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Reuse,Recycling andWaste ResourceGuide2017Butler CountyPennsylvaniaButler County 2017 Recycling Guide

Table of ContentsRecycling & Drop Off Locations3Clothing and Textiles20Printer Cartridges37Trash & Recycling Collection Companies3Compact Disks and DVD’s21Propane Tanks37Landfills4Compostable Materials21Road Flares38Single Stream Recycling Info4Concrete21Scotch Tape Dispensers38Plastic Resin Codes4Cooking Oil22Shoes39Cleanup and Watershed Groups5Cork22Smoke Detectors39Other Useful Resources5Crayons22Speakers39Special Event Recycling Bin Loan Program 5Dehumidifiers23Sporting Goods40Identifying / Handling Hazardous WasteDrywall23Styrofoam (Polystyrene)40Electronics24Syringes (Needles and Sharps)406Tips for Recycling:Aluminum7Explosives24Tires (see Auto, Tires)Ammunition7Eyeglasses24Trophies41Appliance (Non-Freon)7Fire Extinguishers25Tyvek 41Appliances (Freon)8Fishing Line25Water Filters42Art & Hobby Supplies8Fluorescent Light Bulbs25Wood Pallets and Wood Waste42Asphalt8Food and Drink Pouches26Writing Instruments42Auto, Antifreeze9Food and Pet Food Wrappers26Auto, Motor Oil9Furniture26Municipal Phone Numbers43Auto, Other Fluids10Gasoline272017 Hazardous Waste Collection Info.44Auto Parts10Glass (Food and Beverage)27Auto Tires10-11Hangers (Clothing)28Backpacks and Birding Equipment12Hard Hats28Barrels and Drums12Hazardous Waste28Batteries, Auto12Hearing Aids29Batteries, Household13Junk Mail29Bicycles13Magazines30Books for Reuse14Medical Equipment30Books for Recycling14Medication30Boxes14Mercury31Brick and Building Materials15Metals (Assorted)31Cans16Metals (Pickup Service)31Cardboard16Newspaper32Cards (Greeting)16Packaging Materials33Cars & Automobiles (Donation)17Paint33Catalogs17Paper (Office Paper)34Ceiling Tiles17Personal Care Product Containers35Cell Phones18Phone Books35Christmas Lights and Trees18Plastic Bags36Cigarette Waste19Plastic Plant Pots and Trays36Cleaning Product Containers20Plastics (Food and Beverage)37Butler County 2017 Recycling GuideOther Information:For suggestions on additions orcorrections to this guide, pleaseemail:

Recycling Dropoff LocationsTrash & Recycling(for regular recyclables like glass, cans and plastics—call for details on what is collected)Collection Companies**Known to be operating in Butler CountyNorthwest Sanitary Landfill CourtesyRecycling Dropoff Site1436 West Sunbury RoadWest Sunbury—724.637.3552Open during landfill operating hoursSeneca Landfill CourtesyTrash removal can be contracted in some municipalities on an individual, subscription basis and somemunicipalities contract with one hauler for all theirresidents. Call your municipality or homeowner’sassociation for details. All residential trash haulersare required to also offer curbside recycling serviceto their residential customers in Butler County.Adamik (Sarver) - 724.265.4287Recycling Dropoff SiteBrunner (Zelienople) - 724.775.6665421 Hartmann RoadDowning (East Brady) - 724.526.5848Evans City—724.625.9000Hunsberger (Knox) - 814.797.5583Open during landfill operating hoursMorrow (Tarentum) - 724.265.2491Schumacher (East Brady) - 724.526.3236Serafine (Chicora) - 724.445.7488Tri-County (Grove City) - 724.748.4705Vogel Disposal (Mars) - 724.625.1511Waste Management (W. Sunbury) 800.451.3060Butler County Department of Recycling & Waste Management5th Floor, 124 West Diamond Street, PO Box 1208Butler, PA 16003Phone 724.284.5305Fax 724.284.5315Email Site www.recyclebutler.usBoard of Butler County CommissionersLeslie A. Osche, Chairman Kimberly D. Geyer, Vice-Chairman Kevin E. Boozel, SecretaryButler County 2017 Recycling Guide3

