One Torch For Virtually Any Plasma Cutting System!

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MANUAL SYSTEMS REPLACEMENT PLASMA CUTTING TORCHOne Torchfor Virtually AnyPlasma CuttingSystem!Take theChallenge30 Days, 100% Satisfactionor Your Money Back,Guaranteed!Total Plasma Cutting FlexibilityCall 1-800-752-7621 for details.www.thermal-dynamics.comAvailable With Our ATC Quick Change Connector!

The Revolution in Plasma Torches Has BegunThe First Universal Plasma Torch!The 1Torch RPT torch is the first plasma cutting torch that performs with virtually allplasma cutting power supplies. The 1Torch works with high frequency start systems,CD start systems, touch start systems and moving parts (blow back) start systems.Install the 1Torch on your current plasma power supply and you immediately benefit from thelatest in high performance torch technology available today.Important Features Include:Ergonomic Torch HandleLower Consumable Parts Inventories and CostsWith an innovative, easy-to-usetorch trigger release, encapsulated protected torch head andprecisely engineered grip, the1Torch RPT torch is both easyand comfortable to use.The less than 25 consumable parts used with the 1TorchRPT torch can replace over 575 different consumableparts used over a broad range of plasma systems.Improved Leads1Torch Leads are lightweight, extremely flexible and tough– the ideal combination of durability and ease of use.Extended or ProtectedConsumable PartsWe designed our consumableparts to adapt to your cutting style. By simply changingthe shield cup, you can either have:ATC (Advanced TorchConnector) QuickDisconnect OptionOne Year Torch & Leads WarrantyOur quick disconnectdesign brings extra flexibility to any plasma system.Imagine being able to change out a damaged plasmacutting torch, easily convert from a hand to a machinetorch operation, or simply put on a different size torch allin the matter of a few seconds and not have to use anytools to complete the task!Precision Engineered Torch Consumable PartsATC Lead Extensions for Improved VersatilityThe 1Torch RPT torch introduces a completely new tipYou can add substantial flexibility and versatility to yourcutting operations with the use of Lead Extensions.Quick Disconnect Lead Extensions, in 15 ft., 25 ft. and50 ft. lengths, make it easy and efficient to add or subtract lead length according to the job requirements. An Extended Tip for greater visibility andcontrol and precision drag cutting at low power. A Protected Tip for on-the-plate drag cuttingat high power up to 100 Plasma gas management is an integral partof the tip design. Each tip is uniquely tuned to optimizecut performance at its rated cutting current. The resultis precision gas management, longer consumable partslife and better cut performance across the entire rangeof 1Torch 21Torch RPT torch and ATC connector are patent pending.U.S. Plasma Manual Customer Care: 800-752-7621 /U.S. Plasma Automation Customer Care: 866-279-2628 /FAXFAX800-221-4401316-941-4491

The Revolution in Plasma Torches Has BegunOne Torch for Virtually Any PlasmaCutting System!Selecting the Right Torch Package for Your Needs . . .It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!2Adapter Kit Selection1Select the appropriate Adapter Kit fromChart 2 (pg. 5). If you selected a torch withthe ATC Connection, you will also need anATC Receptacle Adapter (see Chart 1).Torch and Leads SelectionChart 1 (pg. 4) gives you all the informationyou’ll need to select the right torch. Torchesare grouped into two sections – SL60 andSL100 Hand Torches. Find the appropriatesection, decide whether the standard RPT connection or the ATC Torch Connection isright for you, then select the torch with thedesired amperage range and leads length.3Spare Parts SelectionFrom Chart 3 (pg. 6), select an RPT Spare PartsKit or specific consumable parts that best suityour cutting requirements.Torch Connection OptionsThe diagram below shows the differences between the Standard RPT and the ATC Torch connections.Standard RPT ConnectionPowerSupplyARPTTorch Adapter Kit(O2B)ATC Torch ConnectionPowerSupplyBATCATC Adapter Kitpage 3Torch Adapter Kit

