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4Life's number one immune system product,featuring 4Life Transfer Factor and wellresearched ingredients to balance and support theimmune system response*What’s the benefits of 4LifeTransfer Factor products?Transfer Factor is a very essential element that must be present in an immunesystem supplement. It is the same molecule present in the immune system ofmammals and birds which transfer immunity information from the parents to theirnext generation. The simple way to understand it is, when mom feeding a baby, sheis passing her immune knowledge to this new born baby.Natural Killer Cell Boosting chart with Transfer FactorAccording to the chart, it’s the highest figure to support the product’s claim foreffectiveness. For five consecutive years, since 2003, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus hasmaintained its name in the Physicians’ Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugsand Dietary Supplements. This is the standard supplement guide used byphysicians, hospitals, and pharmacies throughout the United States. It’s the mosttrusted book material on the market.There are specific benefits you can get from taking 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Trifactor Formula: It promotes and supports healthy body systems;Balances and increases support to immune system according to body needs;A more intelligent and more efficient immune system in fighting diseases;Proactive strategy in maintaining your health;Support for health energy levels.

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