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Listed as one of the “Best Business Schools” in the Princeton Review 2008 EditionSpringfield, MissouriTransfer Guide2015 – 2016For Potential Business Students Planning to Transfer From:North CentralMissouri CollegeTrenton, MOMSU’s College of BusinessOffers AACSB-Accredited Programs in: Accounting Administrative Management Advertising and Promotion Business Education ComputerInformation Systems Entertainment Management Entrepreneurship Finance Financial Planning IGeneral Business Human Resources Information Technology Service Management I InternationalBusiness Logistics & Supply Chain Management Marketing Management Marketing Research Production/Operations Management Real Estate Risk Management & Insurance Sales/SalesManagement andACCE-Accredited Programs in:Construction Management

College of BusinessMissouri State University901 S. NationalSpringfield, Missouri 65897Business Advisement CenterMs. Sandra Culver, DirectorPhone: 417-836-5386Fax: 417-836-6757E-mail: BusinessAdvisement@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/BusAdv/Department of ManagementDr. Barry Cobb, Interim Department HeadPhone: 417-836-5415Fax: 417-836-3004E-mail: Management@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.mgt.missouristate.edu/College of BusinessDr. Stephanie Bryant, DeanPhone: 417-836-5646Fax: 417-836-4407E-mail: COB@MissouriState.eduWeb: http://business.missouristate.edu/Department of MarketingDr. Ronald Coulter, Department HeadPhone: 417-836-5413Fax: 417-836-4466E-mail: Marketing@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/mkt/Department of Merchandising, Fashionand DesignPhone: 417-836-5136Fax:417-836-4341E-mail: FID@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/fidSchool of AccountancyDr. Dick Williams, DirectorPhone: 417-836-5414Fax: 417-836-5164E-mail: Accountancy@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/soa/Department of Computer InformationSystemsDr. Michael Hignite, Interim DepartmentHeadPhone: 417-836-4131Fax: 417-836-6907E-mail: CIS@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.cis.missouristate.edu/Department of Finance and GeneralBusinessDr. Kent Ragan, Department HeadPhone: 417-836-5504Fax: 417-836-6224E-mail: FinanceandGeneralBus@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/fgb/Department of Technology andConstruction ManagementDr. Neal Callahan, Department HeadPhone: 417-836-5121Fax:417-836-8556E-mail: tcm@missouristate.eduWeb: http://tcm.missouristate.eduDepartment of Interior DesignPhone: 417-836-5121Fax:417-836-8556E-mail: tcm@missouristate.eduWeb: http://tcm.missouristate.eduOffice of AdmissionsPhone: 417-836-5517Or1-800-492-7900Fax: 417-836-5137E-mail: info@missouristate.eduWeb: http://missouristate.edu/admissions/Office of Financial AidMs. Vicki Mattocks, DirectorPhone: 417-836-5262Or1-800-283-4243Fax: 417-836-8392E-mail: FinancialAid@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/Financialaid/Career CenterMs. Jill Wiggins, DirectorPhone: 417-836-5636Or1-877-836-5627Fax: 417-836-6797E-mail: CareerCenter@missouristate.eduWeb: http://CareerCenter.missouristate.edu/Residence Life & ServicesMr. Gary Stewart, DirectorPhone: 417-836-5536Or1-800-284-7535Fax: 417-837-2327E-mail: ResidenceLife@missouristate.eduWeb: http://www.missouristate.edu/reslife/


2INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICE MANAGEMENT (ONLINE) 24FINANCE MAJOR 25Finance Option . 25Finance Option (ONLINE) . 26Financial Planning Option . 27Real Estate Option . 28RISK MANAGEMENT AND INSURANCE MAJOR 29GENERAL BUSINESS MAJOR 30GENERAL BUSINESS MAJOR (ONLINE) 31CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT MAJOR 32FACILITY MANAGEMENT MAJOR33MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY34ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT MAJOR 35ENTREPRENEURSHIP MAJOR 36MANAGEMENT MAJOR 37Administrative Management Option . 37Human Resource Management Option . 38International Business Option . 39Production and Operations Management Option . 40LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT MAJOR 41MARKETING MAJOR 42Advertising and Promotions Option . 42Marketing Management Option . 43Marketing Research Option . 44Sales/Sales Management Option . 45

