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FRI8:00POOLI1I29:30POOLM1M2FIELD H114UP POOL GAME 1Michigan Bulldogs NemitzvsNWI Sox Fossey14UP POOL GAME 1Indy Dreams MasseyvsMOV Pride PremierPOOLI3I4POOLM3M411:00 POOL14UP POOL GAME 2POOLK1 Hurricanes Fastpitch Niswonger K2vsK3Ohio Wolfpack CollinsK412:30 POOLO1032:00POOLA1A214UP POOL GAME 2Carolina Elite PackvsIntensity Midwest GaneffPOOLO216UP POOL GAME 1Banshee FastpitchvsCarolina Elite NationalPOOLA316UP POOL GAME 1Colorado Crush HigensvsOhio Lady Lasers WhitePOOLE3O4A43:30POOLE15:00POOL16UP POOL GAME 2POOLC1 Indiana Shockwaves Rayman C2vsC3Team NC HussC46:30POOLG18:00POOLB1E2G3B49:30POOLF1F4E416UP POOL GAME 2POOLCincy DOOM Gold BarnesG2vsLouisville Stunners Goodman G4FIELD H214UP POOL GAME 1Ohio Lady Lasers RedvsTeam PA LarcinesePOOLJ1J214UP POOL GAME 1POOL14UP POOL GAME 1POOL14UP POOL GAME 1POOLNY Diamond Girls MattisonN1 Michigan Batbusters Allessandrini N3Pittsburgh Spirit Gold PradyO1vsvsvsOhio Stingrays PopeN2Morris County BellesN4UNY Revolution RomanO214UP POOL GAME 2Indy Dreams Gold LewisvsSteel City Cyclones CoxPOOLL114UP POOL GAME 2Colorado Crush GoldvsOhio Lady Lasers GoldPOOLM216UP POOL GAME 1Ohio Lady Lasers GreenvsTurnin2 PezzPOOLB116UP POOL GAME 1Team Ky ASA GoldvsTeam PA SrokaPOOLG116UP POOL GAME 2Ohio Stingrays ThompsonvsVictory USAPOOLD116UP POOL GAME 2Gold Coast HurricanesvsTC Futures 2020POOLH1L3M4B2G2D3H316UP POOL GAME 3POOL16UP POOL GAME 3POOLCT Elimanators Gold SmithB2Intensity Midwest RothrockC2vsvsTeam NC MeleB3 Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson C316UP POOL GAME 3Indiana Dreams FostervsWheatland Spikes RauPOOLH2H3HILLIARD MUNICIPAL PARK - 16U & 14U PREMIERFIELD H3FIELD H4FIELD H514UP POOL GAME 1POOL14UP POOL GAME 1POOL14UP POOL GAME 1POOLCanonsburg Lady KnightsJ3Michigan Warriors MobleyK1 Hurricanes Fastpitch Niswonger K3vsvsvsNKY Bandits PremierJ4Team Ohio GrayK2Indy Dreams Gold LewisK416UP POOL GAME 3NY Diamond Girls GoldvsOhio Wolfpack DudekPOOLE1E414UP POOL GAME 2Indy Crush GoldvsOhio STARZ GriffithPOOLL214UP POOL GAME 2MOV Pride PremiervsOhio Stingrays PopePOOLM1L4M314UP POOL GAME 2POOLMotor City Madness CollinsI1vsWV Firestix HaynesI314UP POOL GAME 1Carolina Elite PackvsColorado Crush GoldPOOLO314UP POOL GAME 2Michigan Bulldogs NemitzvsOhio Lady Lasers RedPOOLI2O4I414UP POOL GAME 2POOL14UP POOL GAME 2POOLIndy Dreams MasseyP2 Indiana Shockwaves HarveyP1vsvsNY Diamond Girls MattisonP4Turnin2 StockP3FIELD H614UP POOL GAME 1Ohio Wolfpack CollinsvsSteel City Cyclones CoxPOOLL1L214UP POOL GAME 1Intensity Midwest GaneffvsOhio Lady Lasers GoldPOOLP114UP POOL GAME 2NWI Sox FosseyvsTeam PA LarcinesePOOLJ114UP POOL GAME 2Beverly Bandits FuturesvsLouisville Stunners HarveyP2J3FIELD H714UP POOL GAME 1POOLIndy Crush GoldL3vsMotor City Madness CollinsL4FIELD H814UP POOL GAME 1Ohio STARZ GriffithvsWV Firestix