Landfills Located inButler CountyNorthwest Sanitary Landfill1436 West Sunbury RoadWest Sunbury—724.637.3552Call for hoursSeneca Landfill421 Hartmann RoadEvans City—724.625.9000Single-Stream Recycling Offered by MOSTRecycling CollectorsIt’s so easy—most of the companies collecting residential curbsiderecycling collect in a “Single Stream” manner, meaning that mostitems can be mixed together in one recycling bin. Please checkwith your hauler to be sure of what is collected, however in general, most types of plastics, paper (including magazines, catalogs,junk mail and cardboard), food & beverage glass and food &beverage cans can all be placed in your recycling bin. Recyclablesthat contained food should be rinsed and any lids should be discarded. (Those haulers who don’t offer single-stream still offercomingled recycling pickup which includes #1 and #2 plastics,food & beverage glass and food & beverage cans.)Call for HoursWhen is my collection day?Check with your hauler to get yourrecycling pickup schedule.Butler County 2017 Recycling Guide4

Cleanup and Watershed GroupsTri-County CleanWays724.658.6925Other Useful ResourcesPennsylvania Dept. of Environmental aysNorthwest Regional OfficeEmail tccleanways@comcast.net230 Chestnut Street, Meadville, PA 16335814.332.6945Allegheny Aquatic nal Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP)Email alleghenyaquaticalliance@hotmail.com908 North 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101717.441.6049www.proprecycles.orgSlippery Rock Watershed Coalition 724.776-0161www.srwc.orgNational Recycling CoalitionEmail: ssing Creek Watershed AlliancePennsylvania Recycling Markets cycles.orgwww.parmc.orgSpecial Event Recycling Bins AvailableThe Butler County Department of Recycling & Waste Management has collapsible recycling bins available to loan.Groups organizing special events in Butler County thatwould like to offer recycling to their participants along withwaste disposal can borrow the bins on a first come– firstserved basis. For more information on this program, pleasecontact the Department at:Phone 724.284.5305Email County 2017 Recycling Guide5

Tips for Identifying, Storing and Transporting a Hazardous WasteIdentifying Hazardous Waste (and remember, electronics are considered hazardous too!)The following warning words on a container can alert you to the hazardous nature of its contents:Danger, Poison, Toxic, Corrosive, Volatile, Flammable, Inflammable, Combustible, Explosive,Caution, Warning, Harmful, Oxidizer, Irritant, Environmental HazardProper Use & Storage of Hazardous MaterialsMOST IMPORTANT: Follow the directions on the label.Ask the dealer or manufacturer to provide more explanation if needed.Don't use more of the product than is recommended.Never mix products; this can lead to explosions or poisonous gas being released.Use hazardous products in well-ventilated areas and always use gloves, eye protection and air purifying respirators whenever warranted.Never eat, drink or smoke where hazardous products are being used.Keep products in their original containers.If you do have to use a different container be sure to label adequately to prevent poisoning and forsafe use and disposal.Store all hazardous products upright, tightly sealed, and away from pets, children and food.Transporting Household Hazardous Waste to a Hazardous Waste CollectionNever mix different chemicals! Toxic fumes or an explosion can result and it prevents recycling ofthe materials.Leave waste products in their original containers, and make sure caps and/or lids are securelyclosed. Gasoline is highly flammable and should only be transported in purpose-designed gasolinecans or containers. Do not transport hazardous wastes in the same portion of your vehicle as humans or pets.If the original container is leaking or damaged, place the entire container in a larger container suchas a clean paint can, plastic bucket, or wrap securely with plastic. If you wrap up a container sothat the original label cannot be seen, mark the contents to the best of your ability, and be sure totell the collection staff what the contents are.Separate different types of waste, such as paints, motor oil, batteries, pesticides, acids, etc. Placecontainers upright in sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic trays, and pad with newspaper. You mayalso want to line your car with plastic before you pack the car.Put containers in trunk or rear of your car, not on passenger seats. Come straight to the HazardousWaste Collection to avoid any problems with the waste.Don't eat, drink or smoke while handling household hazardous wastes. Wash your hands afterhandling these materials. Never put hazardous waste into trash bags or trash cans. Lids can comeoff causing chemicals to mix and possibly creating dangerous reactions.Butler County’s Sponsored Household Hazardous Waste CollectionsCall 1-866-815-0016 to pre-register to attend! (See the last page of this booklet for more information.)Butler County 2017 Recycling Guide6

