The Civil Administration In Judea & Samaria

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The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaExtending checkpoint operating hoursDCO/Beit El checkpoint (Ramallah) will operate daily until 24:00.Qalandiya terminal (Ramallah) will operate 24 hours a day forvehicles and pedestrians.Extension of operating hours at Crossing 407 until 24:00.Extension of operating hours at Crossing 104 until 22:00.The terminals Jalame and Reihan (Jenin) and 300 will operate dailyuntil 24:00 for the Israeli Arab to entrr the West Bank, especiallyduring the days of Eid Al Fitr.Security ActivitiesUnarmed Palestinian police officers will control traffic at theNorthern Qalandiya and Moshbaim squares in the afternoon hours.Extension of Palestinian police patrols willcontinue for 24 hours a day on Friday andSaturday during Ramadan and will becoordinated according to security needs.2

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaPermitsIssuance of permits to visit family in Israel will increase, includingchildren up to the age of 16 without an escort. During Eid-Al-Fitrpermits will also be granted for stay-over permits in Israel.Friday prayers at the Temple Mount:Married men between the ages of 4550 and married women between theages of 30-45 can apply for specialpermits from the Civil Administration.Men over the age of 50 and womenover the age of 45 will be allowed toenter without permits.Approval of 200 permits will be granted if the PA can guarantee thesteady flow of people in and out of the Temple Mount.Israeli Arabs may cross into the West Bank through all thecrossings.4 minibuses and one transporter, that were confiscated from theIslamic Charity Committee during operations in Hebron in February,2008, were returned to the control of the Palestinian Authority as agesture during Ramadan.3

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaFreedom of movementSince the beginning of the year 60 roadblocks have been removed.Road OpeningsRoad #443 was opened for Palestinian traffic.Opening Daharia junction for movement.Free movement of Palestinians to Azun Atme.16 checkpoints remain in the West Bank; all of them are regularlyopen (2 new checkpoints were added after opening road 443).Approval of tour bus access to Bethlehem through all passages.Approval for 50 Israeli tour guides to enter Bethlehem and Jericho.Approval for Israeli Arabs to enter all Palestinian cities and toaccess the West Bank through all crossings.Crossing Activities:Expanding the operating hours in Awarta checkpoint until22:00 (instead of 20:00).Extension of the operating hours of the Tarqumiya crossing(from 6:00 until 19:00)Continuance of the pilot program for extending operatinghours at Allenby Bridge (08:00-00:00).4

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaPermits50% increase in number of permits issued to enter Israel.Increase of 400% in permits issued for Friday prayers at theTemple Mount.Approval of 500 stay permits for PA employees from Gaza.Rise of 12% in the number of permits issued for Palestinianspatients to receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals (includingEast Jerusalem) in the first half of 2010 (during the first half 82,058permits were issued, 14,675 permits were issued for children).164 VIP1& VIP2 cards were issued for the year 2010.481 movement cards were issued to senior Palestinian officials inthe West Bank.VIP and BMC Card holders and family members (accompanyingthem) can use crossings that were previously restricted to justIsraeli citizens (without prior coordination).5

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaTrade and employmentIncrease of 11% in the number of trade permits issued for entry toIsrael (in the first half of 2010, 22,910 permits were issued incomparison to 20,503 permits in the first half of 2009).Approval of additional 500 merchants from the West Bank to enterIsrael.517 new BMC cards issued to Palestinian businessmen.An additional quota of 400 trade permits (to enter Israel) approvedas result of the increase in trade volume in the Nablus area.Approval to increase the number of trucks carrying marble andstone crossing through tunnel checkpoints (from 75 to 150).10% increase in number of employment day in Israel in comparisonto the first half 2010.10.8% increase in agricultural trade between Israel and the WestBank (in tons).Slight reduction (2.8%) in number of trucks at back-to-backcrossings.Sharp 78% increase in vehicle imports to the West Bank.6

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaMeasures taken to improve crossing activityProject to install weigh stations at all agricultural gates was finished.The project was funded by the Civil Administrations (estimated cost400,000 NIS).Extension of operating hours at Gilboa crossing until 24:00.Extension of permissible entry hours for Israeli-Arabs to the Jenin areauntil 24:00.Extension of operating hours at Tarqumiya crossing.Continuation of pilot program for extending operating hours at AllenbyBridge (08:00-00:00).Extension of the operating hours at Jalameh crossing.Conventions & EventsInvestment convention in Bethlehem (May 2008).Economic convention in Nablus (November 2008).Doctors convention in Jericho (April 2009).“Business and Fortune” exhibition in Al- Bireh (June 2009).Trade fair in Nablus (July 2009).“Local industries” exhibition in Hebron (July 2009).High-tech convention in Ramallah (November 2009).Motor-mobile race in Jericho (November 2009).Christmas events (December 2009, January 2010) inBethlehem & Jericho.Palestinian importers visit Haifa port (March 2009).Professional seminar for 30 olive growers - organized by the CivilAdministration (March 2010).Investment convention in Bethlehem (June 2010).7