Haynes14UP POOL GAME 1POOLBeverly Bandits FuturesP3vsIndiana Shockwaves HarveyP414UP POOL GAME 1Louisville Stunners TharpvsTurnin2 Stock14PG114UP POOL GAME 2NKY Bandits PremiervsTeam Ohio Gray14PG214UP POOL GAME 2Morris County BellesvsUNY Revolution Roman14PG214UP POOL GAME 2Canonsburg Lady KnightsvsMichigan Warriors MobleyPOOLJ2J4POOL14UP POOL GAME 2POOLN1 Michigan Batbusters Allessandrini N2vsN3Pittsburgh Spirit Gold PradyN414PG116UP POOL GAME 1POOL16UP POOL GAME 1POOLCT Elimanators Gold SmithC1 Indiana Shockwaves Rayman C3vsvsIntensity Midwest RothrockC2Ohio Stingrays ThompsonC416UP POOL GAME 1Team NC HussvsVictory USAPOOL16UP POOL GAME 1POOLB3 Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson D1vsB4Team NC MeleD216UP POOL GAME 1POOL16UP POOL GAME 1Indiana Gators EliteD3Ohio Emeralds JohnsonvsvsLouisville Cyclones GorgesD4Outlaws Premier PA Hoffner16PG116UP POOL GAME 1Cincy DOOM Gold BarnesvsGold Coast HurricanesPOOLF116UP POOL GAME 1Ohio Stingrays MattixvsWheatland Spikes RauPOOL16UP POOL GAME 1POOLG3 Louisville Stunners Goodman H1vsG4TC Futures 2020H216UP POOL GAME 1POOLMichigan Batbusters BeardH3vsNY Diamond Girls GoldH416UP POOL GAME 1Ohio Wolfpack DudekvsWV Lady 'Eers16PG116UP POOL GAME 2Indiana Gators ElitevsOhio Emeralds JohnsonPOOLD216UP POOL GAME 2Intensity Midwest RothrockvsTeam NC Mele16PG216UP POOL GAME 2Motor City MadnessvsWheatland Spikes Rau16PG216UP POOL GAME 3Banshee FastpitchvsTurnin2 Pezz16PG316UP POOL GAME 3Gold Coast HurricanesvsLouisville Stunners Goodman16PG3F2D416UP POOL GAME 2POOLMichigan Batbusters BeardH2vsOhio Wolfpack DudekH416UP POOL GAME 3Ohio Stingrays ThompsonvsTeam NC HussPOOLA216UP POOL GAME 3Colorado Crush HigensvsTeam PA SrokaPOOLE2A3E316UP POOL GAME 1Indiana Dreams FostervsMotor City MadnessPOOLF3F416UP POOL GAME 2POOLLouisville Cyclones GorgesA1vsOutlaws Premier PA HoffnerA316UP POOL GAME 2NY Diamond Girls GoldvsWV Lady 'EersPOOLE116UP POOL GAME 3Carolina Elite NationalvsOhio Lady Lasers GreenPOOLD116UP POOL GAME 3Ohio Lady Lasers WhitevsTeam Ky ASA GoldPOOLH1E3D4H416UP POOL GAME 2Banshee FastpitchvsOhio Lady Lasers GreenPOOLA216UP POOL GAME 2Colorado Crush HigensvsTeam Ky ASA GoldPOOLE2A4E416UP POOL GAME 3POOLIndiana Gators EliteD2vsOutlaws Premier PA HoffnerD316UP POOL GAME 3POOLMichigan Batbusters BeardF2vsWV Lady 'EersF316UP POOL GAME 2Carolina Elite NationalvsTurnin2 PezzPOOLB116UP POOL GAME 2Ohio Lady Lasers WhitevsTeam PA SrokaPOOLF1B3F316UP POOL GAME 2POOLCT Elimanators Gold SmithB2vsOhio Hawks Gold Hutchinson B416UP POOL GAME 2Indiana Dreams FostervsOhio Stingrays MattixPOOLF2F416UP POOL GAME 3POOL16UP POOL GAME 3POOLLouisville Cyclones GorgesC1 Indiana Shockwaves Rayman A1vsvsOhio Emeralds JohnsonC4Victory USAA416UP POOL GAME 3Motor City MadnessvsOhio Stingrays MattixPOOLG1G416UP POOL GAME 3Cincy DOOM Gold BarnesvsTC Futures 2020POOLG2G3