AluminumAmmunitionAppliances(non-freon)MRC Scrap MetalTips:201 Kittanning St, Butler Formerly Greco Materials Recycling724.285.5865Goettler Distributing153 Hindman Rd, Butler724.283.1455 724.287.5147Tips: Most local scrap yards willaccept all types of aluminum and pay per pound. All curbside recycling programs in Butler Countyaccept food and beveragealuminum (food & beverage) cans. Some scout or other special interest groups andschools collect aluminumfood and beverage cans forfundraising. NEVER throw away ammunition in regular household trash—it poses a veryserious threat to trash collectors and landfill employees.Check with local gunshops to find people whocollect spent shell casingsfor re-filling purposes.Call your local or state police department to askabout proper disposal oflive ammunition or call theButler County Sheriff’sDept. at 724.284.5245.SCRAP, FIXABLE or forPARTSA-1 Twice Loved Appliances1735 N Main St, Butler724.285.7712J&T Used Furniture & Appl.114 Spring St, Butler724.283.4252Tip:Most metal scrap yards willaccept appliances for recycling and pay per pound.CHARITIES ACCEPTINGWORKING APPLIANCES(call for program details)Salvation Army (all locations)724.285.8282724.287.5532Goodwill (all locations)724.284.1037724.776.0958Catholic Charities724.287.4011Lutheran Services724.282.9760St. Vincent DePaul724.287.8682Butler County 2017 Recycling Guide7

Appliances(with freon—a/c, dehumidifiers,refrigerators, etc.)Art and Hobby SuppliesAppliance DisposalElmer’s Glue Crew Recyclingwww.appliancedisposal.orgAccepts empty glue and gluestick containers for recyclingAppliances can be droppedoff at their facility inAllegheny County.523 Bingham St, Pgh 15203888.463.7366Jurassic Junk RemovalGibsonia1.877.595.JUNK (5865)Shields Paving5969 William Flynn ps:Collier Stone80 Noblestown Rd, Carnegie Call your local YMCA,school districts or day carecenters to find groups thatwill accept these materialsfor children’s art activities. Give away on ButlerCounty’s local Freecycle web site at:ECS&R129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans c-junk.comTip: Some waste haulers inButler County accept freonunits for an extra fee. Callyour waste hauler for details. Call the regional Department of EnvironmentalProtection for a list of contractors licensed to properly remove freon from appliances.814.332.6945Tip for glues and other toxichobby chemicals: Butler County acceptsmost chemicals at its ongoing hazardous waste collections for a small fee. Formore information on collection dates and r County 2017 Recycling Guide8

