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All Name Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Nelson Acosta Achiever Includer Arranger Relator Learner Drew Adams Includer Context Focus Activator Ideation Sushma Aggarwal Responsibility Strategic Developer Positivity Includer Donna Albanese Positivity Woo Communication Includer Harmony Woo Communication Futuristic Positivity Responsibility Nivea Almazan Achiever Responsibility Discipline Consistency Focus Ana Alvarado Harmony Deliberative Achiever Adaptability Relator Adaptability Connectedness Context Empathy Restorative Empathy Responsibility Learner Belief Developer Candy Antley Restorative Arranger Winter Armesto Restorative Individualization Positivity Lisa Arredondo Focus Relator Belief Monica Arredondo Achiever Learner Responsibility Relator Discipline Krista Arredondo Achiever Restorative Learner Developer Analytical Melissa Arvidson Relator Responsibility Achiever Developer Learner Melodi Atatural Achiever Belief Input Developer Futuristic Bill Atkins Developer Context Activator Adaptability Individualization Jennifer Atkinson Harmony Consistency Restorative Positivity Developer Nihal Baber Input Connectedness Includer Ideation Learner Nafi Baber Empathy Includer Communication Positivity Arranger Shaun Barbaria Focus Restorative Responsibility Learner Achiever Kristi Barbaria Relator Harmony Responsibility Achiever Consistency Restorative Developer Positivity Input Relator Achiever Relator Communication Strategic Analytical Consistency Harmony Discipline Empathy Restorative Maximizer Deliberative Learner Futuristic Relator Alice Bautista Includer Futuristic Strategic Achiever Positivity Krishna Bean Responsibility Arranger Intellection Input Relator Dana Bearden Empathy Harmony Consistency Responsibility Includer Ashley Beck Relator Achiever Learner Responsibility Analytical Aryn Benge Analytical Deliberative Consistency Strategic Harmony Batya Berger Harmony Consistency Achiever Belief Discipline Kiana Berry Ideation Adaptability Connectedness Empathy Communication Developer Responsibility Restorative Positivity Ideation Alyson Alfaro Colleen Anderson Melissa Anderson-Barrios Daniel Barr Aubrey Barricklow Don Bass Connie Bass, Med Staff Credentialing Admin Ashlynn Berthelot Colleen Bevans Arranger Context Theme 4 Theme 5 Learner Relator Context Includer Responsibility Connectedness Learner Includer Input Achiever Context Learner Responsibility Restorative Learner Activator Ideation Relator Maximizer Positivity Includer Developer Responsibility NiChae Black Individualization Learner Relator Input Connectedness Maria Bland Harmony Positivity Adaptability Empathy Responsibility Restorative Achiever Positivity Consistency Ankit Bhatia Nikita Bhavsar Ivette Bishop, Human Resources Coordinator Heather Boettner, Supply Chain Manager Responsibility Connectedness Individualization Responsibility Arranger Stacy Bolt Developer Empathy Rachel Boswell Harmony Responsibility Analytical Learner Stephanie Boulos Empathy Developer Strategic Adaptability Includer Mikael Bourgeois, Surgical Services Resource Supervisor Harmony Adaptability Consistency Restorative Discipline Communication Consistency Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Stephanie Boyd Harmony Belief Responsibility Input Consistency Gina Bracco Learner Achiever Input Intellection Individualization Kolbi Bradley Restorative Command Includer Ideation Self-Assurance Emily Brady Futuristic Input Context Includer Consistency Harmony Developer Responsibility Adaptability Shelley Brannon De Anthony Briller Positivity Belief Responsibility Restorative Relator Consistency Paige Brink Responsibility Arranger Focus Relator Positivity Jeff Brooks Achiever Analytical Relator Learner Positivity Della Brown Context Connectedness Strategic Learner Horace Byrd III Learner Woo Communication Strategic Achiever Elizabeth Cagle Input Achiever Strategic Intellection Context Relator Empathy Harmony Discipline Consistency Stacey Cameron Achiever Responsibility Learner Relator Positivity Abbie Cardenas Responsibility Includer Developer Learner Arranger Yvette Cardona Relator Futuristic Includer Positivity Leticia Carrasco Harmony Achiever Context Ideation Learner Jocelyn Cavazos Input Positivity Strategic Travis Ceccacci Restorative Communication Consistency Includer Ginger Chandler Woo Positivity Activator