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SGS TRINIDAD LIMITEDPre Shipment Inspection ServicesDoing Business with Haiti

OUR HISTORYFOUNDED INROUENTransformed thegrains trade inEurope withinnovativeinspection systemsand start providingservices worldwidein the agricultureDiversified theinspection andtesting services todifferent industries.Start quoting in thestock exchangeUnrivalledreputationas the industryleader in findingsolutions to thecomplex problemsorganisations faceevery day2




SGS FACILITATING TRADE We have a long history of working with NSBs, Customs andthe trade community at large We operate all over the world We understand international tradeWe are therefore fully equipped to help facilitate trade through: Scanner services combined with Risk Management Trade Community Networks – TradeNet / CMS/Valitrade Product Conformity Programmes - IPCA / Pharmaceuticals Transit Management – Transit Net /Advanced CargoInformation/Cargo Tracking6

I. SGS’S MISSION IN HAITI SGS was commissioned by the Government of Haiti to implement a pre-shipment ImportVerification Program (PVI) designed to provide technical assistance to the GeneralAdministration of Customs to secure tax and customs revenues and fight against fraud.This program started in May 2003. The main areas of our mandate are : Provide technical assistance to customs’ administration, Ensure compliance to regulation regarding imports, Check the values of goods to ensure correct payment of duties and import taxes, Insert a deterrent to discourage fraudulent practices, Promote transparency and facilitation in the formalities related to the import, Make available to the authorities a powerful tool for monitoring and management offoreign trade. The mission of SGS is to investigate the risk profile of each transaction which valueexceeds USD 3,000 and conduct an audit of the type, quantity and values specially incustoms.7

II. THE PVI PROCESS 1.Submission of Declaration Prior to Import (DPI)The importer must submit to SGS a DPI at least five working days before the scheduledboarding. 2.Transaction analysisThe analysis of transactions enables SGS to determine the type, scope and modalities ofintervention. It concerns all IPR lifted to SGS’s Liaison Office in Port au Prince. 3.Physical InspectionThe inspection consists in checking the nature and quantity of goods for the purposes ofcustoms valuation 4.Verification of the valueSGS will provide and opinion on:(a) the customs value of goods by applying the norms of the Brussels Definition of ValueAfter each intervention, SGS issues a Valuation Report or an Anomaly Report (when theobligations of the importer and / or exporter were not met).8


DPI REQUEST TO BE FILLED BY IMPORTERGIS Global Quality Management SystemDocument titleDPI APPLICATION FORMENGLISHBuyer(Importer) (Name & Address)Phone Number:Fax :Code d’agreement :Code N.I.F :Buyer Contact Person :Phone Number :E-mail AuthorWilly DessalinesApproved byEvelyne SimoSeller(Exporter) (Name & Address)Phone Number :Fax/Télex :E-mail :Seller Contact PersonPhone Number::E-mail :Contract / Pro forma #Date :Currency :Country of supply /inspection :Countryof origine :Incoterms :FOB Value :Total Value en devise :Total FOB/EXW :Freight :Insurance :Other charges :Total :Goods in Full containerGoods DescriptionTransport MethodSea Air Land Multimodal Bulk : Non Specified Date of Shipment :FCL : OriginGoods in conteneur degroupage LCL : Harmonized System codeQuantity /Unit Total ConventionnalDelivery : PartiaFOB ValueClearing Agent / Importer :Phone number :E-mail Address:Date ; Signature & Stamp of the ImporterReserved to SGSTime of Submission :Date & Hour of reception :Date & hours oftransmission:Name & signature of receiver :10






ON LINE ACCESS TO MONITORTRANSACTION Exporters and importers have access to our on line systemwhich enables the real time monitoring of the certificateissuance status. The exporter is able to verify in all documents required areavailable in the system , advice the importer on status andalso contact the affiliate office in case some information ismissing . To access the on line record please use the



SELECT THE DPI NUMBER Select the DPI number and click on GO19




The inspection consists in checking the nature and quantity of goods for the purposes of customs valuation 4. Verification of the value SGS will provide and opinion on: (a) the customs value of goods by applying the norms of the Brussels Definition of Value After each intervention, SGS issues a Valuation Report or an Anomaly Report (when the

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Details are available at the SGS website 6. INSPECTION FEES SGS’ fees for carrying out the inspection are borne either by the Government of the importing country or the importer or the exporter. Nevertheless, SGS reserves the right to invoice the seller in the following situations: a. in the event of abortive inspection

