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Trough, Wireway & StrutTrough, Wireway & StrutStahlin offers a broad range of auxiliary products designed to complement a full non metallic wiring system. Wire managementthrough a corrosion resistant system requires a thoroughfare of chemically resistant and environmentally protective materials.Fiberglass wireway is designed to protect point to point wiring in highly corrosive environments such as plating rooms, solder bathareas, rendering & cutting areas and chemical processing. By its description, wireway is sold in multiple lengths and is joined withother lengths of wireway through a series of fittings designed to cover an expanse. The system is not rated for the ingress ofmoisture but is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.Pultruded fiberglass trough is identical to wireway except that it is made to adefined length. As a result, the product consists of six specific lengthsand has sealed end caps to close off each end. Trough productsWireway Featured Highlightsinclude a polyurethane gasket in a snap cover that attachesgh &uowithout screws. It is designed to accommodate some metalTrtrough accessories and can be custom supplied withmounting feet.Snap On CoverAn additional form of pultruded fiberglass is usedwithout Screwsfor strut, a common mounting and support systemfor both trough, wireway and enclosures. Stahlinstrut is available with hanger rod, washers & nuts,Polyurethanebeam clamps, strut cover, strut buckles and endGasketsealant. It is sold in ten foot lengths.TROUGH,WIREWAY & STRUTTrough, Wireway & Strut Attributes Pultruded fiberglass products Polyurethane gasket Available with mounting feet Complete line of accessory fittingsavailable for wireway High temperature, non corrosive,environmental designsPhysical ProtectionEnvironmentalProtectionAdd On Mounting FeetTrough, Wireway & Strut Specifications Corrosion Resistant Fire resistant Rigid Mechanical protectionTrough, Wireway & Strut are Applicable for Many Industries including:Circuit BoardDevelopmentPlating IndustryRendering PlantsWater &Wastewater Processing

TROUGH,WIREWAY & STRUTTrough & Wireway 6" x 6" trough & wirewayAvailable in six common lengthsSnap lock cover without screwsPolyurethane gasketAdd on mounting feet

Fiberglass WirewayWWWW Fiberglass WirewayFiberglass wireway is the perfect complement to wall mount control systems as anenvironmentally sound wiring pathway with both strength characteristics and corrosionresistance. Stahlin fiberglass wireway is well suited as a protective pathway betweennon metallic enclosures in applications such as greenhouses, livestock installations,plating rooms and printed circuit board manufacturing. The product features a six by sixsize in a variety of lengths with a full complement of fittings for typical plant installations.WW6636Fiberglass Wireway DimensionsSIZE IDNUMBERWW6612INSIDE DIMENSIONSHXWXD6 x 6 x 12(152 x 152 x 305)6 x 6 x 24(152 x 152 x 610)6 x 6 x 36(152 x 152 x 914)6 x 6 x 48(152 x 152 x 1219)6 x 6 x 60(152 x 152 x 1524)6 x 6 x 120(152 x 152 x 3048)WW6624WW6636WW6648WW6660WW66120OUTSIDE DIMENSIONSHXWXD6-3/8 x 6-11/16 x 12-3/8(162 x 170 x 314)6-3/8 x 6-11/16 x 24-3/8(162 x 170 x 619)6-3/8 x 6-11/16 x 36-3/8(162 x 170 x 924)6-3/8 x 6-11/16 x 48-3/8(162 x 170 x 1229)6-3/8 x 6-11/16 x 60-3/8(162 x 170 x 1534)6-3/8 x 6-11/16 x 120-3/8(162 x 170 x 3058)DESCRIPTION12" straight section24" straight section36" straight section48" straight section60" straight section120" straight sectionAll measures are in inches, items in parentheses are in millimeters.TROUGH,WIREWAY & 6645IH669IV6690IEP66EP66Stahlin Enclosures311 500 Maple Street, Belding, MI 48809 Phone: 616-794-0700 Fax: 616-794-3378

Fiberglass Wirewaycontinued on following pagesFiberglass Wireway FittingsCATALOG NUMBERWIREWAY INSTALLATIONDESCRIPTIONC66Coupling with gasket cover and fastenersH66TTee with gasketed coverH6645Horizontal 45º elbowH669IHorizontal 90º elbowV6690IInside vertical 90º elbowV6690OOutside vertical 90º elbowV6645IInside vertical 45º elbowV6645OOutside vertical 45º elbowEP66End platePA66Panel adapterIt is recommended that Stahlin wireway be supported atintervals not exceeding 10 feet. Vertical runs should besupported at intervals not exceeding 15 feet with no more thanone joint between supports.Joining wireway straight sections is accomplished by placing acoupling (C66) over the outside diameter of the wireway. Thecoupling is predrilled to accept a stainless steel screw. The7/32" diameter holes in the side of the coupling can be used asa template to field drill the end of the wireway. Wireway fittingscan be joined to straight sections in the same manner asjoining straight sections.To provide a seal, run a bead of RTV silicone or equivalentaround each coupling (outboard of the fasteners) beforeassembly. End plates are force fit and can be installed asneeded and sealed with RTV silicone.Wireway Assembly MaterialsCATALOG NUMBERDESCRIPTIONRTV32clear RTV silicone 3 oz. tubeSS625stainless steel screws #10-24 x 5/8" LongSN104stainless steel nut #10-24V6690OStahlin EnclosuresH66TH6690V6645I 500 Maple Street, Belding, MI 48809V6645O Phone: 616-794-0700TROUGH,WIREWAY & STRUTC66V6690IEP66 Fax: 616-794-3378 www.stahlin.com312