32015-2016COLLEGE OF BUSINESSMISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITYThe nationally-accredited College of Business at Missouri State Universityoffers comprehensive major programs of study with the Bachelor of Science(B.S.) degree in Accounting, Computer Information Systems, ConstructionManagement, Entertainment Management, Entrepreneurship, FacilityManagement, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Finance, General Business,Interior Design, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Management, Marketing,Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Risk Management and Insurance.Another offering includes a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in TechnologyManagement (see p. 12 for a description of the B.A.S. degree).PROGRAM CONTENTAll major programs in business require the completion of the followingcategories of requirements:1. General Education (see p. 8) . 45-49 credit hrs.General Education requirements may be met throughcompletion of the Associate of Arts degree. Recommendedsequencing plans, incorporating the requirements forthe AA degree as well as the requirements for the B.S.degree in the various majors and options at MSU, areoutlined beginning on p. 22.2. Specific Course Requirements for All COB Majors. 36-45 credit hrs.Some of these courses may be used to partly satisfy generaleducation requirements (see p. 9)1.3. Major Program Requirements . 23-75 credit hrs.These are specialized courses necessary to complete acomprehensive program and are listed in the MSUUndergraduate Catalog under individual major areas ofstudy.4. Additional courses to total 125 hours for the degree, 40 hoursof upper-division (300 ), and at least 63 hours1 (50% of thehours recommended for graduation) of non-business creditsrecommended (excluding ENG 100, IDS 117, MTH 101, 102,and 103, but QBA 237 and 337 may be counted as coursework outside COB) . 0-23 credit hrs.1Does not apply to Construction Management, Facility Management, FashionMerchandising and Design, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology, andTechnology Management majors.

4ADMISSION TO A B.S. DEGREE IN BUSINESSAll students who plan to apply for admission to the College of Businessshould declare a major in one of the seven academic departments of the Collegeupon admission to the University and seek enrollment advice through theBusiness Advisement Center.Students in good standing at MSU (not on probation) are eligible to beconsidered for admission to a B.S. degree program in the College of Businessupon the completion of at least 54 semester hours including the followingpreparation courses:COURSESUBJECT1ACC 201 & 211CIS 200COM 1151ECO 155 & 165ENG 1101MGT 286MTH 135 or above (excluding 145) 2PSY 121QBA 237LAW 2311AccountingCritical & Creative Thinking Using ITPublic SpeakingEconomics (Macro and Micro)English CompositionBusiness CommunicationsCollege AlgebraIntroductory PsychologyBusiness StatisticsLegal Environment of BusinessHOURS6336333333Not required for Construction Management,Facility Management, Fashion Merchandisingand Design, Interior Design, MechanicalEngineering Technology, and TechnologyManagement majors.2MTH 135 required for Interior Design. MTH261 or 287 required for Construction MGT.MTH 181 required for Facility MGT. MTH 261required for Mechanical EngineeringTechnology.1Admission to the College of Business is limited to a total of 2,000 majorsat the combined junior and senior levels. Admission decisions will be determinedby applicants' combined (MSU plus transfer) grade point average. However, allapplicants whose combined grade point average is 2.50 or higher and otherwisemeet the admission criteria, will automatically be admitted upon application.Factors in addition to grade point average may be considered in unusual cases,but exceptions to the prevailing minimum grade point average will be limited tofive percent of the 2,000 majors at the combined junior and senior levels.Students should gain admission to the College by that semester in whichthey have earned a total of 75 semester hours of college credit (includingtransfer credit). Students who do not gain admission as expected will not bepermitted to register for the following semester without special permission.Students should contact the College of Business Advisement Center regardingthe granting of special permission to register.Business majors cannot be enrolled in upper-division (300 ) businesscourses until their degree program has been finalized. Business majors whohave enrolled in upper-division business courses without having met alladmission requirements will be dropped from those courses.1 GPA and admission limits do not apply to the Construction Management, Facility Management, Fashion Merchandising andDesign, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Technology Management majors.

