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Goulds 3180Paper Stock / Process Pump withPatented Intelligent Monitoring

Goulds 3180Worldwide Experience on Process Pumping ServicesWhen Goulds developed the 3180, we utilized 140years of pump design experience to ensure it wouldhave unmatched mechanical reliability. Today, installationsaround the world attest to its remarkable performance.The 3180 is the heavy duty process pump designed tohandle all of your tough process pumping applications. Capacities to 45,000 GPM(10,220 m³/h) Heads to 410 feet (125 m) Temperatures to 446 F (230 C) Pressures to 232 PSIG (16 bar)World-class Pump LineModel 3180 is built to ANSI standards. ANSI class 125 / 150 lb flange drilling Inch-dimensioned OD of mechanical seal sleeve Inch-dimensioned bearing locknut Inch-dimensioned shaft and keyway at couplingA Model 3180 installed in a North American recycle mill.Model 3180XL on difficult high temperature service. Spring-mountedbaseplate provided to compensate for thermal expansion.Cooling water pump for primaryturbine at a power plant in theMiddle East.2Goulds 3180

Goulds 3180Featuring PatentedIntelligent MonitoringPATENTEDCONDITION MONITORConstantly measures vibration andtemperature at the thrust bearing.Colored LEDs indicate general pumphealth. Provides early warningof improper operation beforecatastrophic failure occurs.SEALING FLEXIBILITYChoice of mechanical seal (illustrated),packed box or dynamic seal.STANDARD LABYRINTHOIL SEALSPATENTED TAPERBORE PLUS SEAL CHAMBERWide range of sealingarrangements available to meetservice conditions. Patented sealchambers improve lubricationand heat removal (cooling) ofseal faces for extended seal lifeand pump uptime.CASINGTop centerline discharge forair handling and self-venting.Special volute design reducesradial loads. Back pull-out design.Foot-mounted.Prevent premature bearing failurecaused by lubricant contaminationand loss of lubricant.RENEWABLE SUCTIONSIDEPLATEWith open impeller designminimizes maintenance costs.Positively sealed with O-ringand gasket.CONTINUOUSHIGH-PERFORMANCEOPEN IMPELLEROriginal high efficiencymaintained by simple externalimpeller adjustment resultingin long-term energy savings.HEAVY-DUTY SHAFTDesigned for minimum deflectionat maximum load. Dry shaft achievedby sealing from pumpage by O-ringsat sleeve and impeller nut.RIGID FEETLarge casing and bearing frame feetmaintain driver alignment with highpipe loads; absorb system vibration.Full back shroud and thickimpeller vanes for handlingslurries and stringy fibers. Largebalance holes and back pump-outvanes minimize stuffing boxpressure and axial thrust. Optionalenclosed impeller available.Shearpeller design availablefor dif cult recycle services.Goulds 31803

Engineered Impellerand SideplateAcknowledged Best Design for IndustrialProcess Services.It offers: Ease of adjustment to maintain optimumperformance Clamped sideplate for maximum reliability andzero leakage Minimum hydraulic loads for maximummechanical reliability1. Renewable High-PerformanceEasy and ReliableWith any impelleradjustment there will betwo metal components thatwill have to move relative toeach other. Goulds puts thisprecision fit in the sealedand lubricated environmentof the power end.Easy and accessibleadjustments. The Gouldsadjustment bolts are veryaccessible and can beadjusted with one tool.4Goulds 3180vsvsLess reliable pumps utilizingadjustable sideplates aredifficult to adjust, are notprecise in clearances and theadjustment must take placein the corroded casing interiorleading to leakage. Improperadjustments lead to brokenstuds and catastrophic failure.The adjustable sideplatemethod requires two tools.Additionally, the pump suctionflange limits the accessibility tothe adjusting screws.

