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Reading Inspires Students to ExcelUSER GUIDE

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Welcome to RISE OnlineConnecting to RISE Online gives you digital access to all 96 books in the RISE collection and96 Short Reads in the RISE Up collection—and much more! Through the student portal, yourstudents will have 24/7 access to reread the texts they are working with in their RISE or RISE Uplessons. The teacher portal allows you to monitor your students’ at-home reading and track theirprogress. It also offers access to professional development videos and all the resources you’llneed to put RISE into action.To maximize students’ reading time beyond the RISE or RISE Up lesson, students use a customeReader to reengage with the texts they’ve read each day at school. This at-home access alsoprovides opportunities to enjoy a discussion about the text they’re reading with their family. In thisway, RISE Online supports students’ reading practice at home, while encouraging family membersto become their children’s reading partners.The RISE teacher portal provides basic tracking data for teachers, showing students’ progressthrough the texts assigned to support RISE and RISE Up lessons. You’ll find reports for studentsand groups that you can use to monitor and share students’ at-home progress. All reports includea print-ready version of the report to share with colleagues, administrators, and families, whichcan also be downloaded as a PDF and saved for reference.Decades of research prove thevalue of repeated readings,especially for young or strivingreaders who are working todevelop a strategic, fluent,and efficient reading process.The more children read, thebetter they get at reading.When children have access tobooks and are able to sharethem with reading mentorswho love books and reading,those children are more likelyto thrive as readers.To begin using the RISE and RISE Up digital collections, you will need to set up your account andthen launch RISE. Once you’ve completed the initial setup, simply select the RISE icon wheneveryou want to revisit the program. For technical help, please contact RISE Customer Support at1-866-826-8834, or email us at Steps to RISE Online1. Log in6. Begin the session2. Set up classes7. Select the program3. Enroll students8. Assign digital rereads4. Launch RISE9. Monitor progress5. Choose a group (i.e., class)10. End the sessionRISE ONLINE: USER GUIDE WELCOME TO RISE ONLINE 3

TABLE OF CONTENTSGETTING STARTEDWelcome to RISE OnlineLogging InAccessing SDMSetting Up ClassesEnrolling StudentsEnrolling Students in SDMEnrolling Students in CleverLaunching RISE3567881113GROUPSGroups: RISE Home PageChoose a GroupStart the SessionEnd the SessionSelect the Program1415161617DIGITAL REREADSAssigning Digital RereadsStudent ExperienceStudent BookshelfMonitoring Students’ Rereads18202021REPORTSMonitoring ProgressStudent ReportsGroup Reports222324RESOURCESAccessing ResourcesOnline Resources Table of Contents2526RISE ONLINE: USER GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS 4

Online Resources Table of ContentsLESSON RESOURCESRISEStation 4: Compare & Contrast cardASSESSMENT TOOLSStations 1, 2, 3, and 4: Observation FormStation 4: Draw Conclusions cardComprehension InterviewStation 1: Shared Retelling CardsStation 4: Five-Finger Retell cardEnd-of-Program ReportStation 2: Analogy Chart TemplateStation 4: Key Word Summary cardProblem-Solving Chart for Level CStation 2: Sight Word ChecklistsStation 4: Notebook Templates Levels C–DProblem-Solving Chart for Levels D–IStation 2: Sound Box TemplateStation 4: Notebook Templates Levels E–FProblem-Solving Chart for Levels J–PStation 3 Character Feelings and Traits Chart(Levels C–I)Station 4: Notebook Templates Levels G–NIMPLEMENTATION AND PLANNINGStation 3: BME cardStation 4: Problem-Solution cardStation 3: Character Feelings and Traits Chart(Levels J–N)Station 4: SWBS cardStation 3: Compare & Contrast cardStation 3: Draw Conclusions cardStation 3: Five-Finger Retell cardStation 4: Personal Word WallStation 4: Track the Character’s Feelings cardStation 4: V.I.P. Fiction cardStation 4: V.I.P. Nonfiction cardAction-Research StudyComprehension Cards and Strategies, RISE UpFiction and Nonfiction Subgenres, RISEFiction and Nonfiction Subgenres, RISE UpImplementation TimelineLesson Summary Charts, RISEStation 3: Green Questions cardRISE UPLesson Summary Charts, RISE UpStation 3: Key Words cardStations 1, 2 & 3: Comprehension CardsPrincipal’s ChecklistStation 3: Problem-Solution cardStation 1: Figurative Language ChartRISE With Literacy Letter to ParentsStation 3: Red Questions cardStation 1: Shared Retelling CardsRISE With Literacy Phone Message ScriptStation 3: Shared Retelling CardsStation 2: Character Feelings and Traits ChartRISE With Literacy PresentationStation 3: Story Retelling RopeStation 2: Figurative Language ChartRISE With Literacy Send-Home StickersStation 3: SWBS cardStation 2: New Words Cards, Levels O–ZStrategies/Modules Cards chart, RISE UpStation 3: Track the Character’s Feelings cardStation 3: Character Feelings and Traits ChartThe RISE Collection: Books ListStation 3: V.I.P. Fiction cardStation 3: Figurative Language ChartThe RISE Up Collection: Short Reads ListStation 3: V.I.P. Nonfiction cardStation 3: Notebook TemplatesStation 3: Yellow Questions cardStation 3: Personal Word WallStation 4: Character Feelings and Traits Chart(Levels J–N)Station 3: Text Features ChartStation 3: Transition Words ChartRISE ONLINE: USER GUIDE RESOURCES 26

