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Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesAdjustable MotorBasesMotorAccessoriesThese motor bases simplify mounting and belt tension adjustment atinstallation and during later maintenance checks. These are heavy dutyadjustable motor bases manufactured of steel or plate. All bases are detergentwashed, painted with dark gray primer and oven baked for corrosionresistance. The nuts and bolts are zinc plated. NEMA 215T and smaller basesfeature one adjusting screw. Bases for NEMA 254T frame and larger motorsfeature two adjusting screws. Motor mounting bolts are included. Bases listedcan be used with motor frame numbers given and succeeded by the letters S,T, U, US and TS, or any other letter combinations provided the motors’ basemeets NEMA standards.GrindersGeneratorsServo Motorsand ControlsMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 m.No. ofAdjustingScrewsMotorMountingBolt SizeAp’xShpg.Wgt.48B48T73A815/16 x 1356B56T73A815/16 x 15143TB143T94A815/16 x 16145TB145T94A815/16 x 17182TB182T100A813/8 x 1 1/210184TB184T100A813/8 x 1 1/210213TB213T116A813/8 x 1 1/214215TB215T116A813/8 x 1 1/215254TB254T192A821/2 x 1 3/421256TB256T192A821/2 x 1 3/421284TB284T218A821/2 x 224286TB286T218A821/2 x 226324TB324T338A825/8 x 2 1/234326TB326T338A825/8 x 2 1/237364TB364T421A825/8 x 2 1/248365TB365T421A825/8 x 2 1/250404TB404T626A823/4 x 362405TB405T626A823/4 x 366444TB444T766A823/4 x 370445TB445T766A823/4 x 371447TB447T903A823/4 x 3 1/293449TB449T903A823/4 x 3 1/2995007-11B5000RLS (1)1360A827/8 x 3 1/2149NOTE: Bases not suitable for vertical mounting. See base dimensions on next page.(1) One adjustable motor rail.

ALAMAOARATAUAXBBBTXCD BoltAY .8755/16 x 13/8 x 53.8750.1090.3751.1255.506.503.000.8125/16 x 13/8 x 54.750.1400.501.506.507.503.001.503/8 x 1-3/41/2x 755.500.1560.501.757.509.003.501.503/8 x 1-3/41/2 x 257.500.1870.6252.0010.7512.504.001.4371/2 x 1-3/45/8 x 7.508.250.1870.6252.0012.5144.501.6871/2 x 25/8 x .250.1870.752.5014.0015.505.252.1875/8 x 2-1/23/4 x 9.1259.6250.250.752.5015.5016.506.002.0625/8 x 2-1/23/4 x .009.87510.6250.250.8753.0016.5018.007.002.503/4 x 33/4 x 0011.0012.000.250.8753.0019.2521.257.502.503/4 x 33/4 x 1.0013.7516.250.3121.1253.0024.7529.757.503.003/4 x 3-1/23/4 x 143/4 x 11NEMAFrameCatalogNumberEALAOALAUAXAZBTXCXOXED BoltAY x 3-1/27/8 x 16Servo Motorsand ControlsFMod ExpressEBaldor EducationWorkshopsCatalogNumberDIMENSIONS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY, CONSULT A BALDOR DISTRICT OFFICE FOR CERTIFIED DIMENSIONSBaldorSales OfficesCross Referenceand IndexWarranties andSales sAdjustable Motor Bases Dimension DiagramsGearmotors andGear ProductsMotor Accessories 411

