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Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYAccident InvestigationActive Shooter TrainingAir MonitoringAmputationsArc WeldingAsbestosAsphalt SawingBack SafetyBackhoesBarricades MUTCDBattery ChargingBlastingBloodborne PathogensBoating SafetyBucket TruckCalcium ChlorideCall 811Carbon Monoxide PoisoningCaught BetweenChainsChainsawsChemical Storage ProceduresChipper SafetyChocking and BlockingCleaning Maintenance and RepairJSAYesYesYesYesYesYesYesMYPURPOSE EVENT NAMEESH Accident InvestigationESH Active Shooter TrainingESH Air MonitoringESH AmputationsESH Arc WeldingESH AsbestosESH Asphalt SawingESH Back SafetyESH BackhoesESH Barricades MUTCDESH Battery ChargingESH BlastingESH Bloodborne PathogensESH Boating SafetyESH Bucket TruckESH Calcium ChlorideESH Call 811ESH Carbon Monoxide PoisoningESH Caught BetweenESH ChainsESH Chainsaws(See HAZ COM)ESH Chipper SafetyESH Chocking and BlockingESH Cleaning Maintenance and Repair1

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYCold WeatherCombustible DustsCompressed GasesConcrete and Masonry ConstructionConcrete SawingConcrete TestingConfined Space Non-Permit RequiredCranesCulvert Cleaning and InspectionsDead Animal PickupDe-Icing OperationsDepartment of Corrections / OffenderDitchingDriving AwarenessDump TrucksElectrical HazardsElectrical Signal Maintenance and RepairEmergency Action PlanEmergency Response GuidebookEquipment BackingEquipment InspectionEquipment Maintenance and RepairErgonomicsEscort VehicleExcavations and E EVENT NAMEESH Cold Weather DESH Combustible DustsESH Compressed GasesESH Concrete and Masonry ConstructionESH Concrete SawingESH Concrete TestingESH Confined Space Non-Permit RequiredESH CranesESH Culvert Cleaning and InspectionsESH Dead Animal PickupESH De-Icing OperationsESH Department of Corrections / OffenderESH DitchingESH Driving AwarenessESH Dump TrucksESH Electrical HazardsESH Electrical Signal Maintenance and RepairESH Emergency Action PlanESH Emergency Response GuidebookESH Equipment BackingESH Equipment InspectionESH Equipment Maintenance and RepairESH ErgonomicsESH Escort VehicleESH Excavations and Trenching2

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYExcavatorExhaust and VentilationEye WashFall ProtectionFire Extinguishers PortableFire ProtectionFlammable and Combustible LiquidsFormaldehydeFront End LoadersFoundations for Safety LeadershipGases, Vapors, Fumes Dusts & MistsGeneralGeneral Environmental ControlsGeneratorsGood HousekeepingGradallsGradersHand and Portable Power ToolsHazard CommunicationHazardous MaterialsHazardous Materials RecertificationHazardous Waste and EmergencyHealth FairHealth Hazards RecognitionJSAYesMYPURPOSE EVENT NAMEESH ExcavatorESH Exhaust and VentilationESH Eye WashESH Fall ProtectionESH Fire Extinguishers PortableESH Fire ProtectionESH Flammable and Combustible LiquidsESH FormaldehydeESH Front End LoadersESH Foundations for Safety LeadershipESH Gases, Vapors, Fumes Dusts & MistsESH GeneralESH General Environmental ControlsESH GeneratorsESH Good HousekeepingESH GradallsESH GradersESH Hand and Portable Power ToolsESH Hazard CommunicationESH Hazardous MaterialsESH Hazardous Materials RecertificationESH Hazardous Waste and Emergency ResponseESH Health FairESH Health Hazards Recognition3