2. Clamped Sideplate3. Minimum Hydraulic LoadsFor Maximum Reliability and Zero LeakageMaximum Mechanical ReliabilityOur sideplate is clamped securely and sealed positivelyto ensure that it does not lead to breakage or leakage.Goulds open impeller design was engineered to assureminimum radial and axial thrust loads to maximize sealand bearing life.1 Full Back ShroudMaximizes mechanical integrity2 Balance HolesLow axial thrust3 Engineered Back VanesExtended seal and bearing life123ClampedvsAs the open impeller is adjustedand performance renewed, backpump-out vanes control axialthrust. Bearing and seal life aremaintained – unaffected by adjustment.CALCULATEDBEARINGLIFE, L 10(YEARS)FloatingEngineered for Long LifeBack vane height / angle andshroud design are engineeredto minimize hydraulic loadsthroughout the life of the pump.Bearing life is guaranteed.BEARING LIFE UNAFFECTED BY ADJUSTMENT53CALCULATED BEARING LIFE BASED ONMEASURED HYDRAULIC LOADS11xAVERAGESEAL LIFE(YEARS)The “floating” sideplate design must scrape over a casingsurface that will be corroded and fouled. This commonlyleads to a leakage path through the sideplate studs.532x3xSEAL LIFE UNAFFECTED BY ADJUSTMENT11x2xIMPELLER ADJUSTMENT3xGoulds 31805

Power Ends Designedfor Maximum ReliabilityPower End Reliability is vital when thinking about pumpmean time between failure (MTBF). To ensure maximumbearing life, the 3180 follows four key factors:2. Bearing TemperatureKeeping the pump loads minimized and selecting the“right” bearing will keep bearing temperature under control. Bearing Design Life Bearing Temperature Bearing Environment Continuous Condition MonitoringTypical bearing operating temperatures of competitor’sprocess pumps are between 140–160 F. Goulds Model3180 bearing temperatures average only 120 F (50 C)!1. Bearing Design LifeBearing manufacturers statethat skidding, cage stressesand oil temperatures cangreatly reduce the bearinglife of oversized bearings.The “right” size bearing isvital to overall bearing life.Bearing Load Measuredon TestBigger is NOT Always Better!Bearings are often oversizedbecause pump designers oftenestimate bearing loads. Gouldsmeasured their loads on testand chose bearing designs thatwould enable bearing life of100,000 hours.6Goulds 3180

3. Bearing EnvironmentA visual indication of pump health makes walk-aroundinspections more efficient and accurate. The result isa more robust process to monitor and maintain all yourpumps so that your plant profitability is maximized.Labyrinith Oil Seals are StandardContamination being the second leading cause ofbearing failure requires special attention. Common lip sealswere not considered due to their 2,000 hour design life.After wearing out, there will be an open passage way forcontamination.Failures can happen betweenmonitoring intervalsHealthNormal monitoringintervalOnset of failuregoes undetected?FailureTimeA reliability program centered around walkarounds capturesequipment condition on average once a month; the failure process,however, can begin and end quite frequently within this time period.MisalignmentPower End Reliability is Both Designed-Inand GuaranteeddamagedLARGE OILSIGHT GLASSHeavy duty footreduces effectsof pipeloads /thermal expansionon bearing life.Bearings continueto run cool.The standard oilsight glass assuresoil level is properlyset and maintainedCondition of oilis also easilymonitored.STANDARDLABYRINTHOIL SEALSBearing Design LifeBearing TemperatureBearing Environment00: 00severityRIGIDFRAME FOOTseverityonset of damagePreventcontaminationof lubricant forextended bearinglife. 100,000 hours120 F (50 C) averageSuperiorOil Seal designtimeCondition MonitoringReliability requency (Hz)Our GuaranteeGoulds Pumps backs the 3180 power ends with anunconditional guarantee against defects in workmanshipand material for 3 years from date of manufacture.4. PatentedCondition MonitorThecondition monitor unit continuouslymeasures vibration and temperature at the thrust bearingand automatically indicates when pre-set levels ofvibration and temperature have been exceeded, so thatchanges to the process or machine can be made beforefailure occurs.Goulds 31807