5TRANSFER OF COURSEWORK TO MSUStudents transferring from an accepted Missouri community college mayrequest simultaneous admission to the community college and the businessprogram at Missouri State University. Upon successful completion of all specifiedrequirements, students are guaranteed automatic admission to the College ofBusiness. Contact your advisor or MSU's Business Advisement Center forinformation on the “parallel admission program.”Students planning to transfer to MSU should expect to complete most oftheir specific business courses during their junior and senior years. A studentmay transfer General Education or foundation courses equivalent to thoserequired for the business degree at MSU.A formal, course-by-course evaluation of your transfer work will beprepared after you have applied for admission to MSU. Although the Office ofAdmissions is unable to provide such an evaluation to prospective students priorto application, this transfer guide should answer most, if not all, of yourquestions. For further information, please contact the Business AdvisementCenter.Effective Fall 2001 or later a student transferring from any regionallyaccredited college or university with an Associate of Arts degree will beconsidered to have met the general education requirements at MSU. Studentswho have had a course in American Government that did not include a study ofthe Missouri Constitution must complete PLS 103. The following are specialrequirements which will be required if not taken as a part of the Associate of Artsor General Education program: Required for the Business Unit (Accounting, Computer InformationSystems, Finance and General Business, Management, andMarketing): CIS 200, COM 115, ECO 155, ECO 165, PSY 121,MTH 135, and the globalization requirements. Required for Construction Management majors: ECO 155, MTH261 or MTH 287, PHY 123 or PHY 203, GLG 110 or GRY 142, BIO101 or GLG 115, CIS 200 or CSC 210. Required for Facility Management majors: ECO 155, PSY 121,MTH 181, BIO 101/111, CHM 116/117. Required for Fashion Merchandising and Design: PSY 121, ECO155 Required for Interior Design: MTH 135, PSY 121 Required for Mechanical Engineering Technology: MTH 261, PSY121, PHY 203, ENG 210

6POLICY REGARDING TRANSFER OF COURSES TAKEN AT THE LOWERDIVISION LEVEL FOR UPPER-DIVISION CREDITIt is the policy of the College of Business, in cooperation with academicdepartments, to assure that all students who are granted the baccalaureatedegree, including students completing some work in transfer and thosecompleting all course work at Missouri State University (MSU), receive aneducational experience of similar quality.In order to assure high standards in the educational programs, theacademic departments reserve the right to evaluate and make a determinationregarding the equivalency of courses taken at other institutions to be acceptedfor credit toward fulfillment of a baccalaureate program at MSU.A course completed at the lower-division level (such as one completedtoward fulfillment of an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Sciencedegree) but which is deemed by an academic department to be similar in contentto an MSU course at the upper-division level, may be accepted for equivalentcredit if the student can successfully demonstrate a level of achievementnecessary to satisfactorily complete remaining upper-division course work.In order to assure this level of achievement, academic departments haveestablished appropriate validating procedures for those courses frequentlyreceived in transfer. Other courses may be evaluated and appropriate validatingprocedures established on an individual basis. For those transfer coursesrequiring validation through completion of an additional course, a grade of "C" orbetter is required in the validating course.These are the courses for which validating procedures have beenestablished:ACC 301 - Intermediate AccountingValidating Course: ACC 302 - Intermediate Accounting IIMGT 340 - Organizational Behavior and DevelopmentValidating Course: MGT 341 - Advanced Organizational Behaviorand DevelopmentCIS 326 - Database Management Systems Concepts and DesignValidating Course: CIS 528 - Database Management SystemsImplementationCIS 321 - Information Systems Analysis and DesignValidating Course: CIS 431: Structured Systems DesignCIS 370 – Web Application Development for Business IValidating Course: CIS 375: Web Application Development forBusiness II