Consistency Arranger Consistency Achiever Arranger Learner Positivity Responsibility Developer Maximizer Belief Empathy Tanya Claggett Restorative Input Relator Connectedness Belief Shannon Colie Achiever Learner Empathy Responsibility Includer Woo Includer Positivity Communication Arranger Responsibility Achiever Learner Harmony Belief Florean Craig Harmony Achiever Includer Positivity Consistency Scott Crawford Strategic Includer Belief Context Deliberative Morgan Crawford Includer Adaptability Empathy Positivity Developer Cassidy Croft, PT Lead - Satellite Clinics Positivity Woo Includer Relator Adaptability Michaela Cueto Discipline Includer Achiever Futuristic Strategic Carol Czerniakowski Achiever Consistency Empathy Responsibility Intellection Relator Learner Achiever Developer Discipline Trinh Danh Achiever Discipline Learner Responsibility Haley Dannelley Harmony Responsibility Consistency Relator Discipline Responsibility Arranger Learner Intellection Harmony Jamar Davis Discipline Context Learner Belief Intellection Ashunta Davis Futuristic Positivity Discipline Empathy Developer Laura De Hoyos Learner Responsibility Analytical Positivity Includer Carmen De La Garza Achiever Relator Discipline Responsibility Positivity Amanda De San Andres Harmony Positivity Input Learner Responsibility Jennifer Deans Achiever Developer Restorative Futuristic Positivity Mercy Dehart Restorative Developer Connectedness Achiever Relator Maximizer Responsibility Empathy Achiever Belief Relator Learner Achiever Arranger Analytical Erick Diaz Restorative Adaptability Intellection Positivity Developer Chris Dickerson, Imaging Manager Adaptability Empathy Consistency Deliberative Sarah Dickson Empathy Harmony Deliberative Adaptability Rachel Dilcher Achiever Communication Positivity Woo Lori Callaway Debra Caswell, Infection Preventionist Tracy Chu Deanna Cisneros Alison Conn Stephanie Cook Yvonne D'Amico, Director of Surgical Services Belle Davis, Quality Improvement Manager Angela DeSimone Amin Dhalla, COO Achiever Learner Responsibility Connectedness Developer Strategic Includer Individualization Arranger Includer Positivity Arranger Achiever Responsibility Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Nillie Djassemi, CFO Achiever Ideation Learner Janice Dodge Deliberative Empathy Achiever Shelby Dodge Achiever Futuristic Laura Dry Positivity Communication Woo Sara Dubose Adaptability Strategic Maximizer Ideation Input Madhu Dutt Responsibility Adaptability Belief Harmony Connectedness Diane Duvall Achiever Responsibility Learner Developer Restorative Samantha Eckhart Achiever Relator Angelina Engbrock Restorative Tessa Eversole, Physician Services Manager Iris Felix Marissa Fernando Angie Fields, Manager, Inpt & ED Brandi Figueroa Elizabeth Fitzgibbons Samantha Flores Gail Flynn Patricia Ford Melinda French Lindy Fries Self-Assurance Strategic Positivity Input Responsibility Consistency Focus Input Includer Relator Individualization Belief Consistency Empathy Individualization Strategic Achiever Strategic Arranger Learner Responsibility Consistency Developer Empathy Harmony Positivity Learner Positivity Developer Belief Harmony Developer Individualization Relator Harmony Maximizer Connectedness Relator Includer Responsibility Achiever Belief Achiever Learner Harmony Consistency Relator Responsibility Positivity Deliberative Futuristic Consistency Responsibility Achiever Discipline Deliberative Analytical Deliberative Discipline Intellection Achiever Responsibility Arranger Achiever Belief Strategic Analytical Ideation Intellection Maximizer Arranger Mariana Fuentes Achiever Analytical Responsibility Relator Kimberly Fuentes Harmony Relator Empathy Deliberative Adaptability Dominga Fulcar Deliberative Connectedness Analytical Harmony Input Mandy Gallegos Restorative Communication Learner Focus Consistency Nicole Galvan Strategic Communication Achiever Ideation Learner Manny Garcia Relator Learner Responsibility Achiever Harmony Victor Garcia Connectedness Strategic Includer Activator Learner Hayley Garcia, HR Manager Belief Responsibility Connectedness Relator Individualization Developer Karen Garcia Positivity Learner Achiever Restorative Intellection Regina Garcia Developer Responsibility Empathy Maximizer Consistency Activator Relator Learner Self-Assurance Input Chad Garner, Charge Nurse, Preop & PACU Restorative Relator Ideation