799/CTS OP/2011/SCL Page 1 of 9 INSPECTION REPORT To : Expo Aurora Ltda Fax/ E-mail : Attn : Ruben Pinochet Attn : Leonardo Verdugo From : SGS Chile Ltda. Fax/ E-mail : SGs OL No 263014 Date : November 29th, 2011 SGS Registration No: 5276 Product: Blueberries, variety Highbush Supplier: Exportadora Agro Aurora Ltda

a port outside Trinidad and Tobago of permitted entrants and other persons under this Act; S.1. 1962 No. 1 875 (U.K.). "former Constitution" means the Trinidad and Tobago Constitution set out in the Second Schedule to the Trinidad and Tobago (Constitution) Order-in-Council, 1962; LAWS OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO

Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic State, situated appropriately between 100 2' and 11º 12' north latitude, and 600 30' and 61º 56' west longitude. The country consists of the two (2) main islands, Trinidad . In Trinidad and Tobago, there are over 50 laws, polices, plans, strategies and programmes which seek to

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the southernmost islands of the Caribbean chain, located 11 kilometers (7 miles) northeast of the Paria Peninsula of Venezuela. The island of Trinidad is 30 km (19 miles) from Tobago. The total land area covered by the twin island state is 5,128 km2 (1,980 mi2) (Trinidad covers 4,828 km2 (1,864 mi2) while .

Tobago a ward of the colony of Trinidad and To-bago. It further provided that all laws that were in force in Trinidad on 1st January, 1899 would also extend to Tobago and that all laws that were in force in Tobago, at that date, that differed from the laws of Trinidad ceased to be in force. The Legislature in Trinidad became the Legislature for

Trinidad and Tobago [s honey comes from numerous awards won in the National Honey Show in London. The main thrusts of this paper are to get a better understanding of the current apiculture industry in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the potential for exports and niche marketing opportunities of Trinidad and Tobago [s honey in

system of Trinidad and Tobago. The system of education in Trinidad and Tobago is organized and regulated by the provisions of the Education Act Chapter 39:01 of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The Minister gives the overall direction as to how schools are to be conducted, established, managed and maintained.

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SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA 1, place des Alpes P.O. Box 2152 CH-1211 Geneva 1 t (41-22) 739.91.11 f (41-22) 739.98.86 Goods subject to the Uganda PVoC program are those covered under ‘The UNBS sche

SGS IS THE LEADING INSPECTION, VERIFICATION, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY. 1 . Von SGS CRS Tech Automotive hierzu angebotene Prüfung: VDA 278 DBL 9202 Supply Specification - Decorative parts in vehicle in

Nov 20, 2017 · During the inspection, taken total 4 pcs of samples were taken from steel coils by manufacturer under SGS inspector witness, the cutting was performed by manual cutting, position at the end of cargoes, after sampling, SGS inspector pasted the label marks on each piece of samples, and then the samples were sent to Tianjin SGS by manufacturer.

The Client will receive an inspection schedule request from the SGS to perform the assisted inspection with details on how to download, install and use SGS QiiQ. In order to be able to perform the assisted inspection, sufficient connectivity shall be available at the place of Inspection

SGS MARINE SERVICES EXHAUST GAS CLEANING SYSTEMS WASHWATER On board and on shore analysis of wash-water samples On shore analysis of water and fuel oil samples Both for IMO MEPC and US VGP 2013 Logistic: SGS sampling or ship crew sampling with logistic for instructions, containers, preservants and shipping to lab.

(d) A description of SGS’s findings in the pre-inspection process.7 13. Pursuant to Article 5.7 and 5.8 of the PSI Agreement, SGS was given permission to open one or more liaison offices in Pakistan and the Government undertook to ensure that SGS obtained the necessary immigra-tion and working permits and authorizations.8 These offices were .

SGS North America Inc. Consumer & Retail Testing Services 291 Fairfield Ave, Fairfield, NJ 07004, USA t (973) 575-5252 f (973) 575-7175 Member of the SGS Group RJR Technologies Inc. 7750 Edgewater Dr. Oakland, CA 04621 United States “This report supersedes all previous documents bearing the test report number 4239410-CH02-R1.”

September 1966 under the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and has a primary listing on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. Its registered office is located at PLIPDECO House, Orinoco Drive, Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Point Lisas, Couva, Trinidad, West Indies. The Corporation Sole

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Stephen Joseph 1, Marlene Thomas , Gerard Simonette & Leela Ramsook1 1 Centre for Education Programmes, The University of Trinidad and Tobago Correspondence: Stephen Joseph, Centre for Education Programmes, The University of Trinidad and Tobago, Valsayn Campus, Old Southern Main Road, Valsayn, Trinidad, W. I. E-mail:

6 MATHEMATICS - Week 1 Lesson 2: Irrational Numbers Learning Objective: Students will be able to give an approximate value of an irrational numbers using rational numbers on a number line. Math Standards: 8.NS.A.2: Use rational approximations of irrational numbers to compare the size of irrational numbers. Locate them approximately on a number line diagram and estimate their values.