7The following courses are validated by examination:MKT 350 - Principles of MarketingMKT 351 - Consumer Market BehaviorMKT 352 - Personal SellingMKT 354 - Principles of AdvertisingMKT 355 - Principles of RetailingAny questions regarding the validation process or requests for validationshould be directed to the Business Advisement Center. Please note that thevalidation process is NOT automatic. The student must request permission tocomplete the validation requirements by signing a form in the BusinessAdvisement Center. Validation by exam must be completed within the semesterof admission. Validation by additional coursework must be requested in theBusiness Advisement Center the semester of transfer and must be completedwithin one year.*Transfer courses accepted by community colleges are subject toapproval of Department Heads at MSU-Springfield.*CLEP credit awarded by the community college may not be accepted byMSU-Springfield.*Students are strongly encouraged to seek advisement at the communitycollege and at MSU-Springfield if they are transferring the 42-hour block.

8SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS AND COURSE PLANNING(Both sections I and II must be completed)I.GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTSRefer to page 11 of this document, or contact the MSU Admissions Office if you havequestions about course comparability.CoursesHoursGECCode2GEC 101B. Human Cultures333-5GEC 102GEC 103GEC 1041. Social & Behavioral Sciences (6)(Interior Design majors must take MTH 135)(Construction MGT majors must take MTH 261 or 287)(Facility MGT majors must take MTH 181)(Mechanical Engineering Technology majors must take MTH 261)Complete one of the following Written Comm. courses: 3,4HoursGECCodeFour different course codes to satisfy the Human Cultures area.I. FOUNDATIONSGEP 101 – First-Year Foundations/(UHC honors) (waived if transferring24 hours taken after high school)ENG 110 – Writing ICOM 115 – Fund of Public SpeakingMTH 135 – College Algebra or Above2CoursesECO 155 – Principles of Macroeconomics2ECO 165 – Principles of Microeconomics2PSY 121 – Introductory Psychology2SOC 150 – Introduction to Society2. Humanities (3)3ENG 210 – Academic Writing (3) 2ENG 221 – Writing for the Professions (3)ENG 321 – Beginning Technical Writing (3)II. BREADTH OF KNOWLEDGEA.Natural WorldSelect from two areas. One must have a lab (7-9)1. Life Science (3-4 credit hrs.) / GEC 107 (no lab)/GEC 106 (lab)GEC 105GEC 1103333GEC 111AAS 100 – Intro to African American Studies3ART 271 – History of Western Art IART 272 – History of Western Art IIART 273 – Surv. Art of Africa, Oceania, & Americas333ART 274 – Survey of Asian ArtENG 200 – Great Books & Instant Classics33ENG 282 – Literature by WomenENG 283 – Folklore & Cultural EngagementHST 103 – World History to Circa 1600 C.E.333BIO 100 – Biological Science for EducatorsBIO 101 – Biology in Your World24(3-3)3(3-0)HST 104 – World History Since 1600 C. E.LLT 121 – Classical Mythology33BIO 111 – Understanding