customers donatedmore than 18,000 mangrove trees to a reforestationproject in Thua Thien Hue’s coastal areas.EPSON21

PLATFORMS AND CAMPAIGNS2We initiate our owned platforms, initiativesand campaigns that are open for business tojoin. Several campaigns in highlight are:Our Planet: Our Business, pg. 23Earth Hour, pg. 24Run Wild with WWF, pg. 25Say No to Ivory, pg. 25Plastic Initiative competition, pg. 25

RUN WILD WITH WWFOUR PLANET: OUR BUSINESSA WAKE-UP CALL TO BUSINESSESStemmed from the Our Planet series launched in April 2019, the40-minute film, Our Planet: Our Business, is an unrivalled experiencecombining stunning wildlife footages with the voices of influentialbusiness leaders, to demonstrate why protecting the natural world is abusiness imperative.The exclusive screening of OurPlanet: Our Business which tookplace in Viet Nam in November2019 engaged hundreds of keycorporate representatives in Hanoiand Ho Chi Minh City, contributingto the overwhelming success of thisseries screening all over the world.The events were proudly sponsored by CGV Viet Nam and Tetra Pak VietNam, with beverages and refreshments supplied by sustainable production models, HEINEKEN Viet Nam and 4Ps Corporation.OVER 120,000VIEWS ONLINEOVER 17,000PEOPLE WATCH THEFULL FILMValuable experiences were shared from panelists including representatives from our sponsors and Thien Minh Group, discussing the possibilities in a local shift toward sustainability and how business strategies cancontribute to long term sustainable development goals.“We can’t smile in the future if wedon’t grow sustainably.said Mr. Yuma Nagata,Sustainability Manager,4Ps Corporation.Increasingly, many businesses are starting to step up and help tackleenvironmental issues with nature-based business solutions to secure along-term sustainable future.These efforts ramped up in the super year 2020. The goliath task tounite the world is daunting, but momentum has been building acrossthe planet. Only by working together can we develop shared solutionsfor large-scale challenges. Join us and be part of that change!AT NEARLY200 EVENTSACROSS50 COUNTRIES23

2PLATFORMS & CAMPAIGNS FOR BUSINESS TO JOINEARTH HOUR 2021Responding to the call of EH global message,EH 2021 in Viet Nam called people to SPEAKUP FOR NATURE by develop their own commitments to reduce GHG emissions andclimate changes, to reduce single-use plasticand reach zero plastic in Nature.In Viet Nam, WWF collaborated with Ministries and local authorities, as well as with leading corporates to roll out the campaign viaonline channels.EH 2021 was an remarkable event wherecorporates of different sectors such as realestate, retails, tourism, fashion, and manymore came together to spread the message forour planet as EH communications partnersThe lights were dimmed or turned off in 200 locations all over Viet Nam at 20:30 on 27March. A number of businesses also sharedEH key visuals and selective EH contents ontheir social media channels that helped ensurethe campaign reach to an extended audience.These EH corporate partners helped drive thesustainability movement and inspire theirstakeholders as well as their industries tofollow suite in working with WWF and becoming the changes themselves.#togetherpossible

2PLATFORMS & CAMPAIGNS FOR BUSINESS TO JOINRUN WILD WITH WWF#togetherpossibleCorporates keeping their staffdespite COVID’s social distancing.engagedEven at the peak of the pandemic, hundreds of staff fromVietnamese corporates, along with participants from fivecountries in South East Asia, were able to stay active andconnected from home through Run Wild with WWF.WWF’s first virtual race was highlighted as a positiveinitiative for community activity during the social distancing period. Corporate participants like BOO Trading JSC.and Intel Products Viet Nam were featured on VTV1evening news as role models for advocating innovativework culture, having combined staff engagement withcorporate social responsibility work in accordance withWWF’s conservation mission in Viet Nam.SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD WEEKIn August 2015, seafood certified by the AquacultureStewardship Council (ASC ) responsibly farmed inViet Nam, had officially reached the domestic marketfor the first time. The Sustainable Seafood Week 2015campaign, organised by WWF-Viet Nam in partnership with a number of companies from various industries, raised consumer awareness on the seafoodsectors’ responsible practices in the Asia Pacificregion, including Viet Nam.PLASTIC INNOVATION CONTEST25

2PLATFORMS & CAMPAIGNS FOR BUSINESS TO JOIN#togetherpossibleSAY NO TO IVORY CAMPAIGN[text to be updated]Lorem ipsum

A BUSINESS RISK 125 trillion - that's the estimated value, every year, of the goods and services nature provides to the global economy (WWF Living Planet Report, 2018). For example, every year, oceans produce goods and services such as seafood worth about 2.5 trillion, bees and other polli-nators contribute at least 235 billion to global

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WWF Schweiz 2017 2 Dieser Bericht fokussiert auf die Firmenpartnerschaft mit SV (Schweiz) AG. Den vollständigen Leistungsbericht über sämtliche Firmenpartnerschaften des WWF Schweiz finden Sie hier. Über den WWF Der WWF Schweiz ist die grösste Umweltorganisation der Schweiz und als gemeinnützige Stiftung organisiert.