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesConversion BasesMotorAccessoriesThese Conversion Bases are designed to allow NEMA “T” frame motors tobe used where corresponding NEMA “U” frame motors have been applied.Consisting of right and left hand pieces that fit to existing mounting studspositioned for “U” frame motors. The “T” frame motor is mounted to thepieces resulting in compensation for the difference in motor height, shaftposition and mounting hole between the previous “U” frame motor and thereplacement “T” frame motor. Made of the same top quality material as theadjustable motor bases.GrindersGeneratorsServo Motorsand ControlsCatalogNumberConvertsFrom“U” FrameConvertsTo“T” 5T79A8212 1/47 1/25/16-18CB2118T213/215182T/184T112A823/41 3/49 1/23/8-16CB2521T254U/256U213T/215T129A8612 7/1612 3/43/8-16CB2825T284U/286U254T/256T175A873/42 3/414 1/41/2-13CB3228T324U/326U284T/286T241A8913 1/415 3/41/2-13CB3632T364U/365U324T/326T297A81213 11/1616 1/25/8-11CB4036T404U/405U364T/365T408A82014 1/418 5/85/8-11NOTE: Dimensions are for one piece. Two pieces supplied. Design is for horizontal mounting. Motor shimming may be required for direct drive applications.Mod ExpressConversion Bases Dimension DiagramsBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 15T2.43712.751.005.507.008.2510.00 1.1255.001.000.5620.6250.753/8-169.5011.00 00CB3228T324U-326U284T-286T3.2515.751.009.5011.00 10.50 .0010.50 12.00 11.25 05U364T-365T4.2518.6251.0011.25 12.25 12.25 13.752.

pg. 3713237/213-25673A86Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotorAccessoriesServo Motorsand ControlsIECFrameHeavy duty, stamped steel metric bases for welding to steel bandmotor designs. These give metric base mounting dimensions to NEMAframe motors.GrindersMetric FrameWeld On BasesGeneratorsMotor 8.50DIMENSIONS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY, CONSULT A BALDOR DISTRICT OFFICE FOR CERTIFIED DIMENSIONSBaldorSales OfficesIECFrameCross Referenceand IndexWarranties andSales PoliciesBaldor EducationWorkshopsMod ExpressMetric Weld On Bases Dimension Diagrams 413

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesConduit Box KitsMotorAccessoriesGrindersFor use with Legacy Reliance Motor 400K40G3232P1440K44G5495P1Auxiliary Conduit Box KitsConduit Box Kit – Standard SizeK56H326056 - 140TGenerators72K21G7210T, 213T-572184T,215T,250, P1Servo Motorsand ControlsConduit Box Kit – OversizeMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 14121K18G7180T, 182T-4TModelNumberDrip Cover/Canopy 4G9248P1NEMAFrameBaldorKit NumberListPriceAp’xShpg.Wgt.Lbs.Mult.Sym.Conduit Box – Standard 5001A01SP241P156 - ,215T,254-609CB5001A01SP184T,215T,254-6Mill and Chemical Duty KitCast Iron Shroud and Conduit 7P1360TK36G18897P1Terminal Block -610CB5002A01SP916P1447 & 449K49G0060812P1

coder OnlyStub shaft 7708-2283704E8Replacement Blower KitsGeneratorsModelNumberServo Motorsand ControlsFrameSizeMod ExpressMult.Sym.Baldor EducationWorkshopsListPriceWarranties andSales PoliciesModelNumberCross Referenceand IndexFrameSizeBaldorSales OfficesFor use with Legacy Reliance Motor DesignsGrindersMotorAccessoriesEncoder MountingKitsGearmotors andGear ProductsMotor Accessories 415

Baldor Education Workshops Warranties and Sales Policies Cross Reference and Index Baldor Sales Offices Adjustable Motor Bases Dimension Diagrams DIMENSIONS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY, CONSULT A BALDOR DISTRICT OFFICE FOR CERTIFIED DIMENSIONS NEMA Frame Catalog Number E F AL AM AO AR AT AU AX BB BT XC D Bolt AY Bolt 48 56

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Isolation Bases - Type B2 Isolation steel bases consist of formed steel members welded into a rigid one piece base. Motor slide rails are included where applicable. Bases are required for all arrangement 1 and 3 fans with independently mounted motors (MOB). Isolation bases are available without isolators, with rubber mounts or with spring mounts.

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