Individualization Empathy Marlena Garza Intellection Developer Belief Responsibility Achiever Taesia Gates Includer Woo Responsibility Positivity Restorative Kristina Gatz Responsibility Strategic Intellection Relator Learner Achiever Discipline Eduardo Garcia, MD, Board Member Katie Gesford, Revenue Cycle Manager Individualization Responsibility Relator Katina Gilmore Positivity Ideation Belief Connectedness Developer John Glaskox Strategic Learner Achiever Intellection Analytical Regina Glaskox Relator Achiever Rozi Goldberg Responsibility Context Developer Connectedness Relator Sherry Golfarini, HR Director Includer Developer Positivity Relator Arranger Joey Gomez Strategic Achiever Input Focus Futuristic Lacey Gonzales Achiever Learner Input Futuristic Responsibility Megan Gonzales Responsibility Restorative Achiever Developer Positivity Christina Gonzales Achiever Includer Discipline Positivity Learner Mary Lou Goodman Learner Individualization Input Arranger Strategic Kyann Graham Achiever Restorative Empathy Harmony Developer Linda Graves Empathy Developer Includer Futuristic Positivity Responsibility Connectedness Learner Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Richelle Gray, Morrisons Manager Intellection Connectedness Relator Amanda Gray Consistency Communication Woo Lindsey Griffin Input Achiever Theresa Guerra Includer Adaptability Solomon Guerrero, Facilities Manager Strategic Achiever Salma Guevara Ideation Includer Jennifer Gunter Discipline Relator Consistency Arranger Relator Empathy Achiever Maximizer Connectedness Adaptability Developer Harmony Responsibility Consistency Dakota Haley Context Connectedness Positivity Restorative Intellection Lydia Hall Positivity Consistency Includer Responsibility Belief Consistency Responsibility Relator Intellection Self-Assurance Harmony Achiever Consistency Relator Positivity Consistency Harmony Empathy Adaptability Positivity Keri Hanes Empathy Strategic Deliberative Developer Eric Hanson Context Developer Positivity Woo Harmony Restorative Context Intellection Learner Analytical Kimberly Hart Strategic Arranger Relator Intellection Analytical Joey Henningsen Context Input Learner Intellection Woo Dulce Hernandez Input Consistency Achiever Discipline Responsibility Belief Achiever Adaptability Relator Joan Hillers Positivity Includer Consistency Input Strategic Leigh Hillman Includer Discipline Consistency Achiever Responsibility Phat Ho Strategic Arranger Restorative Ideation Connectedness Developer Harmony Empathy Consistency Responsibility Woo Achiever Positivity Empathy Includer Relator Arranger Harmony Tina Gupton Karen Hadaway Tammy Hall, Clinical Director Monique Hambric, Physical Therapy Manager (LC) Annie Hampton Janinne Harrison Nancy Higdon Bobbie Hodges Kacy Hoefler Rene Holland Brandy Holmes Responsibility Individualization Arranger Positivity Consistency Woo Responsibility Relator Learner Strategic Developer Positivity Activator Learner Restorative Consistency Arranger Learner Relator Intellection Relator Achiever Harmony Includer Responsibility Positivity Hondo Homrighaus Restorative Responsibility Arranger Focus Achiever Mary Homrighaus Responsibility Consistency Includer Arranger Context Chasity Hooter Responsibility Strategic Context Communication Restorative Developer Learner Arranger Harmony Relator Alison Howard Input Restorative Includer Consistency Futuristic Michaela Huey Achiever Restorative Harmony Discipline Responsibility Belief Achiever Connectedness Developer Strategic Relator Deliberative Harmony Relator Intellection Analytical Significance Cynthia Hopmann Angie Horne Staci Hughes Stephanie Hurt Melissa Huset, Physical Therapy Manager (Webster) Individualization Responsibility Achiever Adaptability Positivity Learner Relator Achiever Positivity Discipline Empathy Melissa Hutchinson Learner Achiever Ben Huynh Achiever Deliberative Shelana Jimenez Positivity Developer Futuristic Includer Relator Kayleigh Johns Achiever Relator Learner Analytical Command Olivia Johnson Learner Arranger Positivity Amie Jolly Achiever Learner Responsibility Kristi Jones Empathy Includer Responsibility Arranger Belief Marlana Jones Empathy Context Developer Positivity Learner Kelsey Jones Responsibility Learner Arranger Connectedness Relator Travis Jones Consistency Competition Restorative Harmony Analytical Learner Input Communication Woo Restorative