The LEGO Group and WWF-Denmark established the Climate Savers partnership in 2013. The Climate Savers programme is WWF’s global platform to engage business THE . WWF-Denmark – Corporate Partnerships Report – 2015 WWF

c'est la classe ! Guide pratique à l'usage des professeurs des écoles primaires. Édition 2013 - WWF France Conception et coordination : WWF France -Nathalie Luzeiro . Activité 2 : Chasse aux trésors de la nature 17 Activité 3 : Le jeu des explorateurs 20 Activité 4 : Un Rallye-nature 22 4 - PROLONGER LES SORTIES EN CLASSE 25

WWF-Pakistan Annual Report 2020 / 6 WWF-Pakistan Annual Report 2020 / 7 WWF came into being in Switzerland in 1961 and is the leading conservation organization in the world, with a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF-Pakistan was established in 1970 in order to add

WWF International WWF Climate Savers, the planet and the bigger picture Climate Savers Workshop October 27, 2010. Agenda The State of the Planet Are we on-track to fix it? The role of business Climate Savers what you are do

Fiche n 1 : La taxe de séjour en chiffres Guide pratique : Taxes de séjour 8 0 500 1000 1500 Nature n 1 Nature n 2 Nature n 3 Nature n 4 Nature n 5 Nature n 6 Nature n 7 Nature n 8 Nature n 9 Taxe au réel ou taxe forfaitaire ? Source : Fichier téléchargeable sur du 29/11/2019

AMP means Advanced Metering Program Adjustment App means Appendix Apr means April ARC means Asset Retirement Costs ARO means Asset Retirement Obligation . LOC means Letter of Credit Mar means March MGP means Manufactured Gas Plant ML means Meter-Related Facilities Lease Mon means Month . ILL. C. C. No. 10

WWF internationally in the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network and the Climate Savers programme by setting a unilateral 10% emission reduction target by 2010. Following up on its commitment to substantially reducing emissions, Tetra Pak India has partnered with WWF-India to initiate the Young C

that WWF’s Climate Savers programme was developed. What exactly is Climate Savers? Climate Savers is a cutting-edge programme between WWF and businesses aimed at fighting climate change. Agreed targets must go much further than previous plans and should place the compa

Informe Planeta Vivo 2018: Apuntando más alto Redactor Jefe: Monique Grooten y Rosamunde Almond (WWF-Países Bajos) Equipo Editorial y de Producción -Editor Jefe: Tanya Petersen Equipos: Michael Alexander (WWF International), Stefanie Deinet (Sociedad Zoológica de

Maßnahmen und Instrumenten hinterlegt ist. Dies leistet die vorliegende Studie des WWF Deutsch-land erstmals. Wir betreten Neuland. Wir denken vom Ziel her. Nur so können wir unsere Stabilität, Sicherheit, Wohlstand und Arbeitsplätze sichern. Die Studie von Prognos, Öko-Institut und Dr. Ziesing im Auftrag des WWF zeigt, dass der geforderte

The need for business to mainstream nature risk in corporate enterprise risk management 2. Provide the insights needed to develop practical roadmaps that address the most important drivers of nature loss, and build a nature-positive future, including: a. The most pressing business-related threats to nature, which require urgent individual and .

For nearly 60 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 . companies face an increasingly risky business landscape. For example, companies are already facing restricted access to markets that require seafood to be sustainably produced and

1 WWF and RSPB report Risky Business: Understanding the UK’s overseas footprint for deforestation-risk commodities (2017) 4 RISKIER BUSINESS: THE UK’S OVERSEAS LAND FOOTPRINT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5 KEY FINDINGS The UK’s overseas land footprint continues to expand: between 2016 and 2018, an

Source: Lee, D. Biomimicry - Inventions inspired by nature. Kids Can Press, 2011 Inspired by nature: gathering ideas Overview Nature is filled with amazing designs and characteristics that help living things adapt to their environment and survive. This activity involves stepping out of the

WWF China (World Wide Fund for Nature) 4 About the Research In 2005, WWF published Chinese Companies in the 21st Century, a report based on a research . (70%) and Climate Savers (61%). Most companies are not aware of cooperat

World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) brings the public, governments, corporations and civil societies together by actively promoting low-carbon transformation planning, calling for a low-carbon lifestyle and the sustainable use of natural resources. WWF is taking actions to fight climate

Published in November 2018 by WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature (Formerly World Wildlife Fund) . rainforest is the Amazon River, the world’s largest river by volume. It stretches more than 6,500 . longest freshwater migratory pattern in the worl

giant pandas in the wild can we achieve the goal of healthy coexistence with pandas. When it was founded in 1961, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) selected the giant panda as its logo, and WWF has had a

wellness tourism visit What could it mean for coastal resorts? Globally, the health and wellness market is worth an eye-popping 494 billion ( 314.8 billion). And it’s growing rapidly. However relatively little is known about the size and scope of the market in the UK, particularly in a coastal context. We commissioned new research, surveying a nationally .