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HID Mobile Access Simple. Secure. Smart.

Physical Access for aModern Mobile WorldPhysical Access the Smart Way –With MobileMobile connectivity has changedthe way we live, work and play.From smartphones to wearablesand tablets, mobile devices areever present in today’s officeenvironment, always on, and servea variety of purposes. Mobile istoday's go-to technology offeringconvenience and portability, andis a logical step in the evolution ofaccess control.Meet the Need for Mobility andDesire for ConvenienceHID Global is leading innovation withits award-winning HID Mobile Access solution that enables organizationsto answer end-user demand forconvenience and facility and ITdemands for security. Extendingaccess control functionality tomobile devices allows end-users tosecurely and conveniently access theworkplace using their smart device,from the parking gate to the door, tothe network and more.HID Mobile Access supports thewidest variety of mobile devices inthe industry today. You can definethe mobile experience that is rightfor your organization, whetheremploying a pure mobile solution orintegrating mobile into an existingcard-based access control system.AWARD WINNINGMost ValuableProduct (MVP)Security Sales andIntegration MagazineWinner Security Industry Campus Safety BestAssociation (SIA) NewAccess ControlProduct Showcaseand IdentityAccess Control Category Management CategoryIndustriesLeveragingMobile AccessGOVERNMENTHIGHER EDUCATIONCOMMERCIALREAL ESTATEFINANCE

Convenience & ChoiceThe physical securityis better since itrequires that a personknow the phone canbe used as a key,know the passcodeto get into the phone,and know how toactivate the key.DAVID TSAIDesktop Analyst, NetflixAccess in the Palm of Your HandMeet Demand for Mobile SolutionsHID Mobile Access is leading theway with solutions that support theneeds of today’s organization in amobile-first world. Connect yourenvironment like never before andmove toward the efficiency and costsavings gained through centralizedaccess management.HID Mobile Access features aconsistent end-user experience acrossdevices and operating systems, aswell as intuitive mobile and readerinteraction. Applications become morepowerful when employees, students orvisitors can use their device in tandemwith apps they’ve already adopted. HIDGlobal provides integration tools thatallow HID Mobile Access to be builtinto any workplace or organizationalapp. The app SDK and companion APIfor backend integration are powerfultools supported by our PartnerServices team.Open doors and gates with a shortrange tap or from a distance usingTwist & Go activation. Then use thesame device to log on to the network,open electronic locks, securely releasedocuments from the printer, tracktime and attendance, get a snackfrom vending or access an electronicvehicle charging station.NFC Short-Range TapSECURE INFRASTRUCTURETwist & Go

Secure Mobile AccessUnprecedented Security andPrivacy Protection of identity DataBe Confident with the HighestLevel of Security and PrivacyToday, maintaining privacy ofsensitive identity data is moreimportant than ever. Powered bybreakthrough Seos , a softwarebased and form factor agnosticcredential technology not tiedto an underlying hardware chip,HID Mobile Access delivers thehighest level of security andprivacy protection available foraccess control. The award-winningtechnology is based on ISOstandards and used by the U.S.government and organizationsglobally to encrypt classified orsensitive data.HID Global’s market leadership intrusted identities ensures that thecommunication of identity data viamobile device is secure. HID Globalstays ahead of emerging policyand law, and continuous reviewguarantees privacy protection. HIDMobile Access solutions only collectinformation required for service.Maintaining the Standardof ProtectionHID readers leverage a layeredsecurity approach—meaning thetechnology combines multiplesecurity controls to protectresources and data.SECURE, CONNECTED ACCESS CONTROLMobile Access hasresulted in ouremployees andcustomers having anenriched customerexperience thatthey are findingvery convenient andinnovative.KEVIN GLASSChief Innovation Officer, Café XDoorsParkingITComputer/Laptop