SAT8:00POOLJ1J49:30FIELD H114UP POOL GAME 3Canonsburg Lady KnightsvsTeam Ohio GrayPOOLJ2J312:30 POOLO1P13:30POOLI1I4POOL14UP POOL GAME 3POOL14UP POOL GAME 3POOLN1 Michigan Batbusters Alessandrini N2Morris County BellesM1vsvsN4UNY Revolution RomanN3Pittsburgh Spirit Gold PradyM411:00 POOL14UP POOL GAME 4POOLK1 Hurricanes Fastpitch Niswonger K2vsL4WV Firestix HaynesL32:00FIELD H214UP POOL GAME 3NKY Bandits PremiervsMichigan Warriors Mobley14UP POOL GAME 4Carolina Elite PackvsBeverly Bandits FuturesPOOLO2P2POOL16UP POOL GAME 4POOLC1 Indiana Shockwaves Rayman C2vsD3Ohio Emeralds JohnsonD2POOLG1H416UP POOL GAME 4Cincy DOOM Gold BarnesvsWV Lady 'EersPOOLG2H314UP POOL GAME 4Indy Dreams Gold LewisvsOhio STARZ GriffithPOOLK3L1HILLIARD MUNICIPAL PARK - 16U & 14U PREMIERFIELD H3FIELD H4FIELD H514UP POOL GAME 3POOL14UP POOL GAME 3POOL14UP POOL GAME 3Michigan Bulldogs NemitzI2NWI Sox FosseyL1Indy Crush GoldvsvsvsTeam PA LarcineseI3Ohio Lady Lasers RedL4WV Firestix Haynes14UP POOL GAME 3Indy Dreams MasseyvsOhio Stingrays PopePOOLM214UP POOL GAME 4Ohio Wolfpack CollinsvsIndy Crush GoldPOOLK4M3L214UP POOL GAME 4POOL14UP POOL GAME 4POOLColorado Crush GoldM4Ohio Stingrays PopeO4vsvsIndiana Shockwaves Harvey N1 Michigan Batbusters Alessandrini P416UP POOL GAME 4POOLOhio Stingrays ThompsonC3vsLouisville Cyclones GorgesD116UP POOL GAME 4Team NC HussvsIndiana Gators ElitePOOLC4D416UP POOL GAME 4Gold Coast HurricanesvsOhio Wolfpack DudekPOOL16UP POOL GAME 4POOLG3 Louisville Stunners Goodman G4vsH2NY Diamond Girls GoldH1POOLL2L314UP POOL GAME 3POOLMOV Pride PremierP1vsNY Diamond Girls MattisonP414UP POOL GAME 3Beverly Bandits FuturesvsTurnin2 Stock14UP POOL GAME 4POOLSteel City CyclonesI1vsMotor City Madness CollinsJ114UP POOL GAME 4Michigan Bulldogs NemitzvsCanonsburg Lady KnightsPOOLI214UP POOL GAME 4Indy Dreams MasseyvsUNY Revolution RomanPOOLM216UP POOL GAME 4POOLVictory USAA1vsOutlaws Premier PA HoffnerB216UP POOL GAME 4Banshee FastpitchvsIntensity Midwest RothrockPOOLA216UP POOL GAME 4POOLTC Futures 2020E1vsMichigan Batbusters BeardF416UP POOL GAME 4Colorado Crush HigensvsWheatland Spikes RauPOOLE214UP POOL GAME 4Ohio Lady Lasers GoldvsTurnin2 StockPOOLM1N4FIELD H6FIELD H714UP POOL GAME 3POOL14UP POOL GAME 3POOLMotor City Madness CollinsK1 Hurricanes Fastpitch Niswonger K2vsvsOhio STARZ GriffithK4Steel City CyclonesK3POOL14UP POOL GAME 3POOLP2 Indiana Shockwaves Harvey O1vsP3Louisville Stunners TharpO4J2N3B3F214UP POOL GAME 3Carolina Elite PackvsOhio Lady Lasers GoldPOOLO214UP POOL GAME 4Ohio Lady Lasers RedvsMichigan Warriors MobleyPOOLI414UP POOL GAME 4POOLMOV Pride PremierO3vsPittsburgh Spirit Gold PradyP314UP POOL GAME 4Intensity Midwest GaneffvsLouisville Stunners TharpPOOLM316UP POOL GAME 4POOLCarolina Elite NationalA3vsOhio Hawks Gold Hutchinson B416UP POOL GAME 4Ohio Lady Lasers GreenvsTeam NC MelePOOLA416UP POOL