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20QuestionPaper SetAs PerReduced SyllabusAcademic Year2020-21MHT– CETontentPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics & BiologySalient Features Set of 20 question papers with solutions each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematicsand Biology. Prepared as per the latest paper pattern of MHT-CET.C Exhaustive coverage of MCQs as per Reduced Syllabus of Std. 12th and completesyllabus of Std. 11th. Hints provided wherever necessary. Simple and Lucid language.Sample Self-evaluative in nature.Printed at: Print to Print, Mumbai Target Publications Pvt. Ltd.No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, C.D. ROM/Audio Video Cassettes or electronic, mechanicalincluding photocopying; recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the Publisher.Balbharati Registration No.: 2018MH0022TEID: 1985P.O. No. 1976

PREFACEOur latest offering ‘MHT-CET : 20 Question Paper Set’ is a meticulously designed book to assessthe threshold of knowledge imbibed by students over a period of two years in junior college.The book charts out a compilation of Practice Question Papers aimed at students appearing for theontentMHT-CET examination. Every question paper in this book has been created in line with theexamination pattern and touches upon all the conceptual nodes of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematicsand Biology. The questions throughout this book are specifically curated by our expert authors withan astute attention to detail. The core objective of this book is to gauge the student’s preparedness toappear for a competitive level examination.They say, ‘with the right tools, even ordinary men achieve extraordinary results’. We aspire thisbook to be the perfect tool that’d help students to take off their career in the most extraordinary waypossible.The journey to create a complete book is strewn with triumphs, failures and near misses. If you thinkCwe’ve nearly missed something or want to applaud us for our triumphs, we’d love to hear from you.Please write to us on : [email protected] book affects eternity; one can never tell where its influence stops.mBest of luck to all the aspirants!Yours faithfully,PublisherSaEdition: ThirdDisclaimerThis reference book is transformative work based on textual contents published by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune. Wethe publishers are making this reference book which constitutes as fair use of textual contents which are transformed in the form of Multiple Choice Questions and theirrelevant hints, with a view to enable the students to understand, memorize and reproduce the same in competitive examinations.This work is purely inspired upon the syllabus and marking scheme prescribed by State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra. Every care has been taken in thepublication of this reference book by the Authors while creating the contents. The Authors and the Publishers shall not be responsible for any loss or damages caused to anyperson on account of errors or omissions which might have crept in or disagreement of any third party on the point of view expressed in the reference book. reserved with the Publisher for all the contents created by our Authors.No copyright is claimed in the textual contents which are presented as part of fair dealing with a view to provide best supplementary study material for the benefit ofstudents.

MHT-CET PAPER PATTERN PaperSubjectPaper IMathematicsPhysicsChemistryBiologyPaper IIPaper IIIApproximate No. of MultipleChoice Questions (MCQs) basedonStd. XIStd. XII1040104010402080C ontentThere will be three papers of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in ‘Mathematics’, ‘Physicsand Chemistry’ and ‘Biology’ of 100 marks each.Duration of each paper will be 90 minutes.Questions will be based on the syllabus prescribed by Maharashtra State Board of Secondaryand Higher Secondary Education with approximately 20% weightage given to Std. XI and 80%weightage will be given to Std. XII curriculum.Difficulty level of questions will be at par with JEE (Main) for Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and at par with NEET for Biology.There will be no negative marking.Questions will be mainly application based.Details of the papers are as given below: Mark(s) hapters / Units of Std. XIMotion in a plane, Laws of motion, Gravitation, Thermal propertiesof matter, Sound, Optics, Electrostatics, SemiconductorsSome Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Structure of Atom, ChemicalBonding, Redox Reactions, Elements of Group 1 and Group 2,States of Matter: Gaseous and Liquid States, Basic Principles andtechniques of Chemistry, Adsorption and Colloids, HydrocarbonsTrigonometry - II, Straight Line, Circle, Measures of Dispersion,Probability, Complex Numbers, Permutations and Combinations,Functions, Limits, ContinuityBiomolecules, Respiration and Energy Transfer, Human Nutrition,Excretion and osmoregulationplSr. No.eQuestions will be set oni.the entire syllabus of Std. XII of 2021 of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biologysubjects of excluding portion which is deleted by Maharashtra State Bureau of TextbookProduction and Curriculum Research, Pune andii. chapters / units from Std. XI curriculum as mentioned below: Chemistry3Mathematics4BiologySa2