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYHearing and Noise ConservationHearing ProtectionHeat StressHighway Bridge Inspection andMaintenanceHighway MaintenanceHighway Sign MaintenanceHighway Traffic CountInstalling CulvertIonizing RadiationJackhammerJob Briefing Safety TalkJob Safety AnalysisKayaksLaddersLawn Mower - PushLawn Mower - RidingLead ExposureLitter PickupLockout/Tagout ProceduresManual LiftingMachine GuardingMaterial Hoists, Personal Hoists andElevatorsMaterials Handling & StorageJSAYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesMYPURPOSE EVENT NAMEESH Hearing and Noise ConservationESH Hearing ProtectionESH Heat StressESH Highway Bridge Inspection & MaintenanceESH Highway MaintenanceESH Highway Sign MaintenanceESH Highway Traffic CountESH Installing CulvertESH Ionizing RadiationESH JackhammerESH Job Briefing Safety TalkESH Job Safety AnalysisESH KayaksESH LaddersESH Lawn Mower - PushESH Lawn Mower - RidingESH Lead ExposureESH Litter PickupESH Lockout/Tagout ProceduresESH Manual LiftingESH Machine GuardingESH Material Hoists, Personal Hoists and ElevatorsESH Materials Handling & Storage4

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYMechanical Power PressMethamphetamine AwarenessMosquito Pellets DistributionNeedlesNew Employee Safety OrientationNon-Ionizing RadiationNuclear GaugeOffice SafetyOperation LifesaverOSHA 10-Hour Construction TrainingOSHA 10-Hour General Industry TrainingOSHA Recordkeeping Injury and IllnessOxygen Fuel Welding or CuttingPavingPaving Lee BoyPaving OilerPermit Required Confined SpacePersonal Injury, Vehicle/EquipmentAccident Forms and ReportingPersonal Protective EquipmentPesticide SafetyPothole PatchingPowered Industrial TrucksJSAYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesMYPURPOSE EVENT NAMEESH Mechanical Power PressESH Methamphetamine AwarenessESH Mosquito Pellets DistributionESH NeedlesESH New Employee Safety OrientationESH Non-Ionizing RadiationESH Nuclear GaugeESH Office SafetyESH Operation LifesaverESH OSHA 10-Hour Construction TrainingESH OSHA 10-Hour General Industry TrainingESH OSHA Recordkeeping Injury and IllnessESH Oxygen Fuel Welding or CuttingESH PavingESH Paving Lee BoyESH Paving OilerESH Permit Required Confined SpaceESH Personal Injury, Vehicle/Equipment Accident Forms andReportingESH Personal Protective EquipmentESH Pesticide SafetyESH Pothole PatchingESH Powered Industrial Trucks5

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYPowered Platforms for BuildingMaintenancePressure WashersProcess Safety ManagementProper Securement of Equipment onTrailersRadiationRed Cross AEDRed Cross First Aid and CPRRepetitive MotionRespiratory ProtectionRoadside AwarenessSafe Van TrainingSafety Awareness (General NEC*)JSAMYPURPOSE EVENT NAMEESH Powered Platforms for Building MaintenanceYesESH Pressure WashersESH Process Safety ManagementESH Proper Securement of Equipment on TrailersESH RadiationESH Red Cross AEDESH Red Cross First Aid and CPRESH Repetitive MotionESH Respiratory ProtectionESH Roadside AwarenessESH Safe Van TrainingESH Safety AwarenessNEC – NOT ELSEWHERE CLASSIFIEDSafety TalksSalt ConveyerScaffoldsSeat BeltsServing of Multi - Piece and Single PieceRim WheelsShower Equipment – EmergencySilicaSlips, Slides and Shoulder RepairYesYesESH Safety TalksESH Salt ConveyerESH ScaffoldsESH Seat BeltsESH Serving of Multi - Piece and Single Piece Rim WheelsESH Shower Equipment – EmergencyESH SilicaESH Slips, Slides and Shoulder Repair6

