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Spring 2018 EditionALAN GIBSONMODEL RAILWAYPRODUCTSNew Products on Page 35High Quality Items 4mm and 7mm ScalePrice 2.00Version 03.01.01

Price CodesIn order to attempt to make the catalogue easier to understand (take it from meplenty of people can’t work out why there are two prices) we’re going to swapto a price code system in order to draw people to this page so we can hammerthe fact that we show No VAT / VAT pricesWho pays VAT? Everybody in the European community (for now) except for afew places.Who doesn’t pay VAT? The rest of the world or any non UK business with anappropriate VAT number issued by a EU member.PriceCodeABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTNonVATPrice 1.25 1.33 1.42 1.83 2.08 2.17 2.25 2.58 2.67 2.75 3.08 3.33 3.42 3.50 3.67 3.75 3.83 4.00 4.17 4.33VATPricePriceCode 1.50 1.60 1.70 2.20 2.50 2.60 2.70 3.10 3.20 3.30 3.70 4.00 4.10 4.20 4.40 4.50 4.60 4.80 5.00 5.20UVWXYZAAABACADAEAFAGAHAIAJAKALAMANNonVATPrice 4.58 4.75 4.83 5.17 5.25 5.33 5.42 6.08 6.25 6.42 6.75 6.83 7.17 7.67 7.75 7.92 8.33 8.75 9.17 9.58VATPricePriceCode 5.50 5.70 5.80 6.20 6.30 6.40 6.50 7.30 7.50 7.70 8.10 8.20 8.60 9.20 9.30 9.50 10.00 10.50 11.00 TPrice 10.50 10.83 11.83 12.33 13.75 15.00 16.67 17.50 18.33 19.17 20.42 21.67 24.58 26.67 27.50 29.58 30.42 43.33 125.00 233.33VATPrice 12.60 13.00 14.20 14.80 16.50 18.00 20.00 21.00 22.00 23.00 24.50 26.00 29.50 32.00 33.00 35.50 36.50 52.00 150.00 280.002

MODEL RAILWAY PRODUCTS CATALOGUE – Winter 2016Terms of Trading, please review these notes as there have been some changesand it will (hopefully) reduce frustration on both sidesThis catalogue cancels all previous issues. All items listed in these pages are available direct either bywriting, telephone, fax or email and wherever possible orders are dispatched by return of post.However, with such an extensive range of products there will inevitably be times when some items willbe temporarily out of stock, orders are not acknowledged so it is essential that a telephone number isprovided in order that we can inform you of any delay. Every effort will be made to completeoutstanding orders as soon as possible.PERSONAL CALLERSAlthough we would like to welcome visitors calling in at the workshop there are a number of issuesthat make it unrealistic for us to do so. Therefore, we have decided not to accept callers.ORDERING BY POSTTo avoid unnecessary errors and delays when ordering please ensure you PRINT your name andaddress clearly and remember to include your post code. We will not dispatch items without yourPostcode. Please give the code number(s) and quantities you require, please also make sure youunderstand how the product is sold (pack size/quantity) and state the any gauge. It is a bad habit butwe tend to work to quantity and part number so descriptions may not be read so please ensure thepart number is correct. This will hopefully enable your order to be processed quickly and hopefullyaccurately. Unfortunately/fortunately we find ourselves very busy and mail order and associatedcorrespondence does consume more time than we’d like, so please study the catalogue first in caseyour answers can be found there.All mail order should be sent to the address below, accompanied by the appropriate remittance.Remember to allow sufficient for postage and packing where necessary (see Postage and Packing).Alan Gibson (workshop), PO Box 597, Oldham, OL1 9FQORDERING BY TELEPHONE/FAXWe also accept orders by telephone or fax for charging to credit/debit card accounts. Simply call thenumber below with your order, giving your full name and address, your card number together with thelast 3 digits of the security number on the reverse of the card and the expiry date. You can telephone0161 678 1607 or fax 01616 785 8208 between from 8.30 am, to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9am to1pm on Saturday. You can also email your order to under nocircumstances should you send all your payment card information in an email.A note about phone calls. We are often busy and it is not always possible to answer phone calls, thisincludes running machines or even being on the phone itself. In these circumstances the call divertsto a mobile phone (at no extra charge to yourself) with a messaging facility, please leave a messageand we will call you back.METHODS OF PAYMENTRemittances should be made either by cheque or postal order. They should be crossed and madepayable to ALAN GIBSON. Do NOT send cash. Orders can also be accepted for charging to creditand debit card accounts by writing, telephoning or faxing, quoting your card number, your full nameand address together with the expiry dates of your card and the three digit security number on theback of the card along with any issue number. Please note that if you do not give this information thenwe are unable to process your order.POSTAGE AND PACKINGOrders to the value of 40.00 and over are sent post free within the UK but for UK orders of less than 40.00 add 2.00 P&P.All export orders will be charged to cards at cost. If paying by cheque please add 10% (minimum 2.50 (export orders)) for post and packing.EXPORT ORDERSOverseas customers outside the European Community (EC) may ignore Value Added Tax (VAT)which applies to UK and EC sales only. Payment for export orders should be made only by chequeswith a U.K. clearing address on them or by giving credit/debit card details. (For details of paying by3