The Revolution in Plasma Torches Has Begun1Torch and Lead SelectionListed below are the Torch and Lead selection charts forthe SL60 and SL100 Hand 1Torch RPT torches.Ordering InformationHand TorchesSL60SL100Light/Medium Duty Torch20-60 AmpsMedium/Heavy Duty Torch30-100 AmpsC AT N O .ADESCRIPTIONC AT N O .AStandard RPT (O2B)Torch ConnectionDESCRIPTIONStandard RPT (O2B)Torch ConnectionTorch & LeadsSL60 Hand TorchBTorch & LeadsSL100 Hand Torch(20-60 Amps)7-5200SL60, 75 , 20’ (6.1m) Torch/Leads7-5201SL60, 75 , 50’ (15.2m) Torch/Leads7-52027-5203BATC Torch ConnectionATCTorch ConnectionTorch & LeadsSL60 Hand Torch w/ ATC(30-100 Amps)SL100, 75 , 20’ (6.1m) Torch/LeadsSL100, 75 , 50’ (15.2m) Torch/LeadsTorch & LeadsSL100 Hand Torch w/ ATC(20-60 Amps)(30-100 Amps)7-5204*SL60, 75 , 20’ (6.1m) Torch/Leads7-5206*SL100, 75 , 20’ (6.1m) Torch/Leads7-5205*SL60, 75 , 50’ (15.2m) Torch/Leads7-5208*SL100, 75 , 50’ (15.2m) Torch/LeadsATC Adapter KitATC Adapter KitATC Receptacle Adapter7-5207ATC Receptacle AdapterATC Receptacle Connector7-5207* This receptacle adapter is requiredfor each power supply using an ATCtorch connection. This is connectedto the torch adapter kit specific toeach power supply.ATC Receptacle Connector* This receptacle adapter is requiredfor each power supply using an ATCtorch connection. This is connectedto the torch adapter kit specific toeach power supply.ATC Lead ExtensionsATC Lead ExtensionsLead Extensions - StandardLead Extensions - Standard7-754415’ (4.5m) Lead Extension7-754415’ (4.5m) Lead Extension7-754525’ (7.6m) Lead Extension7-754525’ (7.6m) Lead Extension7-755250’ (15.2m) Lead Extension7-755250’ (15.2m) Lead ExtensionNOTES:*Total lead length including torch and extension(s), should not exceed the maximum length specified by the power supply manufacturer.International Customer Care: 905-827-9777 /www.thermal-dynamics.comFAX905-827-9797page 4