INDEXSr.No.Test NamePage No.TestAnswer KeyHints1361382Test - 12Test - 2193623923Test - 3373634024Test - 4553644135Test - 5733654256Test - 6933664367Test - 71113674478Test - 81293684579Test - 914736946810Test - 1016537047911Test - 1118237149012Test - 1219937250113Test - 1321737351314Test - 14234374524Test - 15251375535Test - 16269376547Cem16pl15ontent1Test - 1728737755818Test - 1830537856919Test - 1932337958020Test - 20341380592Sa17Note: Questions of standard XI are indicated by ‘*’ in each test.

Model Test – 01 (Paper - I)MODEL TEST – 01 (Paper - I)(C) 2 sin x π log 2 sin x dx (D)8(A)(C)02 x 2 non-invertible?2 1, b 1, c 221a 3, b 1, c 3a (C)a 3, b 2, c 1(D)a If nratiosofthe2x 1 3y 2 z – 2 are(A) 3, 2, 6(B) 3, 2, 6(C) 3, 1, 6(D) 3, 1, 6Sa6.ex 1 x2 c(B)(C)e x sin 1 x c(D)10.(B)7log 2 sq. units971 log 2 sq. units91–(B)π3(C)4π3(D)2π3If A is a 3 3 matrix and A 2, then the(C)11.ex1 x2 12.(B) 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 1 2 0 0 (D) 0 2 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 0120 0 0 1 2 43cu.units646cu.units3(B)43 cu.units(D)6cu.units43cos x x sin xdx x( x cos x)(A)log1 c (B)x cos xlogx cx cos x(C)log1 cx sin xlogx cx sin x ce x cos 1 x c 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 The volume of tetrahedron whose vertices areA(3,7, 4), B(5, 2, 3), C( 4, 5, 6), D(1, 2, 3) is(A)lineArea bounded by the curve 7xy – 7x – 7y – 2 0,X-axis and the lines x 2, x 3 is(A)5π6(A) 1 x 2 sin 1 x 1 x dx e 1 x2 (A)(A)matrix represented by A (adjA) is equal toplvalue of cos x is3 (C)1, b 2, c 12πx , for some x [–1, 1], then the10–19.4πcos–1 cos C(B)5.8.(A) 4, 0(B) 2, 0(C) 4, 0(D) 2, 0If A(1, 3, 2), B(a, b, 4) and C(5, 1, c) are thevertices of triangle ABC and G(3, b, c) is itscentroid, then(A)4.(D)For which values of x is the matrix 1 x 3 3 1 x 3 13.(B)π2e2.π8π49log 2 sq. units791 log 2 sq. units71–ontent1.π8π4sec 2 x (1 tan x )( 2 tan x )(D)dx 0(A) 8 log 3 (B)4log (C)1 8 log 2 3 (D)1 4 log 2 3 3 1