credit/debit card see Methods of Payment). Cheques drawn on overseas local banks cannot beaccepted as we don’t like filling in forms or additional bank transfer charges.We do not accept Paypal due in part to the fees and mostly down to the fact that it creates anotherpile of admin and we’d much rather be manufacturing. We don’t accept bank transfers from privatecustomers because it creates a pile of admin, we have our own card processing terminal and wemuch prefer to use that.GOODS DAMAGED IN TRANSITIn order to comply with Post Office procedures goods damaged in transit must be notified to me within21 days of posting. Please do NOT return the goods to us but retain with original packing for RoyalMail inspection.PRICESWhilst every effort is made to keep prices stable, we reserve the right to charge the prices ruling attime of dispatch. This catalogue includes our first price rise in 5 years and whilst different areas of theproduct range have had differing percent increases applied we (as far as we’re aware) kept theoverall increase below the compounded inflation rate over that time periodV.A.T.All orders received from within the United Kingdom and the European Community have to be chargedValue Added Tax at the current UK rate. To assist customers in ordering two prices are quoted in theprice lists - the first price (in italics) is without VAT and is for export orders to countries outside the EC.The second price (in bold) is for the UK and EC countries and is inclusive of the current UK rate ofVAT of 20%. UK and EC customers please note that postage and packing are also liable for VAT.FAULTY GOODSEvery effort is made to ensure that goods leave us in perfect condition, but now and again a substandard item can slip through our quality control. If you feel you have cause for a complaint pleaseget in touch. Do not return the goods as we will (if required) send return postage with thereplacement items.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSDo you have something in stock? – This is usually something really odd like 2 x 4000 (you know, ourbest seller). Seriously, if it is in the main part of the catalogue then you can expect to be in stock, youshould follow the instructions and provide a telephone number then, if items will be out of stock for anextended period of time we will contact you.Can I pay you by PayPal? – Sorry no.Why not? It is really easy and convenient – Many reasons, we have a contract for a card terminal andprefer to process cards directly. It will require an additional reconciliation within the business everyday and introduce extra stages while processing orders. The fees are much higher than we havenegotiated on our card terminal and having used it some 12 to 15 years ago I really don’t like using it.Can I pay you by Bank Transfer? – Sorry no due to the administration reasons given above.From the above it seems that you are creating obstacles to accepting payment, why? – It isn’t somuch that, as that we need to prioritise the time we have available. It is no secret we’re busy and thatwe’re making little progress on a number of high profile projects. However, you look at it the fault lieswith us, we’re trying to reduce the time the retail side of the business takes up as this can take largechunks out of our day. Answering 4 or 5 emails (especially ones that can answered by reading thecatalogue) for one 10.00 order isn’t going to create commercial success. We don’t have all theanswers at the moment but by providing as much information as we can will hopefully help all theorders flow smoothly through the business.4