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019TRAINING CATEGORYSlips, Trips and FallsSlope MowerSnow & IceSnow Plowing and Salting HighwaysSpray TruckStairs and StairwaysStoring and Handling of LP GasesStress ManagementSurveying OperationsThermoplastic ReplacementThree Points of ContactToxic Substances Exposure MonitoringTractorsTraffic Control / Flagger CertificationTraffic Incident Management (TIM)Tree and Brush WorkTuberculosisUtility VehicleVehicle BackingWeather SafetyWebinars – KY OSHAWeedeatersWelding, Cutting and BrazingWinter DrivingWork PlatformsJSAYesYesYesYesYesYesYesMYPURPOSE EVENT NAMEESH Slips, Trips and FallsESH Slope MowerESH Snow & IceESH Snow Plowing and Salting HighwaysESH Spray TruckESH Stairs and StairwaysESH Storing and Handling of LP GasesESH Stress ManagementESH Surveying OperationsESH Thermoplastic ReplacementESH Three Points of ContactESH Toxic Substances Exposure MonitoringESH TractorsESH Traffic Control / Flagger CertificationESH Traffic Incident Management (TIM)ESH Tree WorkESH TuberculosisESH Utility VehicleESH Vehicle BackingESH Weather SafetyESH Webinars – KY OSHAESH WeedeatersESH Welding, Cutting and BrazingESH Winter DrivingESH Work Platforms7

Kentucky Transportation CabinetEmployee Safety & Health Branch Training ProgramsRevised: 9/11/2019These listings represent initial revisions of Safety and Health Training Programs for identification and entry into the MyPurpose learningmanagement system. Any changes must be approved by the KYTC Safety and Health Branch Manager. For additional information, pleasecontact the KYTC Safety and Health Branch, Central Office at 502-564-6963.The Employee Safety and Health (ESH) Branch mandates that certain safety training be taught. In order to properly track these trainingsessions, ESH has determined that ALL districts should use the same class titles in MyPurpose. To accomplish this, ESH—with the help ofthe MyPurpose Support Team—has created over 150 Events (classes) in MyPurpose for you to use.All ESH classes must be recorded on the TC 25-2 Training Report Form.All Training must be provided by a KYTC ES&H Safety Specialist, Safety Coordinator, Safety Administrator, Branch Manager or adesignated authorized individual. Reference Safety and Health Administration Guide, Employee Safety and Health Manual, applicableOSHA Standards and/or best work best practices.NOTE: When creating a Session from these Events, use your District number as your Class ID – example: D5Add instructor(s) if known. If you need an instructor added, please contact with the name of the instructor. Only instructorswho are in the MyPurpose system can be added – no external instructors.NOTE: Listings are not all-inclusive to all possible exposure hazards an employee could encounter. Occupational risk may occur at anywork location. Training needs will increase with higher levels of occupational risk.Refer to the How to Create ESH Sessions document for further details on how to enter safety training courses into MY Purpose.Training Requirements in OSHA Standards

How to Create ESH SessionsWe have created “Events” for all the ESH Training. You will need to create “Sessions” from these events.Here’s how:Search for the Event you need to add, e.g., “ESHAccident Investigation,” from the “Manage Events andSessions” tab.Type in the Event you are looking for inthe search field.When you find the Event, click on the“Sessions” icon (the little calendar onthe far right).On the sessions page, click on the “CreateNew Transportation Cabinet Session.”Alternatively, you could search for one ofyour past Sessions and copy it. You wouldclick the “Completed” box to pull up pasttrainings. (Instructions in manual.)1(updated 9/26/18)

On the new Session screen, enter the following: Name – whichshould be exactlythe same as thename of the Event. Location – Youhave to choose alocation in thissystem. Find alocation in yourdistrict. Add Instructor –this isn’t required,but you can do this.If you need aninstructor added, Dates/TimesOnce you have completed these steps, click “Save Part.”On the “Parts Schedule” Screen, click on “Check Schedule.” If there’s no conflict with location, the statuslight will turn GREEN. If there’s a conflict, you may have to find another location. Click “NEXT.”On the “Details” screen, enter a Session ID – Use your District, e.g., D10. Then enter “Credits” whichshould be the number of hours in training. Click “NEXT.”2(updated 9/26/18)