GAME 4Team Ky ASA GoldvsOhio Stingrays MattixPOOLE414UP POOL GAME 4NWI Sox FosseyvsNKY Bandits Premier16UP POOL GAME 4Ohio Lady Lasers WhitevsMotor City MadnessPOOLI3J3POOLE3F3O3J4N2B1F1FIELD H814UP POOL GAME 3Indy Dreams Gold LewisvsOhio Wolfpack Collins14PG314UP POOL GAME 3Colorado Crush GoldvsIntensity Midwest Ganeff14PG314UP POOL GAME 4Team PA LarcinesevsTeam Ohio Gray14PG414UP POOL GAME 4NY Diamond Girls MattisonvsMorris County Belles14PG416UP POOL GAME 4Turnin2 PezzvsCT Eliminators Gold Smith16PG416UP POOL GAME 4Team PA SrokavsIndiana Dreams Foster16PG45:0014I #1 vs 14K #414I #2 vs 14K #314J #1 vs 14L #414L #2 vs 14J #314M #1 vs 14O #414O #2 vs 14M #314N #1 vs 14P #414N #2 vs 14P #314EG16:3014K #1 vs 14I #414K #2 vs 14I #314L #1 vs 14J #414J #2 vs 14L #314O #1 vs 14M #414M #2 vs 14O #314P #1 vs 14N #414P #2 vs 14N #314EG18:0016A #1 vs 16C #416A #2 vs 16C #316B #1 vs 16D #416D #2 vs 16B #316E #1 vs 16G #416G #2 vs 16E #316F #1 vs 16H #416F #2 vs 16H #316EG19:3016C #1 vs 16A #416C #2 vs 16A #316D #1 vs 16B #416B #2 vs 16D #316G #1 vs 16E #416E #2 vs 16G #316H #1 vs 16F #416H #2 vs 16F #316EG1SUN8:00FIELD H114I #1/14K #4 WINNERvs14P #2/14N #3 WINNERFIELD H214J #2/14L #3 WINNERvs14M #1/14O #4 WINNERFIELD H314K #1/14I #4 WINNERvs14N #2/14P #3 WINNERFIELD H414L #2/14J #3 WINNERvs14O #1/14M #4 WINNERFIELD H514J #1/14L #4 WINNERvs14M #2/14O #3 WINNERFIELD H614K #2/14I #3 WINNERvs14N #1/14P #4 WINNERFIELD H714L #1/14J #4 WINNERvs14O #2/14M #3 WINNERFIELD H814I #2/14K #3 WINNERvs14P #1/14N #4 WINNER9:3016A #1/16C #4 WINNERvs16H #2/16F #3 WINNER16B #2/16D #3 WINNERvs16E #1/16G #4 WINNER16C #1/16A #4 WINNERvs16F #2/16H #3 WINNER16D #2/16B #3 WINNERvs16G #1/16E #4 WINNER16B #1/16D #4 WINNERvs16E #2/16G #3 WINNER16C #2/16A #3 WINNERvs16F #1/16H #4 WINNER16D #1/16B #4 WINNERvs16G #2/16E #3 WINNER16A #2/16C #3 WINNERvs16H #1/16F #4 WINNER16EG211:0016U FIELD H1 WINvs16U FIELD H8 WIN14U FIELD H1 WINvs14U FIELD H8 WIN16U FIELD H2 WINvs16U FIELD H7 WIN14U FIELD H2 WINvs14U FIELD H7 WIN16U FIELD H3 WINvs16U FIELD H6 WIN14U FIELD H3 WINvs14U FIELD H6 WIN16U FIELD H4 WINvs16U FIELD H5 WIN14U FIELD H4 WINvs14U FIELD H5 WIN16EG3&14EG312:3016U FIELD H1 WINvs16U FIELD H7 WIN14U FIELD H2 WINvs14U FIELD H8 WIN16U FIELD H3 WINvs16U FIELD H5 WIN14U FIELD H4 WINvs14U FIELD H6 WIN16EG4&14EG42:0016UP CHAMPIONSHIP14UP CHAMPIONSHIP14EG2FINALS

16EG116EG216EG316EG416EG516A #1SATURDAY H1 @ 8:00 pm16C #4SUNDAY H1 @ 9:30 am16F #3SATURDAY H8 @ 9:30 pm16H #2SUNDAY H1 @ 11:00 am16B #2SATURDAY H4 @ 9:30 pm16D #3SUNDAY H8 @ 9:30 am16G #4SATURDAY H5 @ 8:00 pm16E #1SUNDAY H5 @ 12:30 pm16C #1SATURDAY H1 @ 9:30 pm16A #4SUNDAY H5 @ 9:30 am16H #3SATURDAY H8 @ 8:00 pm16F #2SUNDAY H7 @ 11:00 am16D #2SATURDAY H4 @ 8:00 pm16B #3SUNDAY H4 @ 9:30 am16E #4SATURDAY H5 @ 9:30 pm16G #1SUNDAY H5 @ 2:00 pm16UP CHAMPION16B #1SATURDAY H3 @ 8:00 pm16D #4SUNDAY H3 @ 9:30 am16G #3SATURDAY H6 @ 9:30 pm16E #2SUNDAY H5 @ 11:00 am16C #2SATURDAY H2 @ 9:30 pm16A #3SUNDAY H6 @ 9:30 am16H #4SATURDAY H7 @ 8:00 pm16F #1SUNDAY H7 @ 12:30 pm16D #1SATURDAY H3 @ 9:30 pm16B #4SUNDAY H7 @ 9:30 am16E #3SATURDAY H6 @ 8:00 pm16G #2SUNDAY H3 @ 11:00 am16A #2SATURDAY H2 @ 8:00 pm16C #316F #4SATURDAY H7 @ 9:30 pm16H #1SUNDAY H2 @ 9:30 am