Index4mm Components4mm ComponentsPage 7 & 8Page 9Page 10Page 11 & 12Carriage & Wagon Wheels, Conducting Carriage Wheels and associated bearingsDriving Wheels and Brass Driving Wheel kitsCrankpins, Bogie and Tender Wheels Outside Crank, Diesel & Electric Wheels and ShimWashersOutside Crank, Diesel & Electric Wheels, Shim Washers and BackheadsBack to back gauges and Locomotive FittingsPage 13Locomotive Buffers, Scale Handrail Knobs and BoilerbandsPage 14Brass Wire, Frame Spacers, Gear sets & Gearboxes and BearingsPage 15 & 16Page 17Page 18 & 19Milled FramesBrake Gear, Hornblocks, Plunger Pickups and Baseboard RockersFigures, Track Gauges, Coupling and Connecting Rods and Valve GearPage 20Valve Gear Rivets, Wagon Buffers, Coach Buffers, Coach Fittings and Wagon StrappingPage 21Wagon Underframe, Midland Railway FootbridgePage 22Bath Green Station Roof & BridgePage 23, 24, 25 & 26Page 27, 28 & 29IndexPage 64mm Signal Components4mm R-T-R Conversion Packs7mm ComponentsPage 30Carriage & Wagon Wheels, Bearings, Hornblocks, 7mm Narrow Gauge WheelsPage 31Wagon Strapping, Wagon Underframe, Locomotive FittingsPage 32Handrail Knobs, Straight Brass Wires and Plunger PickupsPage 33Valve Gear Rivets and Locomotive Buffers and Sans Perial Castings AND NEWSPage 34Page 35 & 36Page 37NewsHints and Tips on Using our ProductsBack Catalogue, Aspects of our range which are not stocked, but areavailable on a longer delivery (Contains Narrow & S gauges)5

COMPONENTS FOR 4mm SCALELOCOMOTIVES AND ROLLING STOCKThis is where it all began - 4mm scale carriage and wagon wheels! These were the very first model railway items that Alanproduced and today, in an improved form, they continue to be the best seller. The range has grown steadily over the yearsand today, with many satisfied customers worldwide, they probably represent the best value for money on the market.Available in 00 Finescale, EM and S4 Gauges they all have a black plastic injection moulded centres carrying individualdetail and these centres are pressed into chemically blackened steel tyres that have been precision turned to therecommended profile for the respective gauges. They are supplied mounted on a blackened steel pinpoint axle 26mm long,2mm diameter and are sold as single axles.4000ROLLING STOCK WHEELS8 Spoke Wagon 0.5mm12mm14mm14mm14mm10.5mm12mm8 spoke (plain) wheels8 spoke (open) wheels3 hole disc wheels8 spoke (open) wheelsMansell wheelsPlain disc wheels10 spoke (plain) wheelsPlain disc ‘Lowmac’ wheels10 spoke ‘Lowmac’ wheelsDMU plain disc wheels8 spoke (plain) wheelsMansell WheelsDisc wheels (with Disc brakes)12mm Disc wheels (with disc brakes)Disc wheels (with disc brakes)10 spoke (plain) wheels4 hole disc for Pullmans8 spoke (plain) wheels12mm 4 hole disc wheelsCode4*##ItemCarriage and Wagon Wheels4004Mansell Disc4005Coach Plain DiscPrice ANOTES ON ROLLING STOCK WHEELS All types of scale wheels are available for 00 finescale, EM and S4 gauges. They arejig assembled to ensure squareness on the axle and to maintain the essential accuracy of the back-to-back measurement. Toorder wheels in EM or S4 the second digit in the code number should be changed to either an E for EM or an S for S4 (eg 4E00or 4S00).The 26mm. long pin-point axle is now accepted as the standard for 4mm scale and has been adopted by the majority of BritishRTR and kit manufacturers. The full range of wheels can, therefore, be used as direct replacements in rolling stock currentlyproduced by Hornby, Dapol, Replica and Bachmann. They can also be used in rolling stock formerly produced by Airfix andMainline.For Lima and most other continental rolling stock a shorter axle (24.5mm long) is required and these can be supplied to specialorder. When ordering these please specify very clearly that you require these shorter axles and be prepared to allow an extraday or two for delivery. NB! Only wheels set to ‘00 gauge can be supplied and they are charged at a slight premium price codeC per axle.CONDUCTING WHEELS Following numerous requests we have developed a solid steel centre for our 14mm tyre whichmeans we can produce a conducting wheel. We are selling theses wheels assembled with one live and insulated wheelmounted on a pin pint axle and they are primarily intended to provide power to rolling stock. A pack of 10 wheels without axles(2mm bore) is also available, which will allow flexibility in individual projects. All details for the wheels are as above, for thestandard wheel sets.Code40194020Item4 pack of 14mm wheel set mounted with one conducting and one insulated wheel10 pack of 14mm conducting wheels for 2mm axle.Price 7.50 5.00Price 9.00 6.00BRASS AXLE BEARINGS These precision machined brass bearings are manufactured within close tolerances and areprimarily intended to be used in conjunction with our own range of 4mm carriage and wagon wheels which are mounted onpinpoint axles. However, they can be used with any comparable products.Code4M524M634M63F4M63WItem10 x bushes for shorting out Jackson Romford wheels40 x Pin point axle bearings40 x Flangeless pin point axle bearings40 x Waisted pin point axle bearingsPrice EPrice IPrice IPrice I6