The Revolution in Plasma Torches Has BegunAdapter Kit SelectionListed below is the Adapter Kit selection charts forthe Hand 1Torch RPT torch.Torch Adapter Kits2The model of the plasma cutting system must be known to determine the adapter kit required.ManufacturerPower Supply ModelManufacturerCatalogNumberLINCOLN AIRCO /BOC PCS-43PCS-53, PCS-80, PCS-907-34257-343550Pocket 257-34387-347682020*, 82050*, M2050*821007-34767-3430Pro-Cut Pro-Cut Pro-Cut Pro-Cut CEBORA DAIHEN 3W722A*, 5Z031B*7-3476PCM-SMi, 500i, 625i, PCS-43PCS-53, 80, 90ESP-100iPCM-750i, 875, 1000i, 1125Sidewinder 30, 55, 105Powercut 650Powercut 875, 1125Powercut 1250, 62System 50, 65, TRONDAYTON (yellow)Smoothcut 30, 625Smoothcut 50 (single gas), 100Smoothcut 50 (dual gas)Smoothcut II 35A, 60A, 100AFab ShopCybercut 2050*12/150, 12/2007-34762020*, 2050*7-3476Plazcut 60†/ZipcutSpectrum 250D, 500, 750Spectrum 700, 1000, 1250, PLUSSpectrum 3080*Spectrum 650*, 701*, 2050*Spectrum 300*Spectrum 375*Spectrum 78MULTIQUIP MQ PCX50SS7-3437Omnicut 375PCA-30/60, 657-34387-3441Panasonic D-5000, D-70007-3437P-Tron 75, 1007-3437Starcut7-3430Powerpro 55, 75SPC-30, 20-50, 40-807-34877-3442YA-3230, YA-3440YA-2230*, YA-5550*, YA-5550A*7-34307-3476SOL 2020* (118-009, 118-010), SOL 2050* (118-015,118-016)SOL 2105, SOL 21067-34767-3430NU-TECSYS POWCON SMITH HYPERTHERM Max 40, HT 40 (H/F Start)Max 70, Max 80, Max 100 w/ & w/o Q.D.Max 42*, 43*, 40cs*powermax 600*, 800*, 900* w/ Q.D.powermax 1100*powermax 1000*, 1250*Max 40cs* (w/o Q.D.)powermax 380*powermax 600* w/o Q.D.powermax 800*, 900* w/o Q.D.powermax 1650*powermax 350*powermax 190C*L TEC 7-3431see 63-2530 for detailsMILLER 7-34327-3437HOBART 7-3486see 63-2530 for detailsMATCO SC-60PMRAT-70HARRIS 40556080MARQUETTE CENTURY ESAB CatalogNumberPower Supply Model7-3430SNAP-ON 34847-3485SOLAR THERMAL DYNAMICS (green)PCM-31, SMi, 32i/34i, VPiPCM-500i, 625i, PCS-80iPCM-50A, 70, 80, 52i/54i, 82i/84iESP-100i, PCM-50, PCM-100 (Single Gas)PCM-50, PCM-100 (Dual Gas)PCS-40PCM-750i, 1000iPCM-1017-34257-34267-34307-34357-3436PAK 3XR, 5XT, 5XR, 6XR, 7XR, 625XR, 750XRPAK 8XR, 10XR, 1000XR, 1250XR,PakMaster 75, 100PakMaster 50XL/XLP, 75XL/XLP, 100XL/XLPCUTMASTER 50, 75, 80XL, 100PakMaster 25, 38XL, EconoPAK 25Drag-Gun 38, PAK 4Xi, 6XiPAK 2XT, Dynapak 110PakMaster 50 w/ Smart Torch (Q.D.)EconoPAK 50EconoPAK 100PAK 5PAK 7-3436* Non-HF Systems.†The Miller PlazCut machines with Serial Numbers beginning JE are not compatible with 1Torch RPT Torches.NOTES:Each Adapter Kit includes connection fitting, electrical connectors and installation instruction sheets for the selected power supply.AIRCO/BOC are registered trademarks of The BOC Group plc; CEBORA is a registered trademark of Cebora S.p.A.; DAIHEN is a registered trademark of Daihen Inc.; ESAB, L-TEC and Power-Cut areregistered trademarks of ESAB AB; HARRIS, LINCOLN and Pro-Cut are registered trademarks of Lincoln Electric Co.; HOBART is a registered trademark of Hobart Brothers Co.; HYPERTHERM, Max andpowermax are registered trademarks of Hypertherm, Inc.; MILLER and Spectrum are registered trademarks of Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; MULTIQUIP is a registered trademark of Multiquip, Inc.; NU-TECSYS is a registered trademark of Nu-Tecsys, Inc.; PANASONIC is a registered trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.; P-TRON is a registered trademark of P-Tron Plasma/Tech Systems;SMITH is a registered trademark of Smith Equipment Co.; INNERLOGIC is a trademark of Innerlogic; none of the afore mentioned registered trademarks are in any way affiliated with Thermal Dynamicsor Thermadyne Industries, Inc.; THERMAL DYNAMICS, PAK, CUTMASTER, PakMaster, EconoPAK, Dynapak and Drag-Gun are registered trademarks of Thermal Dynamics Corp.International Customer Care: 905-827-9777 /www.thermal-dynamics.comFAX905-827-9797page 5