Customer back-end systems(e.g. identity management systems,reservation system, access controlsystems, HR systems)n of RolloversHID Mobile AccessPortal API"Tap" or"Twist and Go"Management PortalOnboarding, Admin,ACS set-up, InventoryEnd-user SecurityAdministrator manages, devices,users and Mobile IDs via theirown business application(e.g. Access Control System)Customer back-end systems(e.g. identity management systems,reservation system, access controlsystems, HR systems)Mobile device communicateswith iCLASS SE reader overSeos technology via HIDMobile App (or 3rd party appwith HID Mobile App SDK)The Mobile ID is transferredsecurely into the phoneover-the-airHID Mobile AccessPortal API"Tap" or"Twist and Go"Mobile ID data is validated bythe iCLASS SE reader, andtrusted identity data is passedto panel that takes right actionEFFICIENTLY MANAGE USERSSimple End-User EnrollmentInside HID Mobile AccessFor the student, itprovides a moresecure way toaccess buildings andprovides a betterexperience for themoverall. And for theuniversity itself, it isa recruitment toolHID Mobile Access users areefficiently enrolled via an easy-touse, online management portal.From mobile-enabled readers andsecure Mobile IDs, HID MobileAccess technology is built to workseamlessly together.Scalability and Cost-SavingsHID Mobile Access Portal features: user-friendly interface foradministrators simple enrollment for end-usersthrough the intuitive app unique transactions to ensureprivacy easily managed access rights thatcan be governed by anadministrator at any time highly secureHID Mobile Access enablesorganizations to participate in asubscription-based billing modelfor flexible pricing and cost-savings.And because Mobile Access utilizesform-factor agnostic Seos , it can beextended for use beyond physicalaccess control.that we can offer toincoming students.MARK MULLANEYAssistant Director of CommercialServices, University of HullGo!SENDSendDOWNLOADDownloadENROLLEnroll

North America: 1 512 776 9000 Toll Free: 1 800 237 7769Europe, Middle East, Africa: 44 1440 714 850Asia Pacific: 852 3160 9800 Latin America: 52 55 9171 1108 2020 HID Global Corporation/ASSA ABLOY AB. All rights reserved. HID, HID Global, the HID Blue Brick logo, theChain Design, HID Mobile Access , iCLASS SE and Seos are trademarks or registered trademarks of HID Global or itslicensor(s)/supplier(s) in the US and other countries and may not be used without permission. All other trademarks,service marks, and product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.2020-05-28-mobile-access-br-en PLT-02802UEN INEGAn ASSA ABLOY Group brandhidglobal.compsr od u c t

Inside HID Mobile Access HID Mobile Access users are efficiently enrolled via an easy-to-use, online management portal. From mobile-enabled readers and secure Mobile IDs, HID Mobile Access technology is built to work seamlessly together. Scalability and Cost-Savings HID Mobile Access Portal features:

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Mode Identifier USB Serial Description Notes 000 HID KEY BYGRT HID keyboard, sends B for blue button, Y for yellow, etc. 001 HID KEY 12345 HID keyboard, sends 1,2,3, etc. 002 HID NAR BYGRT HID keyboard, same as mode 000, except keys do not auto-release 003 HID NAR 12345 HID keyboard, same as mode 001, except keys do not auto-release

HID-Device – The device providing the service of human data input and output to and from the host. HID-Host – The device using or requesting the services of a Device. The HID Bluetooth Profile uses USB definition of a HID device in order to leverage the existing class drivers for USB HID devices.

4. Replace the HID Once satisfied that all other components are OK, the D2S can be replaced. Using the following guide. Diagnosing HID Faults Before replacing the Xenon HID Lamp, it is important to rule out other factors may causing the lighting issues. Flickering or failed lights can be caused by several other components within the HID .

USB HID based board via a webpage. This is very helpful if you're designing an interactive webpage that needs to respond to the physical world. Human Interface Devices, or HID, was created to allow lots of different types of hardware to pass information back and forth over USB. A keyboard is a good HID example but a keyboard only passes

hidpri.h \PIC32 Solutions\Microchip\USB\hid_device_driver Private function and macro definitions hid.h \PIC32 Solutions\Microchip\Include\USB USB HID include file hiddesc.h \PIC32 Solutions\Microchip\Include\USB HID specific descriptor defines hidreport.h \PIC32 Solutions\Microchip

HID LED Lighting Solutions HID LED Traditional HID Luminaires Traditional HID dealership lighting sources incorporate luminaires with a reflector system that drives light down on the front of cars in the front row, yet has a main beam that delivers light at 60 below horizontal

DIY USB HID This project uses the USB HID CircuitPython library. It's designed for creating custom USB input devices for creative and assistive applications. The library supports most US keypresses, multimedia and gamepad controls. Parts List A copy and paste friendly list of parts linked to products page. Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0 Rotary Encoder ()

1) Minimum wall thickness shall not less than 87.5% of nominal wall thickness in accordance with ASTM D2996. 2) Use these values for calculating longitudinal thrust. 3) No-shave pipe. Typical pipe performance Nominal Pipe Size Internal Pressure Rating1 Collapse Pressure Rating2 Designation in mm Psig MPa psig MPa Per ASTM D2996