The Advanced Pharmacy Technician

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The Advanced Pharmacy TechnicianZachary Green, CPhTAssociate Director, Partnership DevelopmentAAPT 2020

DisclosuresZachary Green is employed by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.He declares no other conflicts of interest, real or apparent, and no otherfinancial interests in any company, product, or service mentioned in thisprogram, including grants, employment, gifts, stock holdings, and honoraria.

Learning ObjectivesAnalyze data and survey results examining job market andcareer opportunities.Describe recent updates to the Pharmacy TechnicianCertification Examination (PTCE) and Certified PharmacyTechnician (CPhT) eligibility requirements.Review the development of advanced technician credentials.Summarize national regulatory landscape for pharmacytechnicians.

Mission and VisionMission: PTCB advances medication safety bycredentialing technicians who are qualified tosupport pharmacists and patient care teams inall practice settings.Vision: PTCB sets the standard forcredentialing of technicians that improvesmedication safety and patient care.

PTCB by the Numbers706,678 pharmacy technician certifications since 1995288,866 active certified pharmacy technicians51,768 CPhT exams in 2019*1,452 secure Pearson VUE testing centersOnline testing now availableAdministered and accepted in all 50 states, DC, Guam,and Puerto Rico

Our Credentials

Job Market andCareer Opportunities

Technicians by the Numbers420,400 pharmacytechnicians preparemedications under thedirection of pharmacist.May measure, mix, count out, label,and record amounts and dosages ofmedications according toprescription -technicians.htm

PTCB Workforce SurveyDemographicsEducation/training and exam preparationCertificationCareer outlook and satisfaction

Agen 15,7380.02%10.38%30.81%25.27%18.36%13.20%1.96%

Gendern 15,73884%14.33%0.23%1.28%0.16%

Race/Ethnicityn 15,738 (Select all that apply)2.03%8.47%10.96%11.88%0.79%63.78%6.84%

Highest Level of Educationn 16,63639.47%18.57%18.14%18.07%2.68%2.52%0.55%

Number of Years Certifiedn 16,80022.70%24.02%19.79%33.49%

Employment Statusn 16,43580.88%15.03%4.09%55% indicated thatthey supervise otherpharmacy technicians

Primary Practice Settingn 16,339

Annual Incomen technicians.htm

How long have you been employed by your currentemployer?n 15,80526.28%31.33%14.55%27.84%

Do you consider working as a pharmacy technician to beyour long-term career?n 16,39760.15%18.94%20.91%

Are you planning to pursue a different career in thefuture?n 16,43526.08%40.74%33.19%

When will you pursue this new career?n 4,273

Why did you become a pharmacy technician?(Check all that apply.)

How satisfied are you working as a pharmacy technician?n 15,80550.58%41.08%6.06%2.29%

What would increase your level of job satisfaction in yourcurrent pharmacy technician role? (Rank)n 15,805

National Job Market Demand 2020 Burning Glass International Inc.

Top Requested SkillsBaselineSpecializedCommunication skillsTypingCustomer serviceRetail industry knowledgeProblem solvingPharmacist assistanceTeamwork/collaborationPhysical abilitiesPrescription fillingCustomer contactWritten communicationLegal complianceComputer literacyTranscription

CPhT Program Updates

Education/Training RequirementCPhT EligibilityPathways1.Completion of t workexperience(i.e., 500 hours)Required knowledge is the same for both paths.

PTCE Content OutlineMedications (40%)Federal Requirements (13%)Patient Safety & Quality Assurance (26%)Order Entry & Processing (21%)Full Content Outline available acy-technician


Assessment-basedCertificate Programs &Advanced Credentials

Exam Development eFormsSetStandardEquateFormsPublish &AdministerQA & IssueResults

Assessment-Based Certificate ProgramsMedication HistoryTechnician Product Verification (Tech-Check-Tech)Billing and ReimbursementHazardous Drug ManagementControlled Substance Diversion PreventionEligibility Criteria: Be an active PTCB CPhT and complete a PTCB-recognizededucation/training program. Some programs will also include an alternativeeligibility pathway.

Advanced Certified Pharmacy TechnicianBe an activePTCB CPhT Successfully completeat least 4 certificateprograms* Have at least 3 yearsof work experience inthe last 8 years* One must be either TPVor Medication HistoryIndividuals who earn the CPhT-Adv credential will be required to earnadditional CE hours to maintain their certification.

Potential Assessment-Based CertificatePrograms of the FutureBusiness Systems AnalystNuclear PharmacyClinical Pharmacy ServicesPoint-of-Care TestingCommunity HealthRegulatory ComplianceImmunizationSpecialty PharmacyInformaticsSupply Chain ManagementMedication AssistanceTelepharmacyMedication Services TechnicianTransitions of CareNuclear PharmacyVeterinary Pharmacy

National RegulatoryLandscape

State Regulatory Statistics45 states DC require registration or licensure22 states require certification9 states require recertification26 states have a minimum age requirement30 states with technician: pharmacist ratio12 states with technician representation on Boards of Pharmacy18 states allowing technician product verification4 states allowing technician immunization administration

Regulatory Update


Self-Assessment #1Beginning in in January 2020, PTCB updated its eligibilityrequirements for national pharmacy technician certification. For theWork Experience pathway, a minimum of hours are required.A.B.C.D.E.300 hours400 hours500 hours600 hoursNone of the above

Self-Assessment #2According to the results of the 2019 PTCB Workforce Survey, inwhich pharmacy setting do most respondents Community-chainCommunity-independentCompounding

Self-Assessment #3Which of the following is required of an individual seeking to obtain theCPhT-Adv credential?A.B.C.D.Have a minimum of 5 years of work experienceBe an active PTCB CPhTEarn 10 hours of CE annuallySuccessfully complete at least 5 assessment-based certificateprogramsE. None of the above

Self-Assessment #4Which four states currently allow pharmacy technicians to provideimmunizations to patients after meeting requirements established bythe Board of Pharmacy.A.B.C.D.E.Idaho, Rhode Island, Washington, and UtahArizona, Idaho, and UtahIdaho, Michigan, and Rhode IslandCalifornia, Idaho, and UtahIdaho, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island

QuestionsZachary Green, CPhTAssociate Director, Partnership

Which four states currently allow pharmacy technicians to provide immunizations to patients after meeting requirements established by the Board of Pharmacy. A. Idaho, Rhode Island, Washington, and Utah B. Arizona, Idaho, and Utah C. Idaho, Michigan, and Rhode Island D. California, Idaho, and Utah E. Idaho, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island

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Pharmacy Technician Program The mission of the Pharmacy Technician Program at Baton Rouge Community College is to prepare qualified candidates to perform the duties of the entry-level pharmacy technician. The Pharmacy Technician Program strives to instill the knowledge, skills, abilities, values, and essence of teamwork.

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN PROGRAM The pharmacy technician is a skilled technical health worker who performs a wide variety of non-discretionary pharmacy related tasks under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist. Successful completion of the pharmacy technician program qualifies one for registration with the California State Board of Pharmacy.

hires a certified pharmacy technician, it knows the employee has an established skill set to effectively work in the pharmacy. There are two recognized national pharmacy technician certification examinations: the . Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE), whic. h is offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the