The Revolution in Plasma Torches Has BegunDescription1Torch Cat. No.Consumables / PartsO-RingO-RingElectrode, MaximumLife Start CartridgeTip, 20A, DragTip, 30A, DragTip, 40A, DragTip, 40A, CuttingTip, 50/55A, CuttingTip, 60A, CuttingTip, 70A, CuttingTip, 80A, CuttingTip, 90/100A, CuttingTip, A, GougingTip, B, GougingTip, C, GougingTip, D, GougingShield CupShield Cup Body, MaximumLife Shield Cap, Drag, 40AShield Cap, Drag, 50-60AShield Cap, Drag, 70-100AShield Cap, Mach, 40AShield Cap, Mach, 50-60AShield Cap, Mach, 70-100AShield Cap, DeflectorShield Cap, GougingProduct Description8-34878-3486SL60 / SL100 9-8215 1Torch Parts9-8213 9-82059-82069-82079-82089-82099-8210 9-82319-82119-8212 9-82259-82269-82279-8228Spare Parts Kit, 30 Amp5-25509-82185-25519-8237 Spare Parts Kit, 40 AmpSpare Parts Kit, 50/55 Amp5-25529-82445-25539-8235 Spare Parts Kit, 60 Amp5-25549-8236 Spare Parts Kit, 70 AmpSpare Parts Kit, 80 Amp5-25559-8245Spare Parts Kit, 90/100 Amp5-25569-82389-82399-8243 (Note: All Spare Parts Kits include ten (10) Tips, five (5) Electrodes and one (1) Start Cartridge.) Standard for all RPT Torches Standard on SL60 RPT Torches Standard on SL100 RPT Torches9-8241Product DescriptionCatalog No.3Spare Parts SelectionOrdering InformationCatalog No.Product DescriptionCatalog No.AccessoriesSingle StageAir FilterRemote Pendant Control,20 ft. (6.1m)Cutting Guide KitsLeather LeadsCover7-750720 ft. (6.1m)9-126025 ft. (7.6m)9-127050 ft. (15.2m)9-1280Straight LineCutting Guide7-3460CircleGuide Kit7-3291Roller/Radius Kit7-7501Deluxe Kit7-89107-8911For use withMachine Torch1TORCH, ATC, RPT, SL60 and SL100, trademarks of Thermal Dynamics Corporation, are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and are the subject of trademark registrations and pending applications in numerous other countries.For information on trademark registrations of Thermal Dynamics Corporation, contact the local trademark offices in the countries of interest.U.S. Plasma Manual Customer Care: 800-752-7621 / FAX 800-221-4401 International Customer Care: 905-827-9777 / FAX 905-827-9797U.S. Plasma Automation Customer Care: 866-279-2628 / FAX 316-941-4491 www.thermal-dynamics.comA Global Cutting & Welding Market Leader WO R L D H E A D Q UA RT E R S :16052 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 300THE AMERICASDenton, TX USAU.S. Customer CarePh: (1) 800-752-7621Fax: (1) 800-221-4401Miami, FL USASales Office, Latin AmericaPh: (1) 954-727-8371Fax: (1) 954-727-8376West Lebanon, NH USACustomer Care, PlasmaPh: (1) 800-752-7621Fax: (1) 800-221-4401Form No. 63-2217 (8/06)EUROPEASIA/PACIFICOakville, Ontario, CanadaInternational Customer CarePh: (1) 905-827-9777Fax: (1) 905-827-9797Chorley, United KingdomCustomer CarePh: (44) 1257-261755Fax: (44) 1257-224800Cikarang, IndonesiaCustomer CarePh: 62 21 8983-0011 / 0012Fax: 62 21 893-6067Rio de Janeiro, BrazilCustomer CarePh: (55) 21-2485-8998Fax: (55) 21-2485-8866Milan, ItalySales OfficePh: (39) 02-98-80320Fax: (39) 02-98-281773Osaka, JapanSales OfficePh: 816-4809-8411Fax: 816-4809-8412 Thermadyne Industries, Inc., 2006 St. Louis, Missouri 63017Melbourne, AustraliaCustomer Care:Ph: 1300-654-674Fax: 613 9474-7391International:Ph: 613 9474-7508Fax: 613 9474-7488www.thermadyne.comRawang, MalaysiaCustomer CarePh: 603 6092-2988Fax: 603 6092-1085U. S. A .Shanghai, ChinaSales OfficePh: 86 21 6280-1273Fax: 86 21 3226-0955SingaporeSales OfficePh: 65 6832-8066Fax: 65 6763-5812Printed in U.S.A.

HYPERTHERM Max 40, HT 40 (H/F Start) 7-3430 Max 70, Max 80, Max 100 w/ & w/o Q.D. Max 42*, 43*, 40cs* 7-3454 powermax 600 *, 800*, 900* w/ Q.D. powermax 1100* 7-3455 powermax 1000*, 1250* 7-3461 Max 40cs* (w/o Q.D.) 7-3476 powermax 380* 7-3477 powermax 600* w/o Q.D. 7-3480 powermax

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