Goulds 3180Impeller Designs toOptimize PerformanceThe right design for the service results in optimumefficiency and up-time, especially when handling difficultmedia such as recycle fibers with contaminants.Open ImpellerDesign suitable for most services. Allows for resistanceto wear and corrosion. Provides for easily renewableclearances. Designed for optimum efficiency.The Goulds Shearpeller Solves this Problem: Generous front clearance with vortex-type designto prevent binding and plugging. Patented tapered inlet sleeve prevents contaminantsfrom plugging inlet area. The sleeve is loose to rotateindependently from impeller. The slower rotationprevents contaminants from collecting at theimpeller eye and prevents erosion of hub. Proven in tough services such as repulper dumpservice in OCC recycle mill. In one service, pumpwent from a daily outage to clear impeller touninterrupted, continuous service. Component changes only involve the impellerand sleeve. Uses same casing, sideplate, shaftand impeller nut as 3180.Enclosed ImpellerAvailable for services where efficiency is a considerationand enclosed design is suitable for service conditions.Efficiency can be renewed with axial adjustmentand / or wear ring replacement. Also beneficial for hightemperature services as it allows the suction sideplateto be eliminated.Optimize Seal Configurationfor Service and EnvironmentFor services with Solids and Vapor,Goulds Patented* TaperBore TMThe unique flow path created by the patented VaneParticle Ejector directs solids away from the mechanicalseal, not towards the seal as with other tapered boredesigns. And, the amount of solids entering the boreis minimized. Air and vapors are also efficiently removed.Goulds Clog-Free Pumping SolutionPatented Design (#6,609,890)On services with or without solids, air or vapors, Gouldspatented TaperBore PLUS is the effective solution forextended seal and pump life and lower maintenance costs.Pumping applications in recycle mills present uniquechallenges with the presence of plastic and tape alongwith other contaminants that can readily clog thepump impeller.1258Goulds 318034

1 Solids / liquid mixture flows toward mechanical seal /seal chamber.2 Turbulent zone. Some solids continue to flow towardshaft. Other solids are forced back out by centrifugalforce (generated by back pump-out vanes).3 Clear liquid continues to move toward mechanicalseal faces. Solids, air, vapors flow away from seal.4 Low pressure zone created by Vane Particle Ejector.Solids, air, vapor liquid mixture exit seal chamber bore.5 Flow in patented TaperBore PLUS seal chamberassures efficient heat removal (cooling) and lubrication.Seal face heat is dissipated. Seal faces are continuouslyflushed with clean liquid.Dynamic sealFor Elimination of Mechanical Seal Problems;Reduced MaintenanceGoulds Dynamic Seal option is ideally suited to handlethe tough applications where conventional mechanicalseals or packing require outside flush and / or constant,costly attention. This option allows pumping slurrieswithout an external flush. A repeller between the stuffingbox cover and impeller pumps liquid from the stuffing boxwhile the pump is running. A diaphragm seal preventsleakage when the pump is not operating.Patent#5,344,163Zero flush water (Mechanical seals)The 3180 has a revolutionary seal chamber designguaranteed to operate on 6% paper stock withoutflush water!Aside from the high cost of flushing mechanical sealsand the possible dilution of the product, contaminantsin the flush water can also cause seal failures. Disruptionof flush water caused by plugging, freezing orinadvertently closing a valve can also cause failures.The answer to those problems is solved with the Gouldspatented TaperBore PLUS.Hard TungstenCarbide Seal FacesThe 3180 is easily field converted to Dynamic Seal with retrofit parts –backplate, stuffing box cover, repeller, sleeve.Benefits of Goulds Dynamic Seal: External seal water not required. Elimination of pumpage contaminationor product dilution. Eliminates problems and costs associatedwith piping from a remote source.Backplate (444)Stuffing Box Cover (184A)Patented VaneParticle EjectorSpringsRepeller (262)Goulds 31809