For automobile reuse programs, please see “CARS”Auto, AntifreezeAuto, Motor OilAuto, Motor Oil PickupFor BusinessesLIMITED QUANTITIES:Jiffy Lube (all locations)Penn TireRoute 8 south of ButlerErnie’s Waste OilIndependence, PA724.586.9750724.378.2032Tips:Tri-State Petro ServiceMcKees Rocks, PAWal-Mart Auto CentersECS&R129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City 814.425.7773LARGE QUANTITIES: Many garages in ButlerCounty accept used motoroil for recycling or for usein waste oil-burning heaters for free. Call your localgarages for more details. Butler County accepts allauto fluids at its ongoinghazardous waste collections for a small fee. Formore information on collection dates and details,call:MarpacAmsterdam Rd, Grove City724.458.5334FCC Environmental201 Lindsay Rd, Zelienople888.749.8344ECS&R129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City814.425.7773Many “quick lube” locations accept motor oil forrecycling—look in thephone directory for theclosest location to you.412.331.0707PetromaxCarnegie, Butler County accepts all autofluids at its ongoing hazardous waste collections for asmall fee. For more information on collection datesand details, call:724.284.5305www.recyclebutler.usButler County 2017 Recycling Guide9

Auto, All FluidsAuto, PartsAuto, Tires(small quantities)ECS&R129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City814.425.7773City Alternator Service(alternator cores only)581 W Cunningham St, ButlerJurassic Junk ip:Many businesses that sell andchange vehicle tires will accept small quantities backfrom the public and willcharge a recycling fee—usually a few dollars per tire.Call your local tire dealer tosee if they participate and toget quantity limits and prices.1.877.595.JUNK (5865)Tip: Butler County accepts allauto fluids at its ongoinghazardous waste collections for a small fee. Formore information on collection dates and details, Most metal recyclers andauto wreckers in ButlerCounty will accept autoparts and will pay by thepound.A tire collection is usuallyheld each year in ButlerCounty by Tri-County CleanWays. Information whenavailable will placed on thefollowing web ays.aspxButler County 2017 Recycling Guide10

Auto, Tires(large quantities collectedfrom businesses)Allegheny TireTransfer, PA724.646.1796Dan’s TireDickerson Run, PA724.529.7299Laken TireWest Haven, CT800.488.5703Liberty TireBraddock, PA412.351.5703Recovery Tech866.660.0822Superior Used TireNew Kensington, PA724.334.8473Butler County 2017 Recycling Guide11

Backpacks and BirdingEquipmentTip: The American Birder’s Exchange Program takes newand used birding equipment and educational materials distributing it tocolleagues working to conserve birds and their habitats throughout LatinAmerica and the Caribbean. and DrumsBakerstown Container1011 Middlesex St,BakerstownBatteries, AutoTips: Businesses that sell autobatteries are required byFederal law to take themback. Some have fees andsome do not. Call a business near you to get moreinformation. Butler County accepts autobatteries at its ongoinghazardous waste collections for a small fee. Formore information on collection dates and details,call:724.443.7255Thompson Scrap MetalKarns Rd, Natrona Heights724.224.3933Tip:- Many auto wreckers andscrap metal yards will acceptmetal drums for scrap andwill pay by the pound.724.284.5305www.recyclebutler.usButler County 2017 Recycling Guide12

Batteries, HouseholdBatteries, Household(regular alkaline)(rechargeable)Battery Giant of Pgh10 St Francis Way, St 9Cranberry TownshipBattery Giant of Pgh10 St Francis Way, St 9Cranberry Township724.741.6200724.741.6200(up to 5 gallon container free)(up to 5 gallon container free)ECS&R129 Ash Stp Rd, Evans CityECS&R129 Ash Stop Rd, Evans City814.425.7773814.425.7773Tip:Best Buy Electronics Butler County accepts allbatteries at its ongoinghazardous waste collections for a small fee. Formore information on collection dates and details,call:(all locations)Home DepotAlso accepts other types(all locations)BicyclesTips: Slippery Rock Universityaccepts repairable, useablebicycles for their student“Green Bike” program.Call the University’s Macoskey Center at724.738.4050. Give away on ButlerCounty’s local Freecycle web site ts/all Non-useable bikes are accepted at most scrap metal / auto wrecking yardsthat pay by the pound.Lowe’sAlso accepts other types724.284.5305(all locations)www.recyclebutler.usTip: Butler County accepts allbatteries at its ongoinghazardous waste collections for a small fee. Formore information on collection dates and r County 2017 Recycling Guide13