Following is the list of teams in the 16U Premier Division by playing pool:Pool Game #1 - Team 1 vs Team 2 & Team 3 vs Team 4Pool Game #2 - Team 1 vs Team 3 & Team 2 vs Team 4Pool Game #3 - Team 1 vs Team 4 & Team 2 vs Team 316U POOL 'A' Hilliard16A1-Banshee Fastpitch16A2-Carolina Elite National16A3-Ohio Lady Lasers Green16A4-Turnin2 Pezz16U POOL 'B' Hilliard16B1-CT Eliminators Gold Smith16B2-Intensity Midwest Rothrock16B3-Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson16B4-Team NC Mele16U POOL 'A' & 'B 4th Game16A1-Banshee Fastpitch vs 16B2-Intensity Midwest Rothrock16A2-Carolina Elite National vs 16B3-Ohio Hawks Gold Hutchinson16A3-Ohio Lady Lasers Green vs 16B4-Team NC Mele16A4-Turnin2 Pezz vs 16B1-CT Eliminators Gold Smith16U POOL 'C' Hilliard16C1-Indiana Shockwaves Rayman16C2-Ohio Stingrays Thompson16C3-Team NC Huss16C4-Victory USA16U POOL 'D' Hilliard16D1-Indiana Gators Elite16D2-Louisville Cyclones Gorges16D3-Ohio Emeralds Johnson16D4-Outlaws Premier PA Hoffner16U POOL 'C' & 'D' 4th Game16C1-Indiana Shockwaves Rayman vs 16D3-Ohio Emeralds Johnson16C2-Ohio Stingrays Thompson vs 16D2-Louisville Cyclones Gorges16C3-Team NC Huss vs 16D1-Indiana Gators Elite16C4-Victory USA vs 16D4-Outlaws Premier PA Hoffner

16U POOL 'E' Hilliard16E1-Colorado Crush Higens16E2-Ohio Lady Lasers White16E3-Team Ky ASA Gold16E4-Team PA Sroka16U POOL 'F' Hilliard16F1-Indiana Dreams Foster16F2-Motor City Madness16F3-Ohio Stingrays Mattix16F4-Wheatland Spikes Rau16U POOL 'E' & 'F' 4th Game16E1-Colorado Crush Higens vs 16F4-Wheatland Spikes Rau16E2-Ohio Lady Lasers White vs 16F2-Motor City Madness16E3-Team Ky ASA Gold vs 16F3-Ohio Stingrays Mattix16E4-Team PA Sroka vs 16F1-Indiana Dreams Foster16U POOL 'G' Hilliard16G1-Cincy DOOM Gold Barnes16G2-Gold Coast Hurricanes Armstrong16G3-Louisville Stunners Goodman16G4-TC Futures 202016U POOL 'H' Hilliard16H1-Michigan Batbusters Beard16H2-NY Diamond Girls Gold16H3-Ohio Wolfpack Dudek16H4-WV Lady ‘Eers16U POOL 'G' & 'H' 4th Game16G1-Cincy DOOM Gold Barnes vs 16H4-WV Lady ‘Eers16G2-Gold Coast Hurricanes Armstrong vs 16H3-Ohio Wolfpack Dudek16G3-Louisville Stunners Goodman vs 16H2-NY Diamond Girls Gold16G4-TC Futures 2020 vs 16H1-Michigan Batbusters Beard

I2 NWI Sox Fossey I4 Team PA Larcinese J2 NKY Bandits Premier J4 Team Ohio Gray K2 Indy Dreams Gold Lewis K4 Steel City Cyclones Cox L2 Motor City Madness Collins L4 WV Firestix Haynes 9:30 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 POOL 14UP POOL GAME 1 .