MHT-CET : 20 Question Paper Set*13. The value of tan 57 tan 12 tan 57 tan 12 is(A) tan 69 (B) tan 45 (C) 0(D) tan 57 15.The XZ plane divides the line segment joiningthe points (3, 2, b) and (a, –4, 3) in the ratio(A) 1 : 2(B) 2 : 3(C) 3 : 1(D) 4 : 3If a 2b c a b a b c k a b c , then the value of k is(A) 1(B) 2(C) 3(D) 416.In a ABC,a(cos2 B cos2 C) cos A (c cos C b cos B) (A) 0(B) a(C) b(D) c17.Find k, if the slope of one of the lines given bykx2 8xy y2 0 exceeds the slope of the otherby 6.(A) 6(B) 7(C) –6(D) –718. sin x cos xdx 23.log sin x clog cos x clog tan x clog sec x c(B)(D)x2 y2 2x 4y A plane passes through (1, –2, 1) and isperpendicular to two planes 2x 2y z 0 andx – y 2z 4. The distance of the plane fromthe point (1, 2, 2) is(A) 0(B) 1(D) 2 2(C)221.2x 1x 2 3x 2 x2 1(A)0(B)(C) 73(D), x 0,1,2,3,4,5; k 0P(x) k x 161494(C)132x 3y 1z 4 is523441(B)(D)217The combined equation of the pair of linesthrough origin such that one is parallel to3x 2y 3 and the other is perpendicular to6x 3y 17 0 is(A) 3x2 4xy 4y2 0(B) 3x2 – 4xy – 4y2 0(C) 3x2 – 4xy 4y2 0(D) 3x2 – 8xy 4y2 00 , otherwiseis p.m.f. of a r.v. X. Then(A)x2 y2 2x 4y 12 52 1 5 27.1494The length of the perpendicular from (0, 2, 3) to(A)(C)limx2 y2 2x 4y 149the line205025.x y 2x 4y 149Sa20.(B)(D)The area bounded by the curve y f(x), X-axisand ordinates x 1 and x a is(a – 1) cos(2a 7), then f(x) is(A) 2(1 x) sin(2x 7) cos(2x 7)(B) (a – 1)sin (2x 7) 2cos(2x 7)(C) (1 – a)cos (2x 7) 3sin(2x 7)(D) 2(x 1) cos(2x 7) sin(2x 7)2m(C)pl(A)22In ABC, if (a b – c)(a b c) 3ab, then(A) A B 60 (B) A B 90 (C) A B 120 (D) A B 150 *19. The equation of circle whose diameter lies on3x 5y 7 and 2x y 4 which passes1through 5, is2 10402a b a b 24.*26.e(A)(B)(C)(D)(A)(C)C1If a 10, b 2, thenontent14.22.1is equal tok1(B)16(D)32*28. Let A (2, 3), B (3, –6), C (5, –7) be three points.If P is a point satisfying the conditionPA2 PB2 2 PC2, then a point that lies on thelocus of P is(A) (2, –5)(B) (–2, 5)(C) (13, 10)(D) (–13, –10)29.Degree of the given differential equation21 d3 y dy 3 3 1 is dx dx (A)2(B)3(C)12(D)6

Model Test – 01 (Paper - I)30.Let g(x) be the inverse of the function f(x) andf (x) (A)(C)2,x2 313 g x (B)23 [g(x)]2(D)13 f x 23 [f(x)]2If p : Every natural number is a real number.q : Every integer is a complex number. Thentruth values of p q and p q areand respectively.(A) F, F(B) T, F(C) F, T(D) T, T 3 2 101P(X x) F( 1) (A) 0.5(C) 0.9(B)(D)0.7512*38. If mC2, then C2 is equal to(A) m 1C4(B) m 1C4m 2(D) 3. m 1C4(C) 3. C4(D)dyd2 y x 2dxdx 2dyd2 y(1 x2) 2 x 2ydxdx(1 x2)e(C)dyd2 y x 2dxdx 2The mean and variance of a binomialdistribution are 2 and 1 respectively, then theprobability of getting exactly three successes inthis distribution is(A) 0.25(B) 0.75(C) 0.52(D) 0.5740.y 3 cos 2x is a solution of the differentialequation(B)(C)1log16 (2 x 1)2(D)dy 6y 0dx(C)d2 y 4y 0dx 2(D)d2 y 4y 0dx 2The family of curves y ea sin x , where a is anarbitrary constant, is represented by thedifferential equation(A)mSaThe maximum value of P 7x 6y subject toconstraints x 2y 24, 2x y 30 andx 0, y 0 is(A) 90(B) 120(C) 96(D) 240log16(2 x)(B)42.*34. The number of discontinuities of the greatest 7 integer function f(x) [x], x , 100 is 2 equal to(A) 104(B) 100(C) 102(D) 103(A)dy 6y 0dxThe symbolic form of the statement ‘It is nottrue that Mathematics is not difficult andinteresting’ is(A) ( p q)(B) ( p q)(C) ( p q)(D) ( p q)None of these*36. The inverse of the function y (A) x2)39.CThedifferentialequationhavingy (cos 1x)2 P (sin 1x) Q as its generalsolution, where P and Q are arbitrary constants,is(A)35.X xontentz2is real, then the pointz 1represented by the complex number z lies(A) either on the real axis or on a circlepassing through the origin(B) on a circle with centre at the origin(C) either on the real axis or on a circle notpassing through the origin(D) on the imaginary axis33.The probability distribution of a r.v. X isthen 2g (x) is equal to*31. If z 1 and32.37.16 x 16 xis16 x 16 x11 xlog1621 x12xlog1642 x(B)(C)(D)43.dydxdyy log y tan xdxdyy log y sin xdxdylog y cos xdxlog y tan xIf y sec x xlog x, then(A)sec x tan x (B)sec2 x (C)(D)dyisdx2log x. (xlog x)xxlog x22sec2 x log xxsec x tan x 1log xx3