Hydraulic Coverage50 Hz1501251470 RPM14 x 16-276 x 10-22100908 x 10-22804 x 6-197010 x 12-224 x 8-196 x 10-19TOTAL HEAD—METERS6010 x 12-196 x 8-163 x 6-14406 x 10-163012 x 14-198 x 10-164 x 6-146 x 8-142512 x 14-228 x 10-194 x 6-165010 x 12-168 x 8-143 x 6-1214 x 14-162010 x 10-144 x 6-12156 x 8-1212 x 12-148 x Y—m3 /h14 x 16-2724 x 30-3524 x 30-35A24 x 30-35N(740 RPM)10Goulds 31804000

60 Hz5004001780 RPM4 x 6-194 x 8-193004 x 6-16TOTAL HEAD—FEET2506 x 10-198 x 10-196 x 8-162006 x 10-163 x 6-141504 x 6-148 x 10-166 x 8-1410 x 12-168 x 8-143 x 6-1210010 x 10-14804 x 6-126 x 8-1212 x12-148 x 00500070001000014 x 16-2724 x 30-3524 x 30-35A24 x 30-35N(710 RPM)Goulds 318011

Parts List and Materialsof Construction12Goulds 3180

Sectional ViewS, M, L and XLMechanical Seal 3101Enclosed Impeller Option136202127178122304332A412101412FShearpeller 51 PackedStuffing Box Oil Lubrication Open ImpellerXL1, XL2-S and 22304332A412412A126360PIllustrated: PackedStuffing Box Oil Lubrication Open Impeller333A107106184351Goulds 318013

DimensionsJob No.:GOU 1212Date: 6/14/94Client: GouldsJob: 3185 BulletinDoc.: DIM DRW 3180SPADISCHARGEBXSUCTIONDAll dimensions in inches and (mm). Not to be used for construction.14Goulds 3180

Construction DetailsGoulds 318015

Modular InterchangeabilityGoulds 3180Modular InterchangeabilitySizeSizeCasing/ ImpellerCasing SideplateSideplate/ImpellerStuffingBoxStuffing BoxPowerPower End*End*3x6 –12 4x6–12 6x8 –12 8x8 –123x6–14 S Group4 x6–14 4x6–16 6x8 –14 8x8 –14 10x10–14 12x12–146x8–16 M Group4x6–19 6x10–16 8x10–16 10x12–16 14x14–16 4x8 –19 6 x10–19 L Group8x10–19 10x12–19 6x10–22 8x10–22 12x14–19 16x16–1910x12–22 12x14–22 14x16–22 18x18–226x10–25 8x12–25 10x14–25 20x20–251616Goulds 3180XL Group

Modular InterchangeabilitySizeSizeCasingCasingWearRingWear pterAdapterFramePowerEndPower End14X16–2724X24–2720X24–29XL1 Group20X24–31XL2-S �41XL2 Group* Shafts for Models 3180 and 3185 are not interchangeable.Sleeves for mechanical seals on the 3180 and 3185 are not interchangeable.Available with enclosed ProcessPumpAvailable with Shearpeller Uses the XL2-S shaft, sleeve and impeller nut.(1) 24X30 - 35N uses alternate wear ring(2) 24X30 - 35A uses alternate impellerWhether it’s for pumping severe corrosives, abrasiveslurries, fibrous / stringy solids, high temperature liquids,No one in the industry offers the broad rangehazardous fluids, low flow or high capacityservices – Goulds has a perfect, reliable solution. The of process pumps that Goulds does!Goulds selection of pump solutions includes horizontalWhether it’s for pumping severe corrosives, abrasiveand vertical configurations in a range of alloyslurries, fibrous/stringy solids, high temperatureliquids, hazardous fluids, low flow or high capacityand non-metallic constructions, sealed and sealless.services — Goulds has a perfect, reliable solution.The Goulds selection of pump solutions includeshorizontal and vertical configurations in a rangeof alloy and non-metallic constructions,sealed and sealless.17Goulds 318017