STEAM LOCOMOTIVE DRIVING WHEELS Our extensive range of locomotive driving, bogie and tender wheels has beencarefully selected to meet the needs of most modellers and although each wheel has been scaled from a specific prototypemany will be found to be representative of numerous other types, On average the tyre on a prototype wheel was allowed towear to minus 2" of its nominal diameter before having to be replaced and in selecting the range of tyre diameters Alan tookthis wear factor into account. Modellers can, therefore, confidently choose a wheel whose diameter is within 2” of theprototype’s stated size in the almost certain knowledge that it was in that condition some time during its life.All steam locomotive driving wheel types are available for 00, EM or S4 gauges and have black injection moulded centreswhich are pressed into steel tyres that have been machined to each gauge’s recommended profile. The tyres are left in a brightmetal finish and no balance weights are fitted.The wheels are sold in packs containing two wheels with a 00 axle plus an EM axle or just an S4 axle. Those wheels which aredesignated ‘OC’ in the ‘CP’ column are designed for use with outside cranks and these wheels are packed complete with twooutside crank mouldings and a specially extended axle. All axles supplied with our steam locomotive wheels have a1/8”diameter axle and are manufactured from precision ground steel to the correct length and also left in a bright metal finish.Under the column headed ‘Rim’ a plain rim usually indicates a pre-1930 wheel while a bevelled rim, also known as a Stanier,denotes a later style of wheel in which the spokes are flared into a heavily bevelled rim. This latter type of wheel was mostlyfitted to ex-L.M.S. locomotives and also to the later British Railways standard classes.The column headed ‘Crank pin’ has three different notations, explained as follows: IL indicates a wheel with its crank pin bossin line with the spokes; PB indicates a wheel with its crank pin boss between the spokes; and OC indicates a wheel with nocrank pin boss for locomotives fitted with outside cranks.The column headed ‘Throw’ indicates the crank pin throw and the succeeding column gives the scale equivalent. It’s amazingwhat a difference the correct amount of throw makes when the locomotive is moving!When ordering it is very important to quote the item code and, most important, the gauge required. To order wheels in S4gauge