Responsibility Strategic Includer Ideation Positivity Mark Jones Theresa Joseph Responsibility Positivity Discipline Individualization Responsibility Arranger Belief Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Elena Juarez Restorative Achiever Learner Self-Assurance Futuristic Woo Positivity Activator Communication Command Danielle Justice Achiever Connectedness Strategic Individualization Woo Brianna Kamke, PT Business Office Supervisor Strategic Achiever Belief Discipline Consistency Achiever Communication Empathy Responsibility Learner Achiever Responsibility Deliberative Input Safwan Khalid Responsibility Deliberative Kathryn King Achiever Cynthia Kinker Sara Jurewicz, Surgical Services Resource Coordinator Allison Kelly Anna Key Futuristic Strategic Belief Responsibility Woo Strategic Relator Strategic Developer Achiever Restorative Relator Responsibility Achiever Intellection Positivity Includer Abby Knudtson Achiever Harmony Analytical Responsibility Discipline Sharon LaBauve Individualization Achiever Relator Learner Harmony Jose Landa Achiever Includer Learner Responsibility Arranger Brittany Lawrence Positivity Developer Individualization Empathy Strategic Katie Lemos Restorative Includer Discipline Developer Belief Miranda Lester Deliberative Consistency Achiever Responsibility Harmony Positivity Includer Belief Learner Relator Input Relator Learner Gabrielle Klawinsky Glenda Lewis, Sterile Processing Lead Tova Lieberman Ruei Lin Relator Input Responsibility Achiever Connectedness Responsibility Arranger Intellection April Lindsey, OR Manager Strategic Connectedness Relator Activator Empathy Miriam Lira, Cath Lab RN Arranger Restorative Adaptability Empathy Developer Relator Empathy Harmony Individualization Activator Jason Long Consistency Relator Achiever Strategic Belief Maribel Lopez Restorative Relator Achiever Connectedness Analytical Tammy Lowrey Input Intellection Developer Positivity Connectedness April Lucero Responsibility Learner Restorative Achiever Harmony Michael Mabrey, Pharmacy Director-Interim Responsibility Ideation Futuristic Learner Positivity Patti Magee, IT Project Manager Relator Strategic Deliberative Futuristic Focus Lauren Maldonado Thea Lockett, Neurosciences Coordinator Individualization Achiever Discipline Relator Significance Meredith Manis Learner Achiever Responsibility Input Belief Jessica Marquez, Charge Nurse, Inpt & ED Relator Positivity Achiever Includer Consistency Jeanne Marrero Developer Input Restorative Individualization Arranger Megan Martin-Kervin Futuristic Developer Learner Positivity Responsibility Individualization Significance Command Competition Harmony Melissa Martinez Responsibility Consistency Developer Relator Discipline Sofia Martinez Responsibility Arranger Learner Achiever Includer Angela Martinez Includer Activator Command Positivity Harmony Daniela Martinez Adaptability Positivity Strategic Includer Activator Dinah Martinez Achiever Restorative Relator Deliberative Harmony Kennisha Mason Responsibility Belief Connectedness Relator Discipline Andrea Mata Responsibility Relator Achiever Discipline Arranger Dulce Mata Consistency Restorative Deliberative Ideation Adaptability Ashlee Matejka Consistency Learner Responsibility Belief Discipline Autum Matt, OR Lead Achiever Competition Restorative Responsibility Harmony Cara McAfee, Marketing, Physician Liaison Includer Woo Communication Achiever Responsibility Nena McCall Achiever Maximizer Woo Competition Amy Martinez Arranger Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Tim McCarty, IT Manager Activator Futuristic Nesha McClarty Includer Positivity Christa McCurley Arranger Includer Self-Assurance Harmony LaNita McDonald Achiever Intellection Harmony Input Consistency Charles McGruder Positivity Restorative Developer Consistency Ideation Amber McNeal Analytical Deliberative Responsibility Discipline Focus Sharina Mears Connectedness Input Belief Developer Learner Luis Medina Achiever Responsibility Arranger Learner Strategic Gloria Melgar Positivity Harmony Empathy Individualization Achiever Anthony Melillo, MD, Board Member Achiever Learner Relator Developer Restorative Achiever Focus Consistency Carolina Mendoza Achiever Responsibility Includer Connectedness Alexandra Mendoza Harmony Responsibility Developer Individualization Intellection Joyce Merrill Discipline Consistency Context Learner