IMPORTANT: If this is an “ESH Safety Talk,” add the subject of the talk after the Session ID, e.g., D6 –Brown Recluse Spiders. This is the only way we’ll know what the subject is. Also add this to the “TrainingTopics.On the “Availability” screen, choose the Transportation Cabinet (this may be already chosen for you).Make sure “PRE-APPROVED” is checked. Click “NEXT.”On the “Emails” screen,make sure “No Emails” ischosen. Click “NEXT.” Thisis VERY important to makesure attendees don’t getconfusing emails.3(updated 9/26/18)

Look over the “Summary” screen to make sureeverything is correct. Click “SAVE.”Once saved, you have created this Session. You cannow add attendees to the roster.Once you have saved your Session, you’ll end up back at the Sessions screen. Find the Session youcreated and click on the tiny “View Roster” icon.4(updated 9/26/18)

Once you’re on the Roster screen, you can add your attendees. Click on “Add Users.”When the “Add Users” screen opens, type in a nameyou want, then click the BLUE next to their name.This will put them in the “Selected User” section.Add the rest of your attendees.When completed, click the “Done” button.Once you’ve added all your attendees, you’ll be backat the previous screen with your attendees listed.Notice they currently say “Pending.”Make sure “Send emails” is unchecked.Click on the “Add Pending Users to Roster” button.NOTE: MyPurpose will only add 10 people at a time to the roster. So if you selected more than 10, youmay have to “Add Pending Users to Roster” more than once. Which means you’ll also have to uncheck“Send emails” again.5(updated 9/26/18)

Once attendees have been moved to“Registered” status, click on the “Attendance andScoring” tab.On the “Attendance and Scoring” screen, click the box for those who attended. You can also click the“Check/Uncheck All” to check everyone on your list. The session completion will be the same date asyou put in the Session earlier. Once finished, click on “Submit Roster.”NOTE: If you mark attendees as “Attended” before the date of the training, the training will not show upon their Transcript until that date.You will then see a message that it may takeup to 15 minutes to process this submission.Click “OKAY.”Once processed, you can see the attendee(s) are marked as “Attended” and “Completed."6(updated 9/26/18)

Job Safety Analysis ESH Job Safety Analysis Kayaks ESH Kayaks Ladders ESH Ladders Lawn Mower - Push Yes ESH Lawn Mower - Push Lawn Mower - Riding Yes ESH Lawn Mower - Riding . Welding, Cutting and Brazing ESH Welding, Cutting and Brazing Winter Drivi

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to help you succeed. JSA recommends reviewing this guide at the beginning of the year and referring to it as needed. The JSA Foundation is here to serve and support you. If we can be of further assistance to you or your chapter, please reach out to your program director at (800) 334-5353 or email Thank you for being a part of JSA.

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JOB SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS (JSA) / SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT Revision Date: July 2012 THIS DOCUMENT IS UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED ACTIVITY OR TASK: Installation of Staircase and Hand Rails – Welding, Heights and Crane UsageJSA Number: CSI329 JSA Revision: 1.7 Risk Rating Step Environmental Hazards/ImpactsFile Size: 433KB

The purpose of these Job Safety Analysis procedures are to provide supervisors and managers with effective tools and information in order to assist in performing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). Performing an effective JSA . include performing specific work such as oxy-acetylene welding

Juniper Networks Secure Analytics Once you realize the value of a SIEM and its functionality, you need to understand how JSA can support SIEM security and compliance requirements. A JSA Series appliance is a SIEM appliance that solves many requirements of IT staffs around the world. To better understand how JSA works, let's briefly review its key

on both the effectiveness of individual job search strategies and JSA programs. Finally, this report identifies the key issues to consider when selecting which JSA program components to evaluate. In particular, the report argues that JSA programs can be viewed as working through two different mechanisms: ―assistance‖ and ―enforcement.‖

The report of the Oakley Review, carried out under S.2 of the Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Act 2013, was published on 22 July 2014, together with a government response. The report reviews some aspects of the operation of sanctions imposed on JSA claimants on back to work schemes, accounting for one third of all JSA sanctions.

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