Importance To Have A Home Warranty- HVAC And Other Issues

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Importance to Have a HomeWarranty- HVAC and OtherIssues1. Discuss what happened to mepersonally in my Home in earlyDecember 20192. Home Inspections of HVAC Units3. Rob Sells our Home Inspectortalks about why Heat or A/C maynot be able to be tested properly4. The Various Home WarrantyCompanies that we use andsupport5. It is recommended if you do nothave a Home Warranty to get ahome inspection done BEFOREpurchasing a Home Warranty

Seven Home WarrantyCompanies in AZThese are the following home warranty companiesThat we support. Here are some bullet points ofThe various Home Warranty companies.AHG Home Warranty –- “Standard” Plan at 375.00 does NOTinclude Washer, Dryer, and KitchenRefrigerator- Their “Guardian” Plan at 525.00 doesinclude the 3 above items up to anaggregate limit up t 1500 in repairs- If you have a Casita or a House with over5000 sq ft, then there is a 160 OptionUpgrade- A Pool that uses DE filter with grids meaningChlorine Pool is 160 extra; Salt water Poolsare 200 extra- A Spa is 160 extra- After a home is purchased and a Home warrantyObtained and if the HVAC (Air Compressor goes bad)- Free Replacement in the first year- After renewal at the end of the first year to Year 9,there is no aggregate limit- From 10 to 17 years; it has a 5,000 aggregatelimit- After 17 years, there is a 1200 aggregate limit- Pool and Spa equipment- Service calls are a 65.00 charge- Chlorine Pool or spa detached has up to 1,000 for repairs during contract term- Salt Water pools are capped at 1200 per term in repairsAHG Home Warranty /2018/12/HW-AZ-18RETFinal.pdf

Home Warranties ContinuedChoice Home Warranty- Basic Plan that does not cover KitchenRefrigerator is 420.00- The “Choice Ultimate” plan does includethe Kitchen Refrigerator and Washer/Dryerfor 550.00- Service visit/call is 65.00- Add 160 for a Pool and Its Equipment- The first service call cannot be added tothe cost of the home warranty- HVAC coverage maximum is 5,000 if a A/Ccompressor goes out- Pool and Spa equipment aggregate per contractterm is 1500Choice Home Warranty red/Home Warranty of America- Basic Plan that does not cover Refrigerator,Washer and Dryer is 390.00- Their premium plan called the “Diamond Plan”does cover Washer, Dryer, and KitchenRefrigerator and is 535.00- Service call is 65.00- Add 220 for a Pool/Spa for a Chlorine DE FilterPool and 370 for a Salt Water Pool- First service call cannot be added to cost of homewarranty- HVAC has an aggregate limit of 5,000 in case itgoes bad or needs to be replaced- Pool and spa equipment is up to 1000 percontract term periodHome Warranty of America /costs

Home Warranties ContinuedPlatinum Home WarrantyPlatinum Home Warranty Termsand /Platinum Home Warranty icing-az/Their Basic Plan is 479.00 a year and does NOTinclude Kitchen Refrigerator, Washer/DryerTheir premium plan is called the “Gold Plan” whichis 779 which includes one free A/C or Heatcheckup and includes Refrigerator andWasher/DryerAdd a DE Filter Chlorine Pool and it is a 179 extracharge which makes it a 958 home warranty- If your HVAC (Air Compressor) needsreplacement, then there is an aggregate of upto 2000 of coverage- Chlorine Pool or spa detached has up to 1,500 for repairs during contract term- Salt Water pools are capped at 1,500 perterm inrepairs

Fidelity National Home WarrantyFidelity National Home Warranty link: Their Basic Plan is called the “Standard Plan”that covers all major items except KitchenRefrigerator, Washer & Dryer Cost is 370.00- Their Premium Plan is called the “Enhanced Plan”which is the Standard Plan and includes theKitchen Refrigerator, Washer and DryerCost is 535.00- Service Calls are 75.00- Additional Coverage for a Chlorine or Salt Water Poolis 180.00 extra- Enhanced Plan with a Pool is 715.00- HVAC Coverage (Total maximum of 5 Ton between1 or 2 Units) No Limit on Coverage During Its Policy- Pool Equipment Coverage has NO LIMIT

Old Republic Home ProtectionOld Republic Home Protection link: Their Basic Plan is called the “Standard Plan” is 370.00- Their Premium Plan is called the Ultimate Plan thatincludes the Kitchen Refrigerator, Washer & DryerCost is 535.000- Their top end Plan is called the “Ultimate Plan” is 640.00- The Ultimate Plan with the Pool added is 820.00- Pool Coverage for Chlorine or Salt Water Poolsare 180.00 extra- HVAC Coverage on the Ultimate “Middle Plan” is 1500.00 maximum/ The Platinum Plan has a capof 2500.00

First American Home WarrantyFirst American Home Warranty Their Basic Plan costs 390.00- Their Premium Plan is called the Value Plusand is the Basic Plan with the First Class Packagethat only includes the Kitchen Refrigerator ONLYCost is 510.00- Their Eagle Premier Plan includes the Premium Planand the Washer and Dryer is 560.00- Service Calls are 75.00- Pool Coverage for a Chlorine or Salt Water Pool is 170.00 extra- HVAC Coverage has NO LIMIT- Kitchen Refrigerator and Appliances are capped perappliance- Chlorine Pool Coverage on Equipment has NO LIMIT- Salt Water Pools and Above Ground Spas has a 1500 limit

535779Ultimate------------Top Plan w/ Pool705730755958Service Call65656565Add’l for ChlorinePool180180220179Add’l for SaltWater Pool200180370179HVAC CoverageNo Limit*500050002000Pool EquipmentCoverage1000/1200150010001500AHG Home Warranty has HVAC Coverage in this order:Up to 1 Year Old – Free Replacement; 1-9 Years OldNo Aggregate Limit; 9-17 Years Old- 5000; 17 Yearsand Up- 1200

0390Premium535535510Ultimate (Platinum) ----640560Top Plan w/ Pool715715730Service Call757575Add’l for ChlorinePool180180170Add’l for SaltWater Pool180180170HVAC CoverageNO Limit*1500 Prem2500 PlatNo LimitPool EquipmentCoverageNo Limit1500No LimitChlorine1500 SaltWaterThis information was complied on January 8, 2020 and is subject to change. Allinformation to the answers to these home warranty companies were called to theircorporate offices. Eric Merritt Sells AZ Real Estate is not liable for the informationin this presentation and should be investigated directly to each of these companiesbecause they can change their prices and policies at ANY TIME.

Seven Home Warranty Companies in AZ These are the following home warranty companies That we support. Here are some bullet points of The various Home Warranty companies. AHG Home Warranty - - "Standard" Plan at 375.00 does NOT include Washer, Dryer, and Kitchen Refrigerator - Their "Guardian" Plan at 525.00 does

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