Achiever Krystal Millard Achiever Positivity Discipline Strategic Learner Leticia Mills Learner Achiever Input Harmony Intellection Nicolette Mitchell Positivity Restorative Harmony Developer Individualization Relator Arranger Futuristic Strategic Responsibility Jody Moore Empathy Achiever Developer Harmony Positivity Kasey Moore Restorative Learner Achiever Developer Input Angellica Moreno Positivity Belief Arranger Developer Consistency Annette Morgan Relator Achiever Deliberative Belief Responsibility Casey Morin Achiever Harmony Consistency Elana Moser Achiever Developer Consistency Michelle Moser Discipline Focus Responsibility Futuristic Achiever Curtis Moser Belief Includer Achiever Responsibility Empathy Anne Moyers Input Achiever Analytical Intellection Learner Gwendolynn Munson Input Intellection Tessa Mutina Relator Responsibility Restorative Jessica Nelson Intellection Futuristic Individualization Focus Relator Kalie Newman Relator Responsibility Input Restorative Achiever Achiever Strategic Responsibility Relator Empathy Input Achiever Intellection Arranger Arranger Learner Responsibility Relator Input Individualization Strategic Relator Learner Achiever Jason Norhawitz Achiever Arranger Responsibility Focus Restorative Daniel O'Neill, MD, Board Member Achiever Learner Competition Restorative Relator Woo Communication Strategic Positivity Includer Restorative Achiever Discipline Strategic Learner Learner Positivity Achiever Restorative Arranger Connectedness Arranger Julia Melton Sheryl Monroe Samantha Nguyen Alison Nicol Ena Niemand Nikki Niese Claudia Olivarez Osorio Shayleen Olsen Bessie Orise Communication Self-Assurance Developer Positivity Restorative Activator Responsibility Learner Strategic Analytical Positivity Woo Learner Competition Empathy Responsibility Relator Futuristic Empathy Competition Erich Ortega Includer Learner Belief Kathryn Oster Empathy Achiever Developer Jami Osterlund, Peri-Anesthesia Manager Learner Arranger Individualization Nicolus Ovalle Adaptability Developer Emily Owens Developer Positivity Harmony Communication Woo Restorative Harmony Responsibility Context Empathy Elizabeth Parr Input Strategic Responsibility Learner Restorative Krishna Patel Learner Responsibility Harmony Achiever Discipline Susan Patil Context Responsibility Achiever Discipline Significance Justin Patrick, Financial Analyst Ideation Restorative Analytical Learner Achiever Deborah Palumbo Consistency Connectedness Individualization Achiever Responsibility Relator Competition Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Ashlee Patrick, Executive Project Manager Achiever Communication Competition Focus Woo Adaptability Empathy Responsibility Arranger Developer Katelyn Pelzel Achiever Responsibility Arranger Discipline Cody Pena Includer Positivity Adaptability Consistency Harmony Kendis Pena Achiever Responsibility Input Positivity Includer Shelby Pendergrass Learner Achiever Strategic Futuristic Focus Lauren Penksa Strategic Context Achiever Command Adaptability Susan Peppers Empathy Connectedness Harmony Developer Context Melissa Perales Input Adaptability Strategic Communication Consistency Gabriela Perez Learner Arranger Achiever Responsibility Relator Erika Perry Harmony Discipline Consistency Responsibility Empathy Lisa Phariss Helen Peace Strategic Responsibility Developer Intellection Belief Restorative Marilyn Phillips, CNO Restorative Responsibility Focus Belief Developer Lynda Pickering Input Discipline Futuristic Relator Positivity Juana Pineda Positivity Harmony Arranger Developer Responsibility Thomas Pitts Positivity Context Empathy Activator Woo Josefina Pointer Relator Achiever Belief Developer Discipline Nick Polasek Learner Positivity Achiever Consistency Empathy Scarlett Potts Relator Developer Empathy Positivity Arranger Achiever Futuristic Positivity Competition Restorative Responsibility Restorative Developer Strategic Relator Alicia Quaglino Achiever Strategic Relator Responsibility Learner Valerie Rambin Harmony Discipline Empathy Achiever Includer Kelly Ramsey Futuristic Strategic Learner Focus Achiever Relator Individualization Command Adaptability Strategic Achiever Discipline Focus Learner Positivity Competition Achiever Input Significance Futuristic Harmony Consistency Responsibility Adaptability Empathy Learner Responsibility Self-Assurance Futuristic Strategic Sabrina