MHT-CET : 20 Question Paper SetIf p: Reshama is hardworking, q: Reshama issuccessful, then the verbal form of p q is(A) Reshama is not hardworking and she issuccessful.(B) Reshama is not hardworking or she is notsuccessful.(C) Reshama is not hardworking or she is notsuccessful.(D) Reshama is not hardworking and she isnot successful.ontent44.*45. Ram is visiting a friend. Ram knows that hisfriend has 2 children and 1 of them is a boy.Assuming that a child is equally likely to be aboy or a girl, then the probability that the otherchild is a girl, is(A)(C)d[cos (3x 2)] dxsin (2x 3) sin (2x 3)(B)(D)CIf f(x) px5 qx4 5x3 10 has localmaximum and minimum at x 1 and x 3respectively then (p, q) (A) (0, 1)(B) (1, 5)(C) (1, 0)(D) (3, 5)(A)(C)48.(D)137102 sin (3x 2)– 3 sin (3x 2)A circular plate is contracting at the uniformrate of 5cm2/sec. The rate at which the perimeteris decreasing when the radius of the circle is10 cm long is(A)(B)1cm/sec3(D)none of thesem(C)1cm/sec21cm/sec4e47.(B)pl46.1223Sa*49. The means of two samples of sizes 60 and 120respectively are 35.4 and 30.9 and the standarddeviations are 4 and 5. Obtain the standarddeviation of the sample of size 180 obtained bycombining the two samples.(A) 5.15(B) 26.5(C) 32.4(D) 51.550.4A man of height 1.9 m walks directly away froma lamp of height 4.75m on a level road at 6m/s.The rate at which the length of his shadow isincreasing is(A) 1m/s(B) 2m/s(C) 3m/s(D) 4m/s

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Answer Keys to Model Test PapersModel Test - 01Paper - .(B)95.(D)96.(B)97.(C)98.(A)99.(D)100.(D)plPaper - IIIePaper - .(D)94.(C)95.(D)96.(D)97.(C)98.(D)99.(C)100.(D)361