Fiberglass Trough & StrutFTFT Fiberglass TroughFiberglass trough is a useful complement to wall mount control systems with the samestrength characteristics and corrosion resistance as Stahlin wireway. Made from the samefiberglass pultrusion, trough features permanent end caps as well as a snap lock cover thatforms a solid housing.Trough is offered as simple protection to wiring from water, oil, dust or corrosive environments,including greenhouses, food processing, plating rooms, pickling and printed circuit boardmanufacturing. The basic offering includes a six by six structure that is available in sixcommon lengths.FT6612Fiberglass Trough DimensionsSIZE IDNUMBERFT6612INSIDE DIMENSIONSHXWXD6 x 6 x 12(152 x 152 x 305)6 x 6 x 24(152 x 152 x 610)6 x 6 x 36(152 x 152 x 914)6 x 6 x 48(152 x 152 x 1219)6 x 6 x 60(152 x 152 x 1524)6 x 6 x 120(152 x 152 x 3048)FT6624FT6636FT6648FT6660FT66120OUTSIDE DIMENSIONSHXWXD6-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 12-3/8(162 x 168 x 314)6-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 24-3/8(162 x 168 x 619)6-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 36-3/8(162 x 168 x 924)6-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 48-3/8(162 x 168 x 1229)6-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 60-3/8(162 x 168 x 1534)6-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 120-3/8(162 x 168 x 3058)UNITWEIGHT4.82 lbs.8.61 lbs.12.40 lbs.16.19 lbs.19.98 lbs.40.00 lbs.All measures are in inches, items in parentheses are in millimeters.TROUGH,WIREWAY & STRUTPVC Coated Pipe PBC105-22"PBC105-21/2PVC Coated Pipe StrapsPBC105-3PBC105-31/2Stahlin Enclosures313 500 Maple Street, Belding, MI 488092-1/2" 3"3 -1/2"PBC105-44"PBC105-55"Phone: 616-794-0700 Fax: 616-794-3378

Fiberglass Trough & StrutFiberglass StrutFiberglass strut is the finishing complement to both wireway and trough. Used for bothmounting purposes and support, this rigid pultruded fiberglass mounting system is designedaround three configurations, low profile, medium profile and double profile. A full assortmentof accessories from beam clamps to strut cover is available. This rigid support system incompletely corrosion resistant.20P2100FIBERGLASS STRUT1.63 [41.28mm]1.25 [31.75mm].1875 [4.76mm]SIZE IDNUMBERSIZE(INCHES)HOLEDIMENSION/TAPPINGWEIGHTPER 100' STRUT20P210010' lengthN/A130.0020P200010' lengthN/A65.020P100010' lengthN/A52.0Strut1.531 [38.89mm]3.25 [82.55mm].1875 [4.76mm]Non-Metallic Hanger Rod (All Thread)2003-828-81/2 - 13 . 96"N/A12.0200-3829-85/8 - 13/ 96"N/A18.0.188 .005.438 [11.11mm]Non-Metallic Hanger Rod Washers500E-9991' diameter1/16" thickness1/12" diameter1/16" diameter625E-9991/2"N/A5/8"N/A.75[19.05mm].438 [11.11mm]20P20001.63 [41.28mm].1875 [4.76mm]Non-Metallic Hanger Rod Nut1.25 [31.75mm].1875 [4.76mm]500PU-0001/2-13 hexN/AN/A625PU-0005/8-13 hexN/AN/A20E-5000snap inN/AN/A.438 [11.11mm]Non-Metallic Strut Nut500PU-CNH-D1/2-13N/AN/ARGBC21" jaw opening1/2-13N/ARGCB31" jaw opening5/8-13N/APVC Coated Beam Clamp.75[19.05mm].438 [11.11mm]20P10001.50 [38.10mm].125 [3.18mm]1.25 [31.75mm].125 [3.18mm]End Sealant600-220040 oz. spray canN/AN/AAES1quart canN/AN/A1.13 [28.58mm].75[19.05mm].375 [9.52mm]Stahlin Enclosures 500 Maple Street, Belding, MI 48809 Phone: 616-794-0700 Fax: 616-794-3378 .375 [9.52mm]www.stahlin.com314TROUGH,WIREWAY & STRUT1.63 [41.28mm]Non-Metallic Strut Cover

strut is available with hanger rod, washers & nuts, beam clamps, strut cover, strut buckles and end sealant. It is sold in ten foot lengths. Trough, Wireway & Strut Attributes . PVC Coated Pipe Straps FT6612 2" 1" 3" 4" PVC Coated Pipe S

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