Bio Systems Through Inquiry2BIO 121 – General Biology I1(0-2)4(3-3)MED 274 – Introduction to FilmMUS 241 – The Language of Music33BMS 100 – Concepts/Issues in Life SciencesBMS 101 – Concepts/Lab in the Life SciencesBMS 110 – Intro to the Biomedical Sciences3(3-0)1(0-2)3(3-0)333BMS 111 – Intro to Lab in Biomedical ScienceGLG 115 – Life of the Past22. Physical Science (3-5 credit hrs.) / GEC 109 (no lab)/GEC 108 (lab)1(0-2)3(3-0)PHI 110 – Intro to PhilosophyREL 101 – Lit and World Old Testament/Hebrew BibleREL 102 – Lit and World of New Testament3. The Arts (3)ART 200 – Art in Context3AST 113 – Modern Astronomy3(3-0)DAN 180 – Introduction to DanceENG 203 – Creative Writing: Poetry33AST 114 – Survey of AstronomyAST 115 – Basic AstronomyCHM 107 – Chemistry for the Citizen4(4-0)4(3-2)3(3-0)ENG 205 – Creative Writing: NonfictionENG 215 – Creative Writing: Short StoryMUS 239 – Introduction to World Music2333CHM 108 – Chemistry for the Citizen LabCHM 116 – Fundamentals of Chemistry21(0-2)4(4-0)THE 101 – Intro to Theatre and Drama Arts3Four different course codes to satisfy the Public Affairs area.CHM 117 – Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab21(0-2)C. Public AffairsGLG 110 – Principles of Geology2GLG 171 – Environmental Geology4(3-2)3(3-0)1. US & MO Constitutions/American HST (6)HST 121 – Survey History of U.S. to 1877 OR3GEC 113GRY 135 – Principles of Weather & ClimateGRY 142 – Introductory Physical Geography24(3-2)4(3-2)HST 122 – Survey History of U.S. since 1877PLS 101 - American Democracy and Citizenship533GEC 114PHY 100 – Survey of PhysicsPHY 101 – Physics by Inquiry for Educators4(3-2)4(2-6)2. Cultural Competence (3)ANT 100 – World Cultures23PHY 123 – Intro to Physics I2PHY 203 – Foundations of Physics I24(3-2)5(4-2)ENG 289- Literature, Culture, ConflictGRY 100 – World Regional Geography2IDS 297 – International Culture & Study Abroad333LLT 180 – The Heroic QuestMCL 200 – Global Persp. Lang. & Culture in Society33MTH 121 – Multicultural Views of History & Math.REL 100 – Intro to ReligionREL 210 – Paths of World Religion2333SWK 219 – Human Diversity3. Public Issues (3)3CIS 200 - Critical & Creative Thinking Using Info Tech2CSC 210 – Public Affairs Issues in Computing233GEC 112GEC 115GEC 116**TOTAL HOURS 45-49 credit hours2 ECO 155, ECO 165, PSY 121 and CIS 200 are special COB Requirements. MUS 239, REL 210, GRY 100 and ANT 100 can count on the globalization requirements for the business unit. Construction Management majors: PHY 123, GLG 110 orGRY 142, ECO 155, CIS 200 or CSC 210, BIO 101 or GLG 115 (recommended). Facility Management majors: ECO 155, PSY 121, BIO 101/111, CHM 116/117. Fashion Merchandising and Design majors: PSY 121, ECO 155. Interior Designmajors: PSY 121. Mechanical Engineering Technology: MTH 261, PSY 121, PHY 203, ENG 2103 The Writing I and II requirements can be met with EN 101 & EN 102 at North Central Missouri College.4 ENG 321 preferred for Construction Management majors.5 Meets Senate Bill No. 4.