the second digit in the Code should be changed to an ‘S (e.g. 4S55), failure to do this will ensure you receive ��9”11.0mm10 SpokeHudswell ClarkePlainPB7½"2.50mmScale4836BH3’ 0"12.0mm.10 spokeBlack HawthornPlainPB9"3.00mm4836E3’ 0"12.0mm.9 spokeLNER Y9PlainPB7½"2.50mm4836IW4836P3’ 0"3’ 0"12.0mm.12.0mm.8 spokeDiscManning WardleL&Y PugPlainn/aILn/a9"9"3.00mm3.00mm.4839G4842E3' 3.5"3' 6"13.0mm.14.0mm.10 spoke10 spokeIndustrial GarrattLNER Y7PlainPlainPBIL11"10"3.66mm3.33mm4842IW4844A3' 6"3' 8"14.0mm14.6mm10 spoke8 spokeManning WardleBarclay TanksPlainILPB9"10"3.00mm3.33mm4844E4844IW3' 8"3' 8"14.6mm14.6mm.8 spoke ‘T’10 spokeCaly PugManning WardlePlain-PBIL12"9"4.00mm3.00mm4844I4844M3' 8"3' 8"14.6mm14.6mm10 spoke11 spokeSECR P ClassI.O.M. 2-4-0TPlainPlainPBPB8"9"2 60mm3.00mm4844P4847I3' 8"3' 11"14.6mm15.6mm12 spoke12 spokeCaly PugLBSCR TerrierPlainPlainILIL10"8"3.33mm2 60mm48484848G4' 0"4' 0"16.0mm16.0mm10 spoke15 spokeGER/LNER J69 ClassGER/LNER J69 ClassPlainPlainPBIL10"11"3.33mm3.66mm4849N4849B4' 1½"4' 1½"16.5mm.16.5mm.12 spoke12 spokeLNER J72. etc.GWR TanksPlainPlainILPB11"9½"3.66mm3.17mm4849G4851N4' 1½"4' 3"16.5mm.17.0mm.12 H-spoke14 spokeGWR TanksLNER J94 ClassBevelPBPB12"13"4.00mm4.30mm4851S48534' 3"4' 5½"17.0mm17.8mm13 spoke12 H-spokeLSWR 0330 � 6"4’ 6"18.0mm18.0mm11 spoke14 spokeSR USA 5J4' 7"4' 7"18.5mm18.5mm.14 spoke14 spokeLNER J25/J26/J27 ClassLNER J52 ClassPlainPlainILPB11"12"3.66mm4 00mm4855L4855N4' 7"4' 7"18.5mm.18.5mm.14 spoke14 spokeLNER Q6 ClassLNER Q5/Q7 ClassPlainPlainPBIL13"13"4 30mm4.30mm4855S48554' 7"4' 7½"18.5mm.18.5mm.15 spoke15 spokeLMS Stanier 4855G4' 7½"4' 7½"18.5mm.18.5mm.14 spoke14 spokeGWR StandardGWR 28XX 64' 7½"4' 7½"18.5mm.18.5mm.Webbed14 spokeWar DepartmentGWRPlainOC14"-4 60mm485848604' 10"5' 0"19.3mm.20.0mm.16 spoke15 spokeLSWR 02 ClassBR 9F, etcPlainBevelILPB11"12"3.66mm4 00mm4860B4860E5' 0"5' 0"20.0mm.20.0mm.Bulleid16 spokeSR Q1 ClassNERPlainIL13"11"4 30mm3.66mm48625’ 2½"20.8mm.16 spokeMR Classes 2, 3, bleAvailableAvailablePTO7

48904896Size5’ 2½"5’ 2½"5’ 2½"5’ 6"5’ 6"5’ 6"5’6”5’ 6"5’ 6"5' 8"5' 8"5' 8"5' 8"5' 8"5' 8"6' 0"6' 0"6’0”6' 0"6' 0"6’ 1"6’ 2"6’ 2"6’ 2"6’ 2"6’ 2"6’ 2"6’ 2"6’ 6"6’ 6"6’ 6"6’6”6’6”6’ 8"6’ 8"6’ 8"6’ 8"6’ 8"6’ 8"7' 0"7' 0"7’ 6"8' pokes16 spoke16 spoke16 spok

Spring 2018 Edition ALAN GIBSON MODEL RAILWAY PRODUCTS New Products on Page 35 High Quality Items 4mm and 7mm Scale Price 2.00 Version 03.01.01

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