Roberts Adaptability Includer Context Developer Positivity Haley Roberts Restorative Belief Includer Achiever Responsibility Responsibility Discipline Harmony Relator Learner David Robison Intellection Input Connectedness Strategic Alejandrina Rocha Adaptability Positivity Achiever Includer Woo Barbara Rocha Includer Learner Achiever Arranger Relator Anthony Rodriguez Futuristic Adaptability Connectedness Achiever Input Marilyn Rodriguez Learner Harmony Achiever Developer Input Lee Rodriguez Context Belief Developer Harmony Responsibility Natalie Romeo Futuristic Belief Connectedness Relator Discipline Jazmin Rosas Learner Strategic Restorative Achiever Responsibility Caroline Rose Responsibility Discipline Relator Achiever Intellection Tyler Ross Responsibility Achiever Consistency Arranger Context Communication Woo Arranger Includer Christen Ruiz Strategic Learner Belief Futuristic Krista Rumbaugh Harmony Responsibility Arranger Command Sheena Sager Includer Connectedness Belief Harmony Learner Intellection Restorative Futuristic Harmony Input Developer Input Carlos Pozo James Price, Charge Nurse, Inpt & ED Sean Reinertson Melissa Rial Shelby Riehle Leah Riojas Marta Rivera Jamie Robinson, HIM Manager Christine Ross, Physical Therapy Manager (Neuro) Susi Salas Veronica Saldana Relator Context Command Achiever Relator Responsibility Individualization Leila Saldana Positivity Achiever Woo Includer Input Christopher Salinas Discipline Restorative Relator Responsibility Focus Gallup, Clifton Strengths and the 34 theme names of Clifton Strengths are trademarks of Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved. The non-Gallup information you are receiving has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views and interpretations of Clifton Strengths are solely the beliefs of

Vanessa Santos Restorative Responsibility Relator Belief Brandy Schmidt Adaptability Consistency Responsibility Relator Belief Sabrina Schultz Relator Learner Responsibility Arranger Achiever Achiever Includer Restorative Responsibility Arranger Responsibility Developer Adaptability Relator Includer Intellection Vivian Scott Tammy Sellers, PAT RN Supervisor Kris Selwyn Includer Input Relator Includer Connectedness Responsibility Input Learner Harmony Discipline Scott Sheldon, Sports Medicine Coordinator Competition Relator Deliberative Belief Achiever Iman Shoukry Restorative Individualization Communication Activator Achiever Relator Learner Futuristic Relator Achiever Leah Sendejas Catherine Sickorez Lindsey Sierra Woo Responsibility Connectedness Responsibility Positivity Relator Maximizer Input Discipline Includer Ideation Positivity Responsibilit

Name Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 Nelson Acosta Achiever .

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What is the definition of theme in literature? Theme is the main idea or message about mankind or life conveyed by a piece of literary work. A theme should be expressed by a complete sentence , not one word. Not every piece of literature has a theme. A theme can be the “

Theme As you read “Elisa’s Diary,” look for the theme, or central message, of the story. The main character’s behavior often provides clues to the theme. Use this graphic organizer to record Elisa’s qualities, motives, and actions. These details will help you determine the theme. Theme Character's Qualities Character's Motives .

Reading Writing Translation . Further study and plans for after school Plans to go to university Volunteering opportunities Other training routes and . Edexcel Theme 1 Edexcel Theme 2 Edexcel Theme 3 Edexcel Theme 4 Edexcel Theme 5. What we are going to lock away this week:

XStore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme created: 04/13/2016 by: 8theme Dear customers! We strongly recommend to read this documentation attentively to save your time during further setting up of our theme. General Information Dear customers, we appreciate that you have chosen our theme! XStore - is an elegant and neat theme outside, at the same .

Hooks) g. Request the “Event Hooks” Early Access Feature by checking the box h. After the features are selected click the Save button 3. An API Token is required. This will be needed later in the setup of the Postman collections. To get an API Token do: a. Login to you Okta Org as described above and select the Classic UI b. Click on .