9II.SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL BUSINESS MAJORSRefer to page 12 of this document or contact the MSU Admissions Office if you havequestions about course comparability.COURSESHOURSLOWER-DIVISION REQUIREMENTS:1Principles of Microeconomics (ECO 165 )Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACC 201)1Introduction to Managerial Accounting (ACC 211 )1Computer Applications for Business (CIS 201 )1Business Communications (MGT 286 )Business Statistics (QBA 237)Legal Environment of Business (LAW 231)33323331Not required for Construction Management, Facility Management, FashionMerchandising and Design, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology, andTechnology Management majors.1GLOBALIZATION REQUIREMENTS6The College of Business recommends six hours of a single foreignlanguage. However, the Globalization requirement can be met with 6 hrs.of either foreign language or foreign culture. At least 3 hours must be nonbusiness. The foreign culture courses may be chosen from the following:HANT 100 , 226, 330, 331, 332, 334, 335, ECO 346, 456, 565, ENG 341, 361,HGBL 250, GRY 100 , 305, 308, 320, 321, 323, 328, HST 200, 340, 350, 355,H380, 381, IDS 397 , LLT 215, 225, MCL 303, MUS 239 , PLS 205, 232, 544,H545, 548, 550, REL 210 , 330, 350, 355, 360, SOC 150, APPROVEDINTERNATIONAL STUDY TOURS. (ACC 506, FIN 582, FIN 586, MGT 447,MKT 464, 474, AND LAW 539 MAY BE USED TO SATISFY ONE FOREIGNCULTURE COMPONENT OF THE GLOBALIZATION REQUIREMENT, BUT NOMORE THAN 50% OF THE HOURS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION ARERECOMMENDED TO BE BUSINESS COURSES.)HCOURSES MARKED WITH AN "H" MAY BE USED TO SATISFY THE ARTS AREA ANDCULTURAL COMPETENCE AREA FOR GENERAL EDUCATION.1Not required for Construction Management, Facility Management, Fashion Merchandising and Design, InteriorDesign, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Technology Management majors.

10UPPER-DIVISION COURSES: (Does not apply to Construction Management, Facility Management, FashionMerchandising and Design, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Technology Managementmajors.)The 19 hours of upper-division business core requirements are expected to becompleted during the junior and senior years. These courses should be taken at MSU.However if similar courses are taken at a two-year institution, validation throughadditional coursework or testing will be required.UPPER-DIVISION COURSESInformation Systems in BusinessFinancial ManagementOrganizational Behavior & ManagementOperations ManagementStrategic Management & PolicyPrinciples of MarketingDebtor/Creditor Rights and RemediesHOURS1CIS 429FIN 380MGT 3402MGT 364MGT 487MKT 350LAW 33233333311ACC majors take ACC 341; CIS majors take CIS 461.MKT majors (not Logistics & Supply Chain MGT) can take MKT 450 in place of MGT 364.2SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:A)Not more than 50 percent of the hours required for graduation is recommendedto be business. This means that a minimum of 63 hours of non-business coursesis recommended to be taken. (ENG 100; MTH 101, 102, 103; and IDS 117 areexcluded from meeting this requirement). QBA 237 and QBA 337 may becounted as non-business courses. Construction Management, FacilityManagement, Fashion Merchandising and Design, Interior Design, MechanicalEngineering Technology, and Technology Management majors may take nomore than 31 hours of business unit courses (ACC, CIS, FIN, BUS, LAW, INS,MGT, MKT).B)At least 50 percent of all business courses required for a degree must be takenat MSU.C)MSU GPA of 2.50 or above on all upper-division business courses taken at MSUis required at the time of graduation.III. MAJOR PROGRAM REQUIREMENTSThe upper-division major program courses should be taken at MSU. If similarcourses are taken at a two-year institution, validation through additional coursework ortesting will be required.IV. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTSAdditional courses to total at least 125 hours for the degree, 40 hours of upperdivision (300 ), and at least 63 hours (50 percent of the hours recommended forgraduation) of non-business credits recommended (excluding ENG 100, IDS 117, MTH101, 102, and 103, but QBA 237 and QBA 337 may be counted as coursework outsideCOB.)