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MHT-CET : 20 Question Paper SetModel Test - 01Paper - I 2 sin x 2 sin x Let f(x) log 2 sin( x) f( x) log 2 sin( x) 2 sin x log 2 sin x ex 1 x 2 sin 1 x 1 dx 1 x2 e sin 1 x c 2 sinx 7.For the given matrix to be non-invertible,2x 2 027xy – 7x – 7y – 2 0 y(7x – 7) 7x 27x 27x 7 y Required area Cm a 3, b 2, c 1Sa 5.8. 3 3 π π – cos–1 cos cos 1 ( x) π cos 1 x 3 π–9.2ππ 33A (adjA) A (A 1 A ) .[ A 1 adjA] A (AA 1) Aπ2 2I 2 0 0 A (adjA) 0 2 0 0 0 2 10.1 1 AB AC AD 6 ˆAB 2iˆ 9ˆj k,AC 7iˆ 2ˆj 2kˆ ,Volume of tetrahedron AD 2iˆ 5jˆ kˆ 2 x 3 y z 2233823 π cos–1 cos 2x 1 3y 2 z – 22 21y x z 232 111239log 2 sq. units74πcos–1 cos π10ππ cos–1 x 1022πππ–1cos x – 52 10 3 2 cos–1 cos π π eplb 4c 2a 6,b ,c 3 33397 x x x y y y z z zG 1 2 3 , 1 2 3 , 1 2 3 333 a 6 b 4 c 2 (3, b, c) ,, 33 3Since, sin–1 x cos–1 x 7x 2 x log(7 x 7) 1 x ( 3x x2 2x) x (x) 0 3x x2 2x x 0 x2 4x 0 x 0, 4Given, sin–1 x 33 y dx 2 7 x 7 dx20 x x3 1 x 2 0 xx 04.2 Applying R1 R1 R2 and R3 R3 R2, weget3. dx1 x 1x log 2 sinx dx 03 1 x3 1 1x 36. π82.The direction ratios of the line are 3, 2, 6. e x sin 1 x –f(x)f(x) is an odd function.π8 ontent1.21y x 3 z 22 326 2 9 1 AB AC AD 7 2 2 2 5 1 2(2 10) 9 (7 4) – 1 (35 – 4) 92

Hints to Model Test PapersVolume of tetrahedron 11. 1(92)6 46cubic units3cos x x sin xdxx( x cos x) ( x cos x ) ( x x sin x ) dxx( x cos x) x cos xdx x( x cos x) dx x x (1 sin x )dxx( x cos x)1 sin xdxx cos x –4k 2 0 k x cx cos xk:1 1:215.( a 2b c ) ( a b ) ( a b c ) (a 2b - c) (a a - a b - a c - b a b b b c) (a 2b - c) { b a - a c - b a b c} a b c 2 b a c a b c 2 a b c a(cos2 B cos2 C) cosA (c cos C b cos B) a cos2B a cos2C c cosAcosC b cosAcosB cos B(a cos B b cos A) cos C (a cos C c cos A) c cos B b cos C.[by projection rule] a.[by projection rule]17. (log 2 log 1) (log 3 log 2)According to the given condition,.(i)m1 m2 6Comparing kx2 8xy y2 0 withax2 2hxy by2 0,we geta k, 2h 8, b 13 log 2 log Since, m1 m2 sec 2 xLet I dx(1 tan x )( 2 tan x )0 I 1dt (1 t )( 2 t )0 1 1 1 1 t 2 t dt0 [ log 1 t ]0 [ log 2 t ]01e1pl 2 4I log 13.tan 45o tan 12otan (45 12 ) 1 tan 45o tan 12om 3 tan 57 1 tan 12 1 tan 12 Sa tan 57 tan 57 tan 12 1 tan 12 tan 57 tan 12 tan 57 tan 12 1 tan 45 14. 3 a b c k 316.π4Put tan x t sec2 x dx dt 12 f ′( x ) . dx log f ( x ) c f ( x) 12. 4k 2k 1 (a 2b - c) {-a c b c} log x log x cos x c log0 Content Let the XZ plane divides the line segmentjoining the given points in the ratio k : 1 at thepoint P (x, y, z).x ka 3 4k 2,y k 1k 1z 3k bk 1Since P (x, y, z) lie on the XZ plane, itsy co-ordinate will be zero.and m1.m2 18. 2h 8ba kbm2 6 m2 –8 2m2 – 14 m2 –7and (m2 6)m2 k(–7 6) (–7) k k 71 sin x cos x .(ii).(iii).[From (i) and (ii)].[From (i) and (iii)]dxsin 2 x cos 2 x sin x cos x dx sin 2 xcos 2 x dx sin x cos x sin x cos x ( tan x cot x ) dx log sec x log sin x c log sec x sin x c log tan x c383

MHT. th. Question Paper Set – CET Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology 20 Academic Year Salient Features Set of 20 question papers with solutions each for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Prepared as per the latest pap er pattern of MHT-CET. Exhaustive coverag