Goulds 3181 / 3186Designed to Handle High Temperatureand High Pressure Services of the Pulpand Paper Industries Hydraulic Coverage: Line designed for full50 / 60 Hz performance. Back Pull-Out Construction: Spacer type couplingallows one-craft maintenance. Capacities to 13,000 GPM (3,000 m³/h) Centerline Supported: High temperature stability. Heads to 410 feet (125 m) Labyrinth Seals: Eliminate loss of lubricant, preventlubricant contamination for maximum bearing life. Temperatures to 508 F (300 C) Pressures to 360 PSIG (25 bar)World-Class Pump LineModel 3181 ANSI Class 300 flange drilling Maximum Interchangeability: Power end andimpellers completely interchangeable with GouldsModels 3180 or 3185. International Design: Metric fasteners and fittingsused throughout.Services Inch-dimensioned OD of mechanical seal sleeve D igester recirculation Inch-dimensioned bearing locknut Make-up liquor Inch-dimensioned coupling extension White liquorModel 3186 ISO or JIS 40 bar flange drilling mm-dimensioned OD of mechanical seal sleeve mm-dimensioned bearing locknut mm-dimensioned coupling extension Black liquor High pressure / high temperaturepulp mill services Hot oilFor High Pressure / Temperature Services Centerline mounted Fully-confined spiral wound-casing basket Through bolted seal chamber18Goulds 3180

World-class Paper Stock andMedium Consistency ProductsGoulds offers users a variety of options to meet specific plant andprocess requirements.Standpipe Arrangement with ClO2 MixingStock from washers and mixers feed special Gouldsstandpipes that are reverse tapered to prevent stockbridging. Systems include controls for vacuum, dilution,level and flow, ClO2 Optimix mixer and chemicalinjection pipe are included.Tower Bottom ArrangementStock from bleach / storage towers falls into Goulds feedchute connected to the tower with expansion joint andisolation valve. Depending on tower level and consistencya vacuum pump may not be required.Booster ArrangementGoulds booster pump will increase pressure, but does notrequire standpipe or degassing system.Goulds 318019

Visit our website atwww.gouldspumps.comPRservicesReliability has no quitting time.Building on over 160 years of Goulds Pumps experience,PRO Services provides an array of services focused onreducing equipment total cost of ownership (TCO) andincreasing plant output, including predictive monitoring,maintenance contracts, field service, engineered upgrades,inventory management, and overhauls for pumps and otherrotating equipment.Parts & InventoryPlant PerformanceRepair & Upgrades Efficient and timelyparts supply Equipment monitoring andcontrol products and servicesto improve system reliabilityand up-time Repair to OEM standards Engineered parts for obsoleteequipment (ProCast) Reverse engineering andrapid pattern manufacturing Full service maintenance Inventory analysis andmanagement ITT on-site experts identifyand resolve bad actorequipment issues through: Replacement pumps Goulds Pumps partscontracts Scheduled maintenance andplant shutdowns Engineered drop-inreplacements Upgrades:– Root cause failure analysis– Energy performance audits– Upgrade pumps to the– Maintenance, operator andoperate pumps at thecustomer's required setting– Mechanical & material upgradesand improvementsmanagement training240 Fall StreetSeneca Falls, NY 13148www.itt.com Field service 2014 Goulds Pumps, IncorporatedA subsidiary of ITT Corporationlatest API standard editions– Hydraulic re-rates toForm B3180i-ALERT 05/14

2 Goulds 3180 Goulds 3180 Capacities to 45,000 GPM (10,220 m³/h) Heads to 410 feet (125 m) Tempera

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