11Fall 2015-7/30/15NORTH CENTRAL MISSOURI COLLEGE EQUIVALENTS TO MSU COURSESMSUGENERAL EDUCATIONI. FoundationsGEP 101NORTH CENTRAL(required iftransferring 24 hrs)EN 101EN 102MT 122ENG 110Writing IIMTH 13533(MT 122 - Interior Design / MT 150 – Construction MGT3and Mechanical Engineering Tech. / MT 132 – Facility MGT)COM 115SP 175II.Areas of InquiryA. Natural World (7-9 hours from 2 areas. 1 musthave lab, * indicates lab.)1. Life Sciences2*BIO 121*BI 100*BIO/BMS*BI 101*BIO/BMS*BI 1102. Physical SciencesAST 113PS 1202*PHY 123*PS 185*PHY 100*PS 108*PHY 203*PS 210*PHY/AST*PS 1012*CHM 116/117*CH 1072*GLG 110*ES 106Area B must include at least 4 different coursecodes.B. Breadth of Knowledge Human Cultures1. Social & Behavioral Sciences (choose two)2ECO 155EC 2532ECO 165EC 2522PSY 121PY 121SOC 150SO 1072. Humanities (choose one)ENG 200HST 103HST 104MUS 241PHI 1101EN 280HI 101HI 102MU 109PH 1023. The Arts (choose one)ART 200THE 101AR 104TH 111Area C must include at least 4 different coursecodes.C. Public Affairs1. US & MO Constitutions/American History &Institutions (choose one from each box)a. HST 121HI 103HST 122HI 104b. PLS 101PL 2162. Cultural Competence (choose one)2ANT 100SO 2302GRY 100GE 106REL 100RL 1013. Public Issues (choose one)PHI 115PH 101LOWER DIVISION COB REQUIREMENTSACC 201AC 136ACC 211AC 137CIS 201BT 190MGT 286BT 130QBA 237MT 125LAW 231No EquivalentGLOBALIZATION REQUIREMENT – 6 hrs. of foreignlanguage or foreign culture.Foreign LanguageSPN 101SPN 102GRM 101GRM 102FRN 101FRN 102FL 100FL 101FL 110FL 111FL 120FL 122Foreign Culture2GRY 100SOC 1502ANT 100GE 106SO 107SO 230Upper Division course taken at MSUECO 155 and PSY 121 are Special COB requirements. Construction Mgt. majors: ECO 155, PSY 121, GLG 110 (recommended or Science w/ a lab),PHY 123, PHI 115. Facility Mgt. majors: ECO 155, PSY 121, BIO 102, CHM 105. Fashion Merchandising & Design majors: PSY 121, ECO 155.Interior Design majors: PSY 121. Mechanical Engineering Technology: MTH 261, PSY 121, PHY 203, ENG 2103MTH 261 (Construction Management and Mechanical Engineering Technology). MTH 135 (Interior Design). MTH 181 (Facility Management).2

12TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT (COMPREHENSIVE) – BACHELOR OFAPPLIED SCIENCEAll hours completed in a two-year technical degree, such as an A.S. or A.A.S., may beapplied to the B.A.S. in Technology Management.All of the required courses can be completed online or remotely through interactivetelevision. Online and remote delivery of MSU courses will greatly reduce or eliminate the timerequired on the MSU campus for students.Requirements for graduation with a B.A.S. are as follows:1. Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree from an accreditedinstitution. Contact the department for details.2. 40 hours of advisor approved upper-division courses, twelve hours of which must befrom the Department of Technology and Construction Management to include TCM 359(3) and TCM 358 (3).3. General Education Requirements – see “Academic Programs and Requirements”section of catalog.4. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements – see “Academic Programs andRequirements” section of catalog.FASHION MERCHANDISING AND DESIGN (COMPREHENSIVE) - BACHELOR OFSCIENCE1. Core Requirements (37 hours): FMD 101(1), 103(3), 201(3), 202(3), 210(3), 301(3),303(3), 304(3), 305(1), 306(3), 307(3), 403(2); MKT 350(3), 351(3)2. Complete one of the options:a. Fashion Design and Product Development (25 hours):

Springfield, Missouri Transfer Guide 2015 - 2016 For Potential Business Students Planning to Transfer From: North Central Missouri College Trenton, MO MSU's College of Business Offers AACSB-Accredited Programs in: Accounting Administrative Management Advertising and Promotion Business Education Computer

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