BooksBooks(non-useableBoxes(for reuse)for recycling)(corrugated cardboard)Tips: Royal Oak Retriever BinsPublic libraries often accept used books to sell forfundraising. Call your local library for details.bins located countywide U-Haul—all locationsCall 248.541.4020 for details UPS, Ebay and other shipping service businessesInternational Book Projectaccepts used fiction, text,reference and technicalbooks and ships them toschools, libraries, churches, community organizations, and Peace CorpsVolunteers throughout thedeveloping world and inthe United States. Booksmust be fully intact and invery good shape.www.intlbookproject.orgLARGE QUANTITIES:Many charitable organizations accept books such as:Beaver County RecyclingSalvation ArmyGoodwillCatholic CharitiesTips for Reuse:Iron Mountain- call 724.794.8474Tips for Recycling: cardboard boxes are accepted in curbside recycling bins by all of ButlerCounty’s recycling haulersthat offer single stream recycling. Call your haulerfor details. Cranberry Township’scardboard compactor siteAtlas Materials Recycling- 412.431.5329Cougles Recycling- 610.562.8336Creative Green Marketingbook destruction/recycling Rochester Rd724.776.4806(can assist with one-timebook recycling needs)724.770.2068St. Vincent DePaulLutheran Services(Call for donation details.) Local Senior Centers accept books—call the ButlerCounty Area Agency onAging for details at724.282.3008. Give away on ButlerCounty’s local Freecycle web site ts/allButler County 2017 Recycling Guide14

BrickBuilding Materials(reusable only)Collier StoneGPS: intersection of Walkers MillRoad & Noblestown RoadConstruction Junction214 N Lexington AvePoint Breeze80 Noblestown Rd, nction.comGive away on Butler County’slocal Freecycle web site ts/allButler County 2017 Recycling Guide15

CansCardboardCards(Food & Beverage)(Corrugated)(Greeting)Seneca Landfill RecyclingDropoff SiteHartmann Rd, Evans CityTips for Recycling: 724.625.9000Northwest Sanitary LandfillRecycling Dropoff Site1436 W Sunbury RdWest Sunbury Cardboard boxes are accepted in curbside recycling bins by nearly all ofButler County’s recyclinghaulers. Call your haulerfor details.Some day care centers,schools, etc. will acceptcards for children’s craftprojects. Many curbside recyclingprograms are now accepting cards as long as theydo not contain glitter orfoil—check with yourhauler. Royal Oak Retriever Binsbins located countywideCranberry Township’scardboard compactor site724.776.4806724.283.1455 2525 Rochester Rd724.637.3552Goettler Distributing(pays by pound)153 Hindman Rd, ButlerTips:Tips for Reuse: U-Haul—all locations UPS, Ebay and other shipping service businessesCall 248.541.4020 for details*accepts greeting cards aslong as they do notcontain glitter or foilMRC Scrap Metalformerly Greco Materials Recycling201 Kittanning St, Butler724.285.5865Tips: All curbside recycling programs in Butler Countyaccept aluminum food andbeverage cans.Some scout or other special interest groups andschools collect aluminumcans for fundraising. Callyour local group for details.Butler County 2017 Recycling GuideLarge Quantity Pickup forBusinessesPenn Gateway Recycling(prefers already baled)416 Halstead Blvd.Zelienople 16063412.837.877716

Cars / AutosTips: Goodwill stores nationwide accept vehicle don

Butler County Department of Recycling & Waste Management 5th Floor, 124 West Diamond Street, PO Box 1208 Butler, PA 16003 Phone 724.284.5305 Fax 724.284.5315 Email Web Site Board of Butler County Commissioners Leslie A. Osche, Chairman Ki

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