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaFinancial IndicatorsSlight increase of 2.7% in the al-Quds Index during the first half of2010.Increase of 5% in cement usage in the West Bank.Unemployment in the West Bank decreased by 3% in the firstquarter of 2010 in comparison to the first quarter of 2009:A sharp increase in number of tourists visiting Bethlehem andJericho in the first half of 2010.At the end of the first quarter of 2010, 95 hotels were operating inthe West Bank.Tourist figures in Bethlehem and Jericho (in thousands oftourists:532376163233292438349283209164Jericho ExternalTourism407Jericho InternalTourism8277BethlehemExternal Tourism

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaEnvironmental Infrastructure ProjectsSouthern West Bank Waste Disposal SiteA waste disposal site for approximately 700,000 inhabitants in theareas of Bethlehem and Hebron.Funded by the World BankEstimated Cost - 23 million USD.Status – Project plans have beenpublished. Work on the project isexpected to commence in 2011.Ramallah (Dir Debuan) Waste Disposal SiteA waste disposal site will be constructednear Ramallah.Funded by KFW.Estimated Cost - 15 million Euros.Status - Project environmental plans have been submitted tothe Civil Administration.Nablus Waste Water Treatment PlantA waste water treatment plant will be constructed to serveNablus and the surrounding areas.Funded by KFW.Estimated Cost - 25 million Euros.Status – Tender completed- estimated time August 2010.9

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaRoadsRenovation of 10 roads by USAID was completed (Areas B andC) in Jericho, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus and Ramallah.Implementation of 18 road renovations by USAID.Renovation of agriculture road in the Arava (ICRC) - Approval forwork was granted on June 1st.Public FacilitiesBuilding a council hall in JiftlikFunded by JICABuilding permits were submitted to the head of Jiftlik counciland JICA representatives.Approval for construction of 5 schools in the West Bank.01

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaRawabi - Building a New Palestinian CityBuilding a new Palestinian city: 3,300 housing units in Ramallahdistrict.Funded by a Palestinian private investor.Estimated cost - 300 million USD.StatusDuring January placement of earth works beganPlanning and statutory procedures between the initiative'sbackers and the PA were completed.Water supply and sewage treatment solutions are required.EIB Project to upgrade electricity capacity in the West BankGoal – to provide four electricity sub-power relay stations toincrease supply of electricity in West Bank (Hebron, Nablus,Ramallah, and Jenin)Funding – European Investment Bank and the PalestinianAuthorityProject cost – 100 Million EurosStatus – Planning Stages00

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaTraining of Security Forces and Infrastructure DevelopmentCoordination of training in Jordan for 6 battalions.Coordination for 150 civil defense personnel for training in Jordan.Professional training of the Palestinian police: command,computers, driving, logistics, forensic science courses.Hundreds of equipment items approved and transferred for theuse of the Palestinian Security Organizations (PSO).Building Infrastructure:Assistance in building and renovations ofMuqatas, police and national Palestiniansecurity organizations' headquarters, prisons, interrogationfacilities, operation rooms and training facilities.Continuing building and renovations - NPSO academy inJericho, PSO headquarters in Bitunya, building a NPSOtraining camp in Jenin area, shooting range in Jericho.02

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaSeminars & Joint Meetings303 joint meeting were conducted in the first half of 2010:Regular joint meetings between heads of PSO and thecommander of the IDF Central Command, division commanderand the head of the Civil Administration.Visits to the NSPO and Brigade Commanders meetings.Joint police committee.Joint Israel-Palestinian firefighters' seminar.Joint seminars on criminal issues - identification and forensicscience, drugs, antiquities theft.Palestinian Police Stations52 police stations operate in peripheral towns and villages in theWest Bank.Gradual opening of additional 6 police stations.Opening of police stations in Urif and Zebabda.Expanding the operating area of Beit Furik Police Station.03

The Civil Administration in Judea & SamariaPSO Operational CoordinationSince the beginning of the year 1,424 PSO activities werecoordinated.During the first half of 2010, 343 Israelis were taken out of Area Aby the PSO.Imitative law & public order operations in city peripheries(especially Nablus and Ramallah).Intensive operational efforts and enforcement against criminalactivities.Focus on road safety during the summer break.PSO activities against water theft in Hebron.Joint activities of the Palestinian Police with children duringsummer break.Approval for expanding PSO operationsExtended working hours of the Palestinian securityorganizations to 24/7 in 6 cities: Ramallah, Bethlehem,Jericho, Tulkarem, Salfit and Qalqilyah.Approval for 24/7 operations in Jenin and Ketabya.Approval for PSO operations in Bartaa.Posting a Palestinian Police force at the Ein Bidan spring.04

The Civil Administration in Judea & Samaria Permits 50% increase in number of permits issued to enter Israel. Increase of 400% in permits issued for Friday prayers at the Temple Mount. Approval of 500 stay permits for PA employees from Gaza. Rise of 12% in the number of permits issued for Palestinians

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.