VIDEOSWELCOMERISE Up Level Q, Earthquake ShockRISE Welcome and OverviewStation 1RISE Up Welcome and OverviewStation 2Implementation ModelsStation 3RoundtableLESSONS IN ACTIONRISE Level F, Why Chipmunks Have StripesRime Magic for RISEStation 1EXPERT ADVICEStation 2Why and How RISE WorksStation 3Using the Assess-Decide-Guide Framework in RISEStation 46 Reasons to Choose RISE for Your School or DistrictRoundtableRISE Level N, Spy GadgetsStation 1Station 2Station 3Station 4RoundtableRISE ONLINE: USER GUIDE RESOURCES 27

Station 3: Five-Finger Retell card Station 3: Green Questions card Station 3: Key Words card Station 3: Problem-Solution card Station 3: Red Questions card Station 3: Shared Retelling Cards Station 3: Story Retelling Rope Station 3: SWBS card Station 3: Track the Character’s Feelings card Station 3: V.I.P. Fiction card Station 3: V.I.P .

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Scholastic Canada Fall 2016 IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS: Scholastic Canada Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian trade distributor for all books included in this catalogue as well as all books in the following imprints: Scholastic Press, Scholastic Paperbacks, The Blue Sky Press, Canada Close Up, Arthur A. Levine Books, text by michael ward; illustration karen donnelly Corrany Cove 'I think we're almost there.

Scholastic Book Clubs. They do not represent or act under the authority of Scholastic Book Clubs. Risk of loss transfers upon Scholastic’s delivery of the ordered products to its carrier. HOME DELIVERY: During the COVID-19 crisis, families can temporarily have their online orders shipped home or delivered to school with your class order.

Dear Friends: Enclosed please find a copy of the 2006-07 media kit for Scholastic Teen Magazine Network. . But The Scholastic Teen Magazine Network breaks through the clutter of a teen's busy day, reaching over 3.92 million tween/teen boys and girls* where trends start, right before prime purchasing time. The Scholastic Teen Magazine .

Scholastic Inc. THE STONE OF FIRE. If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as "unsold and destroyed" . Published by Scholastic Inc., 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. SCHOLASTIC and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered

Published by Scholastic Press, an imprint of Scholastic Inc., Publishers since 1920. scholastic, . she'll have the power of wings of fire. Five eggs to hatch on brightest night, . "I will not!" Clay shouted, clawing at the smooth stone floor. "I'll feel colder! Stop it! Go away! Argh!" His protests

Norman Lanting Scholastic Canada Ltd. Toronto New York London Auckland Sydney Mexico City New Delhi Hong Kong Buenos Aires 128748 001-128 int NB.indd 1 2016-06-21 9:13 AM. Scholastic Canada Ltd. 604 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1E1, Canada Scholastic Inc.

write to Scholastic Inc., Attention: Permissions Department, 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Soares, Manuela. Scholastic BookFiles: A Reading Guide to A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle/by Manuela Soares. p. cm. Summary: Discusses the writing, characters, plot, and themes of