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i Absoft Fortran Language Reference Manual

Absoft Fortran Language Reference Manual 5119 Highland Road, PMB 398 Waterford, MI 48327 U.S.A. Tel (248) 220-1190 Fax (248) 220-1194 support@absoft.com

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i Fortran Language Reference Contents ABSOFT FORTRAN . I CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION . 1 Introduction to This Manual .1 Introduction to Absoft Fortran .1 Compatibility .1 Conventions Used in this Manual .2 CHAPTER 2 THE FORTRAN PROGRAM . 3 Character Set .3 Symbolic Names .4 Keywords .4 Labels .5 Statements .5 Executable Statements .5 Nonexecutable Statements .6 Statement Format .6 FORTRAN 77 Fixed Format .7 Fortran 90 Free Format .9 VAX FORTRAN Tab-Format .10 Multiple Statement Lines .10 Statement Order .11 INCLUDE Statement .11 Conditional Compilation Statements .12 type and KIND .14 Data Items .14 Constants .15 Character Constant .15 Logical Constant .16 Integer Constant .17 Alternate Integer Bases .17 Real Constant .18 Complex Constant .19 Hollerith Constant .19 Variables .20 Substrings .20 Storage.20

ii Numeric Storage Unit . 21 Character Storage Unit . 21 Storage Sequence . 21 Storage Association . 22 Storage Definition . 22 CHAPTER 3 SPECIFICATION AND DATA STATEMENTS . 25 Type Statements . 25 Arithmetic and Logical Type Statements . 25 Character Type Statement . 29 DERIVED TYPES . 30 Structure Constuctor . 31 Derived Type Component Reference . 31 Pointers . 32 Pointer Aliases . 33 Pointer Bounds Remapping . 33 Arrays of Pointers . 34 ASSOCIATED() Function . 34 NULL() Function . 34 NULLIFY Statement. 34 ALLOCATABLE Statement. 35 ASYNCHRONOUS Statement . 35 AUTOMATIC Statement . 35 DIMENSION Statement. 35 COMMON Statement . 36 CONTAINS Statement . 36 EQUIVALENCE Statement. 37 Equivalence of Arrays . 38 Equivalence of Substrings . 38 COMMON and EQUIVALENCE Restrictions. 38 Enumerations . 38 EXTERNAL Statement . 39 IMPLICIT Statement . 39 INTENT Statement . 40 INTRINSIC Statement . 41 NAMELIST Statement . 42 OPTIONAL Statement . 42

iii PARAMETER Statement .43 POINTER Statement.43 POINTER Statement (Cray-Style).44 PRIVATE And PUBLIC Statements .44 PROCEDURE Statement.45 RECORD Statement .46 SAVE Statement .46 SEQUENCE Statement .47 STDCALL Statement .47 STRUCTURE Declaration .47 UNION Declaration.49 TARGET Statement .50 VALUE Statement .50 VOLATILE Statement .50 DATA Statement .51 Implied DO List In A DATA Statement .52 CHAPTER 4 ARRAYS . 53 Arrays .53 Array Declarator .53 Array Subscript .54 Array Valued Expressions .56 Assumed Shape Array .56 Automatic Array.57 Deferred shape Array .57 Pointer Arrays .58 Array sections .59 Array Constructor.60 vector subscript .60

iv array conformance . 61 array operations. 62 array valued functions. 62 CHAPTER 5 MODULES AND INTERFACES . 63 modules . 63 Module Structure . 63 Module Use . 64 PRIVATE And PUBLIC Statements . 64 interfaces . 64 Abstract Interfaces . 68 CHAPTER 6 EXPRESSIONS AND ASSIGNMENT STATEMENTS . 69 Arithmetic Expressions . 69 Data Type of Arithmetic Expressions . 70 Arithmetic Constant Expression. 71 Character Expressions . 72 Relational Expressions . 72 Logical Expressions . 73 Operator Precedence . 74 Arithmetic Assignment Statement . 75 Logical Assignment Statement. 75 Character Assignment Statement . 76 ASSIGN Statement . 76 CHAPTER 7 CONTROL STATEMENTS . 77 GOTO Statements . 77 Unconditional GOTO. 77 Computed GOTO . 77 Assigned GOTO. 77 IF Statements . 78 Arithmetic IF . 78 Logical IF. 78 Block IF . 78 Loop Statements. 79 Basic DO loop. 79 DO Loop Execution . 80 DO WHILE . 81

v Infinite DO.81 END DO statement .81 EXIT statement .82 CYCLE statement .82 CONTINUE Statement .82 Labeled DO loops .82 BLOCK CASE .83 Execution of a block CASE statement .84 Block CASE Example .85 STOP Statement .85 PAUSE Statement.85 END Statement .86 WHERE.86 FORALL .87 CHAPTER 8 INPUT/OUTPUT AND FORMAT SPECIFICATION. 89 Records .89 Formatted Record .89 Unformatted Record .90 Endfile Record .90 Files .90 File Name .90 File Position .90 File Access.90 Internal Files .91 Input/Output Editing .91 I/O Specifiers .92 Unit Specifier.92 Implicit File Connections.93 Format Specifier .93 Namelist Specifier .94 Record Specifier .94 Error Specifier .94 End of File Specifier .94 Asynchronous Specifier .95 Blank Specifier .95 Decimal Specifier .95 Delim Specifier .95 ID Specifier .95 Pad Specifier.96 Pos Specifier .96 Sign Specifier .96 I/O Status Specifier .97 I/O Message Specifier.

INTRODUCTION TO ABSOFT FORTRAN Absoft Fortran is a complete implementation of the FORTRAN programming languages: FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90, and Fortran 95. It also completely implements ISO Technical Reports TR15580 and TR15581. The microprocessor-based computers of today are vastly more powerful and sophisticated than their predecessors.

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Fortran Evolution Fortran stands for FORmula TRANslation. The first compiler appeared in 1957 and the first official standard in 1972 which was given the name of Fortran 66'. This was updated in 1980 to Fortran 77, updated in 1991 to Fortran 90, updated in 1997 to Fortran 95, and further updated in 2004 to Fortran 2003. At each update some

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generate industry leading performance on both AMD and Intel based systems. The Absoft GUI/IDE for Fortran/C includes Fx3 graphical debugger, SMP/ Vector tools, AWE, HPC numerical libraries plus graphics which simplify application development and data display. Absoft Pro Fortran includes cpu specific optimizers for both AMD & Intel processors

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This book covers modern Fortran array and pointer techniques, including facilities provided by Fortran 95, with attention to the subsets e-LF90 and F as well. It provides coverage of Fortran based data struc-tures and algorithm analysis. The principal data structure that has traditionally been provided by Fortran is the array. Data struc-turing .

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