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Training For Open Water Swimming

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Training ForOpen WaterSwimming

Marathon SwimsFINA 10K World Cup* 33 men, 32 womenWorld championships 55-70 in each raceOlympics 25 in each race100ydpace10Ktime0.591hr 49m1:022hr 1m1:052hr1:122hr 13m1:202hr 26m*10K World Cup, Eilat, Israel , 3/4/13

Outline Pacing in OW racesCourse DynamicsTraining for a 2 hour eventOW training outdoors/indoors

Pan Pac 10K 2010 Menwww.freshwaterswimmer.com

Pan Pac 10K 2010 womenwww.freshwaterswimmer.com

London SplitsRistovFast front endFast 5th &6th lapspace 100m1:05.21:08.61:06.51:06.71:03.71:03.8pace 100yds591:021:001:005858pace 100m1:09.51:11.01:11.81:11.21:10.21:08.5pace erswimming.com

What does a race look like Salt Water or Fresh Water Lake, Ocean, River Shapes 4-6 loops: 800-1000m x 70-200m Narrow or wide shapes Straight or bent shaped Hydration / Feeding Stations. Location? #?

Multiple Feeding Platforms

Up-Down-Across a River

Across a LakePoint to point race (escorted swim)

Bent Shape London 2012

Narrow bentOW Nationals 2012

Narrow Straight OW Nationals2013

U shaped! (WC 2013)

Open Water RaceDifferent course formats for every raceLots of peopleLong Race – 2 hoursPace Changes a lot during raceWhat sport does this sound like?Running!

Marathon Running5000m (5K)3.1 milesMarathon (42K)26miles 385ydsMen12min 37s WRMen2hr 3min WRWomen14min 11s WRWomen2hr 15min WR

V02 Max?84 ml/min/kg PrefontaineMarathon RunnersNot the highest VO2Can only maintain VO2 maxIntensity for a few minutesEndurance Performance VO2 Max Lactate Threshold running EconomyWhat % of Vo2 max can bemaintained for a lengthy race(lactate threshold).The best run at high % ofMaximal aerobic powerWithout high lactate accumulationWhat speed can they holdwhen using O2 at a given rate(running economy)45ml/min/kg untrainedShephard, Roy, and Per-Olof Astrand. “Chapter 1/p 13Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine. 1992Will there be similarDifferences between1500 swimmersAnd 10K swimmers?

Training for a 2 hour Event?Arthur Lydiard1917-2004New ZealandRunner and CoachDon’t really do this much here?similarTo poolTraining!

How does it fit into what youdo in the pool?

Open WaterTraining Value? Challenges?Thomas LurtzSilver Medal London 10KRecent interview 1vigor.com

OW EconomyTraining in pool at V02 max or thresholdis probably best for improving economyHowever, training in OW may helpdevelop stroke economy in wavesand rough water not encountered in pools

Case for Low Intensity Distance training?

Open Water SpecificTraining - OutdoorsTransportation Swimmers BoatConditions Water Quality Temperature WeatherMonth FSeasonal Lake Temp in NHApril*58May*64June65July72-80Aug76-70Sept67-65

What Kind of Sets?Low Intensity Training5K continuous swimaround perimeter4-6 x1200m(To slide and back)boat rampSlideLow intensitywith interval work1200 swim10 x 200m around buoys1200 cool down

GPS for OW

SafetyANIMATEINANIMATE-submerged trees, rocks-currents, temperature-marine traffic-Sea Lions, Dolphins, Manatees, Beavers-Sharks-Alligators, Snakes-Jellyfish, Sea lice-Naegleria (brain), Giardia (intestine),-Blue-Green Algae (Liver)-Bacteria (Weill’s disease)


Other OW Specific Options Tethered Swimming Pool Open Water Vasa Ergometer / Vasa Trainer

Tethered Swimming103 F52 F

Pool Open WaterAdvantages: Controlled Environment Good Endurance work SafeDisadvantages: Controlled Environment Takes up space Not always safe--collisions--sore shoulders

Practice Feeding Feeding dock is a busy place Can Practice feeding in pool(video)

Vasa TrainerRepeats of short sets Build strength Change resistance Focus on Technique(video)

Long swimsOr short intense swimsVasa Ergometer(video)

Coming Soon!Real time power outputPower Balance L/R armsVasa ANT Strava powerapp

Credits Gerry RodriguesDon LemieuxTim MurphyStan CorcoranBrian BrownLori BriggsMike DoanneJack RoachJames RamirezRob SleamakerPaul AsmuthJon UrbanchekDick ShoulbergMike WestphalChris WoolridgeRobert StraussFrank FlowersSid CassidyMorty BergerSteve MunatonesTower 26Greenwood SwimmingHarvard UniversityMcCallie SchoolFASTCore Body Solutions LLCUSA TriathlonUSA SwimmingFINISVASAUSA SwimmingUSCGermantown AcademyIndiana UniversityExeter Swim TeamMiami 10KFlowers Sea SwimSt. Andrews SchoolNYC SwimOW Source

“A great coach is the result ofa coach and a great athletegetting along well”The EndJack Daniels Ph.D.Running CoachEva Fabian, Yale ‘16

Arthur Lydiard 1917-2004 New Zealand Runner and Coach similar To pool Training! Don’t really do this much here? How does it fit into what you do in the pool? Open Water Training Value? Challenges? Thomas Lu