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Media PlanningMarketing Communications 2002

Media Terminology Media Planning - A series of decisionsinvolving the delivery of messages toaudiences.Media Objectives - Goals to be attained bythe media strategy and program.Media Strategy - Decisions on how themedia objectives can be attained.Media - The various categories of deliverysystems, including broadcast and printmedia.

Media Terminology Broadcast Media - Either radio ortelevision network or local stationbroadcasts.Print Media - Publications such asnewspapers, magazines, direct mail,outdoor, and the like.Media Vehicle - The specific messagecarrier, such as the Washington Post orTonight Show.

Media Terminology Coverage - The potential audience thatmight receive the message through thevehicle. TV Homes/Households Using Television Reach - The actual number of individualaudience members reached at least onceby the vehicle.Frequency - The number of times thereceiver is exposed to vehicle in a specifictime period.

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderations Geographic coverage

Brand and Category AnalysisCategory Development IndexPercentage of productcategory total sales in marketCDI Percentage of total U.S.population in marketX 100

Brand and Category AnalysisBrand Development IndexPercentage of brand sales inmarket to total US salesBDI Percentage of total U.S.population in marketX 100

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderationsGeographic coverage The media mix Target market coverage

Target Audience CoveragePopulation excluding target marketTarget marketMedia CoverageMedia gePartialMarketCoverageCoverageExceedingMarket

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderationsGeographic coverage The media mix Target market coverage Scheduling

Three Scheduling MethodsContinuityFlightingPulsingJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderations Geographic coverageThe media mixTarget market coverageSchedulingReach versus frequency Reach - The actual number of individualaudience members reached at least once bythe vehicle. Frequency - The number of times the receiveris exposed to vehicle in a specific time period. GRP (Gross rating point) Reach x frequency

Reach and FrequencyReach of One ProgramReach of Two ProgramTotal market audience reachedTotal market audience reachedDuplicated Reach of BothUnduplicated Reach of BothTotal reached with both showsTotal reach less duplicate

Graph of Effective ReachPercentage ctiveReach10%5%0% 0510Exposures15

Marketing Factors Important toDetermining Frequency Brand history Brand share Brand loyalty Purchase cycles Usage cycle Competitive share of voice Target group

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderationsGeographic coverage The media mix Target market coverage Scheduling Reach versus frequency Creative aspects and mood

Creative Factors In DeterminingFrequencyMessage complexity Message uniqueness New vs. continuing campaigns Image versus product sell Message variation Wearout Advertising units

Media Factors Important toDetermining Frequency Clutter Editorial environment Attentiveness Scheduling Number of media used Repeat Exposures

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderationsGeographic coverage The media mix Target market coverage Scheduling Reach versus frequency Creative aspects and mood Budget considerations

Determining RelativeCost of Media CPM (cost per thousand)Cost of ad space/time x1000Circulation/Audience CPRP (cost per rating point)Cost of commercial time Program rating

Media Planning CriteriaConsiderationsGeographic coverage The media mix Target market coverage Scheduling Reach versus frequency Creative aspects and mood Budget considerations

Media Terminology Media Planning - A series of decisions involving the delivery of messages to audiences. Media Objectives - Goals to be attained by the media strategy and program. Media Strategy - Decisions on how the media objectives can be attained. Media - The various categories of delivery systems, including broadcast and print media.

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Index Terms—social media; social media marketing; strat-egy; sufficient, e-word-of-mouth; Starbucks I. INTRODUCTION N MODERN society, social media is one of the essential factors in a media sector and marketing. It is said that so-cial media is a new measure for media over the world, which has a vast difference with public media. I

In general terms, a social media plan is a comprehensive strategy for social media marketing, and should include the following:-A clear list of goals and objectives -An audit of the existing social media presence-Analysis of the competition-A basic social media content strategy outline-A social media calendar (annually, quarterly, monthly)

1.2.2 The purpose of strategy-, mission, vision, values and objectives 7 1.2.3 Strategy statements 8 1.2.4 Levels of strategy 10 1.3 The Exploring Strategy Framework 11 1.3.1 Strategie position 12 1.3.2 Strategie choices 13 1.3.3 Strategy in action 14 1.4 Working with strategy 16 1.5 Studying strategy

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2 YOUR INBOUND MARKETING STRATEGY . this right, we've created this strategy template to help you iron out each stage of the strategy-planning process. Step 1: Assess your current strategy Before you can begin planning your new strategy, you need to first take stock of what you're currently doing and how well that's .

of duration is called Aggregate Planning as obvious from the following diagram. Planning process Long range planning ( strategic planning)(for 1-5 years of duration) Intermediate range planning ( aggregate planning)(for 3-12 months) Short term planning (for scheduling and planning for day to day shop floor activities). (for 1-90 days)

How to Use Social Media Analytics to Create the Best Content Social Media Image Cheat Sheet A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Social Media: Strategy and Design Tips for Success Social Media for Non -Profits: High Impact Tips and the Best Free Tools A Nonprofit's Ultimate Guide to Social Media .

Use of Social Media Social Media Strategy Champions of Social Media Impacts of Social Media The results of the interviews are summarised and discussed below: Use of Social Media Twitter was the most widely used form of social media, used by all the businesses in this survey and

Social Media Marketing 6 Social media is a fusion of sociology and technology Social media is user-controlled, which means that sociologic components play a large role in any company‟s social media business strategy. The limits of social media are only set by the limits of the tec

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